Email Client: Boomerang Mail Reviews

Email Client: Boomerang Mail Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-11

Join millions who use Boomerang to email productively, for free! See all of your
email accounts, get one-tap calendar scheduling, see read receipts, and schedule
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Email Client: Boomerang Mail Reviews

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    This is great but I struggle with sorting emails

    This is great but I struggle with sorting emails into my (very large) folder/label structure. The native apple mail client makes a single suggestion based on past patterns when moving messages. If Boomerang learned over time patterns of mail sorting and made three suggestions at the top of the list, it would probably be my primary client for sorting emails each morning. For now it takes me a lot of effort to scroll through all my labels to find the right folder every single time I move an email. Great work on everything else. I would recommend this to anyone asking me about email apps.

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    So much promise, so much failure

    I’ve been looking for something to replace Inbox which has slowed development. At the bare minimum I want an email app that lets me do work while off line — in the subway, on an airplane. Boomerang’s key feature set fails at this. Even non-key features like send an email, require being connected instead or waiting to send later. This makes the app non-functional for my workflow and maximizing my travel time. Slightly less annoying, there’s no way to fine tune alerts. So instead of having alerts from folks I regularly interact with, I get every promotional email, every listserv. The app is really nicely designed and interaction experience is well thought out. The desktop plugin for the Mac is great and had me hopeful for the app. But the app’s failure to act like every other email program for offline work, means I’ll be deleting this app and choosing another GTD solution.

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    The One!

    I’ve been searching and searching for an email app that helps me with my Gmail. I feel like I’ve tried them all! Just when I feel like I’m getting the hang of the app, I receive a notice the app will no longer be available for one reason or another. Regardless, nothing was ever perfect and I wanted something to simplify the dreadful Gmail app. Tonight I discovered “Brief Me” and that moved me to write this review. That was the cherry on top! Boomerang has the simplest interface and its easy swiping are the BEST! Thank you for FINALLY building an email app to help us tackle our endless emails and reminding us what’s important in life!

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    Some Great Features

    I love Boomerang, and I've been waiting for them to develop a mobile app... they have a lot of good features right now, and like many of the other reviewers I'm looking forward to other developments. I reached out to the developers and they responded quickly and will be adding the additional features. In the meantime I have found a bunch of benefits over my other mail apps, so I'm using it as my main email app. The bigest thing I wish for that they would let me archive and or boomerang from the notification of a new email... that would be awesome. The rest are nice to haves. I love how it synced my email accounts (send as) from g suite. and it's settings/syncs are good. It's also really fast, reliable and has not crashed once in the two weeks I've been using it full time. Great Product, Great Team (responsive afaik), and scratching my itch... but PLEASE oh PLEASE give us an update with more of the requested features!

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    Good app - a bit glitchy sometimes

    This app works well for me. I like to keep it separate from my regular mail app as I have different emails for different purposes. It allows me to use the boomerang add on for gmail while the regular mail app does not. I can find though that the app can get a bit glitchy at times. There have been a handful of times where I’ll start a draft of an email and come back to it later and it didn’t save or just a few times where I sent an email but it didn’t send. These things haven’t occurred often, however. They have been rare occurrences enough that I still trust the app enough to use it and rely on it.

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    Great function but limited inclusion

    After my trusty email client that I've been using for years locked up the app that I already paid for in a change to a subscription service, I've been on the hunt for something new. I really enjoyed the look and feel of Boomerang but am disappointed in its small range of emails that it works with. To make an iPhone app that doesn't even work with iCloud email seems silly. For now, I will keep looking for something that will support all of my emails in one place. But I'd really like to give this one a go so I'll keep checking back to see if there are future updates to support more emails.

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    Great app but still a few kinks

    I love the boomerang features such as sending messages later, the ability to pause my inbox, the colors (lame, I know) and the easy swiping away features, but I’ve noticed I do not get certain emails every once in a while on it. I kept my gmail app when downloading boomerang and every so often I see a notification in gmail showing I haven’t read an email in gmail so I check it and it’s an email I didn’t receive on the boomerang app. Typically it’s an email chain from work that is extensive, so perhaps it’s because of that factor. I’m glad I don’t fully depend on boomerang though and still check my gmail app, even though boomerang is what I use on a daily basis.

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    Needs non-profit pricing

    Just started using the app, on the recommendation of a fellow school administrator. Thus far, I’m very impressed with the app-but not impressed enough to pay $15 a month to use it more than the 10 allotted allowances. I would encourage the developers to consider a nonprofit pricing for school district use. Most educators aren’t going to pay the $15 a month for their school account (many schools have moved to Gmail accounts) to use the product (even though it’s a great product).

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    Doesn’t work for me (FOR ME)

    Has crashed the last 5x I’ve tried to reply to an email. Phone and app are up to date (always). Emails do not display - in order to view them I have to hit Reply, and then scroll down and see the quoted text. When I finally get an email to display, I can’t easily reply because the entire 42-thread email is shown from the top (not at the most recent email). When I cut and paste (even in a blank draft), the pasted text is in a larger different font, as though you’re editing quotes text in a thread. I have no idea how I’m one of the only people having issues. So, maybe it’s just me. The reviews look to be pretty 5-star across the board. Really wanted this app to work for me. I have 3 different work emails, so always looking for the best client.

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    Major glitches. Be careful.

    I’m shocked at all the amazing reviews for this app. It has major glitches, and you should be very careful before using it. I am using the version for my iPhone. It is connected to my work office 365 email account, which I also manage using the default apple mail client. I just deleted the app, because I have repeatedly experienced the following two unacceptable problems: 1. Version-control issues where an edit to a draft made in the Boomerang client is overwritten by an older draft on the office 365 server. I have always used multiple clients to manage my mail (web, desktop client, and mobile client) and have never had this experience before 2. When editing a scheduled message, the message is sent immediately upon saving the edit rather than adhering to the scheduled time. The app also forces you to choose between saving and discarding a draft that you were merely reviewing. This is not normal behavior for any mail client I have ever used before. Closing an unedited draft should automatically save the draft back to its original location with no option to discard.

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    Good app - just some freezing

    I really love the boomerang app since it allows me to use the boomerang feature and set emails to be sent at a later date. But I find that it tends to freeze sometimes - not enough that it diminishes the use of the app, but enough that it can get a little annoying at times. I still like the app, however, and the freezing happens only a few times so I still value it. I also can’t seem to figure how to view my flagged emails on this app. It might be just me, but I don’t know where on this app you can look at just your flagged message.

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    Why is this app so great and so difficult?

    I absolutely love boomerang, most of the time. It’s a great service that I have used from its inception. However, the hit and miss reliability has caused me to waste a substantial amount of time. Even more so, caused embarrassing situations with partners and clients. Don’t understand why it should be so difficult to create an app that reliably schedules the sending time of emails. Jesus, you’d think that technology would be easy. Hoping they get their act together pretty soon. Make it user friendly. More than willing to pay for that service.

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    It’s getting there!

    I’ve been waiting for this app and it’s finally here! It has all the features I was hoping for! I’m giving it five stars aspirationally as it’s still a bit buggy and freezes a lot, and if you aren’t actively connected to the network like on the subway it sort of panics, but I messaged them and am confident these will be worked out in the next release. Keep up the good work!

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    Okay, but might not use

    I downloaded the app for my iPad and while I like the features there is one bug that makes it frustrating to use. I have three gmail accounts. The app will not recognize the images I have set for the gmail accounts. So for two gmail accounts, Boomerang shows my Apple memoji that is connected with my Apple account. This is make it difficult to know which email account I’m looking at or switching between. The third account shows a random camel picture. I cannot find a way to change the images for the different accounts.

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    Decent email client

    This is a solid email client, but it has one shortcoming that led to me picking a different app to replace Inbox (RIP, Inbox): you can’t set a browser preference. Tapping a link in Boomerang opens in Safari, and I hate Safari, so that was a deal-breaker for me. On the positive side, I love the radial swipe; it provides the largest range of options in a quick and intuitive way. Best of all, it provides visual cues—essential for me in a world where every app has its own selection of swipe gestures and I just don’t have the time or desire to memorize them all.

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Is Email Client: Boomerang Mail Safe?

Yes. Email Client: Boomerang Mail is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 4,183 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Email Client: Boomerang Mail Is 33.8/100.

Is Email Client: Boomerang Mail Legit?

Yes. Email Client: Boomerang Mail is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 4,183 Email Client: Boomerang Mail User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Email Client: Boomerang Mail Is 33.8/100.

Is Email Client: Boomerang Mail not working?

Email Client: Boomerang Mail works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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