PS Remote Play Reviews

PS Remote Play Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-10

Use PS Remote Play to access your PS5™ or PS4™ via Wi-Fi wherever you
go. With PS Remote Play, you can: • Display the PS5 or PS4 screen on your
mobile device. • Use the on-screen controller on your mobile device to control
your PS5 or PS4. • Connect your DualSense™ wireless controller t...

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PS Remote Play Reviews

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    Apologies to PS and a solution for those still having connection issues

    Seems I’ve found the issue to why the remote play wasn’t working away from home when I’m at work, for those having issues , make sure your router is in AP mode ( if you have both modem n router ) also google the ports that need to be forwarded for Ps remote play and set up port forwarding on your home admin Wifi , give your PS4 a static IP that is available to prevent it from changing when you restart your PS4 before setting up port forwarding , disable PS vita network settings( causes some issues) . And the part no one told me about not even google is that at the second location (work ) find the ip address your phone is using , go into the Wifi admin ( if you don’t have access then hope the default password is set on the Wifi admin which is user : admin, password : password , might be different for other people) once in the settings enable DMZ mode and put in the private IP address you found for your mobile phone ) In the PS4 remote play app reduce the graphics settings ( not required but just in case ) and try to connect to your PlayStation that is in REST MODE at home from work , this will take 2-4 failed connections if your PS4 is not on Ethernet n is below 60% Wifi signal strength, but it should work afterwards running as smoothly as if the PlayStation was right in front of you at work .

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    Lots of Potential!

    This app has a lot of potential for the future. After attempting to give it a test with Apex Legends, I came to the realization that I simply cannot press all the buttons needed at the same time when under combat. The controls disappeared after a few seconds and I ended up pressing outside the button boundaries. I have not yet tested an external BT controller, so I might see if it has this functionality at a later time. But as for using it to control apps and services. It works great. The chat function works great, but it would be a nice feature addition to use it for only chat with no game audio or video. The quality and framerate is amazing if you have a 100mbs+ internet connection from both host and target networks. As this app was just released this morning, I'm sure there are lots more features and functionality planned as the technology evolves. Overall, this app works great as a way to play simple arcade or basic controlled games and is a nice remote, but not ideal for playing FPS or more robust games where you need better hand eye coordination. We’ll see what time has to offer.

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    Welcome to the 21st century

    I have to say I was a sceptic at first with the playstation now service being a GameFly customer for so many years but there is one thing that I noticed and I’m glad I made the switch. GameFly has always and I mean always been slow with their shipping of games and even worse not sending the right game when a new release was coming out. I got tired of it and canceled my subscription and a couple of months later I signed up for playstation now which is way cheaper than Gamefly’s advertised price for just one game out at a time. Last night I decided to try out the remote play just to see if it was all the hype that I heard about being able to use the PS4 DualShock controller with a MacBook, all I can say is bravo Sony once again for blowing my mind. This is the best thing I have ever experienced besides VR but just the ease and functionality of it has impressed me tremendously. I strongly recommend downloading this app if you have playstation now because it is worth the money especially if your still a Gamefly customer.

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    Minimal use

    This is a super exciting little gadget, our household doesn’t watch tv so the entertainment equipment has a separate room upstairs. It’s nice being in the kitchen and while I’m making food or laying in bed, I can access my game from my phone and doddle around. It’s great for doing menu work in fallout 76, I played the witness for several hours in bed. And path of exile just came out, sat my couch in my living room and slayed some monsters. Using the screens control (slight delay and my fingers take up most the screen) got tiring and I started googling how I can connect my PS4 wireless duel shock only to discover I can’t. It’s a real bummer, and I feel it’s a really missing of the mark on this app. All in all it works but expect delayed controls as it’s just streaming to your phone. No controller really kills it. But it’s super awesome of fiddle farting through menus. Would be perfect for old school rpgs or any game that doesn’t require precious movements. 4/5 will be my rating. First review of an app. Fun gadget

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    Welcome to the 21st Century

    This app is truly a great advancement in the world of video games, especially due to the new iOS update that allows you to connect a PS4 controller through Bluetooth. PlayStation is the only true OG console, and the massive jumps that Sony makes with their technology is amazing, from PlayStation VR, to online game shopping, and now this. Microsoft is no match for this ingenious company. Although this is a averagely new app, and the amount of effort it would take to make these additions is overwhelming, I would recommend a couple of things to add to the app to make it even more enjoyable. If it is even earthly possible, I would like to be able to play while the PS4 is off, so I don’t have to leave it on if I go somewhere, which brings me to my next recommendation of allowing long-distance play (unless you do anyway, because I haven’t tried) I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony already had this in the works. I would also like to see being able to use cellular data to play. Otherwise this app is 10/10

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    Needs improvements

    I was super excited when I saw that this was released. I work from home, so when I am off, I like to get out of the house. I usually end up at my favorite local coffee shop to read and decompress, I also bring my Nintendo Switch so I am able to game away from home. When I saw I could play my PS4 from my iPhone and iPod, I quickly purchased the Nimbus controller so I could get this going. Unfortunately, this requires a strong WIFI and Upload/Download speed from ISP and does not allow you to use your phones carrier’s network. I have never had issueS with the Vita and remote playing, and would just use it, but playing a majority of the games with the Vita is impossible. I have tried every setting possible in this app for resolution and frame rate, but only have been able to connect once. The connection I am on pulls a constant 20mbps for download and 10mbps for upload, but I always get the weak connection error. Of course it works fine from home, and in local mode, my PS4 is connected by Ethernet cables. My ISP is at 100mbps download and 10mbps upload. Something needs to be done about this, when other streaming services work fine on the same connection.

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    PS4 remote play is useless without DS4😡👎

    I swear whoever is managing PS4 remote play needs to be fired ASAP because first of all why would you make this app compatible with iOS 12.1 if you need iOS 13 in order to use dualshock 4 controller? It makes no logical sense this app is essentially freaking useless on iOS devices with only one gig of RAM such as my iPhone 6 and since I won't get iOS 13 because you need two gigs of ram in order to get iOS 13 and I do not have the money to afford an iPhone 6s😡 since it comes with two gigs of RAM second of all why would you make it restricted to Wi-Fi only? I have Sprint 4G LTE advanced and my download speed is 39.5 and my upload is 5.50 sometimes it goes higher and I'm able to Watch videos at 1080p so I tried public Wi-Fi and PS4 remote play does not play nice😡 overall I am disappointed at Sony even Xbox game streaming preview already has controller support and I can use mobile data😍 come on Sony you are really embarrassing yourself😡 I do everything else except for I don't play games due to lack of DS4 support😡👎 I refuse to play any game with touch controls so you will only get one star for the rest of your life until these two problems is permanently fixed😡👎

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    Good idea just needs better execution

    The app is great, it has great potential, but the execution was a little spotty. I got this app because I wanted to play PS4 games during my downtime at school. However when I tried playing it, it never connected. If there was one thing I would immediately improve is the ability to play anywhere on any WiFi network. I feel like the purpose of the app is negated when you can really only get the best use on the same network your PS4 is connected to. Also, the controls are a little hard to adapt to. The buttons are really big, and half the time I would end up pressing the d-pad instead of moving the sticks. The control delay is a major inhibitor and the unchangeable control sensitivity is difficult to work around. All in all I would recommend it if you need an extra controller or want to brag about playing Spider-Man on your phone, but at its current state, it needs some real improvements to truly be useful.

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    Amazing but it could have something added...

    I connected a ps4 controller to my iPad and started the app, connected to my ps4. But one thing is that the PS button and the touch pad does not work. So in this case, I have to switch up some of my controls, or create custom controls so that I can switch whatever is connected to the touch pad and put it on a different button so I can use whatever it’s connected to. I just think that is would be nice to use the touch pad cause that’s what I’m used to, and the fact that I don’t want to change my controls every time I play on my ps4 using the app. The PS button, yes I understand that the button is on the screen, but if you are using a controller, it’s habit to press the PS button to exit out the game your in, I just think that having the PS button working should also be very nice. Thanks for reading.

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    Almost there

    There have been a few third party apps that have done remote play in the past. They always worked okay but not super great. This app promised to fix so many gripes I’ve had with remote play. It’s free, it supports microphones for voice chat, it requires very little in the way of configuration. This app would get an absolute perfect score... ...except that I can’t remote play over cellular. This makes that app a non starter for me as the promise of “play anywhere” isn’t exactly true. I don’t have good WiFi where I work and I’ve enjoyed remote playing on my phone from apps that support LTE. Now that firmware 7.0 has come out, the other app I was using is now no longer working. So now I have no options to remote play. Anyway, this app is great for what it is. It’s just missing this one key feature to make it a must download.

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    Best PS Feature, IF You Have The Right Setup

    When first using the app I was disappointed by not being able to use a PS Controller because the onscreen controls were difficult to use (the more practice the better you’ll adapt to it, though). A few minutes into playing a game on my iPad Pro I thought to try connecting my steelseries Nimbus controller that I originally purchased to play games on Apple TV. After pairing the Nimbus to the iPad I was playing games easily on my iPad (with case the props it up) while also being able to watch news, shows, movies, etc on my Apple TV. It’s really expanded my ability to multitask and also frees up the TV for room mates, partners, kids, guests, etc. to use. If you have the right setup this could be the perfect app for you. If you only have an iPhone, or even just the iPad (no stand, controller) it may be difficult until you get used to the controls, even then it won’t be the same. *steelseries Nimbus controller will not have all buttons that the PS controller has. Missing: L3/R3, Touchpad, PS Button, Share and headset connection. Check the controls of your favorite games first. If it’s a slow paced game you can use the onscreen controls for those missing on the controller.

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    Clunky but a great start

    Finally for IOS users we’re getting remote play. And for the most part it’s pretty good. Connection is fairly easy once you register your Phone to PS4, framerate when playing is around 25 fps (even with a gigabyte connection) but is to be expected when your remoting in on a system so you’ll probably want to stay away from games like Apex legends or Battlefield and stick with single players game like Spider-Man and God of War. It’s controls are pretty good? While they done a good job emulating the buttons the L3 and R3 sticks are a bit finicky and hard to control. I don’t believe there is a sensitivity slider in the app so you might have some trouble getting use to it. Minus some hiccups this app mostly works as needed. So for Sony fixes to work on are framrate and better control of the L3 & R3 sticks and give us some option to hook up the PS4 controller and I can give this 5 stars. Still a great start though!!

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    Thanks PlayStation, very cool (but please fix some stuff)

    First of all, if your gonna make us play with touch, please make the buttons much bigger. I’ll be mashing a button and wondering why nothing is happening. Then I realize that I’m not pressing the button directly, and the joystick will spawn at my thumbs. Second, set boundaries for where the joystick can spawn. For example, do not let the joystick be where the buttons are at. Third, allow a wired connection between the controller and the device through adaptors and cables. I understand that apple wont read ps4 controllers through bluetooth, so please allow a wired connection. And maybe, just maybe, one day, will you allow people to connect to remote play from ANYwhere they want to? Maybe through a cloud or something? Or just for ps plus members. That would be amazing. Thank you!

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    Only missing one thing IMO

    You’ll see people complaining they can’t play first person shooters with this app. Well, obviously you won’t be able to play fps games. You’re on a cell phone. However, if you want to play single player games it works really well. I’ve able to play God of War, Detroit, as well as Kingdom Hearts. However, one thing is missing. The “shake controller” controls haven’t been ported over as far as I know. I wasn’t able to continue playing Detroit because of this. I know it’s probably not possible to port this by shaking our phones, but if there’s a way to add a button on screen that would easily make this a must have app for PS4 owners. It’s already worth a try but some games will be unplayable because of this control option missing. It’s still a great, well working app without it though.

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    The beginnings of a game changer for gaming

    So let’s start with the bad news, because there’s not much •currently, there is no way to play without WiFi. While this is a bummer, I feel like Sony’s hard at work prepping to fix this •the button placement is SLIGHTLY awkward at first, but nothing that can’t be adjusted to •Portrait mode’s screen is a tad bit tiny. Not bad, because I plan to mostly play in landscape Alright, now let’s talk good. I was skeptical at first because the idea of pressing buttons on a touch screen rather than buttons on a Vita was likely to be jarring. Not the case. Sony has addressed this with the 3D Touch vibration that is quite responsive. The other concern would be plugging in combos and fast paced movements. I ran it through the ringer of Devil May Cry 3’s opening mission. Is it perfect? Not yet. But I was able to clear the mission with an A ranking (which is my usual average on controller). The lack of latency in a local room is also very nice, and the battery consumption is surprisingly low at default settings. This is a game changer, folks. This takes the exclusivity of the Vita’s best function and gives it away to the phones. With a bit more work, this could actually be the genesis of phones and home gaming working truly together. And I’m ALL for it

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Is PS Remote Play Safe?

Yes. PS Remote Play is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 8,532 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for PS Remote Play Is 23.6/100.

Is PS Remote Play Legit?

Yes. PS Remote Play is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 8,532 PS Remote Play User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for PS Remote Play Is 23.6/100.

Is PS Remote Play not working?

PS Remote Play works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a PS Remote Play customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using PS Remote Play.

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