Dive+ World's Diving Community Reviews

Dive+ World's Diving Community Reviews

Published by on 2021-08-25

All about diving, all in Dive+ APP! [ BUDDIES WORLDWIDE ] Divers from 200+
countries are sharing their diving experiences and infos of dive sites. You can
explore what is happening in dive locations, and meet divers over there, all
around the world. [ UNDERWATER COLOR CORRECTION ] Dive...

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Dive+ World's Diving Community Reviews

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    Great App w/ Recent Fox

    Developer has already posted an update based on my and other’s feedback of app crash issues on older phones with too many photos or videos. I had two days of app crashes at 60’ in Kona with the older app version and reached out to Kraken who engaged this developer. They responded within 24 hrs acknowledging the issue and now have already posted an update. The app worked fine on iPhone 8 Plus, but I prefer to dive with last iPhone being a 6 Plus “just in case of a housing failure”. The color correction is great and ease of using the app in the Kraken housing is easy. The only reason for the one star deduction is the Bluetooth disconnect. Not clear if a hardware or software recovery issue with the housing. It is just troubling at 60’ down to have the app state a Bluetooth disconnect which means with the Kraken housing you have no shutter button connection or the menu buttons on the window. The big difference with this app and WaterShots housing is no physical connection to buttons, everything is Bluetooth. Great flexibility, but risk that needs improvement with connection. Most is one disconnect per dive, but is that when the Eagle Ray or Manta go by? ——- UPDATE May 2019 Use the app again in Kona this year with the Kraken housing and an iPhone 6 Plus like last Sept. No crashing or discount issue at all. I highly recommend the Kraken housing for those in North America and this app. The ease of use and post dive color correction work great.

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    New update lower rating

    This is a great app and I have been excited with each new update, but this latest one is something of a let down, at least when exploring the community posts. Whereas I like the fact that you can see hashtags, bubbles, and # of views, as well as where each shared photo/video came from, I don’t like it when exploring the main community page. Why? Because it makes the photos and videos smaller and harder to browse. Lots of whitespace in this new design means less real estate for pictures and is less enjoyable for me. The “Refresh” button is ok, but a drag-down to refresh, and no button, would be better. ‘Nearby’ is ok too, if you live near the ocean. I don’t so it’s irrelevant. ‘New’ or ‘recently added’ posts would be more valuable but that seems to have disappeared in favor of “hot” posts? What will a newbie do?

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    I love this app and the community is very nice. The color correction saves my pictures big time and then to add a social presence to the app where people from all over the world can see and comment on others posts. Also, it’s super cool that you can log your dives in it as well. I really really want to give it 5 stars but I can’t because at this point the app will not even let me open it before crashing immediately. I really want to post and fix up my pictures with your app so please help me out here! I have the latest version of the app and I am using an iPhone 8 Plus. This only started happening a few days ago and I have not been able to use it at all since.

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    The app rocks!

    There is nothing like this for you Divers of the Underwater World! You may even find a couple of your favorite photos might be enhanced; I did! Wish there was a Windows version, but I understand why there isn’t. Looks like I will be upgrading my Sweetheart’s dive equipment someday. For now, it is SO good that he just emails me photos and I enhance and save!

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    Great app

    I don’t use video lights on my camera, I have strobes instead, but the color correction is fantastic on this about 95% of the time. Even with the photos a little bit of color correction is sometimes needed to in order to make it just right. I don’t mind that it puts a watermark on the photos, actually I rather like it but I only wish that we could move it wherever we wanted on the photo and not just keep it on the bottom. And be able to change the color of the water mark too. That would be the only thing I’d want to fix about the app, placement and coloration of watermark. Hope the devs see this as I think it would be a great change.

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    I’ve used this app a lot. It’s great on colour correcting pics and videos. Every now and then I’d pay the monthly service to remove the watermark for videos I was more focused on. Now you have to pay a monthly or annual subscription ($30) to use, what is I believe is, it’s core function. If it were a paid app, I’d gladly pay. Making this a subscription has turned me off it completely. I get it, make money. But don’t make it take, take, take. Good luck with your community share free stuff. I’m out. I’d rather do post shoot corrections on a pc than fist over cash repeatedly for social sharing, non professional videos that I make. Hello green videos, my old friend! Bye bye Dive+.

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    Dive computer needs a Nitrox upgrade

    I love using the app in my Weefine housing. Been taking awesome shots and the color correction after is pretty slick too. The only issue is the fact that the dive computer can't be adjusted to nitrox which is the only gas I dive with. So on a lot of dives, the dive computer in the app goes into deco mode even though on my wrist computer, I still have a lot of no deco time. I hope the developers can work on users being able to adjust the dive computer settings to include different mixes of enriched air nitrox. Thank you!

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    Amazing filter but a lot to improve

    The filter is amazing. I have never seen anything so simple with near perfect results. The app itself needs improvements. I have bought the VIP version for 1 year. 1. Batch correction doesn’t work from time to time. Some photos are filtered, you can see the result but you are not able to save them. I don’t know why. 2. From time to time after converting a batch you end up with a menu in Chinese and don’t know much what to do. Well I was able to find my way out. It kind of ask to select photos between the results you get that I guess you can not do anyhow 3. The app creating a Dive+ album and adding all the results in that album would be very welcome. The app adds the result just next to the photo edited that is quiet difficult to find if you have many photos I haven’t tried the social sharing part of the app yet.

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    Major shortcoming

    This is a great color correction app. I would give it 5* except for one major problem, at least in my mind. The problem is the app re-orders all the pictures when done in batch mode(yes, photos selected in order taken for batch processing). For underwater photography, sequence is a must to keep track of what you saw where and when so you can go back there. Also, when experimenting with exposures, setting, etc it becomes impossible to keep track . Fix the reordering and it is a much better app.

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    Lots of Potential

    I love this app primarily for the color correction. However it freezes and quits all the time when I’m trying to save color-corrected videos. I have only been able to successfully save a couple short clips. I hope they work out these bugs soon because the color-correction is epic! Edit: still having problems with the app freezing and quitting all the time. I have not been able to edit any videos since the first day of having the app. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app several times. Left email feedback through the app and have not been contacted at all. Very disappointed now.

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    Dangerous app if diving in America

    I downloaded the app prior to receiving the Kraken Smart Housing Pro. I figured I’d familiarize myself with the software. I tried the app in preview mode and the unit standard was set to metric. I figured the preview mode was set to metric by default. I tried switching the unit standard and nope, still metric. I contacted the developer and was instructed to pair the app with the housing and try switching the unit standard. I tried. Still metric. The app will not allow me to set the unit standard to imperial. It forces me to use metric. If I am recording video or taking photographs, it is crucial for me to see the correct information while on a dive. This app is just as useless as the Kraken app.

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    Won’t work with iPhone 11 Pro Max now

    So everything worked great on my 1st dive 2nd dive and 3rd dive last week. Then my last 4 dives every time I click to video or take a photo the screen goes into 3 different frames for 30 seconds, then the pop up that tells you to connect within 10 seconds appears which underwater that ain’t happening, then screen just goes black and you don’t even get the instrument screen. Of course this week on my couch it’s still doing the same thing

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    Watermark ruins a great app

    The color correction is amazing!!! The Dive+ water mark imprinted in the corner of your photo is going to keep me from using this app again unless it is corrected. Up until a month ago, if you saved the photo it would save the Dive+ watermark in the bottom left corner. My work around for this was to screenshot the photo and then crop. They have obviously gotten wise to this because now as soon as you “correct color” the water mark appears. I have recommended this app to dozens of divers, so I thought word of mouth advertising would be sufficient. I would gladly pay for this app if the watermark was removed

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    Color correction

    I use Dive+ to correct scuba clip from a GoPro . It really does a great job. I do not really delve in the community although there are some fantastic pic & clips from what I’ve seen. I wish there was a little better deal on the purchase, however . I dive a lot but at this point I don’t get that many great NEW pics & although I dive weekly I feel the way they price the service for my needs does not work that well.

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    Not user friendly

    A good e-log option, but hard to use. Would love to see these improvements: 1. When putting in data, instead of clicking several times to get to typing, can you just make the keyboard automatically pop up? 2. Have an option to load all past logs. I could only see the recent 10 dives., 3. Have better summary statistics of past dives 4. Have an option to just type in the name of dive site without geolocation because most people don’t carry a gps when diving.

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Is Dive+ World's Diving Community Safe?

Yes. Dive+ World's Diving Community is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,372 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Dive+ World's Diving Community Is 44.0/100.

Is Dive+ World's Diving Community Legit?

Yes. Dive+ World's Diving Community is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,372 Dive+ World's Diving Community User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Dive+ World's Diving Community Is 44.0/100.

Is Dive+ World's Diving Community not working?

Dive+ World's Diving Community works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a Dive+ World's Diving Community customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Dive+ World's Diving Community.

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