Soultime Christian Meditation Reviews

Soultime Christian Meditation Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-21

** Archbishop Justin Welby ** "Soultime is a beautiful, quiet and accessible way
of drawing close to God in Jesus day by day. I warmly recommend it to
you." Soultime is designed to help every Christian with their emotional and
spiritual growth. We offer more than 250 meditations for: *...

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Soultime Christian Meditation Reviews

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    Best Prayer App I’ve Found

    Instagram advertised many prayer and meditation apps to me for some reason. I tried all of them, but none of them came close to the depth of insight I’ve found in myself from this app in particular. I had a pretty healthy prayer life for about 10 years before finding this app in which I dedicated about 2 hours of prayer a day (30 min of Catholic Mass, 30 min of Daily Rosary, and 1 hour of Mental Prayer) and had learned how to gain a deep connection with God, my friends and family, and myself. A Soultime meditation was new to me because it proposed so many new ideas to contemplate. After answering their survey, I got suggested meditations that pertained specifically toward me. As a result, some of the hardest questions I had buried in my heart and mind were revealed to me. I got answers I never thought I would find. I got healing in things I didn’t know I had scars from. I grew in relationships to family and friends I never thought would be “normal” again. God felt close to me in times I felt God abandoned me. Soultime somehow asked questions I had never thought to ask, and as a result I have found a deeper peace that continues to grow deeper. It is truly a blessing to have found this app.

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    Make peace with the monsters in your closet.

    As a deep feeler, I tend to hide in social media, sleep, entertainment, food, or just about anything else that might give me an escape from my emotions. It felt like if I allowed space to examine what exactly was in my emotional closet, the monsters would come charging out and overwhelm me, and depression, despair, anxiety, self-hate, bitterness, and other self-destructive states would take over. So, when I started this app, I was a bit apprehensive about what I would encounter in the quiet of my soul. However, what I found was forgiveness, both for others and myself. I found insight into my present by looking at my past. I broke agreements with lies that had been written on my heart since childhood. And, bit by bit, I’ve tasted peace there in the quiet of my soul. Yes, I did have to do a bit of battling of my demons. But in that space, they became small, sickly things, because I saw them in the context of the love and power of God. He led me with gentleness in each session, and held me when I wept. Through these short little meditations, I’ve experienced the love of God in deep, powerful ways. If you’re looking for a little more Jesus and His peace, this is the app for you.

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    Excellent Quality App! I listen every day!

    They have really put a lot of thought and time into this app. The quality of the whole app is top notch blending Christian principles with meditation. The music is perfect! The singers on your meditative hymns are excellent! I have been in tears because of their spirit filled beauty. Don’t change a thing, except when Danny Silk speaks in his meditations (which I love), it would be nice for the music in the background to be turned up a little (music is too soft) to lend itself to a more deep, thoughtful meditation. I never pay for apps ever, and I was going to cancel this app after the 7 day free trial period, but I just couldn’t get myself to cancel. I benefit daily by listening, and to me it is worth the $ to feel a connection to my Savior. I like the fact that the app is not geared toward one Christian faith. It’s generic enough to be used by anyone that believes in Jesus. The Abide app was too evangelical sounding for me. Soultime uses true meditative music and combines it with hymns that stay true to an ethereal meditative, heavenly sound. Thank you for doing that! I highly recommend this app. You will love it!

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    Great app but needs some work

    First off this app is well worth the cost. It has helped me so much with stress and getting a good nights rest. This is my second time reviewing after using the app for awhile. It says family sharing but what I understand from family sharing is that your family can use app but have their own account. This doesn’t allow that. You all have to be on the same account which doesn’t make much sense since there is journal writing and it keeps up with which meditations you’ve completed and have not completed. I am private and would like my journal to stay private and not share it. The other thing is the background pauses every minute or so and can be very distracting so I’ve opted to not use it. I did send an email and was told I’d have to delete app and reload to see if it fixes the problem. I was also told if I delete it I will lose everything I’ve put into it. There are apps that you are able to have an account and it will save it for you regardless if you delete it and re add it to your iPhone. Love the app and it’s been a blessing but I would definitely recommend fixing these issues.

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    I subscribed to this app thinking this would be just another futile attempt from a company to get my money for any length of time. I have downloaded these type of apps before only to be less than impressed with the way they were so haphazardly put together. That’s not this app though I assure you. I literally crave to return to this app and find myself making time to return morning, afternoon and evening. This app has changed the way I view meditation and it has enriched my life. As a pastor I have and do highly recommend this app for anyone who desires a deeper, more meaningful and intentional realization of the presence of God or even for the non religious who just desire to be still in quiet contemplation. I can’t say enough good about this app it has literally, without exaggeration, created an atmosphere whereby I can connect to God daily. Thank you from the depths of my heart. This app has been and is worth the money.

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    EVERYONE needs this app.

    I’ve never ever written a review about an app but THIS IS WORTHY of a review and of my time. My life since getting this app has been so much more peaceful. I have wept during some of the mediations and have truly experienced His love when I’m feeling unseen or lonely. This is the greatest app out there. I’ve also never paid money for an app but I felt that this was the best investment for myself. Whether you’re a Christian or not, I think this app will change your life. Wether you’ve been walking with Jesus for ages or you haven’t, this app will change your life. IM SO SO THANKFUL. THANK YOU FOR DEVOTING your life to Jesus and creating this beautiful APP. Thank you for virtually serving Gods children. Thank you for using the power of technology for Gods purposes. Keep making more! Always and forever! I wish I could get paid to tell THE WORLD to Invest into this thing. It’s that great, I’m so passionate about it!

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    Incredible must have

    I absolutely love your app and so far, you guys have done Exactly what I was looking for. I have downloaded another Christian app and was very disappointed on their approach in leading the meditation. They truly mean well though. I’m really blown away with how close to perfection you have put this together, this definitely is a God ordained. I am a recovering sex addict (4 yrs) I am part of a sex addiction group lead by a professional counselor and I have recommended your app for him to look at as it as an awesome accompaniment. A huge obstacle for men is identifying their feelings and the part where you ask how you feel about yourself, others and to God helps pinpoint that for me. I am recommending it to everyone I know but I would like to know how can I purchase an annual subscription for other people as specifically I would like to buy a subscription for my sister as well as other people who may not have the money for the annual. The $59 for the annual opens up a whole lot more and is very very worth it. Again thank you and may I suggest you attempt to market the product to mental health professionals in groups. Again thank you so much for your work and obvious striving for excellence. I pray for God‘s blessings on you

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    Really enjoyed it at first

    I loved going through the meditation series at first and felt it was bringing a lot of healing to my heart and mind. I use the sleep songs to aid in my own guided meditation and love the stories. Also, I LOVE the mood tracker and the newly added way to view your progress emotionally over the 12 weeks. SO AWESOME! My only major complaint is that most of the series tend to go straight into inner healing and digging up past junk to forgive and release etc. this is good but not every single time. It makes it hard to use them over and over again. It actually begun having the opposite affect in bringing me down by re-hashing things over and over that had already been addressed. I would love to see more of these series focusing with forward thought and less in looking backward to the negative experiences of the past. Maybe a disclaimer saying that “this session will involve some inner healing practices” etc. Or a section for specifically inner healing.

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    Good content but app quality needs work

    As a Christian, I appreciate the content of this app; a number of stories have a very soothing voice, the background sounds are good and the statistical data is very neat - it sets this app apart! However, a major disappointment with the app is that I cannot keep the background sound playing when I turn off my screen, or when I exit the app. Also, once a meditation recording ends - the whole app sound turns off - even the background sound I had playing behind the meditation. This really breaks the meditation and the mood especially if I haven’t yet fallen asleep or when I need to adjust or quickly check something on my phone - I find it too abrupt for an app that’s supposed to be smooth and soothing. There is also a lag and delay when navigating the app. I do hope this will be improved considering the cost of subscription. Thanks! Keep up the good work! :)

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    Love This App

    I love this app! The guided meditations are so soothing and peaceful. It helps me to ask myself (and Jesus) questions I might not have thought to ask on my own. It brings you to a place of self discovery with God. I love the check ups. It helps me to be truthful with where I’m at with God, with myself and with others. Simply put, I feel it helps you draw closer to God in a genuine way. I need more than a quick paragraph and passage to check off every day in my quiet time and this app provides that for me. The content is great. I love that it includes ways to improve your total well being. Almost like having a Christian counselor guide you through your personal time with the Father. Thank you for making an app that helps me to draw closer to Him and better myself—spirit, soul and body.

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    Customer service

    The company only responds once a day to emails. I accidentally signed up for two accounts. At first, I wanted credit for one. Then , I realized that I didn’t have full access even though had paid for two yearly memberships . After three consecutive days of getting zero resolve. I requested cancelation on both . I am now told they are unable to refund me that this would need to go through the App Store. I am getting the run around, frustrated and disappointed. I asked for precise instructions on how to get this done.i am sure it will be another 24 hours before I receive any additional assistance . I always thought it was the business that adjusts accounts not App Store. Update to my review- I did choose to cancel my accounts due to slow customer service and the App not allowing full access after being patient and waiting a couple days for direct response to the issue that was never resolved. I did go through App Store to get my refund , I was wrong in that area of frustration

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    Highly Recommended

    Between Calm and Soultime, each aide me uniquely and collaboratively toward a decreased in worry, anxiety, anger, impatience, and other emotional, psychological, and spiritual pains and hang-ups. Towards an increase in contentment, forgiveness, peace, patience, trust, perseverance, and compassion. Soultime has shown me how mediations in scripture transform the heart and mind while directing your focus and attention back to God. I adore the dwell features, track your mood options, music both ambient and worship , tranquil scenery, read to you scriptures and books, and of course the meditations. I particularly enjoy Naomi leading me through meditations. She has a sincerity in her voice and tone that puts me at ease. Thank you for creating a product that is much more than an app. It is a fantastic ministry.

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    Great app but could use improvement for Voiceover users

    I've been looking for a reliable and intentional meditation app that also feeds my soul and my connection with God, and I think I've found it. Some areas of the app, however, are kind of difficult to navigate for blind users with Voiceover on the iPad or iPhone enabled. I'd absolutely love and appreciate it if the developers could improve accessibility, and then I'd give it a 5 star rating :) As it might be helpful to provide specific examples: it's now difficult to know which area of the app you're in because Voiceover reads strings of text all at once and it's hard to know what you're clicking on. It's also unclear how results for the daily checkin are displayed, a less visual / graphical and more descriptive method would be helpful for Voiceover users, as would be a cleaner app layout.

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    Encourages you to go deep

    I have been a Christian for a long time and I’ve been looking for a way to spend my quiet time that’s deeper than the standard 30 second quick thought daily devotional. This has been exactly what I needed, even if I find myself avoiding it at times because it makes me confront my thoughts and feelings that I would rather just avoid. I leave my daily sessions feeling healthier spiritually and emotionally and more connected to what is actually real. I love the variety of content and that no matter what I’m feeling, I can find strength and encouragement, comfort and motivation here. I can’t recommend it highly enough if you’re ready to be real with yourself about what’s going on in your heart.

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    Recent Glitches are disappointing

    *Updated* I emailed customer support in regards to the app malfunctions recently, and received a reply quite quickly. I was told they were aware of the issue, and a solution was in the works. A day or so later they followed up to let me know it had been fixed—and it has! A+ for great customer service and I am happy to restore this app to the “5 Star” rating it deserves. This is truly a superb, comforting app. First, let me say that I love this app. Not only do I use it every single day, but my sons (ages 9 and 11) use it also. There is truly no other app like it, and we draw great comfort from it. That being said—since the last update, I cannot get it to play continuously! The track will start, and then shut down for no reason at all. It becomes impossible to listen to anything in a relaxing manner, because it must always be re-started. I also find that it takes a while for the meditations to load on the home page, something that didn’t happen before. This is absolutely a 5-star app, once it is running as normal.

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Is Soultime Christian Meditation Safe?

Yes. Soultime Christian Meditation is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,677 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Soultime Christian Meditation Is 63.3/100.

Is Soultime Christian Meditation Legit?

Yes. Soultime Christian Meditation is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,677 Soultime Christian Meditation User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Soultime Christian Meditation Is 63.3/100.

Is Soultime Christian Meditation not working?

Soultime Christian Meditation works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 2 Comments

By DenIs Oram
Jan 13 2021

Please restore my soultime app. I have paid for it under your annual plan.. we have

By DenIs Oram
Jan 10 2021

Please restore my soultime app. I have paid for it under your annual plan.. we have

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