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BE SOCIAL! PAGO is the newest version of Qwikmatch. In this version, you can
find a lot of new features and fun, such as live chat, voice chat, chat room and
make new friends. Download PAGO Now and find your voice! About Gacha Life PAGO
is the best place to Gacha Life Chat with friends...

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    Love this app! Has potential for improvement.

    I really like this app but sadly it’s missing a single player mode for a player to practice or to just play solo. Also I would suggest for there to be a room where the matches are made just for the mini games (no chats included.) Also I personally, and many of my friends, have been getting some glitches with the games and chat room. The games would sometimes freeze and my friends would send me text messages in the chat rooms that I’m not seeing on the app. (It appears only on the notifications.) Overall I think this is a really fun app and I hope to see more from it in the future!

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    Good app but...

    This is a very good app to meet new people and play games, but I can’t say certain words. I understand that there is no cursing, but I couldn’t say repetitive or even hello. That gets kind of annoying, and the physics for the air hockey games are horrible. The puck glitches out, and it’s just weird. I would definitely recommend this game, but whatever they use to filter out curse words definitely needs fixing. Some time chats also disappear and I can’t see them. For example, I was talking with someone, and I saw the notification that they texted me on my lock screen. A couple minutes later I checked the app, and I didn’t have a notification from them anymore. It said that I never even got a text from them which was strange because I saw the notification. I hope the bugs get fixed soon because they are annoying.

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    Pls Read This

    So, there are a lot of inappropriate people on this app. And I hope someone official would be on this app to report these themself because you know, there are children on this app and we want to keep this safe. Also, this happened like I think last month a guy posted a picture of his dead chicken. No blood, no gore, nothing it was just laying there. And a girl on the app said to report him for showing a dead chicken. And how the kids on this app are "scared" -.- but they ain't scared to post gacha heat?! Excuse me?? Can you please have someone be on this app to tell people who they are supposed to be reporting and make sure it's actually worth reporting. People on this app report random people for nothing. So i would appreciate if someone official would be on this app and report these problems themself and make sure it's worth reporting. I would also appreciate it if someone can look at the pictures people are going to post before they actually let them post it because there are a lot of inappropriate pictures and it's very disgusting and disturbing. Another thing, please stop the racism on this app and give respect to the the Lgbt+ community. I would very much appreciate this :) Please And Thank You

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    Overall good app

    I've been searching for an app like this and so happy I found one. Plus it's free! I love it! The only problem is that I keep getting notifications that people are messaging me, but when I go to check it, I click on our conversation and it shows no new messages. But I know that people are messaging me because I asked them, and they said they did. But I'm not being shown the messages and it is incredibly frustrating. Other than that, I like the app

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    This App is Full Scam Artists and Fakes

    There are girls on here that act like there interested in me and all that they want is for me to send them a gift card or open up bank account or they try to blackmail me. Alot of them are scam artists who send fake picture of pornstars or prostitutes who actually is married or in a relationship that are on the internet already. They ask for favors and say they are in love with me or ask me if I trust them They first ask you add them on Google Hangouts then they ask for favors like gift cards or money they I Love You and ask If I Trust Them. There also some that say you won money and contact them to claim your prize. Strange people on this app. Most of the girls are on there are Nigerians or guys. Everyone on this App is a fake

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    At first I really liked this app but now I really am questioning. I don’t like how there are only two gender options. I’m non binary, but I made my gender a female in the app bc I didn’t wanna do the male one. But then I got a LOT OF WEIRD PERVERT MEN SENDING ME nude pictures. ITS REALLY GROSS AND SCARY AND NOBODY DOES ANYTHING ABOUt IT. Parents that have a female child, don’t download this app. There are a lot of extremely weird people on this app. So just be careful. If you are seeing this. Don’t download this. Don’t. It’s a cute app and it’s fun, but it’s dangerous. Thanks for reading.

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    Why aren’t both apps the same?

    I was enjoying this app until I started having issues matching with other players. Also that games would glitch and cause me to automatically lose which was unfortunate but not much of a deal. But now I learn that the google play version has a single player mode. That doesn’t seem fair that Apple users aren’t getting the same content, my boyfriend has started using that app again after weeks because of this. Kind of a let down knowing that there could be better content but because it’s the Apple version we don’t get it. 👎👎👎👎👎

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    Help me please

    So I updated the app and when I did I it kicked me out and when I tried to get back in It said my phone number was not going threw it said that it was invalid so I had to sing in another way I worked so hard for the edits I made for people and myself and the fact I had so start again was very disappointing it still had the conversations I had with the other people in my last account but all my post and stuff where gone if there is a way to get my other account back please let me know and help me please

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    Fun to play but annoyed with the function

    Lots of fun to play with other people but I can’t even say balls and my boyfriend can say literally ANYTHING he wants to say, it makes no sense to me and I would like to be able to practice games on my own because most of the games are ones that make no sense to start off. Another issue that I have with the app is that every single time I go to play a game against someone the other person always gets to make the first move no matter who picked the game or who won the previous round, there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for how things work.

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    Great... but there’s some issues

    At first the app worked great and I really enjoyed playing the games with family and friends. Unfortunately, I started experience problems with getting messages from others. I could not play any games anymore and no longer received messages. My WiFi connection is always great, so I’m starting to believe it’s a problem within the app. I hope this problem can be fixed so I can enjoy the app.

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    And no I am not a bot I love this app because when I join some lives some people are so funny and I am so happy we could make life’s I just don’t know how to make lives and I really hope that it’s easier that it will tell us first before we enter PAGO because I really wish I knew and I really wanna make a live s9 please change that, but so far I am enjoying PAGO

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    I love it but one suggestion

    I love Pago because it has a policy Pago police to protect minors and it was very easy for me to learn how to use the app and I have used it only for a year and also Suggestion: when someone new joins that get a button to push and a video on how to use the app so no one gets confused and also on how tii ok play the games and have an option to do a practice run or do the real thing

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    Never get to play

    I got the app to play games with people but the issue is that I get matched with inactive people 9/10 times I spend more time waiting for someone to play a game with me then actually playing the games. I think you should only get matched with active people. Also there should be a option where you can choose to just play games or if you just want to talk and you get matched with someone who is active and has that same option as you on.

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    Needs to be fixed

    There's so many problems I've been experiencing with this app and it's frustrating. I've seen dirty profile pictures all the way to random guys asking me if I want trade n*des or have them show me their privates. Whenever I tap on a game to play it always says 'Invalid Game' so I can never play. It definitely needs a tutorial for every game so people know how to play them. This app should've gotten the kinks out before it was put out on the App Store, and was being promoted by YouTuber's.

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      It's easy to use, I've been using it all the time! ! !       

        Amazing app, would HIGHLY recommend, the customization is extremely good and its extremely hard to copy OCs, this is SUCH an improvement from gachalife, however please add some help for the younger players (10 yr olds) as it could be extremely complex to them, ty!      

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Yes. PAGO PAGO is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 650 PAGO PAGO User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for PAGO PAGO Is 56.5/100.

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