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Published by on 2021-11-16

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    Surprised by all the 1-star Reviews

    Little bit of history on me, I applied to the waitlist prior to the US Launch and although the wait time for launch was long, the platform and application are absolutely phenomenal. Comparing this app to my Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase etc. It is far more advanced in UX, functionality, and number of features just totally blow the others out of the water. The only thing is you can’t invest in the stock market through this, but that’s not really the point. That’s the realm of traditional banks. I am very impressed with the app, support, and metal card itself (tap to pay!) - its an amazing conversation starter and you *definitely* get people asking you about it. I did complain because it *looks* like you are being charged 20% higher rates at some restaurants when the pending transaction posts (company explained this is a “hold” for tips). After verification I can confirm that the pending charge reverts to your actual payment amount, but this feature is definitely concerning to the unenlightened. Definitely see this company as one of if not the leading crypto with a viable (to say the least) product that we can use every day and that has legitimate advantages to traditional banks. I have made $ too...

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    Don’t listen to the negativity, these people are quite clueless

    I will admit, MCO started off on a bad foot however recently they’ve really stepped up their game. I’ve been in the crypto industry since 2012 and I can confidently say that this app is one of the easiest to use and is by far the cheapest and best place to purchase crypto with a card. Compare Coinbase prices side by side and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Not to mention MCOs support being infinitely better than Coinbase. They actually provide live support which seems to be getting better and better over time. Yes you need to stake your coins to receive a metal card, but what did you expect? The cost per person on these cards are not cheap, and you’re actually helping yourself by supporting the company through staking anyways. Don’t listen to the whiners on here who are complaining about this and that, from what I’m reading it seems like most of the issues people are having stem from their own mess ups such as sending BTC to their wallet with low fees. Don’t blame your own ignorance on MCO. Overall, MCO gets a 5/5 from me due to how much they’ve improved in such a short period of time and how much superior their system is over the competition.

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    I never review apps lol but I made an exception... it’s simply a great app! Beautiful design, easy to use, yet provides enough data for the more experienced users. Crypto Earn is amazing! I have yet to receive my card, but that’s because I live in the US and they just started shipping. If you want to take advantage of every aspect of crypto, this app is all around for you. It’s a multi purpose crypto wallet with the feel of a large bank! One thing I do think they need is a desktop platform.. so far they’re in the number one spot for the market they target, but imo a desktop version would give them a significant advantage over their competitors. As far seeing the bad reviews on here... working in business myself, reading the negative reviews then using the app.. I can say in full confidence that the negative reviews are due to user error lol regardless, give this app a chance! It won’t disappoint. Oh an No I’m not affiliated with them lol I just really like it

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    This is awesome!!

    Crypto adaption is here!! One stop shop. There support here is spot on. If I have questions or issue they get back quick and resolve issues quick!! I started out with the basic card by accident and upgraded to the jade card with help from support. Then I got my card Friday and went to activate it on Saturday morning the activation button was not there I contacted support and I gave them a screenshot and they said they would have there team take care of it and it might take 2 maybe 3 days because it was the weekend. I checked it late that after noon and it was fixed and now my card is up and running!! So impressed!! Coinbase Who?? Your at the right place at the right time here. I don’t usually give reviews but I’m highly impressed with the professionalism they have here!! They are the winning team!! Thanks you for your awesome support!!

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    So far very happy with this company.

    This is the first crypto related business that I feel is extremely professional. Unlike Coinbase I can actually chat within minutes to a very good customer service rep regarding questions or problems. I’m using the 500MCO stake to get 3% MCO back which is amazing. Its a nice hedge against iF the price of MCO drops. It takes while to figure it all out but you can do a lot with the app and card. Buy Crypto, use the card with fiat currency as a prepaid debit card. They are starting an exchange, stake and earn interest on some cryptos. This is a very professional company in my experience so far which is a very fresh in the crypto world. And as I said you can actually talk to someone when you need to.

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    I was one of the first to sign up for early access when the MCO app first launched, and I already have the red metal card from staking 50 MCO for 6 months. I was really looking forward to using my card I waited so long for, but it seems I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up. First off, topping up the card is a nightmare. It never should have launched in its current state. It requires that you wire money from your bank to another using checking and routing number (all US establishments charge a transfer fee which costs around $35 at most banks). So each time I’d want to top up my card, it’d cost $35.. not cool. Beyond that – as if that part isn’t enough to steer away 99% of potential users – there still isn’t a way to export a transaction summary for tax purposes. So if you do actually load the card and use it often, then you literally have to write out each transaction and deposit on your own. I can’t imagine there are many people out there actually using this right now. I mean who wants to waste their time entering each transaction / MCO reward deposit into a spreadsheet to bring to their tax advisor when tax return time comes around? Fix these major issues and I’ll update this review. Until then, I guess I’ll just be using my Apple card.

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    Smooth as butta

    This app is awesome and they are nothing but professional at all times! Only reservation is that they can ask for more personal information at any time for no reason at all, and they will hold a pending order hostage while they are verifying your information for the 4th time. Unfortunately, if you absolutely need to have a reliable source to purchase and the trade or sell your currency, I would go back to coinbase because this app had unexpected reasons to ruin their financial relationship with their own customers! Other than that.....they are GREAT!!!

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    Warning: outside transfers take 24 hours!

    Just moved $22 worth of bitcoin into this wallet it took 24 hours! Also when I tried to move it out to pay somebody it is still sitting and says “pending”, and will probably take 24 hours again. Just when I thought this app was worth the accidental click from theyre aggressive ad placements, I had high hopes with no fees while trading, it makes up for it with it taking a full day just to make one transaction! match that with their gauging 3.5% buying fee and I give it overall an OK. The app is overall very slow and needs more coins. Also the minimums are too large! How my supposed to get my leftover amount out of my wallet?? Allow more flexibility!

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    Your 1st Crypto App...

    I've been investing and trading crypto currency for about 2yrs and I must say, this is one of the most convenient apps for buying/selling some of the top crypto. Its very easy to use, they have different tiered debit cards, the app is available to use in the USA, and from my own experience so far the customer service has been excellent. I wish I had something this convenient to use when I got started and I definitely recommend the app for newbies as well as seasoned crypto traders/investors.

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    I downloaded the app under the premise of these COOL metal cards with neat benefits and such. After further reviewing, the really cool features require a stake in their crypto.... that’s fine. But most of the lower tiered cards have a slider to show benefits with or without a stake leading one to believe the card is obtainable without a stake. Even the site makes it appear that way. After speaking with support, it’s only an option without if you’ve maintained your stake for 6 months. A frustrating waste of time for me. I will not be depositing my crypto in their wallet as their verbiage seems tricky. Last thing I want are my funds to be tied up with a company due to fine print issues.

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    Easy to use and quick/helpful customer service

    Crypto currency was a new venture for me and only this app was correctly able to teach and explain the process to me. Customer service even reached out to me on their own initiative to explain why a withdrawal had failed, and using their advice, was able to succeed in what I was doing. (They don’t yet support Bech32 Segwit enabled wallets). Their low fees are unmatched everywhere I’ve looked so far and I will continue to use this service as long as that’s the case. Purchasing crypto is instant, and withdrawal to an external wallet usually takes about 24 hours. The security protection is helpful. A digit based password is required to open the app and every time a purchase or withdrawal is requested. If you’re new to crypto currency, this is a great place to begin!

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    Best place to buy crypto for sure

    Sleek app with Low fees or none pretty much when trading crypto to crypto. Fast withdrawals and deposits for the leading coins (may take longer for low cap alts they’ve recently added). The Visa card looks great and sounds great, can’t wait to try it out after the USA launch this summer. MCO token has crazy utility that will lead to it growing in value a lot when all cards are launched and the platform on boards more users. People sleep on this one.

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    Needs work

    I love every single thing about this company and what they have developed over the years. Everything down to customer service is beyond exceptional. The only reason I gave a 4 star was because the iOS App is extremely buggy ! I think they should focus on touching up the app. A bonus would be to add tax loss/gain section to make it easier for tax season. Besides that keep up the great work guys you will change the financial industry for sure 👏

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    Best Crypto Wallet ever!!

    This is the best crypto wallet ever and I’ve literally experienced most wallets available in US and this has to be the best. Has the most available coins and tokens to buy and true prices. I’ve never had one problem with this app and they’re headed for HUGE growth! Love it. Only thing is, you cannot withdraw directly to your bank from this app. You must send you assets to wallets such as coinbase to withdraw. Overall GREAT APP AND WALLET. Excited to get my Card.

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    Bullish on MCO

    Giving four stars only because disappointed by the five star reviews that sound to me like self promotion. If you must, to counter 1-star besmearers, make it sound natural. Preferably, find ways to attract honest reviews from genuine advocates. Stoked about the promise of perfect interbank exchange rates. The metal card seems pretty cool too. And the business plan looks tight. If the Monaco team delivers, they could be a leader in this space.

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Is - Buy Bitcoin Now Safe?

Yes. - Buy Bitcoin Now is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 57,197 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for - Buy Bitcoin Now Is 38.8/100.

Is - Buy Bitcoin Now Legit?

Yes. - Buy Bitcoin Now is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 57,197 - Buy Bitcoin Now User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for - Buy Bitcoin Now Is 38.8/100.

Is - Buy Bitcoin Now not working? - Buy Bitcoin Now works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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