DailyPay Earned Wage Access Reviews

DailyPay Earned Wage Access Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-29

The DailyPay app is the easiest, most secure way to access your earned but
unpaid wages before your next payday. Get early access to pay bills on time,
avoid late fees and meet your financial goals. How the DailyPay App Works - As
you work throughout the week, you build up an Available...

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DailyPay Earned Wage Access Reviews

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    Hours reported have now turned into every other day pay?? This website is no longer helping me. It’s always under maintenance, and I can’t get paid daily anymore! If this is something that’s going to continue change the name. It’s funny that we have now wait what we need to do, and can’t even get a few transfers for free. I know I know it’s business as usual, but what would you do I we aaaall cancel this service?? Right lol!! I may have to call ADP and do just that, but y’all have a great day. Update: Now there is a notification on your website apologizing for the inconvenience, but when I called this morning it was my employers fault! How Sway!!

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    Not satisfied with Service

    Not sure if it’s an app issue. But the service of Daily Pay is not what it’s cracked up to be. Went to sleep and woke up to a text saying my balance went up, I log in and my balance is $0?. Also there’s a pending credit of less than what my balance was the day before being sent to my bank account as the remainder of my check for a pay period that does not end for another week and a half smh. Customer service being closed on weekends is horrible 😓. Thought I was finally going to be able to catch up on some bills I thought wrong.

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    I’ve had DailyPay for 10 months now and the last 2 months or so I’ve had nothing but problems!! Everyday I work I have to call them the following morning to ask them if my money is showing up. I usually get paid the next day after working by 11am. It now takes 3-4 days to even get my available balance after I call them 3 or more times just for someone to look into it then 4 days later I finally get my money. Everytime I work I have to go through this and it being Christmas tome they just screwed me. I needed someone money early and still haven’t got my 200$ that I needed 2 days ago! Oh and you guys need to fix your chat option bc it haven’t worked for me in over a month. Something needs done about this!!!’ I swear I will get a lawyer if just one tome I never get my money !

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    Okay App, Awful Service

    Where do I even begin? Is it the fact that the app still isn’t optimized for modern iPhones? Is it the fact that instant payments are always being worked on? I’d get sometimes 2-3 emails a week telling me instant payments were down for maintenance. The company I worked for had to restrict access to early commission payouts through DailyPay because DailyPay overpaid everybody and had to retract it out of everyone’s next paycheck. How do you overpay an entire company when the whole point of your service is a glorified payroll product? I was laid off from the company I worked for that used DailyPay and I have now been on hold for 17 minutes at 9:30am to talk to someone because my final paycheck still hasn’t hit my bank account. I can’t wait to never use this again.

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    Balance decreased for some unknown reason

    At first...it would allow me to transfer money to my account before payday but...this time, I had a certain amount that I haven’t transferred any money to my account and it was lesser than what I had at first as my available balance so I just wrote an email and transferred whatever that I had at the moment because I didn’t want to take any chances of noticing that I don’t have any money.

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    Not too happy

    Once again DailyPay is not working. I have had daily pay for 2 months and this is the second time my available balance isn’t updating. I worked the 3rd, got paid for the 4th thru my job but not updated on dailypay, and worked the 5th, my available balance hasn’t been updated since the 3rd at 3:30AM, so when it says balance updated every morning at 2:45 that’s a complete lie. Contacted costumer service they said my balance should update in 24hours and that they seen my hours for those days were there, here I am 24 hours later and nothing, so it hadn’t been a day since it’s updated it’s been since the 3rd and today is the 7th! If you are depending on dailypay to help you before payday please don’t!

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    Worst finance app I have ever used.

    This app is absolutely trash. I created an account it said it was made. Came back to it later and was unable to sign in with the email I provided. Now how does that work I’m so unhappy with this application that I will delete it ASAP. Don’t download or use this I feel like it’s a way for them to gather your personal data and to the creators of the app if you made a good app that actually worked I wouldn’t have said anything about it. But I have a family to feed and this locking me out doesn’t allow me to change the settings bc I can’t sign in to change it. Only downloaded for work and now it’s a useless waste of space on my phone. Major waste of time aswell.

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    Warning !!!

    Do not use this app DailyPay is absolutely 100% terrible. I used it a few times and every time it always a issue. They paid me double what I was suppose to get, reverse the one of the transactions back out of my bank account, then deducted the same amount from my next check. They don’t respond to any email and barely answer phone calls. Waited 45 min on hold before being connected to a customer service representative. They absolutely understand nothing and is just super rude. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told NO. Smh they literally told me NO. I reported them to my job HR department, so hopefully they quit working with DailyPay. I’m warning you guys stay AWAY.

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    Wow where to start.. so I was unable to even start using daily pay which I was super excited to use!! But ultimately really disappointed and upset cause I needed the money to do more deliveries and make more money but could not.. why are you asking me for an account when I just started and when I try to register it will only allow me to search for an account... not stat one which is what I need to do! And don’t even get me started on there customer service which doesn’t even exist... on hold for 10min to be told to call back.. real nice.. bunch of morons making this app

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    Its okay

    I’m rating it 3 stars because at first it wouldn’t let me sign in with my debit card so I used another one I had. Secondly , I used the app multiple times to cash out my paycheck early and appreciate it. But right now I need the money to pay my bills and I’m trying to transfer early and it is saying there’s an issue with my card even though I’ve used it multiple times before!!

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    Useful App.

    The only thing keeping it at a 4 is when on the log in screen it’s like my touch screen goes crazy. I tap email and 3 or 4 times while typing, the screen goes back out causing me to tap the spot to open an account. Have to shut it down and restart to log in. Other than that it’s been very useful keeping bills up to date.

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    Issues logging in

    I used my email to log in. No problem! But then I tried using the “ sso “ which is what my work goes through with this company An there page wont load! I tried on a p.c, a tablet , an a mobile device ! It’s frustrating one day being able to access your money early , the next day it doesn’t work.

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    Don’t even bother

    You can not receive your paycheck instantly if you don’t have a certain Visa card. But yet you can get your pay in two days through the same bank account. So basically you have to request your money ahead of time. If you need money instantly, that day, for bills, etc. better hope you have the right type of Visa card! Because of “third parties” as if I haven’t already used the app to receive money, requesting it only ahead of time that I was allowed.

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    It’s an okay way to get wary money. Always appreciate that. But it could use an easier way to sign in. All apps offer finger print access or facial recognition. Also it should be able to save your username/email address log in. Just a thought. Do that and it might get at 4 star rating.

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    There when I need it!

    My employer recently set up DailyPay and it has been awesome. I used to go to pay day lenders when stuck in a bind but now I just use DailyPay. While the app could use some touch ups, my money has been there when I need it!!!

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Is DailyPay Earned Wage Access Safe?

No. DailyPay Earned Wage Access does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 17,920 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for DailyPay Earned Wage Access Is 13.6/100.

Is DailyPay Earned Wage Access Legit?

No. DailyPay Earned Wage Access does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 17,920 DailyPay Earned Wage Access User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for DailyPay Earned Wage Access Is 13.6/100.

Is DailyPay Earned Wage Access not working?

DailyPay Earned Wage Access works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 26 Comments

By Barbara Miller
Jun 11 2021


By Barbara Miller
Jun 11 2021

My employer recently gave us the option of joining 'dailypay', I didn't give my bank account information when I signed up, the first time I went online to look I had a few hundred $$ in the account, pay day is next week on the 16th and suddenly my money is at zero! it's not in my bank! I called the company and they said until I give the bank information I won't get all access!!! I asked so who is holding my money at this time..I didn't get a straight answer, it smells like scam to me and I will be withdrawing my information, I suggest if they have your bank account info you get it out of there!!

By Ivy Fulton
Apr 28 2021

Okay I did not have my account hooked up yet so I thought that the money would just be deposited there by my employer on payday, but then I got a email from daily pay saying that I only had a few hours to transfer all of my money and i was sleeping while i got the email. when i woke up it was too late and all my money was gone and my balance was back to zero. I have no idea where it is but i am missing nearly 200 dollars.

By Laura Brasie
Apr 06 2021

Why does it tell me my total earnings, but only allow me to have access to a certain amount of it? I just got a job and didn't have a bank account when I started (I do now, and I'm trying to get changed to direct deposit), was put on a payroll card, wasn't told I'd have to use this app, just that I'd get my pay on my card on friday. I got an email stating I had money from my shift on this app so I downloaded it. After my first week it told me I had $190 total earnings, but could only get $95 of it? And no one at work knows what I'm talking about when I bring up the app, and I didn't know what to do so I did nothing, didn't transfer any of the money anywhere and now it's gone.

By shay
Mar 25 2021

I’m being underpaid, paid after my payday, and they are still holding my money AFTER i cancelled my account TWENTY days ago.

By Calvin york
Mar 07 2021


Its amazing daily pay paid me what I was missing after no doubt HR got on its case. Fast forward to today. Ive worked several hours- and 3 double shifts. And my availability? Fucking 10$ I cant seem to cancel. No management in office ever. Enough is enough. Im calling the police. I encourage anyone who has bad dealing with them to do so as well. BOYCOTT DAILY PAY

By Jeffrey Allen
Feb 15 2021

The level of incompetence surrounding the customer service reps with the company is astonishing, and the company is cold hearted when it comes to their customers. I just lost my job, and when I received my next paycheck I was horrified to see that DailyPay took not only the amount due for the early withdrawals from that period, but for the next period as well. Even worse, when I called to ask why, I spoke with 6 different agents over the last 4 days for a resolution, but the first 5 agents simply passed the buck by promising a resolution call from a supervisor within the hour and I never received one. The last agent finally tried to explain (very rudely), but basically did nothing but insult me. The explanation was that when you leave your job you no longer have access your Daily Pay. Really? You mean as soon as I lose my job I can no longer cash out my daily reported hours worked? Wow. The problem was not that I could no longer cash out daily, the problem is that Daily Pay, in a global pandemic, decided that it would be a good business practice to make their customers that use the service every day, and pays the $2 or $3 PER DAY fee to do so, which happens to be the exact definition of someone who has a lifestyle that really benefits the opportunity to be able to get paid on a daily basis, to force that customer to pay the entire amount of early payments for current pay cycle PLUS the ones that were scheduled to come out of the next check. It crippled me, and since I had already estimated what I would be paid on my normal paycheck date, I also had bills set up to be paid on that day. Now I have NSF fees. There was NO reason why I should have had to repay the amount for the check coming up until it was deducted from the paycheck on that day! It may not be that much money, but for someone who just lost their job it sure could have gone a long way while waiting on unemployment. Thanks Daily Pay! You have proven that your customers mean absolutely nothing to you. And for the record, it isn’t the company that I worked for that was the customer, I was the one who paid you over $300 in fees over a 7 month period. I will never use this service again.

By Calvin
Feb 05 2021

So users beware!
I have used daily pay for months without difficulty. But my problems started when they cancelled my account when I was involved in a hit and run. I was out of work for 3 weeks and not once did I quit or wasnt off the schedule. Had to get my district manager involved to get daily pay to re add me. Fast forward to now. Its been 3 months of bull. Been trying to cancel my account because they claimed i had a negative balance. I didn't. Never even seen a paycheck. This last paycheck I worked my butt off made 800$ easy. Daily pay " since you gave no notice to cancel we are taking 510 to cover our negative balance" that was 3 weeks ago. I had cancelled 2 months ago. Now they wont give ADP my bank details. Im missing over 1000$ from these crooks. Its a ongoing battle. If your loyal to them they help you. However the second you want to cancel they are the most evil and disrespectful pieces of ....... You get my point. I plan to let my HR know about this first thing in the morning. STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP. I will file a court case against them and go public if needed

By Jason
Feb 04 2021

Robbery worst thing u can use they stole my last paycheck when I canceled my account and blocked my phone number it was a fight to get my paycheck from them this app sucks there’s always a problem with them don’t use this

By Tiffany Coleman
Feb 01 2021

Do you guys know when the daily pay will be working again

By Dawn Tucker
Jan 23 2021

I been using daily pay.for a while and never had no problems.well on januarun14th I got paid 130.00 for my shift .well I got my halt like I always did and they got their hair.well they had enough nerve to tell me my employer never gave them my pay and ended up tbey took back my pay.its. bs to make me pay the price by taking my pay instead of contacting my employer .leaving me no pay at.all to get to work and back. So I lost.work.yesteday as a result.of this.bs .my supervisor showed me I was paid for my shift and it.was approved and daily pay.had enough.nerve to.say i.was sent a.paycheck no I wasn't .I.was sent.only a paystub that showed.my shift I.worked it. Instead of.taking my pay they should had.contacted my employer instead.blaming me for my employers mistake which. I wasn't aware.of it. It's.either.pay.me my 63.70.for.my shift or.face a lawsuit to me they.are.crooks.and need to be shut down

Jan 20 2021

My funds haven't updated in over 24hours even though I have worked in the last 24 hours. Why is this app called DAILYpay?

By Philip Marinakos
Jan 15 2021

Never used the app but was interested in joint the team to make some extra income. Then, I realized they wanted start-up money. No problem...I don’t mind investing in myself and every business requires start-up capital. Then I read these comments. I don’t feel comfortable working for a company that has so many scathing reviews and caused so much headache and aggravation to so many people when they are supposedly trying to help them in their time of need. That’s taking advantage of hard working people. So, what good is a yacht if I’m cruising in a sea of sadness. I’d rather have a row boat. Honest work. I hope you all resolve your issues but most importantly I hope you all now truly believe that nothing good ever comes fast nor easy. Not even an advance on your hard earned paycheck. Peace.

By George Compton
Jan 13 2021

Daily pay is a legitimate CROOK DO NOT USE IT PLEASE they take your hard earned money and steal it and customer service should be called called dollar tree parrots..they read a script for every problem you have and its the same script for every problem..its not the a good app and im a store manager

By Tara Donaldson
Jan 05 2021

App will not let me log in..saying pw incorrect tried changing it,still nothing!!!

By Debra French
Jan 05 2021

The app is not working can not get to my account. Changed password three times. Would like to check my account.

By Keegan
Dec 22 2020

Hit or miss. Some days i can get paid others i have to wait several days to get my pay. My last deposit was almost $300 short. I dont mind the fact that i have to pay a little bit to get an early transfer but not if they cant pay me after my shift. The name of the app should be SometimePay. If you have an account with them, cancel it.

By Zee
Dec 21 2020

My job offer daily pay. I tried it. Download the app put in information and I can get money whenever I need it. Have not had any issues so far. I love it!!!

By John Sansing
Dec 12 2020

I have not recieve my full pay after doing a week with daily pay. The app seem to have taken over a hundred dollars from me and I'm working overtime.Please respond.

By Ivory Alexander
Dec 08 2020

Hello. My hours from last week have not loaded to my account. Can you tell me when my hours and pay will be available?

By Josh dozier
Dec 05 2020

My paycheck was transferred to the wrong bank. Even though they had the correct routing and account number. Im still waiting for my money

By Tammy Brooks
Nov 19 2020

Can't log in.. when I go to reset my password to see if that's the problem ..it will not except my phone number or email

By Crystal
Nov 18 2020

I've been logged out and it won't let me reset my password. I've called they said they would fix it and nothings been done.

By Lisa davis
Nov 16 2020

My daily pay hasn't been put on my account it's been over 24 hours

By Beth Pence
Nov 05 2020

I canceled my account they had no trouble getting my info to set account up but when you canceled your account it does not go back to your oringal direct deposit and then your left with out your pay check pretty sad I have to now wait for my pay and be with out income

By Terri Lewallen
Nov 03 2020

These people tried to steal over half of my paycheck!!!!! My check after working 49 hours was $298 and they tried to give me $113 !!!!!!!! Tbey thought they was entitled to $185 of my money!!!!?????? Bullshit they should go to jail!!!

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