Fluz Cashback Reviews

Fluz Cashback Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-01

About: Earn cash back while you shop, and keep earning whenever your friends do. Fluz
is the cashback app that gives you the potential to make real passive income.

About Fluz Cashback

You’ll get cashback not only on your own everyday purchases, you’ll also get cash back when your friends and their friends buy things too — today, tomorrow, forever … as long as you are a Fluz Member.

Fluz rewards can be stacked with other cash back offers and coupons.

Fluz is not just another cash back app; we’re making it possible for friendship and influence to create real income opportunities for everyone.

Fluz is a mashup of cash back, social shopping and networking.

You’ll earn money on everyday purchases like food, TV, rides, movies and clothes, and earn even more when your friends (and their friends) buy stuff too.

Other apps give you cash back or rewards on your purchases, and they might even pay you for inviting others, but that’s it.

With Fluz, members earn fractions of a percent from a network of thousands.

But Fluz members earn at an exponential rate — up to a meaningful full-time income.

Fluz is the only app that fully recognizes this existing social economy and rewards people who amplify it.

After ringing up your purchase, open Fluz, select the store you're at & enter your exact checkout amount.

Get instant cash back in your Fluz wallet.

Fluz is the only app that pays you for other people’s purchases, FOREVER.

Earn cash back while you shop, and keep earning whenever your friends do.

Fluz is reinventing cash back to give you more.


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Key Benefits of Fluz Cashback

- Earn money in referrals

- Huge number of stores and restaurants

- Videos are a great tutorial

- Show others how to use it and possibly allow them to save

- Personal goals set for the app

- Group efforts

20 Fluz Cashback Reviews

3.6 out of 5


Great way to save money and make money

I browsed FluzCashback to see if it was right for me since I truly don’t spend much money outside of basic necessities like gas and groceries. I found FluzCashback has value for people like me because of how much I could earn in referrals instead. I know plenty of people with disposable incomes that go out to eat on a daily basis or go shopping frequently that will save money by using FluzCashback. When they do that I earn money too so it’s a win for everybody! The videos are a great tutorial because it was a little difficult to understand upon first logging in. There are a huge number of stores and restaurants that appeal to everybody, so everyone will be able to find SOMETHING that they can benefit from. I will be recommending this!


I love this app!

When shopping goes RIGHT!

I’ve been using FluzCashback for a while. I already love shopping, food and couponing. Fluz not only makes it twice as fun for me, but I was able to show others how to use it and possibly allow them to save. In particular, family and friends who live in different locations. Mainly for my Awesomes though, as they love food. I love the personal goals set for FluzCashback , as well as group efforts. And thennnn you get to cook said food!!! ?☺️? The cash back option really actually works; and the gift cards work as well. I love that there’s a plethora to choose from. The online portion of the purchasing app works too! Just a slew of goodness. Thank you!


I love this app.

When shopping goes RIGHT!

I’ve been using FluzCashback for a while. I already love shopping, food and couponing. Fluz not only makes it twice as fun for me, but I was able to show others how to use it and possibly allow them to save. In particular, family and friends who live in different locations. I love the personal goals set for FluzCashback , as well as group efforts. And thennnn you get to cook said food!!! ?☺️? The cash back option really actually works; and the gift cards work as well. I love that there’s a plethora to choose from. The online portion of the purchasing app works too! Just a slew of goodness. Thank you!


I can’t wait to upload my receipts to see my earnings!

This is one of the few apps I recommend to everyone. I have been using Fluz for a few years now and have seen it change and grow. I like that I can earn cash back immediately and can keep it in my account until I’m ready to use it. I have a lot of choices where to shop with Fluz and some of my favorites earn cash back on purchases in-store and/or online. Plus you can earn bonuses individually or with a team of friends and family you can have sign up under your account. Thanks Fluz!


The Cadillac of all shopping rebate apps

Simply put, This is the Cadillac of all shopping rebate apps, hands down. Most times, purchases are handled in mere seconds, it doesn't crash like others, it has more cashback than others, it has better rates than others, and the interface is phenomenal. The alerts are not always specifically relevant to me, but they are varied and often useful. It is a complete pleasure to use FluzCashback, and the only one I don't dread using when I open it up. Every other grocery app pales in comparison to this one in all areas.


Verification ruins big purchases

Great app idea. I’ve earned $30 this week alone. However… when trying to use it for larger purchases (Apple products, Airfare) it stops you from completing the purchase for verification because of ‘suspicious activity’. Even after submitting my ID and being approved the first time around, I still get prevented from making large purchases for verification. It’s absurd - it’s like they don’t actually want you to use FluzCashback to make any kind of significant money back, so they put this obstacle in the way. This entire verification process should happen on the front end before you ever use FluzCashback . If a purchase is time-sensitive (item is on sale or airfare, for instance), good luck getting approved in time. It can take 1-3 days.


If You Don’t Fluz You Lose

My fiancé and I have been using Fluz since mid December of 2019. We were hesitant at first but when we finally decided to make our first purchase, it was seamless! The whole transaction was smooth and we had cash back in our Fluz wallet before we even had our receipt. The cashier was so impressed she inquired for the link. Since then we have made Fluz a habit and our first form of payment. Thank you Fluz Corporate for making such an easy and awesome way to recoup cash on items we were already buying. Fluzzies for life❣️


Finally an easy way to get rewarded for everyday purchases

Fluz is making everyday spending a rewarding habit!!! Gone are the days of only benefiting from cash back credit cards, and elite memberships. Need some groceries from Walmart.....cash back! Want some pizza from Dominos....cash back! I’m not gonna lie, I was skeptical at first....nothing’s free in life right....where’s the catch? There is no catch, I assure you, other than the minute it takes to pay through FluzCashback ! Try it!!! Or forever know that your the guy/girl who likes to throw away money!


Meh. Needs improvement

I appreciate the concept; however, it’s beginning to be more trouble than it’s worth. It seems like every time I open FluzCashback , there’s some sort of issue that requires multiple conversations to get fixed. I’m currently dealing with another issue, for which I first read a help article. When I tried the steps in the article, it didn’t fix the issue. After contacting Fluz, the advice I was given was the same info I was given in help, so once again I’m left unable to use my account. Great if it works, but I’m probably going to delete soon unless they get their act together


One of my fave cash back apps

So I use a lot of cash back apps because I’m very big on saving money, especially right now with the pandemic and being furloughed because of it. I think this has become my favorite one. So many places that I go to all the time are on FluzCashback whereas other apps had them and then removed them or didn’t have them at all. I haven’t cashed anything out yet, but plan on it once I have a larger amount to do so. Will definitely be recommending this to my friends and family.


Good app

I’ve recommended FluzCashback to a lot of people and try to use it frequently. Sometimes forget to use it but when I do I can often find a coupon I could use. I’m also REALLY happy to see the option to deposit your earnings in your own bank account again. That is what prompted me to finally write an review. Bonuses and incentives could be a little better. I will not buy things I don’t need just because it gets me an extra $1. Will keep using and recommending FluzCashback!!


Skeptic no more!

If you haven’t tried FluzCashback you are missing out. And so was I! It’s completely legit. I withdrew into my paypal account and it works!
The only downside I would say would be that it does take sometime to find good deals and very specific ones that you can redeem. If you put in a little bit of work in using FluzCashback , you can be saving A LOT on your groceries or general shopping needs. Love FluzCashback! Easy to use, love the interface and all the money I’m saving ?❤️


Simple, Helpful App

Downloaded FluzCashback a couple weeks ago. I’m usually not into the cash back apps everyone talks about, but thought I’d give this one a try. It’s easy to navigate and use, and who can resist the current offering of 35% cash back for Starbucks gift cards?! Not sure if I’ll use it for much else besides coffee shops, but I did like the variety of stores and retailers offered. Setup was simple and as I said, it’s easy to figure out what you’re doing and how to use it.


Best app ever. FREE money

I don’t know why you wouldn’t use FluzCashback. You are already good shopping and buying items needed. Why not get money back and enjoy it. I buy eggs bread milk butter yogurt every week and get paid for it. I go out to dinner and get paid for it. Amazing opportunity to get free money. What a bonus not to have to spend money I didn’t have and best party about it is that everything I bought with my gift cards I received more free money.

Love it try it you like it



I’ve been using Fluz for a couple weeks now and I have bought multiple gift cards.I just bought one today, and last night and I tried to log into my Fluz account and I’ve been logged out. It won’t let me call customer support, itKeep saying I don’t have an account with that email and I keep getting emails from them lol. Please let me log back into my account and get my gift cards because I don’t have the codes there in my account.


Love this app - great to save money

I love using Cashback apps as they help me to save money. When I came to know about Fluz, I decided to give it a try and immediately downloaded it. It is pretty easy to use - you can use it in store as well while making online payments. They have a ton of stores and restaurants to choose from so you will definitely benefit from using FluzCashback . Overall, I really love it and will continue to use it.


New to me

Living on my own after almost 40 years.. I need all the help I can with budgeting and ways to save on everyday items and-try new items .it’s a much needed app that I can’t believe I went without for to long . Thank you for doing the work research and all intel’s and taking care of the American consumer. making it hassle free-and easy to use. And easy to understand /use. For the step by step instructions for beginners


Been loving this for years

FluzCashback has been helping save money for 3 months now. Easy to navigate. Tons of offers and I love how they have special offers with more cash back over holidays. While planning my wedding I used this a lot for around $200 cash back over planning for like a year. Which is enough to pay for dress alterations. So nice to have living somewhere where I have to shop online a lot.


Love this app!

I have been using FluzCashback for 2 years & it’s linked to both my credit cards & on my MACBOOK so that I am always earning some money when I shop or go out to eat & also getting the best discounts. I refer FluzCashback to all my friends who shop as well so you can earn a little bit back! I earned a respectable amount this year by online Black Friday Shopping ?? Would highly recommend FluzCashback!


Do not recommend this app!

There are far better apps out there for saving money and I’d recommend any of them over this one! Vouchers are basically unattainable unless you invite people who actually use FluzCashback one time! They say you can earn more vouchers by commenting 3 times in a month on the community forum but I have yet to receive my vouchers for that! Also, you can not cash out until you reach $26- other apps are way less! Would not recommend FluzCashback at all! Save yourself the stress of FluzCashback holding your earned money over your head until you finally use it enough to be able to cash out! Not worth it!


Just getting started

As a very new user, I would like to say that I think this is an amazing idea. It is a bit confusing at first, but with time and experience the outcome can be quite rewarding. Additionally, it gives shopping an added twist, which can make a boring event a bit more fun. If you play board games you’ll appreciate my next thought... it’s like the “bonus” card you get when you roll the number to a get you to a certain spot on the board that gives you a few extra points for free.?


An App for Everyone

This is an app anybody could benefit from having on their phone. What I love about FluzCashback is you are only making purchases you would make anyways you are just paying with a gift card instead of credit card or cash. I love earning cash back on my purchases and you can stack with so many other apps. They give you the list right in FluzCashback . I love saving money and every penny counts in my book.


Nothing happens

I’ve had FluzCashback for over six months just waiting on them to activate FluzCashback and start earning money on purchases. However, nothing has happened and they kept pushing back that date. Finally it looks like registration and log in can occur but It says there is no account for the number I had already registered for, and I keep getting an error when I try to create a new registration. FluzCashback is a joke and extremely flawed. I was excited to see what kind of things it would offer but it’s just a dead weight app I’ve been keeping around in hopes of something cool. Don’t waste your time trying it out. There’s nothing going on with it.


I want to love it...

I love a good cash back app, so when I discovered this one, I jumped on it! At first I was like “this is great!”, but after using it for a couple months, I just haven’t found as many places on there that I would’ve hoped to see. But it’s been good for some of my purchases, and I’ve still benefited from some cash back savings! Overall, great app and concept. I just wish there were more places that were in my area (instead of online) so I could use it more frequently.

Is Fluz Cashback Safe?

Yes. Fluz Cashback is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 966 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Fluz Cashback Is 72.6/100.

Is Fluz Cashback Legit?

Yes. Fluz Cashback is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 966 Fluz Cashback User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Fluz Cashback Is 89.9/100..

Is Fluz Cashback not working?

Fluz Cashback works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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