Pingo by FindMyKids Reviews

Pingo by FindMyKids Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-21

Pingo is a companion app to Find My Kids, our app for parents. Please only
install this app on a device used by a child or teenager. We recommend you
start by downloading the Find My Kids app on your phone. After that, install
Pingo on your child's device and enter the code from the Fi...

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Reviews (29)


Bad app idea in theory, even worse execution

Pingo is absolutely terrible. It’s glitchy, and it barely works for what you need. The user interface is confusing for me to use and additionally my child dislikes the features Pingo has. If you want to make an app to keep children safe, make it simple and actually effective. I would recommend you make an app designed for children and parents to communicate and for parents to know their child’s location, this scum you call an app is ridiculous. You don’t deserve to give bad parents an app they could quite literally use to hurt their child. It’s ridiculous and you don’t deserve a spot on Pingo store.


No privacy whatsoever?

I’m going out of state, my parents are attempting to “keep me safe” once again by installing yet another app on my phone to track me, except I’ve heard that Pingo may have a few features to really dig into my privacy a bit more than someone who’s nearly 20 should have to put up with… how does one adjust their parents accessibility through the child’s end? All I can do is read the freaking legal terms or whatever… my mom just texted me and told me my battery percent which is also draining… and then she messages me through Pingo the same exact copy pasted message because she needs my attention



Can parents see what apps i have on my phone?

Read the reviews

So I went through reading the this app reviews and one person says ( Pingo has absolutely zero privacy and I hate how my parents can listen in to my deep conversations) and this app says (you may turn that feature off if you dislike it) and I was reading some more and one other person says (I hate Pingo it listens to what I’m saying and my Parents can hear) and Pingos response was (your parents cannot hear your conversations if you are on iPhone) so my question is how does this app know what device they’re app is installed on?


Horrible App

I hate Pingo with everything I got. Pingo listens to what we are doing when parents want to hear what we are doing. It costs so much for them to track us. And they can see what I do on my phone and at what time. It makes me and sibling feel like we have no privacy anymore. But if we tell them abt it, then they’re gonna ask things and say things like, “Well… yah, your kids. Your not gonna like it” or “Why do you need privacy, are you doing things you shouldn’t be doing?” It feels like we are suffocating in no privacy



Pingo is the biggest waste of money. Pingo will randomly change the location settings on its own, making it impossible to track my daughter’s phone. There’s no rhyme or reason as to when or why, but randomly I will open the Find My Kids app to find that her phone isn’t sharing its location. When I open the this app app on her phone, it says I have to change the location settings even though I’ve done it many times before. Fix your app or offer refunds!!!


My boyfriend installed this app on my ios

Pingo keeps on sending me one notification that is *geolocation detection* Why do i get this notification? Is it because he checks my location? But once he was in front of me still this notification came. Why ??



I hate Pingo. I’m literally 17 with a mom that has trust issues. I do my work, have all my grades in order and I’m about to be a senior. At this point I’m ready to move out. I can’t stand being tracked everywhere I go. Literally giving up my freedom and I can’t even go outside for a walk by myself 🤷🏾‍♀️ great app if you want to suffocate your kids to death. Probably why most of them kill themselves. To get away from parents that never give their children freedom.



Creators are sick for making an app like this. This isn’t for safety; Pingo was made for controllers. It’s insane that this is even allowed and not illegal. You app creators are literally lying about what Pingo is intended to do. How do you guys feel about making money off insane parents? Disgusting. This is why kids take their lives. They can’t have a normal childhood now? Thank you for being the gateway for parents to slowly kill these kids.


My mom is crazy

I am 15 I don’t want Pingo I don’t want to be stalked by my mom I didn’t even do anything I’m innocent I am having a crises I never have any privacy I have had Pingo for almost 2 years and Pingo makes me not want to wake up in the morning it’s for insane people my mom forced me to get this during quarantine when I didn’t even leave my house and for what but I broke free and deleted Pingo so I’m very happy



Yesterday when my kid failed to get off the school bus then texted me what should i do, i missed the stop I panicked. I found Pingo and now I even know how fast the bus is traveling! Perfect!! I can find my kid now!


Pls answer

Don’t want to put many stars or less stars, but can my parents see what I’m doing on my phone history and stuff through Pingo because if it only gives location where I’m at Pingo is not that bad


I hate it.

As a 14 year old i hate the fact my mom can see what percentage is on my phone or what I’m doing on my phone. and why does she need to hear my surroundings ? that’s mad creepy because what if i’m having a deep convo with my friend and my parents hear it ? I hate Pingo sooooo much. I understand this is my parents decision but why did u need to create where they can see EVERYTHING that i’m doing😐?


Battery usage

The fact that I’m being located every sec doesn’t bother me because I honestly don’t care if my parents see where I am,I’m not doing anything bad so it’s ok. Although I hate how it uses my battery all the time. I go to sleep with 40% and wake up with a dead phone, I don’t know if this is just me but it is something Pingo needs to improve on.


My sister is annoying

My sister is so mad because my mom wants to hear her and all that stuff. She is almost bursting 🤣. I love seeing her face. But overall I think Pingo is okay 🙂. (My sister thinks the complete opposite🤣)


L app mane

Pingo is so annoying I understand that your parents are trying to keep you safe knowing where you are but every 5 minutes it beeps saying, “just checking if everything is working” and it does that and I deleted it once it did that in the night continuously horrible app DO NOT DOWNLOAD


Terrible App

Awful app it’s Insanely glitchy and I can even delete Pingo and it’s saying how it’s still on my phone without the actual app icon on my phone, yet I go into Pingo Store and it says open like it’s already installed with all the notifications popping up at the same time, terrible app!



I was going to get this for my child does it look through their private and regular browser history on iOS


No internet connection

If my child leaves the house but has no internet connection can I still see there location ?


A disaster

Their customer service. Is a joke. They kept me for six hours on different days. They never solve the problem. Too much frustration. They kept asking me the same questions , going back and forward in between my phone and my child’s phone. Very confusing



App is trash and support is worse. They charge you immediately though Pingo doesn’t even work on your Apple Watch for tracking a child. Not only that but trying to get a refund with their support team is a nightmare. Run far away from Pingo!!



My parents don’t understand how mean this is like there is a thing called texting I’m not a nine year old



anyone else have an overprotective white mother


How can I find the parents app to creat kids profile?

I’m facing difficulty in creating kids profile to get the code Please let me know how can I do it 😅



Mine’s Mexican



mines mexican and i over heard some things about Pingo. uhm why


I Hate it here

Mines black 😭


Mines white

And I’m 17 -.-


Doesn’t work

Pingo says I’ve times put every time I enter the parent code. I uninstalled and reinstalled both parent and kid apps multiple time to get it to work, but I get the same time-our message every single time.

Is Pingo Safe?

No. Pingo by FindMyKids does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 885 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 1.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Pingo by FindMyKids Is 14.8/100.

Is Pingo Legit?

No. Pingo by FindMyKids does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 885 Pingo by FindMyKids User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Pingo by FindMyKids Is 14.8/100.

Is Pingo by FindMyKids not working?

Pingo by FindMyKids works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 5 Comments

By Me
Oct 03 2022

F'n sucks. Constantly says kid is offline. That's really helpful when he's away from.the house.

By Jennifer Rasmussen
Jan 24 2022

My kid doesnt leave the house but notifications says he left the house. This has caised my fight with my husband ..What the hell is wrong woth this app?

By Julie
Dec 11 2021

Location & tracking is terrible. To make it worse, my son was attacked twice in London and the police with many thanks to this crappy app have incorrect locations for their enquiries...
Your honestly putting kids at risk with your àpp!!!

By Edward
Aug 29 2021

Once paid it stopped updating Childs location it's been stuck on the same place 8 weeks
Been told I cannot get a refund
Customer service cannot help even though they admitted its a developer issue on pingo app side
It's been a terrible experience

By Sophie
May 24 2021

SINCE ik dit downloaden werkte youtube niet en slechte netwerkverbinding en machtegining beheer is belachelijk

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