FORMED Reviews

FORMED Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-25

Access thousands of Catholic video-based study programs, movies, documentaries,
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journey as you try to more fully understand, live and share your Catholic
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FORMED Reviews

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    Best Catholic Faith Booster Ever!

    I have been a Catholic all my life. My parents raised my siblings and I with the sacraments, the saints, the rosary and a Catholic education. My husband and I raised our children in the same way but sadly, the secular world as seduced them away from the “faith of our fathers”. Since I discovered Formed, I have learned so much about our beautiful faith and I find such comfort in learning more about the sacraments, saints and teachings of the Church. Watching the series “Presence” and “Forgiven” I was brought to tears of love to rediscover the joy of these incredible gifts from Our Loving Father! The audio series about St. Patrick and St. Cecelia were also amazing. My grandchildren enjoyed the Ryan Defrates series. The quality and entertaining potential of the movies about Maria Goretti, Mother Theresa, and St. Barbara have enriched my life and bolstered my faith. Any time I am struggling with an issue, I can get on Formed and find wisdom, grace and peace. Thank you for doing this great work for all of us in the Church Militant. Please pray for my children and grandchildren, siblings and cousins who have lost their way. God bless you all.

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    A library of encouraging resources

    I have used and enjoyed Formed since our parish signed up a couple of years ago. I’ve read ebooks, watched various bible studies and films, and enjoyed special devotions for Lent and Advent. It has been a blessing. I would like to see more resources on Catholic Social Teaching as I believe it would guide me as I seek to do my part in this broken, beautiful world. I appreciate the very short series with the Brother who draws so effectively (Brother Mickey?), and I would like to those in the parish. But I also need more in-depth resources for my own study. One thing I’ve found frustrating in recent months is that the app logs me out between uses (not every time; just sometimes). To get back in requires an email address, a visit to an email inbox, and a click on a link. It’s obviously doable, but when I have a just a few minutes or am on my phone, it’s a lot of steps and especially on my phone where I can’t see as well, I leave and read something else. I would appreciate a simpler process or just not getting logged out. Overall, though, I enjoy Formed and find it helpful.

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    Excellent Content!

    I'm not even Catholic yet, but there's so much good information here, a person can be well persuaded of the truth of Catholicism. My 9-year-old daughter LOVES Brother Francis episodes, and I do too. They are very well-produced and true to Scripture and (from what I know about Catholic doctrine) the Church's teaching. The computer animation is good, the songs are melodic and memorable for kids. Their Symbolon series was used in the RCIA course I attended. It is good, but to a degree an apologetic for Christianity against unbelief. As an evangelical with some training in theology, some of the defense of theism wasn't necessary for me. That said, as an RCIA series, that is probably good to have in there because the Holy Spirit draws people to Christ's Church from many different levels and types of belief. Brant Pitre's scholarly and Biblical explanation of Catholic doctrine is probably the best thing here. As a former Sola-Scriptura evangelical, I find his knowledge of Scripture and accessible explanations more persuasive than anything else I have encountered in my trip to the Church.

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    Filling the gaps during the Coronavirus

    I have enjoyed the reliable, orthodoxed Catholic resources made available in one place by FORMED for a few years now, but now more than ever, what a blessing FORMED is in helping us bolster our spirits and give us a forum to go deeper in prayer and faith formation while our parishes have closed doors. As we slow down our lives from the hectic pace we have operated undet for so long I see God’s gift ... drawing His children back to Himself. FORMED offers us such a great opportunity to take this time in history to learn something new, find hope and joy in the rich gifts of our Catholic Faith and fill the gap while we wait in great anticipation of the return to our blessed Sacraments of our holy Catholic Church. Until then, I pray those who are struggling will give FORMED a try, so they may allow God this time to grow some of those seeds of faith that have been planted within each of our souls. God bless you and keep you all.

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    My faith journey has been ENRICHED

    Thanking God for your apostolate! I have been greatly blessed through the easy, quick ability to access the materials you provide to enrich and encourage my faith journey! Converting to Catholicism has been beautiful, touched by His grace and also marked by trials. It took 7 years of exploring and RCIA classes. I was asked to leave my first RCIA class... thanking God for the rejection of that priest! Humility is key. Now at 25+ years of finding the fulfillment of my faith, I am edified intellectually, strengthened in my journey and still seeking sanctification through your beautiful ministry! I have incorporated a lot of your supportive materials while facilitating Adult Faith Formation at my parish. I know other ministries in our church also take advantage of your materials, as well as many individual parishioners we have encouraged to connect with you. I support FORMED! May the peace, joy and love of Jesus rain down upon you always. Thank you!

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    Thankful for Formed!

    I am so grateful for this app, paid for by our parish, at no cost to all the parishioners! I tell many people that they should give it a try, and they will love it! It offers a wealth of what I consider “continuing religious education”, never before available to me, that I can now enjoy in the comfort of my own home, even while doing dishes, laundry, or exercising on an elliptical! My favorite topics are the Bible study videos, particularly the Lectio Peter and other Lectio video series. The presenters are wonderfully knowledgeable and enrich my faith, with great presentation skills and a joyful outlook. I love having the opportunity to learn more about the Bible as an adult, which can be tough since local Bible study classes are often at times I have to work. After many years of attending mass, it is great to learn more about some readings that I have heard for years! It is an amazing gift. Thank you!

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    FORMED has so many great talks, podcasts, and videos! Many of which aren’t easily available elsewhere as far as I’ve seen. I have not yet listened to a talk that I haven’t enjoyed, and I have not yet failed to find something when searching for a specific topic. I would highly recommend this app to anyone seeking God who wants to grow in knowledge and understanding of the beautiful truths of the faith. If I have one complaint, it is that you can’t lock your screen when listening to audio because it’s formatted as a video. In the previous version of the app, that feature was available and I’m not quite sure why it was removed. Everything else about the update is awesome, but I do hope they bring that back in the future. It’s a pretty minor thing, but it really helped save battery when listening to longer talks.

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    Formed converted me!

    After considering myself Atheist for 13 years, I joined the Catholic church on Easter vigil of 2018 and formed had a MAJOR impact on my decision to do so! It all started with the movie, “Why would anyone ever want to be Catholic” and quickly grew into a full blown love of the faith! The study material that’s available through the app is usually very high quality, informative, and true to the Catholic faith! The only improvement I would suggest is to bring back the categorical browsing. After the recent update, I am not able to browse specificly for audio content, unless I already know what I’m searching for or I scroll down the “Explore” page which sometimes isn’t the most convenient in the car! However I love the app and content and look forward to seeing more!

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    Great content, app needs more features

    The content here is really terrific, but using the app can be frustrating. It’s a pretty bare bones streaming service which works fine if you sit down to watch/listen to a whole show at once. But heaven help you if you get interrupted and need to find your place again after the app restarts. This really needs a “recently watched” list, a “continue watching” list, and a “to watch” list. Ideally this would be stored in your account so it could be accessed from the browser version too. I’d also like to be able to search within a content type, for instance searching for a keyword and returning only podcast results or only video results. I really like the content but I am spoiled by other streaming services and podcatchers which really put this one to shame in terms of ease of use and keeping track of what you have and haven’t played.

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    Excellent resource!

    So grateful to have access to videos and audios that have helped my family and me learn and grow our faith! Growing up, we went to church every Sunday and I went through CCD, but didn’t have a relationship with the Lord until much later in life. There is so much “noise” and information out there but FORMED is definitely a resource I trust. The “Forgiven” series helped me be more comfortable with regular confession; “Presence” helped some of my doubts; practical audios helped me in my marriage and parenting; and the weekly Gospel reflections have helped our family prepare for Mass as we drove to church! Thank you to Augustine Institute for your quality work and ministry, and thank you to our church for providing parishioners access! All glory to God!

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    Scroll and scroll some more....

    OH NO! This latest update makes it more difficult to navigate. Just this Tuesday, I was trying to “sell” this Catholic platform to our Church’s Faith Formation leader and I was showing her the app and how easy it is (was) to navigate using the drop down menu where you could select “Watch” or “Listen” or ”Read” and once in it, you could scroll for different options (to include youth content). Now it’s all lumped together in seemingly endless scrolling which turns me completely off from wanting to use it. Sorry Formed team, this update is just not for me. 😕 Previous comment: I love this app with one exception: on a recent update, the book browser has made the books so small, that I have a hard time reading the book title on most books. I look forward to a change back to where I can read the titles of the books and see the book covers easily. Thank you.

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    A Lifesaver for raising a catholic family today

    We were introduced to Formed after attending a mother-daughter retreat with the Sister Servants in Birmingham. I have used it for my own personal spiritual growth but since I had to put all the kids in public school recently (after homeschooling for 13 yrs), we needed a way to still incorporate the faith on a regular basis. We have started doing regular “family catechesis” night and watched saint movies, listened to talks, and going through a series together right now. My kids are ages 19, 17, 15, 13, 10, and 3. There is more well done solidly catholic content on here than you will ever get through, and they are always adding more. Formed has been a God-send.

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    Such a blessing for our family!

    Formed has been such a blessing to our entire family! Our youngest daughter loves all of the children’s videos especially Brother Francis. He is helping her to learn and be excited about her faith. Watching it fills her with such joy that is infectious to all those around her. We also enjoy all of the wonderful new and old live action saint movies - they have really helped our family learn about the saints and celebrate their feast days. We have also really enjoyed the books and rosaries on Formed as well. Thank you for helping us grow and share our faith with others!

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    This has been life changing and has enriched My life in so many way !! I love Christ and all that are with him. There are so many facets of this site and of course the Bible and scriptures This has been a real learning experience beyond words. It is easier to be more engaging and devout when you understand what Christ was teaching us. Understanding the apostles and martyrs more opens My heart and fills me more with Christ love for us. I can hardly stop watch And meditating on this wonderful site. The theologian breakdown The scriptures for us so lovingly and passionately. I’m so blessed to be part of this!! Gratitude is too simple a word for all that is presented here!!

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    Amazing resource

    I love formed! The seasonal reflections are helpful in keeping my attention focused on the real reasons we celebrate Christmas and Easter. I’ve listened to many talks, often with my children, so that we can discuss afterwards and it helps teach them our faith. I am just blown away by the amount and quality of the content available on formed. Our parish has a subscription, and I am constantly recommending it to others. The fact that it is online and available 24/7, helps serve the needs of those who would like to learn more about their Catholic Faith, but are unable to participate in studies at the parish.

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Is FORMED Legit?

Yes. FORMED is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 5,042 FORMED User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for FORMED Is 76.0/100.

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