WearFit 2.0 Reviews

WearFit 2.0 Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-18

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WearFit 2.0 Reviews

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    Did someone say battery?

    I received my tracker and charged it a full 24 hours before use. First day it was great. Battery lasted almost three days. Was not expecting the quality of the expensive ones so I thought I can be ok with it. Now it spends more time on the Charger than my arm. Charged it for over 24 hours and batter is almost gone in approximately 13 hours. Why bother. Instruction manual was a very difficult to read and understand. Extremely tiny print and broken English directions. It also said it would monitor BP, but doesn’t have that icon. It has 2 programs that I still don’t know what they are for and it won’t keep the time on 12 hour instead of military. I also apparently never sleep. It is waterproof in the shower and it did keep track of steps and HR, but only during charged times. I tried to send feedback through the app, but it won’t take it. Red flag!! I wasn’t expecting the dynamics of a more expensive tracker, but I believe I have wasted my money on this one. Lesson learned. You get what you pay for. I’ll get a new Fitbit.

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    Wearfit 2.0

    The watch works on its own but it does not communicate with the app. The app was downloaded twice, and I turned my phone off and turned it back on again, and it crashes in 5 seconds. As soon as the app is opened it crashes. Please fix it. I have tried removing approximately 10 other apps from my phone just to give it more memory/space...that did not work. It crashed anyway. So I tried downloading the previous wear-fit app. That one does not crash on my phone but it will not bind to my phone. It cannot connect to it. So I am left with a watch that does not have an app to use with it. My phone is an iPhone 6S +. My IOS is 13.3 and it is up to date. Please fix the app so that I might use it. If you can’t fix this app then please have the previous version, Wearfit, (the white and green one that has the green heart with the white person inside with outstretched arms), recognize my phone and watch because that one does not crash on my phone. I can see all the pages and things it does. It just doesn’t recognize the F8 watch, which is the watch I have.

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    My app identifies the watch as W3 - the heart rate and blood pressure are not correct

    The blood pressure is way off from a real cuff it is useless. The steps track with what my phone says , I took off the watch and compared it with the watch later it was close. The display only scrolls down can’t back up so if you pass the screen you want you have to continue to scroll to get back to where you were. I like looking at the weather, have not found where to set this. Like one of the other post the English portion of instructions are vague. For the cost it will track time and steps not sure I trust the other functionality of the watch.

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    At least the HR is relatively accurate

    I tried to send in feedback through the app, but it wouldn’t submit it so I will just put my feedback here... 1. There should be HR alerts for when your HR goes over a certain level. I’m impressed that the HR is accurate for the most part, but I would still like to be alerted if my HR is abnormally high when I’m not exercising. 2. The HR data should also cross over to the Health App on my iPhone. The steps cross over, so why can’t the HR data cross over also? 3. The sleep quality evaluator only gives me a 3 hour increment and I know I slept more than 3 hours. For last night, on the home page with all the little boxes it says I slept over 7 hours, but when I go to the sleep page there is no data. This function needs work.

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    Tracker seems fine but app and instructions are awful

    Got my tracker yesterday and spent several hours trying to figure out how to bind the bracelet to app and how to set things up. Still haven't figured out the "training program" and the"take exercise" part. Instructions are minimal and in very poor broken English. I would suggest hiring a native English speaker to write an actual instruction booklet. I did wear the tracker to water aerobics today and it still is functioning so that's good. There were three things I was looking for in a tracker 1 waterproof for swimming 2 heart monitor 3 affordable. This one filled the bill. I just hope I can figure out how to take advantage of all the features

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    My Analysis

    Cosmetically it’s great. But I have questions! Instructions are not clear! I Tried to send feedback through this app. It kept saying “feedback failed.” Can I reply to a text message that I have received through the watch, is what I would like to know? Does the watch have a speaker? And, why does the laser come on in the middle of the night while I am not wearing it? The watch shows Celsius instead of Fahrenheit? After I have push my patients around for an hr & I sit down for a few minutes, the watch tells me to “Get up & exercise!” Thanks 😂! I’m not sure if this purchase was a good decision!

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    Tracks steps and heart rate but forget the other features

    I totally agree with the other review. Have a native English speaker handle all English instructions. Many times you can’t figure out what they are trying to say. Some features on app do nothing. It’s a very basic device that is good for step tracking and checking heart rate. I would add good as a watch, but now mine is incorrect. It was an hour ahead so I synced it with the app and now it’s an hour behind. It’s inexpensive, so no problem. If you want more, buy something else. Oh, now time was corrected as I was writing this!

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    Don’t waste your money.

    This is a Chinese knockoff. The instructions are so tiny I had to get a magnifying glass to read them and even then they are not in clear English and very choppy. I did go swimming in it this morning and now it doesn’t seem to be working well. My BP won’t take and my HR is constantly 98 and won’t change to any other features. I completely charged it yesterday before wearing it and it has not been 24 hrs and the watch is already at 40% battery. So it won’t make 24 hrs without recharging. I will NOT be ordering things from China again. They take too long to arrive and they are usually cheap junk.

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    Like but

    I like this app and my watch but I have a problem with my Facebook notifications. I have a makibes watch and I use this app on a I phone se. I was getting my Facebook messages for about a day and now I don’t get them anymore. I love the watch so can anyone please help me get my Facebook messages back. The notifications are turned on I’m my app and my phone.

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    Crashes - Developer please read

    Nice idea, seems to run OK at first and lets you see live monitors etc., but upon the second and subsequent launches it crashes every time even after force-closing it. Last status I see before it crashes is “Loading”, on IOS 13.3.1. Upon investigating, I found that if you turn off Bluetooth permissions then it loads ok and doesn’t crash, but isn’t connected to the watch, so the crash bug appears related to to the Bluetooth watch connection. Please fix and I will adjust review.

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    Excellent smart watch

    I just received it appears to be very accurate, and has Many very useful functions....... after several hours of trying to learn this new watch I have found that the app will not stay open on iPhone XS, making it very disappointing to try to use..I open the app and it disappears within 2 seconds

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    I really love it。It work out fine with me。I checked my blood pressure several times each day。The day I forgot to take medicine it shows。My sleep condition is poor quality and it shows good condition is the day I took sleeping aid。So I know it works。It connect to Iphone and is easy to use。I figure out it‘s function a little each day。It will be helpful if I can find Q&A.

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    The app needs help.

    Ok the watch is great! The heart rate is accurate, the watch does a great job, I love the watch.... but I feel that the app needs a lot of help. I feel that the app only works half way. It doesn’t log my sleep only records the hours I slept, for example it shows that I slept for 7hrs and 28 minutes but has no data for the sleep. I can’t seem to log my take exercise or exercise program. And the only thing it shares with apple health is the steps. So if someone could just fix these issues everything would be great!

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    Instructions are not very good. I cannot get it to use regular time. Only showing navy time. I tried out the find phone and it would not leave that screen. Tried to find a manual online but no luck. Finally had to rebind. Did rebind and had to wait a day for it to reset to standard time. Now when I try to go into app it will not stay open. It starts to connect and then goes right back to iPhone home screen. Soooooo frustrating. After a day it keeps flashing back and forth between connected and no connection. Watch is useless without app.

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    Not bad

    Ive had this watch for a while now and its been pretty useful to me. For some reason though it disconnects from the app on its own and then it takes a long while for it to connect again. Normally it works pretty well but for some reason last night it kept vibrating every 10-20 mins. This is the first time this has happened and ive had it for a couple months. It gives a pretty good estimate of blood pressure and heart rate etc..

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Is WearFit 2.0 Safe?

Yes. WearFit 2.0 is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,327 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for WearFit 2.0 Is 50.8/100.

Is WearFit 2.0 Legit?

Yes. WearFit 2.0 is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,327 WearFit 2.0 User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for WearFit 2.0 Is 50.8/100.

Is WearFit 2.0 not working?

WearFit 2.0 works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 19 Comments

By Cliff Maldow
Jun 19 2021

I've been trying to contact wearfit on a umber of issues but I have been ignored. No response s
I am very frustrated.

By denis gill
May 01 2021

APP works fine after these steps. 1. install APP and set up. DO NOT CONNECT AT THIS STAGE. 2. turn on flight mode, turn off bluetooth, turn off WiFi. 3. connect through APP. thats it, time automatically sets on watch, good to go. turn off flight mode and WiFi, blutooth will turn on via the APP automatically

By Stephen Pollard
Apr 30 2021

Prior to using the watch I fully charged it and linked it to my android phone. Within 24 hours the battery was flat and since then unable to be charged. While it's not an expensive watch I did expect more than a few hours value out of it.

By Stephen Pollard
Apr 30 2021

I recently purchased on line a Wearfit 2.0 Smartwatch. After charging it I tied it in with my android phone. However the battery died overnight and since then has not been able to hold a charge. As the watch was purchased in China can the battery be replaced, and if so, how

Apr 27 2021

WEARFIT APP will not work and watch will not conect to wifi this junk is useless shame on you for not testing and having pride in what you make its just greed i hope you go broke

By Ron Himebaugh
Mar 12 2021

Inadequate instructions, can't gety the date/time and don't know how, no info on line and the instructions with the unit are useless. First impressions are this is junk. Second impressions, after several hours are that this is junk. If clock doesn't set tomorrow this wrist crap is going back.

By Bob
Feb 24 2021

Ok so here is my experience with the software and watch. First for the watch to work properly it needs to connect to the software. When I tried to register in the software it would not send the verification code. Do not enter a password when requesting the verification code. Only enter your email and then click on send verification code. Then check your email and place the code in the box and add a password. It can only be numbers and letters. The first time I tried this it did not work. The next day I requested another verification code , entered the password and it registered just fine. Make sure you charge your watch for at least 3 hours before attempting to connect to the software. After I charged my watch I could not get it to turn on even though it showed the battery was fully charged. I reconnected the charger and waited for the watch to show the battery was fully charged again and after removing the charger and waiting a couple of minutes the watch turned on. Don not connect the watch to Bluetooth through your phone settings. You have to bind it through the software only. If attempted to connect through the settings delete the connection and then bind through the software. After doing all this I was able to setup my watch through the software and everything up to now appears to be working just fine. Hope you have the same results.

By Ed Tettelaar
Jan 31 2021

When I play music from phone it comes from the watch.
When I look movie the sound comes from watch.
When play Youtube, sounds comes from watch.

I don't want that.
Pls help.

By Rajesh Pathak
Jan 26 2021

I am using opta sb 212 smart watch. On my mobile in the app I am not able to see data for day, week or month. I was not able to see anything in the setting. Can you help.

By Ian
Jan 21 2021

Phone app sees band and shows good bluetooth but just will not connect. Would like some support if at all possible cheers,

By Martin Doole
Jan 14 2021

Bought first Wearfit in June 2020. Lasted one month. Replaced by supplier. This worked for 2 months then display disappeared. After a further two months I recharged it and it came on again. After 2 weeks it wouldn’t connect to iPhone so is telling wrong time and won’t link to app, although display is showing. Very unreliable and not worth the hassle. Please suggest how I might make connection again.

By Harry Kroitoru
Dec 31 2020

1. Wearfit 2.0 app has suddenly stopped polling data from watch (all data) (T03 & W8)

2. Wearfit 2.0 app & device crashes while trying to watch movement data - either historical data by date & also current movement ...

By Pat
Dec 20 2020

Hi,watch dus not charge at all, have tried many days!!!!!

By Donald Chung
Dec 04 2020

Just got this and it won’t even come on or charge

By Pj
Nov 30 2020

Lost blue tooth connection and can’t get it back. Time and measurements inaccurate. Instructions translated from the manufacturers native language to English are garbled and not easily understandable. If you need the functionality supposedly provided by this equipment, then, in my opinion, look elsewhere even if it costs more. You get what you pay for.

By M Harris
Nov 11 2020

App will not download to my Samsung note 20 ultra. So it makes the watch i purchased worthless. Any suggestions or am I just out the money because you have a bad app

By Peggi Clark
Oct 16 2020

The watch is inexpensive for a reason. It doesn't work. None of the measurements are accurate and now the time and date doesn't sync. It is hours behind and the date is 5 months behind. Plus will not stay connected wifi. So keep loosing all past records. I've had the watch for less than a month. Don't waste your money on this one.

By Diana
Sep 27 2020

Wearfit 2.0 app has stopped displaying sleep stats. Worked well for a month but now shows nothing. The other data shows as it should. I've uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times.

By Monnie Pack
Sep 06 2020

I have no settings on the watch what so ever. Will not connect to wifi. I would look d not reccomend this product to anyone. I have tried for 3 weeks to fix it and cannot m.j

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