VET Tv Reviews

VET Tv Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-06

Military humor at your fingertips. Veteran owned and operated, VET Tv recreates
and parodies the military experience to deliver absurd, non-PC humor you can’t
get anywhere else. We stopped taking ourselves seriously a long time ago and
started laughing about the good ole times in the mil...

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VET Tv Reviews

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    I wanted to know what I was getting into

    I’m a 23yo civilian currently in school for a psychiatric undergrad degree that I want continue into a masters or maybe even doctorates of psychology for the sake of becoming a therapist for veterans and police officers with PTSD. I have several friends in various branches of the armed forces and have lost a couple to mental health issues directly related to their time in the service. I know from experiencing my own trauma that it’s hard to accept help from someone who’s never been exposed to the kinds of hardships that you as a victim are faced with, or people who take their book knowledge too seriously. I plan on joining up as soon as I get my degree and finishing my education while enlisted. Now, having gratuitously sucked my own dick, I’ve got to say- this is exactly what I was expecting and 10x better than I had hoped. Some of the jokes go over my head, and I don’t have a lot of time to invest in watching it, but I’m paying for the subscription if only because if supports the cause. I wish I had had this to share with my friend when he was in a rough patch after coming home. It’s probably saving lives. Y’all are awesome for what you’re doing, and I will continue to support. Keep up the good work!

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    This is the real deal...

    Accept no substitutes. What civilians see on movies and TV is just an actor trying to be as awesome as Veterans, truth be told, even encountering us in person is simply an act... Then, you turn on Vet TV, and you stop smiling and laughing with us, and start wondering what the (Eff) is wrong with us? All the while, we are laughing out (bums) off. THIS is the real deal, to everyone else, we are honorable ambassadors to our nation. Between all of us, we are rude, crude, and have mastered over 10,000 ways to creatively use the ‘F’ word...and we are incredibly good at it. Welcome to reality, where inside that ECP is a land of wonder, imagination, and a bunch of disgruntled and hilarious sadists that would as soon dropkick someone down the barracks hall and drink, rather than tell them they’re good friends (cause that would be H-0-M-0 AF) But, there is something positive under all this, brings awareness to veteran Suicide and other pressing issues, encouraging viewers to reach out to a buddy and help them laugh and remember when times were simpler, and maybe that laughter they have, even if it’s short, may keep them away from the edge, the demons that so many of us brought back with us and live with every day. Much respect to the people behind the scenes that made this channel happen, they have a subscriber for life.

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    Best Entertainment Ever

    So let me preface this by saying I’m a 19 year old civi that wants to join the military one day. VetTv is the best streaming platform ever. Their content is pure gold. I love how it shows the real military without sugar coating anything so people like myself can really see what is basically the best, most real advertising the military can get. Everyone says that the military on the big screen is not like that in reality, but these guys show the real deal. Yes, it is messed up. Yes, it shows the negatives. However, it provides the most accurate depiction of what I want to one day want to do. Now I have no excuse for getting surprised by the inner workings of the military because the team at VetTv makes hilarious content that doubles as truthful content. They should show this in all high schools 😂. Overall, great entertainment while being informative. Mad respect from Canada!

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    Most accurate interpretation of vet life

    Whenever you see soldiers on tv or in movies they are portrayed like robotic dorks. Thank God VetTV got it right and there telling the real story of military life. 20% military bearing 80% savage is the best way to describe my 14 years military service. What makes vetTV so great is that the stories are so relatable, and shows how vets use humor to cope with the really tough situations there put in. As funny as the shows are, the real message of ptsd, veteran suicide, and supporting each other is always present. Watching and laughing at the episodes helped me as well as other vets I know deal with the internal demons we brought home with us. Thank you VetTV for all you’ve done to support us by keeping us laughing. Please never water down what you do, it’s perfect the way it is.

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    Dark and Hilarious!

    I’ve seen a few ads about Vet Tv on social media, and I finally decided to give it a chance. The content is all fresh and original, which is a major plus! I haven’t watched everything yet, but everything I have seen is really well done, entertaining, and makes me want to keep watching. However, if you aren’t a military vet, this is NOT for you. It’s always funny when you a have a friend (or friends) who was in a different branch watch this content with you, and if you don’t understand it, it’s a bonding moment of pure laughter and understanding of the shenanigans from each branch. Well worth the subscription in my opinion!

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    This app is a life saver

    This app not only helped me by making me laugh which we all know is the best medication but it also helped me realize how lucky I am to be apart of such an amazing community filled with so many amazing people and also helped save me in a very dark part of my life. It also helped save my career because it has changed my mindset to realize I’m not like the majority of the population. Thank you to everyone involved with the production of these shows from the bottom of my heart because you guys made me realize that I’m different but a good kind of different in my own way. Thank you to anyone who has served and is currently serving with me.

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    I am not a veteran, but I work as a first responder and this is comedy gold.

    So the previews had me hooked with the dark humor. I’ve been watching Devil Docs and I have to admit the vibe is VERY similar to civilian sector jobs and the bonds built in a firehouse or ambulance company. (If any HR company reads this I’m definitely a hacker ) The series provided here have been confirmed to be a source of therapy for my buddies who have served our country. They enjoy it thoroughly and have stories to tell when watching which they normally wouldn’t have brought up otherwise without proper context. Thank you all for giving me a way to connect and understand my loved ones better.

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    The best show ever

    I am usually on and off with watching this epic show but since my son was born, we have been at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital with him. While he is sleeping, I use that time to get my mind off of things and watch all the episodes I can! I actually won the first year subscription through Irreverent Warriors Memphis contest right before the silkies hike! I will definitely be purchasing each years subscription after this one is done!! Loving every minute of it! The amazing humor and sick twisted mindsets remind me of my every day life while I was in the Marine Corps living in the barracks lol... thanks for everything you guys do there at VetTv!!

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    Outstanding and I can’t get enough

    A close friend that I served with recommended this app. I’m glad I checked it out. As vets we need to laugh more. Face it, we can relate to just about everything that’s on this site. Yes we have a sick sense of humor and we are different but who cares. Vet tv has something for everyone. Even if you didn’t deploy to the sandbox there is something for you. I recommend this site to everyone of my friends to include civilians. They may not understand it completely but at least they get an idea of what we find humorous. Thank you Vet tv for making this warrior laugh.

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    Not for the weak or soft

    If your weak or soft then you will be greatly offended and have to ask mommy and daddy to help you with more therapy because this brings back your bad memories of when you scraped your knee when you were 7. But seeing as now you’re in your 30s you want to branch out, well stick with American idol you softy. For those who served or have dark humor you have now found your paradise, NSFW so put headphones on and don’t let people look over your shoulder. Also night terror neck brace challenge, go to work in a busy area and watch the whole thing keep a straight face if

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    Warm and Fuzzy inside🤗

    I am very thankful for this series production to be be in my life right now. It’s a great feeling knowing that we are not alone in the way we act as we do and how tight we are as a unit. (Civilians will never understand our sick and twisted awesomeness that we exude when we are alive.)Thank you for reminding me of how strong we are as Marines. This truly has been my light through the darkness. It’s a feeling no one will ever know without achieving the honor of holding the EGA as a United States Marine! Rah! Semper Fi, Gents! Stay Salty & Hard For Life!!! #mission22 #ourcause #unitedstatesmarinecorp #semperfi #0311 #bandofbrothers #chestypuller #1775 #tuntavern #sandpit #yellowfootprints #drillinstructors #unitedstatesofamerica #chainofcommand #13thgeneralorder #mopgear #SMEAC #sop #whiskeytangofoxtrot #BAMCIS #SALUTE #DRAWD #LPOP #JJDIDTIEBUCKLE #hollywoodmarines #rollercoaster #parisisland #whiteelephants #brothersforlife #golf2/3 #3rdherd #gmen #fortesfortunajuvat #honorcouragecommitment #discipline #sandfleas #gaschamber #bootcamp #terminallance Lcpl/Pfc Pappas Golf Co. 2/3 3rd Herd Kaneohe Bay, MCBH Semper Fi! ‘94-‘97

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    All I watch anymore!!

    My family is all military and all branches and my son’s currently serving in the Marines. I saw the ad for Vet TV and mainly subscribed for him so he’d have something relatable and entertaining to watch in his spare time, but I find that it’s all I ever watch myself anymore 🤣 Great job and pat on the back to all the Vet TV team! Appreciate this more than you know. Also want to give a Huge Thank You to all of you for your sacrifice and dedication you’ve given to our country. Only wish more people were grateful to our military members for all they do.

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    5/5 stars

    We all hear the stories of soldiers coming home to see all their things packed nicely away and a dear john on the counter, or living in the barracks, realizing that you would definitely not get this interaction living in an apartment in your home town, but vet tv have visualized that for us. A veteran owned and operated app is something I can really get behind especially when I’m on 24 hour staff duty or CQ. On top of all these stories, they go as far as to revamp popular television shows through the scope of a soldiers environment and makes it relatable and witty

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    Why do you care what I say?

    By vets, for vets. What else can you ask for? More specifically, why do you care what I think? Get some boot to get a month long subscription in exchange for that beer you got him, and check it out for yourself. Don’t like it? Go back to your desk job or slam a couple shots of whisky, smoke a cigar, and do a lap around your building in nothing but your silkies, then watch another episode. (Also, “reach out and text someone” at the end of every episode is a nice touch. Love what y’all do!)

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    Cures my depression for a few hours

    Raw, absolutely hilarious, and insanely well thought-out shows with incredible actors and actresses. More accurate than any other show or movie, probably to the point where some people might not believe how real some of the shows are. I watch a lot of shows and movies on different streaming services to pass the time, and VetTV makes me laugh out loud non-stop or just smile, thus curing the crippling depression I have and makes me forget I still don’t have my DD-214 yet. Keep doing what you do guys!

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Is VET Tv Safe?

Yes. VET Tv is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 6,100 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 5.0/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for VET Tv Is 63.0/100.

Is VET Tv Legit?

Yes. VET Tv is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 6,100 VET Tv User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for VET Tv Is 63.0/100.

Is VET Tv not working?

VET Tv works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a VET Tv customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using VET Tv.

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