LingoDeer - Learn Languages Reviews

LingoDeer - Learn Languages Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-28

"I never feel unmotivated to log in each day and learn!" "This has been helping
me study Japanese way better than any book can!" "LingoDeer is worth every
penny and more, it is an essential tool in the shed for anyone learning any of
their offered languages, in or out of a classroom."...

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LingoDeer - Learn Languages Reviews

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    WORTH IT!! 💖

    Honestly, I’ve been learning Korean for a few months through websites and videos, but because the videos and websites didn’t go together, I wasn’t really getting things. I didn’t have a system or structure to learn things in since I didn’t know where to look and practically watched/read anything I could find. I was starting to get unmotivated about studying until I asked a friend of mine what she used to study Korean and she recommended me this app. I remember hearing about LingoDeer before through my fav polyglot YouTuber, iKenna, so I thought “why not check it out?”. BEST DECISION EVER. I tried the first few lessons for free and although it was pretty easy, I wanted more. I skimmed over the lesson topics and checked the membership prices to debate if I should buy it. Eventually I caved in because 1)year long membership was on sale 2) if my favorite polyglot YouTuber used it and recommends it, I trust him. And 3) My friend can hold an intermediate level convo in Korean now. I can tell you for sure that after I got the membership and unlocked all the lessons, I have been glued to this app. I never feel unmotivated to log in each day and learn, I actually get excited and I love how there’s stories at the end of each lesson! I can spend as little as 5/10 minutes on this app to a whole hour! So if you’re wondering if it’s worth it... it is!! Go buy yourself a membership!! Now!!!

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    One of the best out there!!

    This app is really amazing! This app has multiple teachers that help with learning a language. As of right now I am learning Japanese and Korean and I couldn’t ask for a better app. There are several different features I enjoy, such as the knowledge cards which help break down the grammar learned in different lessons to the vocabulary quizzes so I can quiz myself on the vocabulary that I don’t know or need to re-study. A feature I enjoyed that is specifically for the Japanese language is that there is a section where you can just practice and study the kanji independently from the sentences and grammar which is one of my favorite parts. Another feature is that I can change how i can change the difficulty. For example when I have a question on how to read or pronounce I can switch from native Japanese (the characters and kanji together as they would be in a newspaper) to furugana (kanji with hiragana above it), hiragana completely (no kanji) or romaji (Latin letters only of Japanese sounds). Overall I have been with LingoDeer for over a year and I have a come to realize how much I enjoyed this app! And with every update comes a new excitement over with what LingoDeer has waiting for me to try out next!!

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    There’s potential but the paywall is way too early

    I understand the need for paywalls, particularly in sophisticated apps where there’s a lot of hard work put in by the developers. But there’s also a need to balance that with giving the customer enough to tell whether the product is worth their hard earned dollars. The two free lessons are the alphabet and nationality-most people who’ve tried to pick up the language for an hour or two on any other system have covered this and there’s so little vocab at this point that the answers are obvious. And the alphabet is a poor indicator of what the rest of the system will look like regardless. So the system looks like it might be good but who’s to say since I can’t test it against material I’m not already familiar with? Even expanding this to an additional lesson or two (the determiner/possessive) would greatly increase the ability to get a sense for the flow of lessons in this app—the very next lesson seems to have a different section “learning tips” that I didn’t try in the previous one. Will every lesson be in a completely different format from the previous one? At this point I can’t tell. Given there seem to be some sixty or seventy lessons in the first level of the language, I highly doubt giving free users the next lesson or two will cut into profits and it certainly would help people like me who are on the fence determine if it’s the right system for them.

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    Good App, one problem...

    I have been using this app since I got it 16 days ago. I have been using it to learn Japanese. It's all good, but the save feature is TRASH. I wanted to keep learning on my chrome book, so I got the app for it, I tried logging in, and all my progress was GONE. ALL of it. Confused, I went back to my phone to find a solution to this problem. I saw a button that said "Progress Backup" so I clicked that, I thought I was good to go. So I logged out and back in. Still nothing has changed. Getting frustrated, I tried to find something that would load my data. I finally found a button on the settings called "Recover Progress", So I clicked THAT, still nothing. This was getting nowhere, so I clicked "Recover Progress" on both devices, STILL nothing. Then I thought, "Maybe it wouldn't work if I was logged in to my account already". So I signed out of my phone, remembering to save my progress before I did that. Again, nothing changed. I decided to give up on trying it on computer, since it obviously will not cooperate. I signed back in to my phone, and all of my progress was GONE. I was downright MAD. How could such a great app like this have such a terrible save and load system? It's downright TRASH and I HATE IT. I've been trying everything to get my progress back. What should I do? Please help :c

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    ^^ That says I love this app! I’ll admit I had to look up how to write ‘app’ in Chinese but hey, the rest I was able to do after only the first 3-4 lessons of Chinese. I took Japanese in college for 2 years and picked it up fairly quick but this app helped keep me going and practicing after graduating. I decided to use it for learning Russian too, and it’s been very useful with clear pronunciation that you can listen to at actual full speed or a little slower if you need. Finally, I decided to give Chinese a go because I’ve wanted to learn it forEVER and I thought how hard could this be I already took Japanese for 2 years. Well, I’ll tell you, it’s VERY difficult to just ‘start’ learning Chinese because anywhere I looked didn’t explain pinyin OR tone! Crazy that I’d never been able to find good explanations for those BASIC parts of learning Chinese. THAT IS, until this app came along. LingoDeer is worth every penny and more, it is an essential tool in the shed for anyone learning any of their offered languages, in or out of a classroom. I can’t give it a more glowing review. If you’re doubtful, please just do it! You will love it. Read the other reviews, they aren’t lying!!! Thank you developers!!

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    Love It But...

    I love this app with all my heart. It is so good at teaching me Japanese and this is the only app that has the right teaching style for me. It’s the perfect blend of fun and structured learning, and let alone it is all completely free besides a few in app purchases. This has been helping me study Japanese way better than any book can, however recently this app has been really laggy and hasn’t been responding up to par. My progress bar isn’t loading and progressing at the same speed as I am learning and it just stays empty, my achievements are screwed up (I have been at level 10 for a couple days and still haven’t gotten my achievement for reaching level 10 yet) and usually when achievements do come they are always a day late, I get random achievements every so often like “congrats on reaching 5 hours of study time” even though at the point I was already at 8 hours, and recently my review section has only been including 5 lessons instead of the 10+ I have completed and need to review for. Like I said, this app is the best thing that has come into my life, but I can’t rate it the 5 stars it deserves unless these bugs are fixed. I will still thank all the developers for putting their time and money to make this app for all those who want to learn its selection of languages.

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    Ok, lemme get to the point. is app is FANTASTIC and I can tell the developers really worked hard on this but sadly I think there should be one change. I think that some of these things I’m not sure I really want to learn and others I do. Unfortunately, It doesn’t let me choose the things I want to learn, and it does say I can’t go head unless I buy the premium. However, even though this is not at a high price, I don’t like premiums. I think if you want to earn money, it should be permanent. Otherwise, I think you should let people choose what they want to learn and maybe not have to go through all the lessons they don’t want to know about or learn. For example, I want to learn to speak Japanese. This app really inspires me to learn Japanese, except I don’t want to learn how to write it. Only speak it. And the worst part about it is that the writing lesson is pretty long (not saying you need to fix that, because all the knowledge is necessary) and I just want to skip it without the premium. But don’t get me wrong, this app is still amazing. But I would just really appreciate it if you made that one little change. :) Thank you!

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    Lovely app, but disappointed.

    I was very excited to use this app because it was such a highly praised alternative from Duolingo. However I was extremely disappointed to find out that only the alphabet and nationality basics were available (Japanese) before you had to sign up for premium. As someone who already knows how to speak/read in both the free categories, the app was in a sense very pointless. I loved the way it taught you, I can tell there is a lot of care that was put into the app and just ads won’t suffice to pay professionals and sustain a well managed language platform. However there was such little available and I don’t want to spend too much on this app since I don’t have the money. I don’t mind it being mostly unavailable, if only LingoDeer made it more clear that their lessons are not free disregarding the small introductory lessons. Perhaps even give a download fee just to get the point across that this is not a “free” app. Hopefully in the future I will be able to purchase the premium version, as once again the way it taught you was my preferred among other language apps, including Duolingo for a few months. But currently it is far too much and I’ll now turn to other learning alternatives.

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    I at first had a app called drops that I used to try and help me learn korean. It wasn’t working that well for me so I wanted to try and find another app. I happened to stumble upon this and at first thought it was the best thing ever. From having a almost 5 star review, and TONS of good reviews I wanted to try it out. I read so many of the reviews and almost all of them talked about how this was the best app ever and that it was “free.” Do literally yesterday I downloaded the app and did the first lesson of nationality. (I already know the korean alphabet). Just from using this app for such a small time I loved it. It had things that seemed like would really help me such as the tips which I found VERY helpful. Then here I am on the last part of nationality doing the story. I did everything and tried to move on to the next lesson. When I did I got worried because it kept of saying that you needed pro. I thought that maybe it was just that lesson or that maybe I hadn't finished the lesson before. Nope checked every lesson after that one and all of them said pro and then I knew I did the lesson before right. It has me so mad because I really can’t afford the amount of money for one month. I saw every where of people saying this app was free. You get literally maybe 2 lessons before you have to pay. I honestly really loved this app but I’m now really upset to know a big chance for me went down the drain.

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    I love it SO much but I have a request

    Lingodeer is the best language learning program I've ever come across. It matches all of my standards because it allows me to actually understand the language and become fluent. It has thorough grammar explanations and more explanations you need to know about different parts of the language. Once you finish a lesson, you can go back to the review section and select what all you want to review, and it will tell you what your weak points are after you finish. Overall, it's an amazing app; it's fun to use, teaches you necessary material, and the price is great to unlock all of the languages' courses. I currently use it to learn Vietnamese, but I will be learning the other languages it offers as well. Lastly, my request: If it's possible, I would love for the developers to add more languages to the app because no matter how hard I look, I can't find another language program to teach me additional languages as well as Lingodeer teaches its courses. I would love to see courses for languages like Arabic, Hindi, Tagalog, etc. Nevertheless, the app is great with what it does have (and it does have quite a variety already!)

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    Amazing but huge problem

    I’ve been using LingoDeer to learn korean, and honestly it’s amazing not only does it teach grammar rules it keeps you kind of updated on the current uses and which generation more associates with it. Although there is one problem, I was in the middle of learning verbs when the new update came out... I was fine with it so I updated it then when it finally finished and I tried to go back to studying all my progress was lost, it just a blank screen I tried switching languages to see if it was just a problem with the first screen but no, there were no lessons at all. I then tried to reset my device over and over it still didn’t work, finally I decided to log out and try logging back in. They kept saying there’s an error so I should try back another time, I was deflated and left it for a while before coming in again to try once again the app wasn’t working. In the end I was just going to make a new account and just test out all the topics so I could get back to where I was, as I made the new account and selected my language, the lessons still did not show. I’m deflated on what to do and I hope LingoDeer can fix this problem because no one knows what to do.

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    best learning app ever!

    i’m someone who struggles with a learning disability making it harder for me to learn languages. which is a real shame because i really like k pop. i sort of started to teach myself on my own with the songs but i couldn’t read actual korean, which is sort of needed in the community. Out of all the apps i’ve tried, this one works REALLY well! they’re very rewarding and seeing the sad little deer makes you wanna try harder when you fail! not to mention the overall design is easy on the eyes! and there’s videos to help you read and speak the language!! duolingo didn’t have that. like tf how am i supposed to know if i’m saying it correctly?? i just wish there was a way they could tell you if your pronunciation is close to the other persons, instead of comparing and contrasting and hearing your own voice over and over again. i know it’s hard to program these things, but it would be sooo beneficial in the end. i stumbled upon this app on a whim and i’m glad i did! i never wanna use another app again for korean TT^TT

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    Better Than Duo for Chinese Beginners

    This is a great app for complete beginners studying the languages it offers, because this app is clean, informative, and has no health bar or penalty for mistakes. Duolingo is a great app I use for Spanish, but throws you into Chinese without much information and you get frustrated quickly when your health bar is always empty. Lingodeer has been far more enjoyable in learning Chinese. No health bar and far more information and instruction, both before you start a lesson and during the lesson on selecting sounds and word meanings. You can choose how the app looks and what words/symbols you want displayed during lessons. The drawing characters is a little unresponsive sometimes, but that’s a very minor detail and surely will be improved as the app gets better. Also, this is all free. Edit: Sometimes the story classes don’t end cleanly and just show a blank question at the end, but it’s a minor problem I’ve come across. Still an amazing app and a big thank you to everyone involved with it!

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    BEST language learning program yet!

    I am a language enthusiast and have tried many different programs over the years but none have come close to LingoDeer. My biggest complaint with most language learning programs is that there are no explanations provided for rules or grammar. LingoDeer in stark contrast provides wonderful grammar lessons in easy to comprehend sheets. For English speakers, there are quite a few languages to choose from (though, as of now, not as many as some other applications) and the exercises are quick, fun, and, most importantly, effective! The review quizzes are a wonderful feature providing a quick and easy way to make sure you’re retaining everything you’ve learned so far. The stories and social features are a fun and unique addition that also add to your understanding of the language. I also feel that the app is very accessible in the free version and the $30 lifetime payment is very reasonable compared to the full versions of other apps with costly subscriptions which add up over time. The only thing I would suggest for the LingoDeer team is the addition of a setting where you can turn off strictly listening exercises, since users not always using the app in situations where they can play/hear phone audio. Overall, this is the best language app I have come across from Duolingo to Rosetta Stone and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this for anyone who is serious about language learning and development. Be a Deer and give this a try yourself! :)

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    Best App for Korean 💕

    I have other apps like Drops or Memrise that are good for vocab words but they struggle when it comes to sentences and they still have a hard time using only 한글, which is essential for learning correctly. With LingoDeer, however, the romanizations were gone right away(you can choose to turn them on if you wish), and I could test up to the level where I was at in my learning! I can always go back and complete any of the old levels for review, and the tips before each of the lessons are really helpful. My other favorite thing is the sentences, they are broken down easily, you can listen and look at each individual word, and you have listening options for voice speed. Plus, the voice sounds perfectly natural and very clear. This app is really helpful if you want to get a good grasp of 한글 and Korean sentence structure! I’ve literally told all my friends who are learning Korean, Chinese, or Japanese to get this app because I love it!! Thank you!!

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Is LingoDeer - Learn Languages Safe?

Yes. LingoDeer - Learn Languages is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 15,756 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for LingoDeer - Learn Languages Is 67.1/100.

Is LingoDeer - Learn Languages Legit?

Yes. LingoDeer - Learn Languages is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 15,756 LingoDeer - Learn Languages User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for LingoDeer - Learn Languages Is 67.1/100.

Is LingoDeer - Learn Languages not working?

LingoDeer - Learn Languages works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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