Ate Food Diary: mindful eating Reviews

Ate Food Diary: mindful eating Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-02

Remember, HEALTH IS PHYSICAL, MENTAL & EMOTIONAL (+ SOCIAL). Focus on all four
to discover your true potential! Ate is the most mindful & easiest to use Food
Journal ever. It only takes 3 taps to log a meal. Try it out today! Ate let’s
you: - Quickly capture meals using photos. - Easi...

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Ate Food Diary: mindful eating Reviews

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    So far, so good!

    I’ve been using ate for about a week, and there are several things I love about it: 1. Flexibility. The app allows me to define my own goal, how I want to try to achieve it, and which factors I want to track. 2. Ease. Tracking calories is tedious, especially if you cook a lot of your own food, and it can be impossible when you eat out. And really, I know when I’m making healthy choices and when I’m not. With ate, all I have to do is take a quick photo (only momentarily awkward over lunch with colleagues) and follow up later to answer a few questions about it. 3. Positivity. The app encourages me to think about how I make choices about food and how those choices make me feel, rather than focusing solely on calories or weight goals. This seems more sustainable — if I feel better today because I ate better, I’m likely to continue eating better, instead of giving up because I’m discouraged by my slowly changing body. I also like that the app subtly encourages me to aim to be 70% to 90% on track, as a reminder not to get down on myself for occasional treats. 4. Graphs! I love data. And since I tend to compartmentalize poor dietary choices from meal to meal and day to day, it’s exactly what I need to give myself perspective on how I’m doing overall, not just today.

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    Great app

    I have been using this app for maybe a week or so. Before finding Ate, I tested multiple fasting apps and nothing worked well or was set up good. I don’t even think I want to fast for the reasons on other apps. This app is GREAT. I’ve always taken pictures of my food and saved them, especially when I cook a meal or fix a healthy breakfast for example. Ate allows me to see what I eat in a day and it lets me record how it made me feel (I LOVE this part of the app because I struggle with how food makes me feel). I also love that it adds options such as “who did you eat with?” and “where did you eat?” Overall this app seems perfect for me and I hope I continue to use this to track my food habits. The only thing I can think of that I could suggest is to add a way to type something instead of just selecting “Happy” as a feeling for example. I’d like to be able to write a small sentence or come up with my own words as to how my meal made me feel. Same with the others like “where did you eat?”. I ate outside today for breakfast and that was not an option to put down. Other than this, I love this app!!

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    Exactly what I was looking for!

    I love this app! I wanted a food diary thing, but don’t want to track calories or even type in every teaspoon of oil I use to cook my dinner. I love that I can quickly type something in, and the photo aspect is unexpectedly great! It’s quick to snap a picture and it motivates me to add things like fruit and vegetables to my plate since I’m visually more apt to notice that I’m skipping them and just eating a sandwich or a piece of toast. I also like the freedom to change what is “on path” for me - since it’s not specific to one type of eating. I really love the little arrow that encourages me to make a healthier choice for my next meal if I do go off path - it’s not judgy and unlike other things I’ve tried, I don’t tend to feel like I’ve “ruined” a day with one meal or food, so I’m more likely to just move on and eat something that is better for me at the next meal rather than derail and start again the next day (or week or whatever!). Thanks for such a helpful tool!

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    Fantastic and amazing!!!

    This is only my second day using the app but it has brought me such peace and joy. Taking photos of my meals felt strange to me at first but what I realized is that it really promotes mindfulness and reflection. You can make notes that go along with the picture, creating a new kind of ritual practice that slows down your meal nicely and easily. I like all the tracking in terms of hunger level, satisfaction, etc. But perhaps my favorite thing of all are the “experiments” you get to try. The one I chose to start with is to take 2 deep breaths before eating. Even that simple act allows me to connect to my body and spirit so that I can listen to my physical and emotional needs. My lifelong struggle with stress eating has been exasperated due to the COVID-19 situation. I didn’t want to spiral back down into the overeating so I found this app. I couldn’t be happier, calmer, or feeling more grounded around food. Thank you to the creators and developers!!!

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    Perfect for my needs

    I have downloaded every meal tracker app available on the App Store it seems, but nothing was exactly what I was looking for in till I found ate. I just need a simple place where I can write down or take a picture of what I’m eating, which is enough to keep me “on path” without the stress of calorie counting, trying to search a weird database for what I ate, entering the exact quantities of what I ate, or having to report to a health coach. The design of this app is pleasing, it’s easy to use, I like the questions they ask you after your meal so you can reflect on whether you made a good choice or not and why. I’m grateful to the makers of this app for understanding that not everybody wants to spend their entire life counting calories, even if we still want to be healthy. Thank you! I am strongly considering a subscription, but the free version has everything that I really need, so don’t let that scare you off from downloading it :)

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    Total Game Changer! 👍🏽👍🏽

    This app has become a cherished part of my every meal. It helps me to be mindful of the food choices I make by gently reminding to put as much thought in my choice of food as I would my choice of clothing for the day. I am so proud of myself when I hit that “On Path” button, it’s motivation in itself to make healthier choices. But even when I do go “Off Path”, this app obliterates the usual shame and guilt I would normally feel and helps me treat myself better. I love the photos feature! Now I find myself arranging my home-cooked meals all fancy like a restaurant would just for the fun of it lol. And a huge bonus is that I can share these photos with friends and family members which then inspires them to eat better too. The cherry of top of this already delicious app is that its free version, unlike MANY other apps I’ve tried, offers a great experience even without going premium. I can record my food, take notes, and best of all not get bombarded by the ads to go premium. Never once did I feel limited by the free version. It’s that aspect alone that tells me the developers care about their users and makes me want to give them my money lol. I can’t afford to at this time, but down the road I hope to be able to open up the extra customization that premium offers. My thanks to the developers for making every meal a celebration!

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    I have only been using this app for one week, but I love it so far!This app is so motivational! I have set a path to focus on eating small healthy meals throughout the day- choosing a variety of veggies,fruits and healthy protein! I love how easy it is to snap a picture to log my eating. I can easily see what and how often I ate throughout the day. Stopping to take a photo before I eat something really makes me more thoughtful about what I put in my body. I have also loved plating my food to make a “pretty” picture - instead of snacking out of a bag, I take the time to plate my snacks now! It’s actually fun! I love the questions that are asked after eating- I have really focused now on eating at a table not on the couch or in the car. I rarely eat with my phone or while watching TV, I enjoy my food and listen to my body more when I feel satisfied- rather than stuffed or the bowl is empty!

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    I used to use myfitness pal like it was my job. I developed a horrible eating disorder as I constantly was concerned about exactly how many calories I put in my body and terrified if I couldn’t track it. This app is a lifesaver. As I’ve been in recovery for a while now, I’ve gained some weight and am just curious about my eating patterns. I want to target my emotional eating, but more my feelings and motives behind it, not how many macros are in it. Having an app to just take pictures of what I eat, document whether it works for my goals or against it is SO amazing. I can write as little or as much as I want about the experience and can really pinpoint where my emotional pulls are. I really thank you because I considered going back to myfitnesspal, but I was concerned about my previous habits creeping up again. So nice to be able to document in such a user friendly way ❤️

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    The only food tracking app I have consistently used with success

    This app is a game changer and I’m so happy I found it. I have struggled with binge eating and an unhealthy relationship with food for the better part of my life. The app is like a picture food journal that lets me track what I eat and the emotions that go along with it. In turn my entire perspective on eating has changed and I have developed a healthy and mindful eating pattern. If you are struggling with disordered eating this is the app you’re looking for. Even if you’re just trying to loose weight and be mindful of what you eat THIS IS THE APP YOU'RE LOOKING FOR. I have tried other food tracking apps and they don’t compare to this one. It’s super helpful too that they give you a day “recap” where you can see what you ate and what you were feeling/why you ate at the time. This will help anyone’s fitness journey. 😊

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    Love the simplicity!

    I have wished for a long time for an app that would give me a way to track my food without listing individual ingredients or requiring calorie counts before meals could be logged. I am so glad to have found the Ate app! The design is brilliant and as easy as it gets. I appreciate the questions to answer after each meal, especially the two, “Why did you eat?” and “How did it make you feel?” That has been an interesting exercise for me to think about after eating, and helpful for changing some of my habits. I also appreciate how easy it is to scroll back through the past days/weeks to look over what I was eating and be able to see how my meals are changing over time. I find it incredibly motivating. I have tried multiple apps for food tracking, and always gradually dropped off from using them. But, with the simplicity of this one, I expect to be using it years from now.

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    Almost Perfect Food Journal!

    It’s a really fantastic app, there’s a lot I like about it - for example it uses data from your camera roll to date your food inputs if you upload photos that way, but you can still easily change the date and time of meal inputs manually if need be. I also like the “recap” function for seeing my daily progress all in one place. LOVE that it tracks my fasts between days too. The only thing I’d like different is that when you first open the app it opens to the apps camera, and since I upload photos from my phone’s camera roll it’s not necessary for me and maybe others as well. It’s a little thing, of course, but I’d rather just see my daily path so far when opening up the app. Sometimes I like to change the picture I used for a meal too, would be nice to be able to swap out the photos without having to delete an entire meal and then input it again.

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    Perfect Balance

    I’ve tried every diet on the planet. I used to think it was fun tracking my macros. In the end it’s nothing but a obsession & for WHAT? Possibly losing a couple pounds, weighing & measuring everything only to eat dinner at a friends house & blow the whole thing. Let’s face it that’s no fun. So I tried keto no thanks, next OMAD with no restrictions that was the best so far however I found myself overeating & hungry by mid afternoon & obsessing over dinner. I’m one of those people who like to try different ways to eat and I have a love- hate relationship with tracking it. I found this app & I'm still intermittent fasting using a more intuitive approach & making my first afternoon meal smaller then I can have a normal size dinner & I’m not starving. Taking pictures is perfect because I can get a visual which honestly is more than sufficient to see how I’m doing. This app is Awesome!!

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    Aid to mindful eating

    I’ve tried zillions of diets and apps over the years, losing weight fast or slow, but usually gaining it back. I’m convinced that the only way to achieve and maintain a healthy weight is by being mindful of what you’re eating, how much you’re eating, and when you’re eating. The ate app is a great aid to being mindful. Prompts, adjustable for the times you usually eat, nudge you to not only look at your plate but take a picture to remember. You don’t have to do anything right then, just capture the image and decide if it’s “on path” or not. You decide the path, you decide if it’s what you want, no outside rules, no calorie counting, just a quick pic and on-path or not decision, then eat. You’re prompted after a bit to review your meal, which is where the mindfulness comes in. You get to reflect on what you ate, where, with whom, and how your meal made you feel. Again, no harping or hard work, no scolding, just you reflecting on your meal. This mindfulness seems to magically curb what you’ve been doing and guide you to think about your food and what that means to your weight. You can go back and edit your evaluation, add a meal you forgot to grab a picture of with a text description, even share your meal with others if you want.

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    I really love this app. I needed a way to watch and be aware of my eating that didn’t make me feel restricted, guilty, controlled or so seriously eating disordered that I became paralyzed and consumed by fear. I know what to do, but totally resist being “ told” or managed by someone else. This app lets me choose MY path and focus on what I know I want to work on. There is no frowny face or judgement when I wobble... just a little jog in my path. Photographing my meals instead of entering what I ate one by one on a list totally works for me and gives me a visual way to see if I ate enough color during the day. There is no target other than on path or off, and a percentage that I can improve on tomorrow. When I’m at a loss for what to eat, I’ve got a whole gallery of previous meals I can refer to. Thanks for making my food life easier!

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    Awesome! LOVE this app!

    I’ve always hated logging what I eat because it’s too tedious, time consuming & detailed. But YouAte makes it so quick & easy. All you have to do is snap a quick pic. Even if you don’t enter it that moment you can go back whenever, import the pic & it will automatically enter the time you took the pic. I love the reflection questions as well that help you think more about why and how you’re eating. It also has a pie graph to show you how much of your eating is for what reasons & it keeps great stats on how much time you go between meals. The layout is simple and attractive. This app makes food journaling/logging/tracking so much fun! You can even share it with friends to keep each other accountable & encourage friends in eating better! LOVE that! Everyone should be using this app!

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Is Ate Food Diary: mindful eating Safe?

Yes. Ate Food Diary: mindful eating is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 6,998 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Ate Food Diary: mindful eating Is 63.2/100.

Is Ate Food Diary: mindful eating Legit?

Yes. Ate Food Diary: mindful eating is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 6,998 Ate Food Diary: mindful eating User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Ate Food Diary: mindful eating Is 63.2/100.

Is Ate Food Diary: mindful eating not working?

Ate Food Diary: mindful eating works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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