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Published by on 2023-12-23

About: Reflectly is the #1 journaling app that’s like your best friend. Vent your
thoughts & feelings to improve your mood and practice mindfulness.

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4.6 out of 5

By Mell

1 month ago

It won't let me log in, it says "couldn't sign in for an unknown reason" the email and password are correct please help

By Ely

7 months ago

Ciao, volevo aggiungere un'immagine per la challenge del giorno, ma se clicco "add photo" l'app mi dice che devo andare nelle impostazioni e autorizzare l'app ad accedere alla mia galleria. Sono andata nelle impostazioni ma l'unica autorizzazione richiesta è per l'audio. Forse è un problema del mio cellulare?

By Payge Dirk

1 year ago

Hello, I hope this email finds you well. I have an inquiry I'm hoping to be met with some assistance on. A year ago I subscribed to the Reflectly app for x price to see if I liked virtual journaling. Recently, I've noticed I've been resubscribed for a substantial increase which I'm not quite comfortable with given my lack of use of the app. I'm wondering if there's anyway for the premium subscription for the upcoming year to be cancelled and possibly be reimbursed? For anything at all. I simply do not need the app at all as I've found my way into manual journaling. Please let me know if there's anything I can do! I look forward to your response. Many thanks, Payge Dirk

By Daria Scatton

2 years ago

I recently purchased the Reflectly app at an 83% discount for a price of $9.99. I had some trouble pushing the purchase through initially and I somehow ended up with two subscriptions and two charges, one for $10.88 (which I assume is the $9.99 + tax) and the other one for $76.19 (which would seem to be even more than the full price + tax). I reached out through Apple to process a refund and I very clearly indicated a request for a refund of the higher charge. I would not have purchased the app at that price to begin with and it was clearly the charge for the second, accidental, redundant subscription. purchase. However, Reflectly immediately refunded the $10.88 charge, leaving me with the $76.19 charge. I have had to cancel both subscriptions in order to receive a full refund, but would very much like to have the app at the originally advertised 83% discount of $9.99. How can this be accomplished? Thank you, Daria P.S. I hope that the $10.88 refund was a mistake and Reflectly was not intentionally trying to stick me with the subscription at the higher charge!

By Gloria

2 years ago

I have an account and the app doesn’t recognize it. It is asking me for a new account and to pay again (I did pay my subscription for one year alrrady)

By Lizette Ramos

3 years ago

I am pissed off that I am charged for using this app for the first time. I was not aware this app is not free. I do not want this app and I want my money back! I do not get email message for receipt. Again, I want my money back! Now!

By Shelby

3 years ago

I can’t find the quotes I liked :( does anybody know how to find them on the app? Email me if you do please!

By Mb120983746632

Brand new and loving it

I just completed my first story, and it felt good to have something to write my feelings down in with major convenience. You don’t have to write anything (but you have the option to), it asks you to rate you day, what made you’re day that way, and how you felt throughout the day (you just press which one you feel, there plate options for this part, no typing required) There are also achievements that you can earn as time goes on. *update* I’ve been using the app for a while now, and I was really enjoying it, but today when I went into the app it said I had to login, which I’ve never had to do before. I don’t think it ever made me set my email to it or make an account, because I tried the password recovery multiple times and it just said that something went wrong. So now I can’t access any of my previous stories, which I’m very upset about because the main reason I got this app was so that I could go back and read them in the future, and it was more convenient to use than pen and paper. I guess I’ll be sticking to using paper from now on because all of my time just got wasted with this app. I would recommend this app because it has a good layout and it is more convenient than keeping a hand written journal, but for me personally it is not worth the risk of losing it all because the app all of a sudden needs you to “sign in”.

By avebud

Love it but some things are bad.

Ok so I really love this app, it’s really nice and aesthetic. It’s so fun to write your whole day down. What your mood was, the things you did today, and then you can look back at all those stories. Which is a lot of fun and very relaxing. I do have a couple of problems though. So I was browsing and I accidentally hit the log out button. Obviously you can log back in, but when I logged back on everything was gone. I was literally going to cry. The whole thing was gone, it said I had no stories or streaks or anything. I was able to download my data and get it sent to my email, but I then had to rewrite everything. Which I was willing to do. I started writing one then went to bed. I woke up and looked at it and it was still gone. The poof it’s all back, I don’t know how but it was all back there. Ok my next problem. I do love Reflectly but to only be able to do one thing in not premium is annoying. So basically you have to enter 7 stories and you unlock your status. Then I’m going to look at my status and it says you have to have premium. I will pay for premium but I don’t want to, I’m going to save up my money. I read this in one review and I thought it was a good idea. You could complete like a certain amount of stories to unlock let’s say status. Actually unlock it though, be able to look at it and everything. So personally if this was my game I would do this. Thank you.

By Sabre💝

Generally A Good Start

I was feeling kinda down for a while, and when I started scrolling through apps, an app of the day was Reflectly. It looked cute so I tapped on it. I saw it had things to motivate your day and bring out the best in you. The challenges, questions, and goals help you rejuvenate happiness. So click I went and now I have the app. This reflection is recent, I have not even had the app for a day. But it’s friendly smiles and quotes to brighten your day help a lot. Reflectly is a self - journal to reflect your days. It’s probably described as a diary, but it is so much more. The app is very well designed too. The graphics, characters, words, and more are smoothly operated by the creators. I feel really confident that I am going to be a lot more happy in the future. Conflicts and glitches aren’t a problem yet, as apprised to other reviews here. You may be wondering why I have four stars. It’s because I am a beginner. I haven’t unlocked all if the tools involved in the Reflectly. It has shown me what to do, but it does let you explore the world of the app. Reluctantly I like this app, and if your dealing with something you’d rather not share with other people, this is the app for you. I will update if I change something about my vote. But again, the app was a generally a good start. I can already fell my stress bleeding right out of me. So now, get Reflectly, it’s a great start!

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