HeroBandIII Reviews

HeroBandIII Reviews

Published by on 2022-06-06

- Use HeroBand Ⅲ Band to set, track, and follow your health data day and
night. - Monitor and track your sleep quality. - Start every day feeling rested
with gentle alarm. - Gain insights from easy to view trends based your personal
health data. - Set your band to vibrate when you have i...

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Inaccurate step counter, unusable integration with Apple Health, My Fitness Pal

On the plus side, HeroBandIII has a pretty easy user interface, and reports Steps, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen Saturation and Sleep data. I really value having a consistent baseline to view and monitor this data with. Unfortunately HeroBandIII has a number of problems. The first is that it does not sync to Apple Health. It did at first but stopped. Checked all settings. Uninstalled and reinstalled but no go. I use My Fitness Pal which does not sync with HeroBandIII, so need it to work with Apple Health. My work around is to manually enter exercise data in My Fitness Pal. Next is that it does not accurately count steps (walking) most likely because of the minimum 30” step length it uses. I will try disabling location and see if it gets more accurate, but that is an issue. If you are less than 6’ tall with an avg stride it will undercount your steps. I like that it has sleep data, but that is not accurate either. It shows me as in light sleep at times I know I have been well awake. Not sure if that is on the phone or HeroBandIII . Not sure if any of the other sleep data is worthwhile. I really like the phone’s features (Smartwatch Fitness Tracker by Motast) and want to like HeroBandIII but it needs work.



I previously had the Apple Watch and lost it so I was forced to get a new sports watch! I looked at other brands that were much more expensive and even purchased different ones. This one stood out, 1) because I have small wrists, both the size of this and the bevel of the glass Just made it look better, 2) the ability to change the faces and 3) the battery in comparison to my Apple Watch... well there is no comparison. I had to charge my Apple Watch 2X every single day. This watch I charged on Monday and today is Friday and it has 58% battery left. Changes I would like to see: It doesn’t give a good explanation for comparisons with other data. I.e., I slept 5hrs 53 min and it reports back, “than 51% similar users sleep less” somehow I find it hard to believe 51% users sleep less than basically 6 hours each night. For the people that say something isn’t accurate, are you just assuming it was accurate before? Maybe it wasn’t correct before? Overall, I am extremely happy with this watch and recommended to friends. One actually ordered the same watch yesterday but hasn’t received it yet. I would definitely recommend this. Thank you.


Basic; inaccurate date/time; touch screen not responsive

You get what you pay for? It was easy to set up initially, but then things went downhill over the next month. The touchscreen is not very sensitive, so it’s very hard to navigate between the few different screens that are available. I noticed a few weeks ago, a few weeks after having purchased it, that the time was off by several hours and minutes (date also). I tried to reset the device, offloaded the software from my phone and uploaded it again and I have not been able to get the watch to work after following the instructions and even trying some other combinations. Now the touchscreen is even less responsive. The blood oxygen, blood pressure, and heart rate monitors still work, or at least I think they do. I cannot be sure of the accuracy of the readings given how dysfunctional the rest of the device is. I cannot get it to connect to my iPhone 12 anymore either. Also noticed that the steps are super inaccurate. You can get several thousand steps by binge watching and never getting off of the couch, just by managing the tv remote. I should be grateful it was inexpensive? No, the company should not sloppily create a device that doesn’t work and then charge any amount of money for it. Very disappointed.


Constantly restarts

The watch constantly restarts. Could be in the middle of a workout or in the middle of the night and in the middle of doing nothing. Lose all my data for the day, my workout info and I have to redo all my settings. I wish it had more workout/activity options like hiit or stretching/yoga. If I’m pushing a strolling and walking or even a shopping cart in the grocery store it doesn’t track my steps so make me wonder how accurate my other steps are. During a workout my heart rate will read say 160 but when I look in my full day heart rate it’ll say the max was 130. Again makes me question accuracy. It’s great otherwise, easy to use, easy to wear, seems splash resistant from washing hands doing dishes and bathing kids along long as their not splashing too much lol. If it unhooks from Bluetooth I have to go into HeroBandIII and my settings and completely forget and re sync in order to reconnect which losses all recent data. Not able to connect it to workout apps so heart rate can be included in workout data. The message alerts either keep vibrating if you don’t read your phone or they go away before you even have a chance to read two words.


Watch was great initially but became a little disappointing

First, my sincere apology for my earlier comments & rating submitted. I found the place to switch from metric to imperial under “Others” so I’m not as disappointed as I stated previously in the review. However, my watch did switch settings on its own. A couple of times it appeared to be processing itself and a strange white screen with plaid-looking black lines would appear instead of the watch face I selected. Later it would switch back to my selected watch face & sometimes to a different watch face. It also switched itself from my original setting of a 12-hour format to 24 hours. It lost connection with my phone and when I tried to reconnect the watch device couldn’t be found. I finally deleted HeroBandIII and tried reinstalling HeroBandIII & then the watch. The directions in the manual could be better as well to help with troubleshooting. Hopefully, I’ll have smooth sailing from here. My husband also has a watch & has had no problems with his.


Wheelchair mode needs to be added

Wheelchair mode needs to be added to the list of exercises and adding a “rolls” option in place of “steps” would help me greatly. I’mA very healthy 35-year-old female who was paralyzed seven years ago and I cannot find a smart watch that has wheelchair options. The only wheelchair option I smart watch is the iPhone watch but that’s way too much money for me to buy. I was hoping just putting it on “cycle” mode would be the best at the gym while hand cycling. It’s not accurate at all. I thought I’d try it out before I splurged on an iWatch. Even my sleep recordings are very wrong. It says I’m asleep at times when I’m awake. So what’s up with that?I think if you added a wheelchair mode, it would help millions of people that many go unrecognized- but we are here! and we need stuff like this but there’s nothing other than an iWatch with a wheelchair mode and I can’t afford that. If you did that we can trace the pushes, hand cycles, and upper body to be broad. Please listen to me I know you don’t think of it, but there are millions of wheelchair users that want smart watches. If you did add it, I know your sales would go way up.


Mediocre app and watch

I bought this to monitor my blood pressure and so far that has been pretty helpful. But I don’t understand why I have to reset all of my personalized settings every single day. halfway through the day I look at my watch and notice that it has reset itself back to 24 hour time period instead of 12 hour. I also have to change it back to imperial instead of metric and when I try to customize the watch face, that just gets reset back to the default also. This is extremely annoying and I don’t know if it’s because I am accidentally resetting some thing like if I have my arms crossed it thinks I am “long pressing” the watch face. The option to reset defaults on the watch should be at the very end of the rotation so it’s not accidentally getting pushed through a typical day. I also wish there was a way to customize the menus on the watch. There are a few features that I would like to remove because I do not use them but I still have to scroll all the way through them to get back to the beginning. Please keep working on updates to make this watch better.


Just got it!!; need 4 alarms want 6; stronger magnetic charging cable’s contacts

Original review: I just my SMARTWATCH YESTERDAY! I have not really used it yet!! It has ONLY THREE ALARMS ON IT!! This is UNACCEPTABLE!!! I want to have at least FOUR! I take my medication FOUR TIMES A DAY! It would be nice if I could Also have a wake up alarm and a bedtime alarm TOO (HAVE A TOTAL OF SIX ALARMS!!) NOTE: I want an unlimited number of alarms or at least FOUR BUT SIX IS NICE!! It would be nice to display the number battery level on my Donerton SMARTWATCH CLOCKFACE! The charging contact design of my Donerton Smartwatch is POOR! It has ONLY TWO CONTACTS! I THINK THAT THE DONERTON SMARTWATCH CHARGING CABLE MAGNETS SHOULD BE STRONGER!! If they sold a charging cable with STRONGER MAGNETIC CHARGING CONTACTS THEN I WOULD BUY IT!! I am sure that I am not the only one who would buy it!! You should make your Donerton Smartwatch whenever it is charging display a battery icon displaying the number of the remaining battery percentage left!! Update: I decided to replace my DONERTON OEM (wristband that comes with watch) wristband! Its clasp broke so I could not wear my Donerton SMARTWATCH!! Fortunately I bought an ANCOOL 20mm replacement wristband which has not broke yet! I wish its loose wristband ring holding my loose wristband wouldn’t be so small! I find it hard to use it!


You Get What You Pay For

The watch functions when charged and functions accurately as a watch. Step counter and sleep monitor are inconsistent. It also lights up at night to monitor heart rate and is disruptive to sleep. It’s good for a watch but not much else. I am a nurse and compared my vitals (heart rate and SpO2) with a medical grade monitor and the readings were inaccurate. Also it claims to provide a blood pressure measurement but that’s not accurately possibly without some sort of cuff. Also ready much lower than my actually blood pressures with a standard blood pressure cuff. It is waterproof and durable. The camera feature doesn’t work. The weather app says it’s -1 degrees outside and it’s 50’s today—I did verify Bluetooth was connected. So yeah…you get what you pay for. I still wear it sometimes because it did let me upload a cute picture of my hubby on the watch face. It looks expensive but it doesn’t really consistently do what it advertises that it does.


Nice watch

I love this watch, but there are small glitches that could be fixed. For example, if I set a custom face in the watch it only last for maybe 24 hours before it changes back to (I guess the default) the original screen. That gets annoying 🥴Also, if I change the number of steps for my goal daily, I have to go in and change it everyday! Again, annoying! I do like the heart rate, oxygen, and b.p. functions on the watch. Another issue with the watch is everyday, yet again, I have to go in the settings and turn off every notification, everyday! Like I said before, just annoying little things. Overall, it’s a nice little watch to purchase, it could just use some updates to fix those bugs.


The Price is Extraordinary

This watch is remarkable for the price. I wear both a Fitbit Versa 2 which costs $149 and the Heroband III which cost me less than $50. The Hero does more. It counts true striding steps, not little shuffling steps you take in the kitchen, around the bathroom sink etc. It’s heartbeat, blood pressure and oxygen measurements agree closely with my home medical equipment. I loaded a custom watch face that gives me continuous readings of heartbeat, steps, miles, calories burned, charged percent, along with the time and date. It takes some practice to figure out how to operate the watch and App. The band is difficult to clasp and you need shade to read the watch face outdoors, but hey, the price is so good you can laugh all the way to the bank.


Great for the price

I really just wanted an inexpensive watch for work, and I would have been happy to have one that just told time, so anything else this watch does is a bonus. That said, if I could offer a suggestion for improvement, I would say this: I would really like to be able to see when I take my steps through the day. If I were relying on Apple Health to tell me, I could see that I took x amount of steps at x time, but now it syncs with the watch and only adds the total number since the last sync. It doesn’t say what time I was most active. Other than that, the features are fun, and it tells me the time. That’s all I expected for the price.


Not accurate and stops working on tracking sleep and doesn’t show messages

I had bought the watch like a week ago and then it started to not track my sleep which I was annoyed about. Then I waited thinking it would fix itself and still hasn’t. Been a few days since it started and just doesn’t track my sleep anymore. The watch I think is not very accurate as I never woke up yet it said I was awake in the middle of a deep sleep? I don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to work. It also doesn’t show my messages on the watch anymore like if someone were to text me on message it would give me a notification that someone texted me and shows what they said, but now it doesn’t do that either. I just feel like it hasn’t been working since I first got it which is very disappointing. I don’t recommend getting it.



It looks good. I want it to be good. But it makes me crazy. Not all of the settings work nor do they stay as you set them. Things are constantly changing. Minor but will gives the picture: I look at watch face and the time is now showing in 24 hour format when I have set it to 12 hour format 100 times. And that is just one of all the settings that do not stay fixed. I am now getting email alerts (which haven’t worked - ever) in the middle of the night waking me up even though I’ve set the DND and turned off ALL notifications. I’ve never gotten alerts for texts or the other items on the notification list. Sometimes it tells me my phone is ringing but not consistently. I’ve unpaired and re-paired the watch and still no change. Haven’t heard back from tech support which appears to be in China. I am not optimistic of getting this fixed. :(


Happy with Upgrade

When I got my Hero Band III over a year ago, the band was a little hard to attach to itself, charging was not the easiest and the display was way, way too dim. During this past year, the band became much easier to fit together, I found that the watch electrodes for charging needed cleaning, even scraping to make a solid connection with the charger and the last Upgrade fixed the display so that I could see it in the sun - at least while shading it with my hand; before it was even hard to see in a very well lit room. There was also a problem with the watch losing the dial picture and reverting some other things back to its defaults; all because I kept HeroBandIII hanging in the background of my iPhone. I found that if I set everything and swiped HeroBandIII out of active memory, I no longer experienced the defaults showing up again. The only real downside to this watch is the plastic face - it scratches way too easily. Otherwise, I am enjoying all the functions this watch boasts; for a lot less than what I still want - an iWatch, just because I own an iPhone.


Not the greatest!

I teach in a preschool and we teachers communicate via text. Not every text needs a response, so I wasted a few seconds having to look at my phone. I was thinking a smart watch would be easier, I could read the text more conveniently. My watch does not receive every text or every call. I will hear my watch ding and then look at my watch waiting for the text, but never receive anything. It’s great for time, step count, and health info, but that’s it. Even the weather doesn’t always update or load. You get what you pay for. 🤷🏼‍♀️


Pretty nice watch and app with most of smart watch basic features.

Pretty nice watch and HeroBand3 app with most of the basic features available. No issues with Bluetooth sync, only that it doesn’t always update data to health app. Request to also add few more training modes like Elliptical, treadmill, indoor running etc and if it can track the workout automatically. Auto pause during breaks between workouts should also be a nice feature. Music control doesn’t automatically show in watch unless manually enabled. Great battery life, I didn’t charge it for 3 days and still have 55% left.


Great watch for the price

I have been looking for a watch to replace my Fitbit, needed something with more features that wouldn’t break the bank, found this one and have over it since purchasing. Some features are limited but for what you get it is more than worth it. Love that I can keep track of my heart rate and blood pressure while still getting all the alerts from my phone. Battery life is pretty great, normally lasts about a week before needing to be recharged. HeroBandIII makes it very simple to setup and to use, highly satisfied!!!


Best watch so far

I really like this watch. I know some of the stuff isn’t completely accurate, but for the most part it is really close. I have a bunch of medical issues and my husband relies on the readings to make sure I am fine. I wished I would of bought this one before the others and saved the money because I went broke on them and they aren’t worth a darn. HeroBandIII is good too. It keeps the info daily. It has a short battery life, and needs charged more often, but with what it does, I can see why.


Overall not bad

I have P36D watch paired with HeroBandIII. I noticed that I am not getting iMessages notifications unless I select “Other” option in Notification section of HeroBandIII . If I turn off Other and leave Messages .. no iMessage notification. Also sometimes I get multiple same notifications I every min or so when Other is selected. Was looking for developer contact and found support email but it did bounced back. I see there are other newer? Versions or Headband 8? Are the compatible? Also my heart rate monitoring is quite not precise. Not sure it it is watch or app


Ok for what it cost

So after a few weeks of owning and wearing the watch decided to do quick review. Overall watch is ok. Getting used to how things function takes a little time but I am getting there. Battery life so far has been pretty good. My complaint thus far and reason for 3 stars is the font is too small for me I wear readers to read and I can’t see anything other than main face without them on this device wish there was a way to enlarge the font or bigger face or something.


Love this watch

I love everything about this watch there could be some fixes like a button to re-sync the phone if you notice there’s something wrong. I had to completely deactivate and unhook from Bluetooth when the watch would work. Also on the design your own watch face I wish there was a battery life % on it. I never know when it’s going to die because it’s not on the watch face. I also wish it vibrated more for the social media apps and the calls and messages. Sometimes it doesn’t even vibrate or show what it was.


Decent watch and app

I bought this watch to avoid spending the $300 or so for an Apple Watch. I like the step counter and the notifications...that’s about all I like. I’ve had issues getting it to sync with Apple health, and now the watch won’t sync with HeroBandIII after the watch suddenly crashed yesterday. I wouldn’t recommend this watch/app. Update:it’s better at syncing with Apple health but HeroBandIII resets a lot. For example I went to bed last night and had 9,000+ steps for the day. I looked today and I now have 0 for yesterday. I just updated to version 1.1.2 and the notifications keep turning all on. I have them custom set but they won’t stay that way as default to all on after a few mins.


Very limited functionality, great battery life

Very limited abilities. Not sure how accurate the steps are, but the notifications are all but useless! The messages appear for a very short time, so you have to look at it immediately or it is gone. When you get a call, the information is there only while it is ringing. In both cases, once the information is gone, it’s gone. It can’t be recalled-there’s not even a record of it or a notification of a missed call. Nada. Also, the band is almost too small for my husband and he has "normal” size wrists for a man. The battery life is phenomenal! He has been wearing it for almost a week and it still has 80+% charge without charging it again!



Look, for the price it ain’t bad. I have not seen the glitches others have mentioned. I’ll take this over a 10 time pricier Apple Watch... until my kids send me one for free. But the Apple doesn’t do BP without an extra gadget and app. As to accuracy, it seems in the ball park, but when first purchased, blood pressure was scarily high, by 20 or 30 mmhg. Then they pushed an update to the watch’s OS (not HeroBandIII , the watch itself) to vMOY-FS3-1.8.1. Now BP is reasonably accurate, but you have to add about 10 to get a close match to a real BP cuff. My doctor says this shouldn’t work but it does. I have one major complaint: it needs a stopwatch feature you can easily get to. Yes, there’s one buried in the Settings (cog icon), but that is silly. Come on! It should be available on the first page after home screen, like any respectable watch. One final thing: what the heck is “Quick View”? I can’t find any reference to that. It’s not explained in HeroBandIII .



This is a GREAT watch I got it with money I earned but I do wish it had a few different things I wish the charger was like my iPhone one and a plug and a bit longer so it could also track my sleep but it is an amazing watch and I highly recommend it for ALL AGES I love vampires and changed the screen to my fav emoji! It allows you to do a lot of stuff but it is a pain to get back I didn’t mean to press reset and had to work on it for a few days to get back on but other than that it is a great watch.


You get what you pay for

Guess $40 can only go so far these days. The watch is unreliable for the most part. First, I can’t read the time when I am under the sun because the ambiance of the screen is so soft. Second, the time is wrong 1/2 of the time because the watch loses its connection. Third, it’s not the easiest thing to reconnect the watch to your phone. In fact, as I am typing this feedback, I am still waiting for the watch to be reconnected. I am done with this cheap Chinese counterfeit watch. I am going to spend a few hundred dollars to get a real Apple Watch. Please don’t waste your money on this.


Interface Issues

I recently purchased the Hero Band III and installed HeroBandIII as instructed. I continue to have issues getting HeroBandIII to show the different type of exercises available and cannot select it from the Functions on the bracelet. I also am not able to share health information from my iPhone 11 and vice versa. For the record, I have disconnected and reconnected the device twice and have confirmed that my Health info app is able to share with the bracelet. These two features just have not worked regardless of how many attempts I’ve made. I am extremely frustrated!


Not a good watch

I’ve had numerous problems with this watch and HeroBandIII . Setting up initially went fine but since has been difficult. I’ve had to reset and reconnect 3 times and you have to go back to the start like it’s 1st time out of the box. It makes changes such as dropping the weather connection frequently. I was working with a lot of arm motion and it went back to factory settings. The wrist band is difficult to latch comfortably. I thought I could return for refund within 15 days but no. I’ve contacted support more than once and they send a list of the set up pages from the manual. I don’t recommend HeroBandIII or this watch!!


Easy to setup

Watch was super easy to setup. I didn’t have any issues like some of the others spoke about. I hate the band it’s cheap & will replace. I’d like to figure out or find out how to leave screen open longer, especially during my learning time. Now that I’ve had this watch for more than a week, I’m not liking very much. Blood pressure reader is way off. I got it specifically for this function. I have very low Bp. The show is very high. I checked it against my regular Bp cuff multiple times. My normal cuff is reading low, the same as my dr office. I’m going to see if watch is returnable


I Love This Watch

I saw this on Fox News morning segment of gift ideas. I went out on a limb buying this watch one of the main reason is - it is close to the iwatch in recording my oxygen. I am still learning this watch. My biggest complaint is the band. The silver tab, that you insert into the hole should be just a wee bit longer - it would be helpful for people like me with arthritis hands... the tuck in of the band is a spot on idea!!!

Is HeroBandIII Safe?

No. HeroBandIII does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,789 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.1/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for HeroBandIII Is 16.9/100.

Is HeroBandIII Legit?

No. HeroBandIII does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,789 HeroBandIII User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for HeroBandIII Is 16.9/100.

Is HeroBandIII not working?

HeroBandIII works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 96 Comments

By Gracie
Nov 08 2022

As others have said, sleep counter is extremely inaccurate and now and then stops working and deletes all sleep data. The wrist flip to turn on the watch face is more like 3 HARD wrist flips. With the sleep counter being so inaccurate I have to wonder if the heart rate, blood pressure etc are also all inaccurate. Would not recommend buying this watch.

By David Driver
Nov 08 2022

I bought 3 p36d smart watch yesterday and now 2 not working already, 1 not charging and 1 screen lights up but no display,
Very disappointed

By Lee schuby
Oct 24 2022

For the price it’s good but touch screen never worked when touching at bottom like it said and touching exercise now goes to heart rate,other functions quit working.

By Brenda J Harden
Oct 03 2022

The blood pressure readings are not accurate at all. Scary. Can't trust the readings.

By Denise
Oct 01 2022

My main concern with this watch is the charging mechanism. It is hard to get it to connect to charge. You think it is charging to find out that it is not, then you lose all your data. Reading the previous reviews I now distrust the data that it is displaying. I don’t care if it is reasonably price. If it don’t function properly, it is a waste of my money!

By DeAun Nelson
Aug 01 2022

I have had my watch now for less than 2 weeks I am disappointed it is not waterproof and it does not come back on it stopped working so I'm getting rid of this one probably sending it back or destroying it and I'm buying a new one thank you your product sucks

By Martin Littlemore
Jul 31 2022

Sleep app just doesn't work have tried everything suggested but nothing. This is not the first time getting fed up with it all other features working perfectly. When are you going to get it fixed

By Sharika Daniels
Jul 25 2022

Baby doing something wrong, however, I can't seem to get the call option on my hero band 3 watch to work. When someone calls me, the answer button is crossed out. Does anyone know about this?

By Jenny Packeer
Jul 19 2022

My watch, which I purchased off Amazon, can miraculously take heart rate and blood pressure readings when it's just lying on the side unattached to my body. Fake!

By Jenny Packeer
Jul 19 2022

My watch, which I purchased off Amazon, can miraculously take heart rate and blood pressure readings when it's just lying on the side unattached to my body. Fake!

By Kiekie Swag
Jul 08 2022

I really like this watch definitely worth the $$ I love how it stays charged for over a week and other expensive watches have to be charged every day also I like that I can check my 90 year old parents vitals and sleep with the cell phone!!!

By Ernie
Jun 27 2022

The time was working until I went out of state with a different time zone. Time has never been correct even once I returned home. Need help

By Martin Littlemore
May 16 2022

Fed up switching on off does not record my sleeping pattern any more used to but recent up-date put end to that

By Keisha Goddard
Apr 28 2022

My Hero band III p22 is not tracking sleep only had the watch for 4 days. Everything else is working. Can you provide a solution.

By Lea
Mar 03 2022

I have had my watch for 2 days I went to bed last night with it on this morning the screen won’t light up ??
I’ve got it on high brightness and tried everything it is so faint I can hardly see what’s on the screen
Please could you advise

Thank you

By Nancy Vorce
Feb 15 2022

How can I set to US rather than metrics

By Loa Kay Bowthorpe
Feb 07 2022

My Hero band iii will NOT stay connected to my phone, I have to try and connect it 5-6 Times a day. It's horrible to try and work with

By Emma
Jan 31 2022

Hello I got my hero band watch and the screen was on I could feel the buzz but it just wasn’t showing anything and I was just hoping you if I could get a new one thank you

By Tom R
Jan 11 2022

My p22 watch doesn't count steps anymore. Also, the watch has never been damaged or hit so don't understand why step count function stopped after 1 year. Is there an issue with the current software? Is there a way to load an older software version to watch to check the step count function?

By Jane
Dec 09 2021

My husband’s hero band 3 showed his blood pressure as low. It was, in fact, dangerously high. He had a TIA two days ago. It was terrifying!
Don’t trust these numbers! The heart rate is also wrong!! 😡

By Carole
Nov 24 2021

My sleep detail part has been unable to find my sleep data. It worked perfectly on everything else.

By Helen small
Oct 27 2021

The app isn't recording my steps

By Donald
Oct 23 2021

Watch works great I have no problems with it at all. All functions work without any problems. Thanks. Really love this watch.

By Elizabeth Mitchell
Oct 14 2021

I can't get true sleep readings
It says I slept for 9 hours when I know that I was actually awake most of that time tossing and turning because I was in so much pain

By Audrey Scott-Roberts
Sep 26 2021

My watch had stopped vibrating when calls or txt come in

By Everett Owens
Sep 25 2021

My Hero Band111 will not stay charged for more than 12-16 hours. What would cause this and how do I correct the issue.

By Terri Jones
Sep 22 2021

I have a PopGlory watch which uses the Heroband3 app. Pleased with steps and battery life, however, I go to bed early and wake early, the sleep app ALWAYS states I started sleeping at 21:50 although the waking time is mostly correct. So question the accuracy of the sleep!

By Wendy Reid
Sep 22 2021

I have had my smartwatch a month and it has stopped recording my sleep. Please advise

By Sally R. Jones
Sep 15 2021

I cannot figure out how to reset the time. How do you do this?

By Chelsea wickham
Sep 14 2021

Steps are not working

By Jemma Robertson
Sep 09 2021

My watch is not counting steps? It’s still connected to the app?

By Natasha Ferguson Sutton
Sep 06 2021

Just got the watch for my birthday I have synched it with my phone but I don't see the icons for the social media apps nor does the music player work. It's connected to my mobile Bluetooth but there's no sound. As far as the other items on the watch it's great. Oh yeah I can only receive messages three at a time but it doesn't receive calls.

By Sadie
Sep 02 2021

Hero Band stopped counting steps. Rebooted,, nothing. Hasnt even been a month.

By Leonard Cole
Aug 23 2021

Monitor and track your sleep quality has stopped working. All other functions are working. What's the problem with my watch and how do I fix it?

By Jaelyn Susemihl
Aug 09 2021

The sleep tracker was working but now shows no sleep for the past week. Everything else seems to be working well.

By Bobbi-Jo Dunleavy
Jul 19 2021

Why is my sleep tracking all day and night saying I’ve sleep 23 hrs and won’t stop tracking like this and how do you fix this

By Nathalie Treleaven-Ford
Jul 15 2021

I got the watch yesterday 15th July and everything is working except for the steps. Please advise why or how to correct.

By Zerzaneayoub
Jul 13 2021

L'appli ne trouve pas le bracelet

By Michelle
Jul 04 2021

Hi, I have been using my pop glory glory smart watch for over a week now and it has been amazing! I have even bought 3 more for my family due to how impressed I was with it. However today it has jusy stopped counting my steps all of a sudden. It does everything else and is synced but is just not counting my steps.
Please can someone give me some guidance
Many thanks

By Debbie
Jun 28 2021

Hey there/
Is there a way to change exercise options on the hero band III? A health app it pairs with?

By Deborah Brock-jones
Jun 22 2021

Just bought a hero band watch on April 22 2021
I Love it!
But I just now had the face pop off
What can I do about it ???

By Larry Thibodaux
Jun 13 2021

Messages don't come through. Everything is set up correctly but now my phone messages are messed up.

By Carolyn Petersen
Jun 10 2021

I bought the watch to track steps. If I go 20 steps it says I went 400. Way off. Will be returning

By Tammy Cook
Jun 09 2021

I bought my HeroBandIII in March and now it no longer counts steps. Is there a fix for this? It should last longer than 90 days.

By Rochelle Green
Jun 09 2021

I have had a heroband iii for 2 weeks. It's been working fine but now it isn't counting my steps and hasn't all morning

By Stacey Hailstone
Jun 06 2021

I've had my watch a few weeks now worked perfectly fine , now it's no longer counting my steps . Help please

By Abigail Miller
Jun 05 2021

My smart watch won't count my steps, I've never worn it in water or put it in any situation where it would stop working. It still tracks my sleep and still measures things like BP, but it doesn't count my steps anymore.

By Lisa
Jun 03 2021

My watch has suddenly stopped counting steps. Can you help with this please?

By Douglas Agnew
Jun 02 2021

HeroBand III does not accurately track sleep. For instance today I was up at 5:30 AM and it tracked that I slept until 7:54 AM. I was up moving around at 6:15. This has happened almost every night I have used it.

Jun 02 2021

Stopped counting steps. Tried to reset, that did not work. How to I fix it or can I return it? I have only had it for less than 2 weeks. Thanks.

By charlene murphy
May 26 2021

Hi my watch has stopped counting steps.. how do I fix this please? I've only worm it since yesterday

By Julie
May 21 2021

My watch is connected. Last night a bunch of squares popped up on the face of the watch. Now it doesnt count my steps anymore? I reset it and nothing

By Rhian Bourne
May 08 2021

Hi my step count has stopped working- everything else is ok. Have had watch less than a week- is there a quick solution?
Thank you for your help.

By Antoine P Jackson
May 07 2021

the blood pressure is always the same and when I used the cuff to test it it was 147/111 and it read 121/71. also I get txt and email but I cant connect it to Bluetooth where is the Bluetooth setting it wong show up on my Samsung phone..

By Monique Goguen
May 06 2021

Watch will not count steps. I really liked it, but only have a few days left that I can return it, I have tried tightening / loosening the strap, charging it (was @27%) and powering it off / on and still not counting steps.

By Teresita
May 05 2021

The HeroBand App keep saying that Bluetooth is off even if the iPhone says it is on. The P22 says it is connected. How do I fix this? Please advice ASAP. Thank you

By duffy westmoreland
Apr 30 2021

my watch will sync with my iphone 8

By Cynthia Tillotson
Apr 27 2021

Had my hereoband111 3 months it does not record previous weeks steps results just shows the calendar days with a white circle and blue line on the circle at diff no number of steps recorded for the week. I have a cheap Fitbit which is ten times better.

By Hil
Apr 18 2021

Pop glory watch step count is inaccurate, recording far more steps than taken .... infuriating 😡

By Gyula Csiza
Apr 15 2021

I like the watch. It does everything that I need a fitness tracker for. The one issue I have is that the blood pressure seems to be way off compared to doctors office measurement and also to Omron brand blood pressure monitor.

By Tiffany Vieira
Apr 13 2021

I got my watch on 21/03/2021 and it has suddenly stop counting my steps.

By Cheryl campbell
Apr 12 2021

I've owned this watch for several months now and the sleep function always records that I fall asleep at 9:50pm, every single night. This is not true, as I go to bed at 8 pm. Why is it doing this? How do I fix this?

Apr 05 2021

I was bought the watch for my birthday 3/3/21. Today it has stopped counting steps

By Lisa Trueax
Apr 01 2021

My complaint is that I can't respond to text messages with a short pre set response.

By Jesse
Apr 01 2021

The weather constantly stops and I have to go back into the app on my phone and change it back to F* instead of Celsius. It always stops working on my watch app. Weather is an important feature for me.

By Vonda Wilson
Mar 31 2021

Not charging...only had for a few weeks.

By Michele Rogers
Mar 30 2021

If mine stops counting steps do i have to reset?

By Sean
Mar 29 2021

Step counter has stopped working. Owned watch for approx 6 weeks. Please advise.

By Karen
Mar 27 2021

The app isn't giving me true reading of my blood pressure. It,s always saying 111/69.
Even though Doctor took my blood pressure at 190/100

By Patrícia
Mar 24 2021

Bom dia,

O meu relógio deixou de contar os passos há cerca de uma semana.
Como se pode resolver o problema?


By Tom
Mar 23 2021

Where can I find a replacement charger

By Camille Passafiume
Mar 22 2021


My watch stopped counting steps so I tried to disconnect it and now it's not reconnecting. What do I do?


By Michelle
Mar 12 2021

Hi my watch stops tracking my sleep if I go to the toilet in the night, it doesn't register that I am back in bed and sleeping for several more hours? Is there a way to sort this? Thanks

By Louis Parker
Mar 06 2021

I'm using the Popglory P22C watch with your app. Everything is great except the Blood pressure reading. I've tested my BP with a cuff and an Omron watch. My pressure is normally 130/80 to 140/85. With the P22C watch it never reads above 110/60. It seems to have an upper limit. I set quietly with the watch at heart level. Is there another app that may work better with this watch? Thanks for the help.

By Caitlin
Mar 06 2021

In need of help please! I have had my herobandIII for a week & the touch screen has completely stopped working but it’s still on & all my notifications are coming through. How can I fix this please?

By Linda
Mar 05 2021

Can not update weather through my app anymore. Please help.

By Jackie
Mar 04 2021

had my watch 2 weeks and its stopped registering/counting steps, any help please?

By John
Mar 03 2021

Step count not working anymore.

By Karra wade
Mar 02 2021

Had my watch 2 weeks stoped counting steps wat can I do to start it again

By Ann Farmer
Feb 27 2021

Does anyone know how to rectify the not counting steps function?

By Margaret
Feb 23 2021

Hi my watch has stopped showing my steps only got it 2 weeks very disappointed how can I resolve this thanks

By Mark Godes
Feb 22 2021

I have had watch for a month and a half. Worked fine until last few days. It will not track steps anymore. Seems like a common problem based on previous comments.

By Catriona traybor
Feb 22 2021

Hi got this watch for valentine's Day (1 week ago) was working brilliant untill today 22/02/2021 it has stoped counting steps. Can u help me this issue please.

By Annette Reisman
Feb 19 2021

The blood pressure is not reading correctly. How can I fix this!

By Jilly Tocci
Feb 14 2021

About a week ago my watch stopped counting my steps. I got the watch for Christmas so it is less than 2 months old. Please tell me there's an easy fix!

By Hopwood Lovell
Feb 12 2021

Why do you have to open the app for watch to update weather? I have to do it every time to see the weather. If I have to open app each time I may as well just open my weTher app on my phone.

Feb 10 2021

not registering steps? - everything else working??

By Richard Raab
Feb 07 2021

My watch is not recording my steps. Any suggestions

By Joseph Mcwhinnie
Feb 05 2021

This doesnt register the distance that i walk correctly its about 8km off 😂😂😂 also it take a heart reading when im not even wearing the watch 🙈 how can my bedside table have a heart rate of 83 bpm????

By Tony
Feb 02 2021

Steps not registering. All other connections to I phone working

Jan 30 2021

Have had my herobandIII for about a month, but it has stopped taking a charge. Is there a solution or a warranty and how do I access that? Thank you for your help.

By Angelica Jaramillo
Jan 25 2021

I bought the herobandlll and was able to connect but on app it shows it’s not connected. Please help

By Brenda
Jan 17 2021

The steps that I taking is not counting

By Val Clarke
Jan 09 2021

Is there any way to see the previous days data? I need to track my heart rate continually yet I can only access the data for the current day.

By Frederick Shinn
Jan 06 2021

All of a sudden my watch disconnected and it will not connect to the iPhone iOS. The Bluetooth shows it’s connected but the app will not connect

By Donna Newman
Jan 02 2021

My step count and sleep functions are not accurate...


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