DIY - The Learning Community Reviews

DIY - The Learning Community Reviews

Published by on 2021-08-30

DIY is an online learning community to learn new skills. DIY's subject matter
spans the spectrum of science, tech, arts, building and engineering, covering a
range of topics from Digital Art to Stop-motion Animation to Coding to Crafts.
We believe that creativity can be at the core of le...

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DIY - The Learning Community Reviews

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    Great, but could use some editing.

    The new D.I.Y is a wonderful app. I love the community, the rules, just everything and everyone. BUT, that dose not mean this app is perfect. No app is perfect. My first suggestion is to actually give penalties to rude D.I.Yer’s. They are out there, you know. There are also some things I would like to be added back. On the original D.I.Y you could search of usernames, posts, etc. but on the NEW D.I.Y there isn’t an option to do that. PLUS, now you even need photo library access to do challenges. Here’s another thing; posts take LONGGGGG to compress/upload. Anyway, that’s it for now. But don’t get me wrong, this app is great! It just needs some editing, like any other app. :) Thank you D.I.Y for responding to others comments and mine as well. I won’t do an email for now, but thanks!

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    DIY or JAM?

    I am a diyer and I like the app but I used to LOVE jam. I wish it was still JAM and went back to the old app. It is more confusing now. I like the challenges in it though. But I don’t like that there are only like 2 MODs now. It used to be like 10. And I miss the Loren videos for the packs. I have been on DIY for about 3 years now. And I love it but I wish it was JAM. The app is very confusing now. I wish it was more simple! And I wish there were more mods. But I know that the old JAM is not coming back. Now onto the good side. DIY is an overall good app. It has soooo many fun challenges to do! And there are so many amazing supportive people on it! I would rate the app 8+. I am 13 and it is still an amazing app. I got it when I was 10. The app is so kid friendly and awesome. Overall I would give DIY a 3 star and JAM a 5 star. Although JAM is gone!

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    Kinda Disappointed

    So I thought I was gonna have fun with this app but every single thing you touch you have to make and account. And I was like ok, I’ll make an account. But then when I got to the end it said I needed a subscription, like why make a game free if you need a prescription? And all the activities looked really fun. So that disappointed me. It doesn’t even give you an option if you want a presciption or not it makes you get it. Usually prescriptions are for VIP’s. So then I just deleted the app. Even though I didn’t even get to use it, I’ll give it 3 stars for looking, and probably, fun. But yes 3 stars for not being able to get an option. So if you change this I’ll be looking out. Thank you for your time.

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    This is AMAZING!

    I have been on JAM for about a year now and it’s AMAZING! They are making awesome improvements, and so many new packs do try out! Although it costs money... it’s totally worth buying because you learn new things and you can do your dream job by doing one of these lessons! But to the creators to JAM... maybe add some challenges to JAM! Like a weekly art challenge, or try and cook food with this ingredient! And the winners could either get a prize sent to there house or a collection in the app! It’s just a idea, I see that the app is still in development so do take your time on it to make this the best app anyone could be on! 🤗

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    Even great for my 3 year old

    Some of my three year olds favorite things are legos, machines, and science experiments. We watch the videos together and even though he’s not old enough to make the slimes by himself or build the cardboard machines he loves the videos and then he loves me setting up the projects for him to interact with. I love the LEGO, strange science, and invent your own machine courses and I’m excited to check out a few of the others. I’m so happy to have such well done lessons for him and I to both enjoy when we need an activity. Even after one week I’ve seen his inventiveness with his toys multiply.

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    Still Great, but..

    I used to be on DIY so much when I was a kid. I made so many new friends and learned a lot of new things. When I heard there was a new app, I downloaded it just to get some nostalgia of the good old days, and maybe even post something. I gave it four stars because I love DIY and it's amazing community and moderators (I'm looking at you, Booky! ❤️) but it's become more like your other app, Jam, which was like a paid version of the original DIY. Thanks for all the memories, guys. I hope DIY and Jam bring you more success.

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    A Traveling Mom

    My girl loves animation, music, Lego and science. She asked about a summer camp on animation, before we hit our long trip to Asian countries. Trip v. Summer Camp? It’s hard to compromise. Thanks to JAM, we headed to our trip with a “summer camp”. My girl loved JAM so much that she played along with it everyday and loved the learning experience while we were on the road. JAM has tutorial videos on all of the topics my girl loves. Besides, it’s so convenient that kids’ learning process won’t be interrupted by summer/winter/spring trips. We love JAM!

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    I like this app, but why’d they change it?

    I loved the old DIY. I had lots of followers, and there were tons of great challenges and amazing things to do. BUT, when I got on the next day, I saw that it was on a new app. I didn’t care at first and downloaded the app. When it came on though, I saw that I was asking for money if we wanted to be a full member, and I was devastated. I give it a four because, 1, they should’ve warned us, and 2, it is asking for money of which I cannot provide.

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    Has helped me so much!

    I started jam about a year and a half ago. I originally started with the Drawing Bootcamp then later on moved to doing the Secrets of Drawing course. There are many more options of courses but these are the ones that I have tried. The JAM community is very helpful and kind. The moderators make sure that they is a safe community for young kids. No one over 18 is allowed to join, but parents can moderate their kids account. Very fun!

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    Because of the membership I am unable to play

    Hi, my name is Isabelle. I am 11 years old and had my moms permission to make an account. But when I got done making the account it said I needed to have a membership to do anything. My mom then said no and now I just lost some hope for curing my bored-ness. But still, thank you for even doing this, creating this app for others to enjoy and have a better imagination! Well I hope to someday rejoin this app and hope that there is no membership. Bye and thank you For reading this.

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    Okay READ THIS

    So, You guys need to fix the trial why not teach for free a lot of parents don’t have enough money to provide this!! Please fix it it is extremely bothering a lot of my friends I thought it would be so fun for a free educational app I am really not happy with it my expectations are not high so this is very low I really think you should change it for kids and adults If this was too harsh or mean I am sorry but it is true and also my child and me will be waiting for a response well only me but still!

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    PLEASE READ! (Recommendation’s)

    Yes! This is the best app, I use it a lot! But I what’s dot know if you could add a place where you can post some update like only text because I don’t really like posting videos and photos because it can be dangerous, but maybe just like write a small / limited text like I just did this and it worked out great! Or something like a small update I also think you should add a few more subjects like, DIY Harry Potter, or movies that many people might like! (I personally LOVE Harry Potter! I wish this didn’t cost so much because I’m still in my trial and I hope it never ends! 😆😔 But besides this I think it’s great! Thanks for making this!

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    I’m not very sure if this app is good or not, but I remember seeing ads, and I don’t remember it saying you have to pay. I cant even play so this is why I made my rating 1 star out of 5. I'm a little kid trying to study and I can’t even do so. I enter the app happy to be able and to get a chance to play, but then right after I select my Id picture “OH NO! I HAVE TO PAY!”. So everyone that downloaded or downloads this game, be aware that there is paying involved. Thank you for taking your time to read this review.

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    Hi i am a 11 year old girl that had this app before it merged with JAM. And this app was already perfect and free to the use of everyone. This used to be a nice and creative Community. But now many people had to quit just like me because we cannot afford the new update. Please DIY many people liked the original and now it is ruined and you have lost HUNDREDS of users. I would not recommend anymore but if they did not change it, I would rate it an 11/10 now I would not even rate it a 1

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    This keeps my kids busy and surprisingly more away from a screen than I just thought! Video games have been replaced with drawing, building legos and science experiments... and we’re just getting started. So worth it. Thank you!!!

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Is DIY - The Learning Community Legit?

Yes. DIY - The Learning Community is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 980 DIY - The Learning Community User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for DIY - The Learning Community Is 69.2/100.

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