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Published by on 2023-12-17

About: Happy Color® is the world’s favorite free coloring game. Featuring exclusive
pictures from Disney and Marvel and thousands of images for all tastes –
Nature, Art, Sport, Cars, Fantasy, Fashion, Interiors, Places and many
more! Happy Color lights up lives with color around the world! This coloring
book is a part of people’s everyday well-being.

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Reported Issues: 26 Comments

4.8 out of 5

By Colleen Kiefer

1 year ago

I using your Happy Color app and am enjoying it. However I have an issue you might be able to fix for me. While I'm coloring a picture the app will take me back to the home screen. I see the picture in the boxes that I was coloring and reopen it. I start to color again and in a few minutes it will take me back to the home screen again. This keeps repeating. Can you fix this. Thanks Colleen

By Connie Kaye

1 year ago

Would like to eliminate the ads . thanks

By Sharon Sullivan

2 years ago

I paid $7.99 for no ads. I am still getting ads. I contact you all in March about my problems and you didn't give me a answer back. So I am contacting you all again about my refund or give what the money is paid for no ads. If don't here from you all I the next day or two I will be force to report you all as a scam stealing money from me and don't want to own up to your policy about the free ads.Sorry it had to be this way but my money mean alot to me especially when it comes to games and other precious items. I am waiting to here from you real soon. Thank u very much

By rosita blackshire

2 years ago

When choosing new images to color, some of the images when downloaded have already been initiated, but not by me. What is going on?

By Barb

2 years ago

Today all my colored pictures disappeared. So I decided to just start over as of today. Went out of the app and came back later today and all the pictures I had just colored were gone

By Maggie Stein

2 years ago

I lost all of my Happy Color work. Please help recover. I don't want to start over. Thank you.

By JoAnne

2 years ago

While coloring the picture and coloring panrl will go black, so that you are unable to complete the picture. Very annnoying!

By Sam

2 years ago

Somehow your ap got uninstalled I guess, it was just missing when I went to play. I installed it again. Now all of my progress is gone. 🙁 How can I re-cover it?

By Irene H Gordon

2 years ago

I paid for your app Happy Color. It doesn’t work with my WiFi. It’s using up just about all my data. I have an iPhone. You don’t let the people who paid for this app contact you anymore, WHY!!!!! I’m going to have to cancel the app, and I really don’t want to. I mean after all I paid!

By Jaime

2 years ago

I have my phone on silent all the time. why does the audio always come through?

By Rori

2 years ago

I switched phones just recently and I was so unhappy that I lost all of what I did in the first app. So I installed it again and it keeps freezing and then it force closes. I Uninstaller losing all I did again and reinstalled. It is now again freezing and force closing. Help me please. Thank you, Rori

By Janet Turner

2 years ago

Not a problem, just a request. Could you add Disney rides for coloring and maybe park icons, too?? Thanks for considering!

By Katherine

2 years ago

Help! I can’t get the app to work. When I try to open it all it does is color the logo and then it freezes there and won’t progress any further. I’ve tried powering down my iPhone 3 times, that doesn’t help. What can I do to fix it?? Please help me.

By Christine Brackin

2 years ago

April 29 no new pics on my app for today? Functions nirmally just no new oics for today.whats wrong?

By Judy

3 years ago

Hi!!! I absolutely love this app. I have almost met all the achievements and made purchases. I got a new ipad and want to transfer everything and not lose what I have achieved. Can you help me please? Thank you!!!

By Izzy

3 years ago

None of the mystery pictures show up in my app that I have been using nearly every day for 4 months. I have downloaded it on my phone multiple times and separately on my tablet, and neither one gives me any access to them. Is there a solution to this?

By Charise

3 years ago

Happy Color has featured 40 of the 50 states in pictures, 11 of them have been featured more than once. When can we expect to see the other 10 states?

By Francisco Barreto

3 years ago

I paid my $7 for no ads service it wasn’t working. I sent a message yesterday and the no ad portion started working. The ads are back again today. Please help.

By Donald Vardsveen

3 years ago

You have great pictures, however your blended method is bad. I would like to see less or no blended pictures

By Pamela Cederquist

3 years ago

Can I save all my feed of pictures colored to a USB flash drive and then completely clear my cell phone and then reinstall Happy Color? I want to be able to view all the pictures like an automatic slideshow from my USB port on my television set.

By Ashley

3 years ago

I had a lot of pictures colored and now everything has been erased and want to know how to fix the issue.


3 years ago

I have been using happy color for months now and enjoying it thoroughly. Suddenly it has said slow connection and it does not load. Then it says check internet connection which is just fine. What has happened?

By Tobias T Pasky

3 years ago

Hi, I have used your app for almost 4 months now, I've had tons of progress on it but it started to freeze up and nothing I did fixed it. SO it was suggested that I uninstall it and reinstall it, so I did. It erased all my progress. I am very saddened by this. Is there any way that it can be fixed for me? I really enjoy the game, release my stress. I have bought all of your extra packs as well. Just want to be able to continue to color.

By Shannant

Used to be Better!!!

I would have given this game 5 stars before the most recent update made it too easy and boring. I want the old app back. So I posted this review recently and the developers have asked me to be more specific. I’m not sure why since many others have already given the same feedback that I’m going to give. You change a perfectly good app, where you had to fill in the gray areas with color depending on the number and you change it to a pattern which now makes it so easy to find the areas that I am bored within 2 minutes. I read many reviews and a lot of the 5 star reviews were all before the new update so I’m not sure what possessed the developers to change. When I ran across the new update I was actually going on to pay to remove the ads but that changed right away. I’ve seen comments from the developers that saw when the next update comes you will have a choice between pattern and solid. Amazingly they don’t realize the many of us will have deleted the app by that time. So developers I hope you’re happy now that I have told you exactly why I don’t like your app anymore and the only reason I have not deleted until this point is that I keep hoping you are going to realize you are not as smart as the consumer and change back to the original app. If I were you I would listen to the will of the people because actually some of these names on the reviews makes me wonder if you just added them to look good.

By UrbanMotif

Pretty Good Game Buuuutt...

So overall, happy color is a good game. The pictures are beautiful and despite other reviews saying so, it actually doesn’t force feed you Disney pictures. There aren’t too many adds, and the pictures are long enough to feel like there’s even less. But there are a few things I’d request, and one that makes the game literally unplayable. 1) There should be an option to put pictures you want to start, but can’t yet into a “complete later” folder. 2) The app takes up too much space on your phone. Even when it’s offloaded, it still takes up a lot of space. And finally, 3) So this is the glitch that has made the game unplayable for me. I was working on a level and it was going completely normally until when I finished it, it didn’t bring me to an end screen where it shows a time lapse of your completion. It just stayed at the level allowing me to still move the screen around but with no other options. I closed out the game and found that it showed I had only half completed the level. Huh, that was a strange glitch, but the thing is when I opened up the level, it crashed the game and when I try to load it again, it stays on the main screen and the crashes. I don’t want to delete the app because I’ve done a lot of work on it so now it’s just sitting there doing nothing and taking up space. Please fix this I really want to continue playing your game.

By NasDalton

Used to Love This App

I used to love this app. However, when Apple updated their privacy standards, Happy Color felt the need to push a disclaimer before the Apple approval that basically said, “we need you to approve this because we need your information to keep this app free.” My interpretation of that pop-up is that they ARE selling my private information I order to not charge me money for the app. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not, but Happy Color is the only app I have on my phone that chose to put a disclaimer before the privacy approval update. I think it’s weird. This is just an app for coloring pictures. It got me through tue first half of the pandemic, and I have been excited to use it frequently again for an upcoming life change. After seeing that pop-up (after which I just closed the app, while trying to make sense of what I had just read), I decided I’d rather just delete the app and use a real coloring book than stare at my scree. I used to love getting fun themed pictures, like Scooby, Marvel, Disney, etc., while trying to keep up with the daily pictures, but something about that message just felt off. Why in the world would a coloring app NEED my personal information? It shouldn’t. I don’t purchase anything, and I’m content with the free content, because there is so much of it. It’s made me suspicious that they have sold my information already. That’s not okay with me.

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