Lake: Coloring Books Reviews

Lake: Coloring Books Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-02

◦ Apple Design Award 2017 ◦ “A beautifully designed, best-of-breed
coloring app.” - Apple, Inc. Seeking to relax through creativity? You came to
the right place! Welcome to Lake. Go ahead, feel for yourself why millions who
are already brushing their stress away with us keep coming bac...

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Lake: Coloring Books Reviews

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    There’s availability differences on the new version.

    I really enjoy using the Lake app. However, I am a bit disappointed with this update. While it IS aesthetically pleasing, I am a bit disappointed that many of the formerly free designs are now locked. There are an array of new designs available that are free but it’s frustrating that many of the designs that you might have been working on in the precious version are now unavailable on the free version and now locked down and you cannot access them. In addition, if you put together a gallery in the past of all of your finished work, the gallery is now empty and you must restart again. Many of the items that were in my gallery are now locked down for the paid version and you cannot receive them without subscribing to add them to the gallery. The spoonflower designs are always fun to do but now they are no longer free. Previously, the entire collection was available on the free version. Now there are a couple available otherwise you have to pay for the paid subscription.

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    It is a nice coloring app, but.....

    Lake is a nice coloring app, probably on one of the better ones out there because you can actually color and shade each part of the drawing. The overall drawings for coloring are awesome and very unique, you won’t find these kinds of drawings anywhere else, which is another reason why lake is a top choice for me. The overall experience is nice and the final results almost look like a real painting, it’s really quite a bit different then any other painting program I’ve tried. Lake doesn’t overwhelm you with a bunch of tools and such, it gives you what you need to get great results and let’s you concentrate on your work. Selections are easy and the navigation is simple, I just wish there was a way to rotate the canvas while working, I often have to rotate my iPad to compensate for this. They are also are having a killer deal right now on subscriptions, I signed up for a year and I’m really glad I did, so far I’m loving it.

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    Great coloring app but various new bugs?

    I used to use this app all the time, and forgot about it for a few months. I tried a few different coloring apps and this was the only one that stayed on my phone. That being said, I came back to it recently, colored for a while and when I locked my phone to do something else, 90% of the progress I made over ten minutes was gone and the picture was nearly blank. So disappointing! Later on, I was going through pages I started but never finished from a long time ago. I clicked on one I wanted to complete and it turned black. Like every section. I selected hot pink and clicked a random spot and it filled it in, it literally just filled all the spots with black and I took forever layering colors in that particular picture. There was no undo button either when it first turned black, there was no going back from that. Super disheartened that my experience coming back to this app is dusted with disappointment when this used to be one of my favorite apps.

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    Some mixed feelings here

    Overall, Lake is a great game. I love that you can see other people’s art and support them. But the amount of art you get (for free) is not fair. There are 60 coloring books, which seems like a lot, but you only get 1 coloring page for each book. It makes the number a LOT smaller when you think about preferences; my brother, for example, doesn’t want the ones with flowers or “cute” things. I don’t really want the ones with monsters and such, and sometimes I don’t like the artist’s style, the art itself, or I just don’t like a specific thing about it, which only gives me about 20 things to color— and that is about the size of a 7-year-old’s coloring book. The one-a-day coloring pages are occasionally cool, but they’re usually simple designs that don’t leave much space for creativity. I think it would be better to let you have more pages without having to pay. Maybe you could watch an ad to get a page?? Besides all that, I really do think it’s a good game.

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    Yeah.. no... not paying for an app that’s supposed to be free

    I can’t watch to unlock locked Images. I would like that as a new person to the app I already saw expensive subscriptions. It looks good but needs ads to unlock I wouldn’t mind a limited amount per day but having no option to unlock things with an ad is definitely worth a deduction of the rating. Heck even ads to unlock like 2 or 3 for bigger or more intricate designs would be great but so far the daily picks the only one any type of appealing to me was locked behind a paywall. Oh definitely a pay wall XD legit daily and like 6 pages are free so NOTHING I would find appealing would be free... make this a paid for app if you are going to make nearly everything paid for. Or just don’t have an app maybe make coloring books to buy but yes definitely wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. it’s a lying app that makes you pay for any type of in my opinion interesting content but leaves you with nothing if you won’t pay them for the “free” app that contains a paywall as wide as the wall of China. Only been like 5 minutes and already uninstalling.

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    Was Worth Every Penny

    Edit: There are some bugs and issues with the new version that I hope can be worked out soon. Social media sharing doesn’t interface well, the app frequently clears the active coloring when saved to the gallery, and there’s no way to edit a piece that’s already in the gallery. The new interface is good, but these issues need to be solved to restore it to its previous rating in my mind. Previous review: I played around with what I could access for free for a bit (which is quite a lot!) before deciding to subscribe. It may seem like a hefty price tag for an app, but I’ve been following a lot of these artists and illustrators on Instagram, and watching their artistic journeys make it worth every penny of support. I’m all for supporting artists without reward, but when the reward is a really well-made app with intuitive controls and endless possibility, that’s hard to resist. As a try before you buy person, I did really appreciate the free content and how it felt as representative of the whole product as it could be - it really lets you sink in before you take the subscription plunge and best yet - no ads! I’ve been using it on my phone and while I might prefer a stylus and a bigger screen (and less skin oil smeared across my screen), the controls don’t feel compromised at the smaller scale, which shows forethought in its design.

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    This is amazing. The layout /UI is Unique and powerful. I’ve only used the free version, but it’s still a good app. 1. Everyday I login to get myself 1 more free picture. 5. There’s a really cool color wheel to choose your colors from, however it still feels kinda limited, especially the Reds, as it’s like a little blip on the wheel but blue has what feels like half of the wheel. (The paid version has a weather color wheel, so it cycles through weather palettes, but it still doesn’t look like it has more reds) 2. There are countless Artists and each of them have a free drawing. 3. There are a few categories at the top of the design that are totally free. 4. One of those categories is simply a “free” page, where you can draw whatever you like. 6. Once you finish a drawing you can put it on the gallery, but that doesn’t mean you have to delete it to recolor that piece! You can duplicate it and start over and have fun experimenting with different colors! However, that’s one point where I’d like to see improvement. It’d be really awesome if we had access to a ‘black pen’ which sections off our page like the real artists do. I also would like some amount of Opacity control, though that one isn’t super important simply given the style of the app.

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    Innovative tools, better art than most

    The tools are cool. A bit like a certain well-known photo editing program, you can choose brush size and type. Lake allows a truer coloring experience than most of the “tap to fill” coloring pages do. You can really express yourself with their coloring tools. The color palette is a mixed bag. I like the way it's set up for the user to select colors from. Sort of like a cross between a digital palette and a Pantone swatch. At first, the color selection seemed amazing. But after you do a few pictures, you begin to feel limited. There are no bold colors, no "true" colors--that is, there's a carmine red but no cherry red. I’d like to see a wider range of color availability. After giving it much thought, I became a subscriber. The quality of the art is what sold me, but I’d like to see more artists added more frequently.

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    I love this app. Color in from fantastic real artists, or create your own. This is so much better than any coloring app I’ve found so far. You can fill each space, but you can color outside the lines with any width with a paint brush, artist brush, spray can OR the fill bucket. You can also prevent coloring outside the lines, or mix it up. I would happily pay for this app if it were affordable. I support artists with my money, especially local; but on our end, it’s still an app. In a world filled with digital subscriptions one begins to realize that they add up and quickly, so I reserve mine for work or the very special. This one IS very special, but too much, especially since I can’t indulge in it daily with demands from kids, work, aging parents, and community events. For me, for a pleasure app, even if it supports a cause I believe in, the most I would pay per year is $40; and that would be if it were my absolute favorite. One suggestion would be to add a purchase option to buy by the each. Then, the people like me, who love the app but are busy and careful about digital spending, could purchase as I have time to use it. I could color one or two at a time and get more as I go. Thank you for the superior app.

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    Why did you have to change?

    Lake was a great app. It was recently updated and the for what it’s worth, the interface has changed for the better. However, things they said would not be taken away from you if you subscribed (even for a month) have now been removed and hidden behind their monthly sub fee. Now, if you do not finish your painting and your sub runs out, the painting now becomes locked until you resubscribe. Same thing with collections that were previously free, such as Spoonflower. The amount of free paintings is now dramatically reduced as well. Overall, I’m disappointed. If I could buy collections or even artist books that would stay unlocked as long as I purchased them, I would in a heartbeat. As it stands now, paying $8 a month (or $60 a year... what a _steal_) is a ripoff if you’re just going to take away everything from me if I can no longer pay the fee.

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    Everything’s great except...

    The app is really beautiful. The different tools and coloring books are really gorgeous, I just hate one thing: the in-app purchases that are everywhere. I only have access to a few pages that are free, and with the new update, I can’t even go back and color my other ones that I’ve started before because now they’re locked and cost money. I wish you could just buy one coloring book instead of having to subscribe for a month or a year. In-app purchases is one of the most frustrating things on this earth for me, so if they were gone or even if they just costs less, it would be a more enjoyable experience for me. Other than that, beautiful app.

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    Please read!!!!!!!

    I love your game but I would like it if you could make to where the people who don’t want to pay for the subscription could earn coins. For example, when a person completes a picture they earn a certain number of coins for completing that picture. Depending on how difficult the picture is that is how many coins you get. With these coins you can unlock pictures. And you could charge money for coins. Say someone wants to buy 100 coins you could charge 2.99 for 200 coins you could charge 4.99 and so on. I feel as if this would make your app gain more money and people would enjoy your app better.

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    Best coloring app

    I swear, I have tried dozens of coloring apps but it truly feels more like hundreds. I’ve found a couple decent ones, most I wasn’t impressed with at all though. That all changed when I found Lake. This is hands down the best coloring app available. I especially love that subscriptions and in-app purchases are an option but not absolutely necessary to enjoy the app. There is a wonky little thing with the color selector occasionally where I’m trying to zoom in/out or otherwise just move the screen while I have a color selected, and it will somehow switch my color. But other than that, the app is seriously perfect.

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    Fun interface, horrible auto save

    I loved coloring with this app. It is great for releasing my mind and getting in love with color. However, i have had 2 different paintings (out of the 3 that i worked on) not auto save correctly. There is nothing worse that having part of your art removed so then you have to start over again. I have sent an email to tech support with no response. This is the second time. The color wheel also would be great if it could have more options. The paint brush can be to fat at times for intricate works. The 2 stars is mostly for the frustration of auto save. Also, it would be good to have a tab that has “my purchases” rather than assuming that everyone has the subscription. Haven’t tried other apps, but this one is okay if you doing the painting in one sitting only.

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    Thank you guys for the update, even though now is a little bit less accessible for me since are more great arts for coloring but I have to buy...I can wait, not like other reviewers that state that can’t or are picky with things. (For those I recommend to use a great device, I mean good capacity to come and go from one to other task and don’t blame the developers for something that must be run by the type of “smartphone “ or tablet) So, within this weird times in our world, KEEP CALM AND STAY AT HOME coloring or playing or puzzle or well, use whatever app your device can run well. Have fun developers and users and keep safe and healthy

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Yes. Lake: Coloring Books is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 39,485 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Lake: Coloring Books Is 75.3/100.

Is Lake: Coloring Books Legit?

Yes. Lake: Coloring Books is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 39,485 Lake: Coloring Books User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Lake: Coloring Books Is 75.3/100.

Is Lake: Coloring Books not working?

Lake: Coloring Books works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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