TipTracker - track your income Reviews

TipTracker - track your income Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-27

With Tip Tracker, you can easily track your hourly income, hours worked, and
tips. Here are some great features that Tip Tracker offers: • Track multiple
jobs. • Visualize your income by year, month, or week with beautiful
graphs. • Input data quickly with our built-in calendar. • Find...

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TipTracker - track your income Reviews

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    I definitely enjoy this app, however, it would be amazing and BENEFICIAL to have a tip out section!!! My job has servers tip out the host and bar based on 2% of our food/alcohol sales. Since it is OUR money we are tipping out, it would be extremely helpful if all of that data could be entered and shown in the weekly/monthly/yearly logs and charts!! I can add that info in the notes but there isn’t a way of knowing how much it is without going back and looking at every note I’ve entered and calculating individually. It takes entirely too long to go back and do that at tax time 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 Please look at adding this in ASAP!! THANK YOU! 😊

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    Total Disappointment

    I used this app in 2018 specifically to keep track of tips so that I knew what to report on my taxes. However, once we were into 2019, there was no way for me to go back and get the 2018 data. When I selected the app, it was because I could supposedly view the data “by year”. However, that is totally incorrect. You can view all the data in the CURRENT year. Tracking “by year” implies that you can track data over multiple years. Trying to pull the data to do my taxes yesterday, I discovered that there’s no way to go back to 2018. I cannot view it at all - it is totally gone. All my time spent carefully tracking my tips was a complete waste. If there is a way to view the previous year’s data, it isn’t obvious. I can’t even get to settings without approving an in-app purchase, so I don’t even know what settings I can change. I’m not paying for something unless I know it’s going to resolve my problem. I’m so disappointed that my time and effort was wasted on this. If I ever end up working another job that includes tips, I’ll just keep a ledger. It’s low-tech, but at least I know I won’t be disappointed.

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    Love it so far!

    Works great for what I need which is to track my tips and hours. I was using pen and paper for a couple years before I realized there’s probably an app for that! So far I really like this app because it’s streamlined and simple to use and provides different ways to view my tips and wages. I also like that I didn’t have to create an account but I’d be able to backup my data as necessary. I’ll probably pay to access more of the features but the free version provides a lot already. What I’d love to see is a calendar view like some of the other apps. I liked tracking on paper (I used a calendar style) because I could see the whole month at once and how I was trending on specific days or I’d be able to easily refer back to the same time last year to compare how much I was making. Great app overall. I plan to continue to use this one.

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    How to delete days?

    App is awesome, I love everything about it except that I can’t seem to figure out how to delete a day. I was scheduled to work a shift so I input the information for it and plopped a 0 in for tips, so I could go back to it after work. But I ended up with the night off so I have nothing to input there. But now it’s a big downward spike to 0 in my monthly graph :( and I can’t find any email or help in a menu or settings anywhere lol!

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    Like it but some issues

    I really enjoy using this app however it makes it a little hard to calculate since there is no way to calculate your tax withholdings .. unless your working off the books (under the table) this really won’t accurately let you know how much your making in total I love that you are able to separate jobs. this feature works really well for me as I actually have 2 jobs I do like to keep my funds separately for the most part however I do wish that there was a feature that can show you your earnings as a whole.. ( I guess I can just add the two up) it’s not too much of a problem Overall I love the concept,

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    A Little Buggy

    I just downloaded this app, and it seems great so far! It has all the features I’m looking for. Unfortunately, every time I try to input both credit card tips and cash tips in the advanced view, the app crashes and I have to start over. The only way I can get around this is by putting total tips in the cash section in the basic view, which almost defeats the purpose for me of using the app. Would be perfect if this were fixed!

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    Only one qualm...

    I recently got a new phone and my data didn’t save from one device to the next. Would be nice if you can have your info attached to an email address.

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    New update terrible

    I appreciate that you tried to add a new feature to improve the user experience of your app. Thank you for taking the time to do that. In the new update there is no option to just put in the calculated hours and when I tried to put in my start and end times I kept getting an error message that they were formatted wrong. I tried civilian time using the am/pm buttons and military time. Neither worked. Once I was in the screen to input information I wasn’t able to back out of it. Please go back to the drawing board, you’re almost there!

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    Easy to use and very useful stats/visual representation

    Very intuitive, visually pleasing, and as someone who works multiple jobs I love the statistical comparison- both numerically and visually. My only note would be (this may be particular to me): I don’t exactly get an hourly wage- X for a single shift and 2X for a double. I would really appreciate an update that would allow me to enter my wages as shift pay divided by hours to determine my hourly wage (before tips) rather than hourly wage x hours to determine shift pay.

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    I love it

    Other trackers I used would allow me to separate cash and card, but only show me the cash totals. I love that this one shows me cash and credit separately, as well as hourly and weekly overall totals. Much easier to keep track of every detail. The only suggestion I would like to see is to add Pay periods to the overview area, to make it a little more seamless for people like me, paid bi weekly, but not the usual pay period days format.

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    Pretty helpful app!

    Definitely much better than my previous system of logging my hours/tips on random scraps of paper! I really like the feature that breaks down your income and shows you over time what your average hourly is on different days of the week. The two things I would add would be: a way to easily log overtime.. right now I’m just manually calculating my overtime and adding it to my tips since my tips go on my check and get taxed like my hourly but would be super annoying for cash tips. Which brings me to my second suggestion.. a way to calculate taxes & withholdings and suggestions for how much to claim/set aside for taxes for cash tips. Still very helpful, thanks!

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    Very nice, but...

    As a hairstylist, I know my commissioned sales for the day. To input on this app, I need to enter an hourly rate (not too difficult, daily income/ hours) which then calculates my daily income, which was the number I started with originally. It would be nice to have a toggle switch to change from “hourly rate” to “daily income” (or similar). Otherwise, amazing! I am more accountable! I will recommend to my coworkers!

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    It’s okay...could be more user friendly and simplified.

    I like the app as it is simple, but it bothers me once I input for the day, I can’t click on the calendar for that day, and see what I made. I have to navigate through the app..and even then it’s hard to see what I made for just that day without clicking 4 different buttons to find it. Just needs some tweaking.

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    Great app!

    I just started using this and I’ve been in the industry for over 10 years! Love it but I wish it helped you calculate the tip percentage for you so I don’t have to manually do it on my own. Other than that, the app is perfect. Super user friendly and I like that you can edit the time checks.

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    Days of week?

    I am enjoying using your app but I think everyone would benefit some from having the days of the week shown on the details summary page. Nothing too drastic - just have Sept 4, 2018 (Tu). Just to let us know which day of the week we are looking at. Thanks

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