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Published by on 2023-12-17

Happy Color® is the world’s favorite free coloring game. Featuring exclusive
pictures from Disney and Marvel and thousands of images for all tastes –
Nature, Art, Sport, Cars, Fantasy, Fashion, Interiors, Places and many
more! Happy Color lights up lives with color around the world! This coloring
book is a part of people’s everyday well-being.

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Reported Issues: 100 Comments

By Tina   1 week ago

Hi, For the last 3 days, when I try to color a picture, the screen keeps freezing and hesitating, when I try to move it around. Can you please fix this issue? Thank you, Tina

By Debra Schwartz   2 months ago

Really slow how do I download the latest version and what else might be wrong

By Jasmin   3 months ago

The hint button not giving any hints, it says unavailable

By Lesley   3 months ago

Slow and jerky

By Mary   4 months ago

The Happy Color app keeps freezing

By Patti Hayes   4 months ago

It keeps freezing up or a lag after playing about 10 minutes on the app. If I close out and restart that will sometimes fix the issue for another 10 minutes or so. Then back to the same problem. This has been happening for months. I kept thinking it was something to do with internet speed, but my husband kept saying no and then I found these other posts with the same problem.

By Suzanne Crawford   5 months ago

New tablet. I could get my bonus pictures at first now it takes me to a screen to download game again. Please help

By Debra   5 months ago

My feed says pictures saved here but you can’t see any pictures; just the typed message. All 8 of the pictures I completed today are not saved.

By Alaina   5 months ago

Game keeps freezing and lagging, I don’t like playing anymore 😢

By Wanda Leicht   5 months ago

Why is happy color freezing and lagging

By Lucia   5 months ago

My Happy Color app will suddenly freeze intermittently. I will need to quit and then reopen the app for it to work for a few minutes.

By Yolanda Heim   5 months ago

It’s working but very very slowly. Too annoying to play

By Deanna   5 months ago

The app keeps freezing or locking up.

By Judy   6 months ago

Happy coloring app keeps freezing up while I am using it

By Becky Kirk   6 months ago

I’m having so much trouble with happy coloring it’s freezing up the ads are causing trouble when I pick a color it takes forever to show where it goes it’s terrible hate to miss my happy color it’s not my iPad I have one of new ones I don’t have trouble with any other games help please thank you

By Fran isaac   6 months ago

When I play the game it freezes and I watch the adds on the bottom and it only freezes on curtain adds

By Anne-Marie   6 months ago

The Happy Color app is downloaded to my Samsung tablet; it was working perfectly yesterday. This evening I attempted to open the app. The open screen appeared, flickered and then froze. I have turned the tablet completely off multiple times, but to no avail. Please provide some other steps. I really don't want to uninstall the app and lose all the pictures. Thank you

By Sue hairston   6 months ago

My game is very jerky when changing colors , stretching and freezes up. Thank you for your help. I did restore the game and that helped a little but it is still doing above problems.

By Karen Pringle   6 months ago

iPad Pro keeps overheating and freezing up using Happy Color app…

By Sherry Frank   6 months ago

while coloring a picture on my ipad it disappears and it goes back to my home screen. this has been happening for a few months. why is this happening and how to resolve it

By Stella   7 months ago

Frequently, several times on the same picture, everything freezes completely, and the only way to move on is to close and restart the app. This has happened on multiple devices, including my new iPhone.

By Darylle   8 months ago

Can't download happy color so frustrated it's absolutely awesome

By Jo   8 months ago

The light bulb doesn't seem to be popping up anymore

By Eileen Kulich   9 months ago

Mid way through coloring it starts to lag and really frustrating. I’ve cleared my cache but it’s still not working right? Any ideas?

By Marilyn   9 months ago

The app has started clicking while coloring the pictures. It’s very annoying and I would like to stop it

By Wendy Hyatt   10 months ago

When I am using the app, incoming phone calls don't get through?! I have a Samsung Android. Solution? Thanks.

By marie   10 months ago

when i try to get “reward” from the news feed section. i get an error message that says: couldn’t load post. this post may have expired or it may only be visible to an audience you’re not in” ??? please advise

By Dianne McQueen   10 months ago

Constant ads that can not be cleared out without shutting down and starting again. So frustrating, if not corrected I will shut the whole thing down

By marie   10 months ago

cannot open anything under news feed. it says, “cannot load post. This post may have expired, or it may only be visible to an audience that you are not in”???

By Eileen Kulich   11 months ago

I am having a problem while I am playing/coloring an ad (from the botton of the page) pops up, I close it and 2 seconds later it pops up again and again. If i let it finish it just loops back to begining again. I have rebooted my phone and it works for a little while but then it starts happening again. any suggustions?

By Jo Farrington   11 months ago

Happy Color overheats my iPad so bad that I can’t color very long. Please fix this issue, as I see many others complaining about the same thing.

By Susan   1 year ago

I love this app but for about the last 10 days it erases the work I have done. I have colored some pictures 3 times but when I go back to it, the last work is gone. I have another coloring app that I use and it is working just fine.

By karen Hinek   1 year ago

When finishing a coloring and I cannot find a color, my help button will not show me the location.

By Kristy Madrid   1 year ago

It doesn’t add new puzzles for over a month. This is March 29 and I only have puzzles thru Feb. how do I do an update to get current puzzles?

By Jim Dillon   1 year ago

Will no longer save completed work

By Maureen StPierre   1 year ago

Happy Color is slow to open & sometimes freezes my android tablet. Tried closing all open windows & clearing cache, but it still continues. Please fix!!!

By Jen   1 year ago

Only app on my phone that overheats my phone and drains battery. Why is this? I love this game it is so relaxing! I would hate to Uninstall it

By Susanne Douglas   1 year ago

I have been playing happy colour for quite a while now & just recently after about 15minutes my phone starts to get really hot & slows down the progress of colouring in the numbers. This does not happen with any other of my games. Please help!! I have an android A8 phone.

By Darcy   1 year ago

Everything i play after about 15/20 minutes my phone (iphone Xr) starts to overheat and crashes the game. This happens even when my phone is not on charge, this doesn’t happen with any other games i play.

By Diane Paine   1 year ago

HI, I've a new samsung yablet. Happy Color is opening, however, the color numbers are not progressing to the next number automatically. I did check settings and it is there. I did restart tablet. Appreciate thought.

By Debbie   1 year ago

It is not saving my pictures after I colored , it use too . Or if I start one and go back to it , gone no colored parts?

By Lorraine Maltais   1 year ago

Game keeps freezing

By Stacy McMichael   1 year ago

In the December 29th and 30th puzzles, I have one color left in each one and cannot find it anywhere. When I click on the light bulb, it keeps telling me that 'no ads are available and to try again later'.

By Lorraine Maltais   1 year ago

Game keeps freezing

By Polly   1 year ago

Using iPad with newest ios App gradually slows down and eventually freezes. Will not let me close app. Hard reboot only way to clear. Very annoying. I tried deleting the app and re-installing but same thing happens.

By Diane Frazier   1 year ago

It always says no ad available on the lightbulb for hints. I’m stuck on a good cause pack picture that I believe is in error for a tint speck left. I cannot find it anywhere, have gone over and over the picture of the man in a hat smiling while holding a puppy .

By Judy   1 year ago

My app keeps enlarging and freezing..And I have to close and reopen constantly.

By Debbie   1 year ago

My app freezes constantly now. I’ve tried rebooting, clearing cache, and reloading the app…no luck.

By Joyce ledford   1 year ago

Deleted all my great hard work. This is the best coloring place on the whole computer. I'm stuck in a nursing home and my grandchildren or anyone else I think deserves one. I lost all my pics accidently. I wanted to save them for a while anyway. Rose I sent my daughter repaired our relationship. Please help 🥺

By Kaylee ozimek   1 year ago

my phone keeps getting warm and draining my battery as well. this is the second time this has happened.

By Karen Powell   1 year ago

Why isn’t my app showing completed pictures? I’m having to re color them

By Shirley Pullman   1 year ago

Got stuck on a picture. Tried to shut my iPad down to reboot and it won’t shut down and is still running. Have black screen

By Cindy   1 year ago

When I complete a picture and go to a new picture, it started freezing on me yesterday. I have to close the app, then clear the app off my phone and then reopen the app. Why does this keep happening?

By Susan   1 year ago

My happy color app won't advance the date. And there is a cloud with an upward arrow appearing now

By Jordan   1 year ago

A picture I’m trying to color won’t load. It pops up and says to download, I do. It says continue, I click that. It attempts to load and then just stops and goes back to all the pictures in the category.

By Nikki   1 year ago

Pretty much bought a tablet so I could play games like Happy Color. Have just loaded it and find that it's still a small screen. It doesn't expand to a tablet size to colour in :( So disappointed!

By Kathy McCoy   1 year ago

Still can’t get my bonuses

By Kathy McCoy   1 year ago

Please please please fix the bonus problem………

By Kathy McCoy   1 year ago

Please fix the bonus problem

By Susan Patrick   1 year ago

Happy color will not advance dates. My daily pics stop on Sept 5. There is a cloud with an upward arrow next to "log out." I also get the message "progress from this device will not be saved incloud.'

By Susan Patrick   1 year ago

Happy color will not advance dates. My daily pics stop on Sept 5. There is a cloud with an upward arrow next to "log out." I also get the message "progress from this device will not be saved incloud.'

By Susan   1 year ago

App Overheating iPhone.

By Kathy McCoy   1 year ago

Please fix the bonus problem again??

By Richard Craghead   1 year ago

blank screen

By Ceya   1 year ago

I had Happy Colors installed on my Android tablet for a couple of years and it just disappeared. Now I can't install it again. What can I do to get it back?

By Kathy McCoy   1 year ago

Please fix the bonus page! It was going right to the Facebook page to get your bonus now it takes you to some sign in page ? The vote page still takes to the Facebook page right away

By Kathy McCoy   1 year ago

When are you going to fix the bonuses? Won’t allow me to access them! Fix pllllllease

By Kathy McCoy   1 year ago

Now happy color won’t even open what is going on with this game???

By Kathy McCoy   1 year ago

Still can’t access my bonuses??????

By Krista   1 year ago

Why aren't any pictures coming up? There is NOTHING wrong with my phone so it has to be on your end

By Carol   1 year ago

App closes whenever in background. Had it for years and only started doing this.

By Kathy McCoy   1 year ago

Still not able to get bonuses! Please fix……….

By Kathy McCoy   1 year ago

When is the bonus problem going to be FIXXED????

By Deborah Schultz   1 year ago

When my galaxy tab a7 last updated several months ago, the Happy Color picture comes up, but it will not load any pictures or open up.

By Byrla   1 year ago

Can’t get rid of Strawberry Shortcake ad! 😡

By Joanne   1 year ago

When a Strawberry Shortcake ad comes up I can’t get rid of it. This happens on some of my other games also. But usually when I leave the other games and come back to it later it’s gone. But not the Happy Color app. Now I can’t color on my phone. 🙁

By Kathy McCoy   1 year ago

Please please fix the bonus problem!!!!!!!

By Kathy McCoy   1 year ago

Still can’t get bonuses???????

By Cathy Harner   1 year ago

When I open the app - “Strawberry Shortcake” comes up and I can’t get rid of it or play Color game

By Wanda Charlton   1 year ago

This strawberry shortcake from you tube is frozen and it won’t let me x it out.

By Kathy McCoy   1 year ago

Still not able to get my bonuses please fix Kathy

By Kathy McCoy   1 year ago

Still can’t get the bonus pictures Kathy

By Kathy McCoy   1 year ago

Please FIX the bonus problem!!!!!!!

By Kathy McCoy   1 year ago

Can’t get my bonuses again?????

By PAMELA L SMITH   1 year ago

Happy color blocks my calls as if no one ever called

By Kathy McCoy   1 year ago

I can’t get my bonus pictures anymore it keeps going to Facebook

By Kathy McCoy   1 year ago

I can’t get my bonus pictures anymore

By Janice Elaine Rex   1 year ago

It takes a long time to load and it lags while trying to use the app.

By Janice Elaine Rex   1 year ago

It takes a long time to load and it lags while trying to use the app.

By Carmen Heath   1 year ago

Happy color is freezing up on me. I use a Samsung galaxy S 22 ultra. It freeze while coloring. I can still scroll thru colors and click on the button to add hints but it freezes everything else

By Sandra Tinley   1 year ago

This app keeps freezing when I'm coloring a picture then I gotta go back to the main page and click on the picture again and it does it a lot on just one picture. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, reset my phone, restarted my phone, etc. And NOTHING helps tye problem. I only have this problem with this app none of the other apps does this. Please help or fix it!!!!

By Norma. Samiotes   1 year ago

I am having problems with Happy color, while I am trying to color a picture, it moves than freezes, doesn’t let me color and it is slower than it used to be. What is going on? Hope you can fix this for me. Thank you.

By Marianne Baird   1 year ago

I was working on Daily picture when it froze. I shut my kindle down and turned it back on. Now when I click on Happy Color it acts like it is starting up but after the flower is colored it stops. I have had trouble with it freezing as I am working on a picture. I love this game. It was the first coloring game I've done and my favorite. Please fix whatever glitch is causing this. Thank you!

By Beverley West   1 year ago

Won't let me get lives

By Kris   1 year ago

No Ad available. Try again later. Keep getting this same message and I can no longer get any hints. Any recommendations?

By Dorothy Swerline   1 year ago

I'm 80 years young and have done jig saw puzzles all my life, but unable to now so discovered HAPPY COLOR and was so HAPPY.....everything was five until the updated apt and know it takes several times to load and then just freezes up as I'm enjoying the picture. Can somethings be done about it. I don't mind the ads and have even bought some things because of them. Hope this can be solved as I'm really enjoying it while I'm connected but not so when I have to close up and come back to it later. Sincerely: Thank you Dorothy Swerline

By Betty Jasienski   1 year ago

Sight does not go beyond icon. Pictures do not connect.

By Charlene McClain   1 year ago

When I am coloring! It will lock up. It does this every few minutes. What could be the problem? Thanks

By Barbara bracknell   1 year ago

Keeps freezing and having to reboot even after re install.

By Cathy   1 year ago

My iPhone overheats and locks up while I am playing the game. It also slows down response time I love the game but I can’t keep it on my phone which pisses me off cuz I play it all the time. Please fix your problems fast

Common dislikes about Happy Color app

- Not able to look up something you want to draw.

- Not able to pick pictures from your gallery and color them.

- Lack of DC coloring pictures.

- No option to sort the pictures to separate the ones you’ve done from the ones you havent.

- Recent update made it too easy and boring.

- App takes up too much space on your phone.

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