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Rating 5/5 | 3 Votes | 2019-09-11

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About: Tixora lets customers search for hundreds of bus tickets in just a few clicks.
Headquarters: Madison, Wisconsin, United States.

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Product Details and Description of Ride MCTS

Riding the bus in Milwaukee has never been easier thanks to Ride MCTS – Milwaukee County Transit System’s official mobile ticketing and trip planning app. No cash, no schedule, no problems, just find the nearest bus, buy your fare and get on board all from the app. Simple as A to B. > Plan Plan your trip and compare routes using the step-by-step route planner See nearby stops and real-time bus arrival times View transit route schedules for each bus stop See your bus stop and the surrounding area using the integrated Google Street View > Buy Buy tickets instantly on or offline using Apple Pay, Venmo, PayPal and credit cards No need for cash Redeem multiple tickets for friends and family > Ride Ride the Milwaukee bus to wherever you want to be Get real-time updates and push notifications for service delays and MCTS announcements Save your favorite stops and track your bus stop’s popularity

Top Ride MCTS Reviews

  • By Wiley Coyote 2425

    VERY helpful

    This enabled me to avoid renting a car on a recent visit to Milwaukee. I flew in to MKE and hopped on the bus so to arrive at my Airbnb door for $2. I hadn’t used the bus since a kid 50 years ago but was quickly finding routes and purchasing tickets ... this ap distinguishes itself from others in that it does more than just show you route info, it tells you which set of different routes to consider. Trip planning is easy. You saved me a$100 last trip so a big thanks. Please talk to DC metro folks so they implement similar features

  • By tsukkomisan

    Easy to use and beautiful!

    I love the trip planning features, and it’s nice that the bus times are in real-time. I’ve tried using other apps in the past (apple maps, google maps) to try to locate my destinations, but you can’t always see your routes and stops on the map, so you don’t know where you are in relation to a route. It’s great that you can see multiple trips for your planned route, and even plan for trips in the future too. YOU CAN EVEN SEE YOUR STOPS IN THE REAL WORLD!!! This easily deserves 5 stars!

  • By RyanBreaker

    Surprisingly good

    I’ll be honest, this app is just about perfect for what it needs to do. As long overdue as it may be, this brings a whole new level of ease to the system. Plus, major bonus points for supporting Apple Pay! The only thing missing appears to just be the option to purchase different types of passes, such as week and month passes; the website says you can buy 2-hour and 24-hour passes but I don’t see the latter in the app.