Exerprise Workout Meal Planner Reviews

Exerprise Workout Meal Planner Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

EXERPRISE is the World’s first randomized workout & meal plan generator that
uses advanced filtering technology to give you the best workout & meal plan
possible within seconds completely customized for you to reach your goals & fit
your lifestyle! WORKOUT GENERATOR: -Choose the muscle...

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Reviews (22)


Wish there was an option to just buy to unlock all the workouts

ExerpriseWorkoutMealPlanner is fantastic! But I don’t really care for the other perks from the subscription, like unlocking the programs/recipes/timer/the meal plan generator/even going ad free. I just want to be able to unlock all the exercises, so buying a subscription wouldn’t make any sense to me. I hope in the future they can make it so you can buy just the exercises instead of having to get the whole subscription. Edit: Looking at their developer response, it seems they’ve barely mustered up the effort to breeze through and misunderstand what I wrote. I’m not complaining about monetisation. I’ll pay, I don’t care. I just wish there were individual aspects of ExerpriseWorkoutMealPlanner that you could subscribe to /instead/ of having to buy the whole subscription for the meal plan generator/recipes/plans/workouts etc. I don’t want to buy the full price of the subscription, even if it’s cheaper than others, because I won’t use ALL of the features. I just want to pay to unlock the other exercises. I literally don’t care about anything else it offers.


The potential is there, but I’d love more functionality

ExerpriseWorkoutMealPlanner is pointed in a good direction, but there are many things that would make it so much better. Firstly, I love to be able to reorder the exercises, and not be limited to a single group. For instance, when using interval, I’d like to switch from a back workout, to a cardio, to a bicep then to another back work out. It’s very challenging to do 15 back workouts in a row, or 15 cardio moves in a row, when you are moving at a high pace (15 second rests). I’d love to be able to have exercises with more equipment options, like stationary bike, exercise ball, ab roller, boxes or so many common pieces of equipment. An even easier solution for the developer would be to add a custom exercise to the list, so we could add in our own exercises. It would be great, during the interval rest, to show what exercise is coming up next really big on the screen, vs where it is now... small and in the corner. I’d like to see some better exercises too, and for the ridiculous ones to be removed. There are quite a few body weight moves that are really terrible. I understand they try to put moves in that people with no equipment can do... but really... curling your leg??? Lol A bonus would be to have a few minute full body warmup routine that you could add to the beginning. Overall, I think ExerpriseWorkoutMealPlanner is going in the right direction, but needs work Lastly, I appreciate that the fitness models are wearing appropriate clothing.


Great During Lockdown/Quarantine

ExerpriseWorkoutMealPlanner will custom-make a workout for you to exercise at home. You pick the body parts that you want to work on, the equipment that you have available to you (dumbbells, resistance bands, or even just your body weight, etc.), and the length of time that you want the session to be — and BINGO! You have a training session designed for you with an excellent variety of exercises (all demonstrated for you). You don’t have to think or try to be creative — Exerprise does it all *for* you — and there is such a large menu of exercises for each body part that you never get bored. ExerpriseWorkoutMealPlanner has rescued my body during the COVID gym shutdown. Highly recommend.



I love ExerpriseWorkoutMealPlanner! It has soooo many workouts. You can save them, swap out ones that you don’t like, chose muscle groups, chose time, and chose rest! It is amazing for beginners and workout veterans. Mike is a huge inspiration! I can’t wait for the meal plan update too! I have the premium version, and i can genuinely say it was 100% worth the small investment. I’ve already seen huge changes, and i’m excited to see more. Thanks for making getting in shape/staying in shape easy. ExerpriseWorkoutMealPlanner has everything you could ever need, including warm up stretching, cool down stretching, cardio, muscle group selector, 30 day plans, and soon meal plans! I just want to say thank you. Gains are out of this world👽💪


Best Workout App Ever!!

Seriously ExerpriseWorkoutMealPlanner makes it so easy to workout! No more planning or over thinking what you want to do or what you can do. Don’t have weights? No problem. Only have dumbbells? No problem. Want to use a bar? No problem. Want to mix it up with different body parts and cardio but want variety? No problem! Seriously just pick what you have ( weights, time, body part you want to work and intervals) and bam! Instant workout! And each time is different! It also shows you how to perform the work out and counts down the time you’re working out and your rests! And you can save the workout at the end if you like it! Plus next time you go do the workout you can also randomize the order.


Extremely User Friendly

ExerpriseWorkoutMealPlanner gives you the option, to choose your muscle group, your reps and sets or intervals in your workout routine. You’re also given the option of equipment you’d like to use including just body weight and the length of time you want your workout to be. You can even replace or switch out certain exercises in the sequence. Above all ExerpriseWorkoutMealPlanner is user friendly, has a fantastic variety of movements , and gives you complete control over your workout.


Wandering One

ExerpriseWorkoutMealPlanner is great for the wandering one. This is the one person that enters the gym and aimlessly wanders in the gym from machine to machine without a plan. You don’t know which muscle group you’re working or which machine to use. THEN by the time you figure out something you’ve wasted about an hour leaving the gym feeling accomplished because you showed up but you really didn’t do much. Or as much as you thought. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 Stars is because there were a few times where I found myself looking for alternate exercises because I couldn’t fully do the exercise offered. But AWESOME APP OTHERWISE!


Better than so many I’ve tried!!

This is my first week in. I bought a year’s pass. So far the exercises are different and far more wide ranging than any other app I’ve tried. And completely and totally customizable!! That’s huge! You can work out with nothing or everything equipment wise or mix everything in between. You can have any focus imaginable. Gain mass, get lean, burn fat. There are endless options!! Can’t wait to see how much progress the year gets me!!


Absolutely amazing

ExerpriseWorkoutMealPlanner has a ton of workouts to choose from, including ones im not really familiar with. Thankfully it has an extremely intuitive help system. If you dont know how to do the workout, just click on it and youll get a video demonstration. Tons of variety and cery helpful. Definitely one of if not the best workout app ive downloaded thus far. My only suggestion is that the developers add a tip system, perhaps a little text that gives you tips on posture, positioning, etc.


Getting Healthy

Love ExerpriseWorkoutMealPlanner it is free and introduces you to workouts that are different and fun. Yes I said fun because it challenges you and you do not know what is coming up next. You select the workout and it can be custom made for you only. I still cannot believe it is free. You cannot go wrong with ExerpriseWorkoutMealPlanner. I feel good ! By the way I am a 66 year old cyclist and this is how I stay fit during the winter months. I bike 20 miles four days a week.


best workout app. period.

Legit one of the best apps ever, if i could give this 6 stars I would Been an anabolic aliens fan for about a year and I was estatic to hear they launched an app couple suggestions: -an option to mute the lady’s voice during the workouts -a small scrollable prompt below the videos to describe the basic features of how to preform the workout thank you for giving me the best workout of my life just now



I have, oh I dunno, 500 workout apps?? I’m joking, but have tried a looooot of workout apps. I get bored easily and love having a workout generator. I’ve only ever found one other one that is good and it’s no longer supported. ExerpriseWorkoutMealPlanner is the bomb!!! Not only is it crazy customizable, the actual exercises are top notch. I’ve been a gym rat forever and I’ve never seen some of these (can’t walk today due to some of the unique calf exercises I did yesterday). Thank you!!!!!


Love the App but....

I love ExerpriseWorkoutMealPlanner and it has been a game changer for my fitness ( ExerpriseWorkoutMealPlanner helps me work out without all that fussy gym equipment while I’m traveling.) On my iPad I notice I can reorder the exercises in a group but not reorganize the entire workout e.g. say when it generates my workout it lists as follows: traps, obliques, back, biceps and forearms but I want my workout order to be back, traps, biceps, forearms and obliques. ExerpriseWorkoutMealPlanner doesn’t allow me to organize as such just the different placements of exercises per that muscle group. Still I love ExerpriseWorkoutMealPlanner.


Great, only one slight problem

Hello! I have used ExerpriseWorkoutMealPlanner for a while now and so far I haven’t run into any problems except for a small one. I keep making new workouts and can’t delete other ones causing me to delete ExerpriseWorkoutMealPlanner itself. I’m not sure if this is just a me problem and i haven’t found out how to delete them yet, but if that’s just how it is can you please try to fix it? Thank you!


Home workouts like the gym

I hate the gym, I have a good set of dumbbells, ankle weights and medicine ball, and I will never go back to the gym now. I am able to get a great rotation of muscle groups throughout the week and change it up if I want! Love it. Worth buying the pro for more moves, but was perfect at the free level for about 6 months before I wanted more moves to bring into my workouts.


Best Workout App

The thing I really love about ExerpriseWorkoutMealPlanner is that you don’t have to pay to be able to get or have a good workout. I’ve downloaded some other exercise apps that say they’re free, but honestly they’re not. EXERPRISE is a completely different ball game when it come to that, you don’t have to pay! Also with the sorta gifs that show how to do the exercise is super helpful. Thank you for an amazing exercise app!


3 weeks post partum

I’m 3 weeks post partum and love that I can customize my workouts to just body weight and no core (waiting until the 6 week mark to do core because you’re supposed to avoid working out the rectus abdominis muscle due to the Linnea Alba (connective tissue in the middle of the 6 pack muscle group) stretching out during pregnancy and is essentially considered an injury.)


Awesome app 4 Free !

Amazing just wish we could see how many exercises we have left besides the timer. I’ve also noticed that the timer settings seem to be buggy as in they don’t actually set properly and it adds an extra minute to my rest time so I wish that could be fixed. Those are the only things that I can see need improving for sure. Thanks so much !


Great app, needs some changes made.

I love the fact I can pick what exercise equipment I have and generate a plan. I wish my workouts could save the weight I’m using so I can actually see progression. Also need to change sets/reps. For example I may want to do 5 x 5 of chest with 6 different exercises, however I would never want to do 5 x 5 of 6 different exercises of abs. It needs some extra flexibility with different regions of the body and reps/sets.


Less is more

ExerpriseWorkoutMealPlanner makes it incredibly easy to generate workouts. I love how simplistic it is, I just put in what type of resistance (dumbbells, body weight, etc) and what muscle groups I want to target and it creates a workout immediately. I get so overwhelmed sometimes looking up new exercises to fit into my gym routine so I’m thankful to have found ExerpriseWorkoutMealPlanner!


Edit: Amazing App

ExerpriseWorkoutMealPlanner is great. Amazing! But the feature where you can invite friends to unlock more saved workout seems to be broken, I shared it with my sister who wanted to start working out and I still didn’t get the saved slot! please help, if it gets fixed I will change my review plus 5 stars! Edit: The support was very helpful and credited me my saved workouts. As promised I have changed my reviewd!


Absolutely Incredible

I think the most incredible part about ExerpriseWorkoutMealPlanner is the fact it shows you how to do every workout. Typically I have to google the names of some workouts but now I have the perfect guide. This is by far the best fitness app I’ve ever heard of or seen. Great job and thank you for making an app that is actually useful for at home or at the gym!

Is Exerprise Workout Meal Planner Safe?

Yes. Exerprise Workout Meal Planner is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,028 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Exerprise Workout Meal Planner Is 50.4/100.

Is Exerprise Workout Meal Planner Legit?

Yes. Exerprise Workout Meal Planner is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,028 Exerprise Workout Meal Planner User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Exerprise Workout Meal Planner Is 50.4/100.

Is Exerprise Workout Meal Planner not working?

Exerprise Workout Meal Planner works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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