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Maximize Your Bike Performance. With the smartphone app, you can easily update
firmware and customize electric shifting in addition to the e-bike assist power
program. -Maximize the trail ride with customized settings in your own
image. -AUTOMATIC SHIFTING not requiring any gear shifti...

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    Kind of pointless

    Come on Shimano, you can and NEED to do better than this! While the app does work with the e8000 on my Scott Genius, I find the features laughable compared to the Specialized Mission Control. The only thing useful, to a degree is the ability to change the power settings in Trail and Boost. This would actually make more sense to have access to from the display of the bike and how often will you do this anyway? There is no other useful info, no total hours or charge cycles. No actual percentage of battery charge aside from the bars also shown on display and battery itself. Specialized can even monitor and adjust power levels based on the amount of miles you plan on riding! I expected way more from a company the size of Shimano who also sells more Ebike systems than any competitors. The e8000 is great, how about spending more than 45 minutes developing an app that can really showcase it’s abilities?

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    Heed the warnings you read here, fellow Di2ers.

    First day with my bike, and I had the EW-WU111 ready to go. Everything was working fine until I opened this app, then my system was bricked. I managed to restore it all, tried again, and bricked. Don’t bother with this horrible software. If you do end up shutting down your entire Di2 system, unplug each of the cables from the junction box, and disconnect the junction box from the battery. I also had to unplug the Di2 wires at the derailleurs. Plug everything back in and you should be good to go.

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    Worked once, that’s it.

    I had made a successful connection and setup for my new GRX Di2 groupset. After that, I couldn’t reconnect to it. I can see it available for connecting, but I get an error message. When it did work, the app was a little clunky and was not very user-friendly. I think some changes need to be made to the app that make it easier to use, and there are bugs to work out so the app can better function.

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    Worked fine for me

    I was able to update the firmware of the power meter on my shimano crank just fine. I did it twice over a few years, no problems or bricking or anything. Maybe I got lucky, but it did it’s job.

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    Does NOT work on all iPhones

    The app hangs when connecting to the Di2 Bluetooth unit. This is a much reported issue and even though Shimano says that this app version (3.4.4) should connect to iOS 13 the problem remains: the app hangs!! My phone: iPhone 11 / iOS 13.3. Will I be forced to pay over $100 for the primitive Shimano hardware display for DI2? Dear Shimano, I usually love your products but eTube is what software used to be twent years ago - buggy, problematic to install, unreliable. You can do better than this!!

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    Fix for brick?

    I had the same issues others complained about with the shifting locking up when using the app. But at least for me, disconnecting the Bluetooth seemed to get everything back to normal with everything configured. The app itself works, but was a bit challenging to navigate. I’d rather use the full version, but there isn’t one for Macs.

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    Tried to update my DI2 using this mobile app and it bricked my system. It would not shift, nothing, absolutely unresponsive. A quick search online and I found out that this is a common occurrence. In most cases, unless you have a special PC interface you’ll have to take your bike to the shop to have them update the software. Someone said should sue Shimano for this piece of crap. I wish I could give it a negative 5 stars for the time and money it cost me. Next time I’ll buy Sram.

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    E-TUBE app has bricked 2 bikes

    This software actually has the ability to ruin your bike. I updated the firmware upon the E-TUBEs recommendation. The update failed in the middle of the install. Bricked the battery which no longer responds to the usb charger. Trip to the bike shop needed now. Followed all repair suggestions but don’t have the extra PC hardware to fix it. The charger to PC solution didn’t work. Unplugging the battery didn’t work. Just terrible software. Thanks Shimano.

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    Works as intended

    So got a bike with Di2 and download this software, read the reviews and freak out. I had no issues what so ever and the SW worked as intended. was able to change settings and update firmware... Not working for Shimano or anything..

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    Works again under ios13

    Thanks for the quick fix. App now connects to di2 and lets me change settings and update firmware successfully.

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    Failed big time!

    I hope that most people are more fortunate than I was. Installed this app, began communication with my DI2 unit, began updating software and the unit crashed leaving my bike completely without power and therefore unusable. As I write this review I still have what amounts to an unusable and very expensive bicycle. This is the most recent Di2. My old Di2 NEVER had issues like this.

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    Bricked my entire Di2 system

    Downloaded the app, connected to my Di2 via Bluetooth, got prompted to upgrade the firmware on multiple components, junction box upgrade failed at 50% and bricked my entire system. Tried numerous things I found on the web, finally had to download the equally crappy PC app to restore the junction box. Wow can Shimano do better.

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    Do not use unless you want your Di2 to stop working

    This app is TERRIBLE. It’s Bluetooth connectivity is worthless. Firmware will begin then stop within a few percentage and then your Di2 is worthless until you can use a PC to actually complete the firmware update. This should not even be an option on the app

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    Don’t buy a Di2

    I’ve been a shimano fan for 20+ years and I’m extremely disappointed with this app and di2 overall.... shimano stick with mechanical if you want electric shifters go with other brand. Just both a full dura Ace di2... power meter, wheels and everything and this thing will not connect to the app.

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    Immediately upon connecting the app to my bike it completely froze the entire system. I’ve read many reviews here on the App Store as well as many user forums that this problem is very common and requires a complete reboot of the system on a PC. Absolutely horrible customer experience.

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