TradingView: Track All Markets Reviews

TradingView: Track All Markets Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-20

TradingView is a social platform for traders and investors to improve investing
skills to maximize profits. Get access to free charts, discuss trade ideas and
strategies with more than 11,000,000 traders worldwide. Exceptional
Charts Stunning charts that are free to use. They outperform...

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TradingView: Track All Markets Reviews

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    Nice and sleek app that can be improved even further

    This charting app is fast and sleek, what truly is powerful that it mimics pretty much all chart functions of a main web application, including chart markup and annotations, zooming in and out with a pinch (an indispensable feature for any Mac/iPhone user) and multiple watch lists. There are some areas of improvement that can make it even more usable: 1) Reliable and fast sync between multiple instances: for example, if annotation is added in the mobile app, often it won’t show up in the web version (even with refresh) and vice versa. 2) Flipping through charts within the watch list: at the time of this review the app requires user to go back to the watchlist and select next ticker. In the web version navigation is much easier and more intuitive (with up/down arrows). 3) Among other minor improvements to consider: * Make iOS app more consistent with web version by adding features like Flagged watch list * Add support for multiple flags (by color) - use case is basically as a user you’d want to flag tickers based on some different criteria: bullish, bearish, etc.

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    Ok, but in the end not as good as using web browser

    I’ve been using trading view for a few years now and I was pretty excited to see an iPad app. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough thought put into the design of this to make it a replacement for the web browser version. 1. The list of instruments on a separate tab is so painful... you have to toggle back and forth and its really disruptive to your flow. Also no ability to sort your watchlist by name, %gain/loss, or anything else? That’s not good. 2. There is no total % gain/loss on the chart... it shows it at the top but its relative to the timeframe you have, which is crazy. Show me the % gain loss for the day like you do on the browser version... that’s a no brainer 3. No favorites on your drawing tools. That means I have to click three times to get a trend line... that’s again a terrible design choice 4. Timeframe selector across the top of the screen, making it as hard as possible to reach it with your fingers and again requiring multiple clicks to get what you want. Here’s how that should work. Near the bottom left of the screen I should be able to press and hold to show me all my timeframes, then slide and release to select the one I want. All in all, almost isn’t good enough here. TradingView needs to spend more time thinking about use cases and design ergonomics.

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    Great Start

    Love TV! Great iOS app, clean interface to put all the important tools right at your fingertips. Only major request to make this a “5 Star” app is adding the “Edit Gear” button next to the indicator title (by the “X” button to close the indicator, just like on the web app). Sometimes double-tapping an indicator doesn’t work properly, this would make things fool proof. Other wishlist items: photo button saves photo to album (instead of just copy link), alternatively gives the option to automatically open link in Safari to manually save the photo. Minimize the lower bar - tons of screen space wasted for 5 buttons (maybe just make those 5 buttons a drop down option like the tools/timeframe/etc). Add split-screen, maybe iPad-only? And finally, Pine editor please!!!

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    Start over with a new developer

    Do not add gimmicky holiday snow features to a professional trading app. It was a terrible idea. You might as well have put a fart button next to the watchlist that is how much of a step back this choice was. As others have said the snow doesn’t stay off and it was only interesting for a moment before searching how to disable it. Screen space is already limited on a phone anyway. Editing lock button needs to be hidden away in settings and stay on/off even after closing the app. Many times I have scrolled the chart only to have moved a drawing by accident. Most serious traders edit their charts on desktop and monitor trades on the phone while they are away. There’s less often a reason to draw on the phone app. In place of the lock button should be the hide/show drawings button. This single button to display a clean chart would be a huge benefit for this app and I’m surprised it isn’t already there. Keeps trying to change my charts from dark mode to light and I’ve never used light mode on any device ever. Time interval changing would be better as it was before without a pop up screen. People are not satisfied with this app and after a bad review is posted a vague 5 star rating pops up. A new developer with fresh ideas of how this app is supposed to look and work should be considered by TradingView.

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    This is extraordinary!

    The ungratefulness of some users disliking this app is self-entitled and quite disappointing to say the least. I mean not only is the app offered for FREE, it's also AD FREE! The developer has probably invested tens of thousands of dollars to fine tune it to the near perfection it is today. I've been trading for 11 years and have downloaded and tried tons of apps. Tradingview is by far the greatest. I ended up saving a huge space on my phone by uninstalling 3 different applications (one for commodity and oil prices, another for forex and currencies are and the third for technical analysis). Tradingview beats the three of them combined. I'm grateful to whoever designed this and offered it FREE to the community. Thank you!!

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    Definitely Worth It....

    One of the best charting apps and sites on the web... Especially for the cost... If you’re on the fence, give it a shot... and make SURE that you dig deep into all the features they offer.. The cost is MINIMAL compared to sites/apps like eSignal, etc... and it does pretty muchly everything you need to trade with technical analysis IMHO... I use TOS and TradingView to do my scans, and then most of my charting and trade plans are done through TradingView before I trigger them (to another broker).... the mobile app is great to use while on the go, to create and view alerts, etc... Again.. the cost is MINIMAL compared to other services/apps/sites.. its definitely worth a trial run and paying for a month to test it out.. Just make sure you give it your time and use it until you check out everything it offers.. I didn’t use it enough when I started trading, and could have saved a fortune testing out other services if I would have just dug deeper into TradingView.. The site and the app simply marry beautifully... Good luck everyone.. Trading is DEFINITELY not for the faint of heart..

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    Love this app! One issue though!

    I’ve been using this app for 2 years to follow crypto’s, and I wouldn’t use any other app. I do have one recent complaint that I’m only including in a rate because I can’t find a customer service email to message. Coinbase recently added $XRP to their app, and this app did a great job of getting a chart up in a few days. The only problem I have is the ticker doesn’t carry out the decimals far enough, for a coin that trades at less than a dollar, every fraction of a penny counts, but the chart on here only carries out 2 decimals, (ex. .30, .32, .50). If you could update the chart to carry out another 2 decimals, (ex. .3014, .3234, .5064) that would be amaaazinnnngg!

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    It’s one of the useful app for traders

    I love a lot about this app and use it daily while away from my computer. A new update came for charts that when you need to change time frame instead of tapping and choosing time frame now you tap opens a new window and then you can choose time frames. Honestly previous version was much much faster to do that. Now I’m doing double work. Please bring it back how was before. I don’t need a new window pops up every time u need to change charts time frame. I’ll update my review if things will change back again.

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    5 Stars If There Was a Better Alert System

    I've been using TradingView PRO+ for years on desktop. It’s hands down the best charting platform. The mobile version obviously isn’t as good as the desktop version, but it’s still great for analyzing financial instruments on the go. My only major complaint is that there’s nowhere on the app where I can see all of my alerts (whether I set them on desktop or mobile). This is annoying if you create a lot of alerts, because you have to go on desktop to see and edit them all in one place. The alerts log isn’t enough, because it only shows triggered alerts set on mobile. If this is improved I’ll rerate this app 5 stars

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    Good but needs Serious work.

    The app is very frustrating. I just want to be able to hide my drawing tools & indicators without having to delete them entirely. This feature is already native on the desktop version. I don’t see why it can’t just be added. Additionally I think you guys should make it easier to switch through custom chart layouts. I just want to apply my custom indicator settings to the current currency pair without having to switch to the currency pair that’s saved on the layout. My last complaint is with regards to the iPhone X version of the app. When the app is in landscape mode, there is a lot of space that’s not utilized at the bottom of the screen. If these issues were fixed, I’d rate this app five stars.

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    Amazing resource, yet needs more features on mobile

    TradingView is an amazing resource for traders and investors of every level. There is no other product currently offered that is easier to use and as smooth and responsive as TV’s web browser experience. The mobile app is a welcome and handy offshoot, yet leaves out some of the amazing features that makes TV my go-to charting application. The main omission is the lack of sortable watchlists. This simple feature would be of great use to me and its quite mind-boggling that it is not yet implemented in this app. Anything the developers can do to make the app more like the browser experience is a win in my book. Cheers to the team and keep it up!

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    Overall pretty good but there is room for improvement

    I find myself using the browser more than the app for a couple of reasons. Maybe I am missing something but I can’t seem to edit indicator settings in the app. Something is going on with sync that causes the app to take priority over changes made in the browser. Unless I remember to completely close the app and re-open all the changes I made in the browser get erased. Open app > switch to other app in background > open in browser > make changes to charts/watch lists > save > open app again > everything gone > open browser > everything gone

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    Top of the line charts and indicators

    What can I say! Amazing app! Lightning fast when changing from one ticker symbol to another! Crisp and clear resolution, the only thing that I would like to see in the future is: indicators that I Hide in the Web Based TradingView, the app does not give me the option to see them, the indicator name shows a little darker, but not a choice to activare and hide them again. I have to delete the indicator and search for it to add it to the chart in order to use it. Just a small add on for a future update!

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    Could be even better

    Trading View is amazing. This app is good also but it could be a lot better. Simple options and features are missing. I have the premium version but I can’t access some of those features on the app. The addition of alerts is great but I am only able to edit alerts or add them through trend lines. I just want to be able to view them as I do on the website. The main feature I do not see is the stock screener which is one of the main reasons I use trading view. Also I did not see a way to contact the developer through the app to ask questions or request features.

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    Best charting app, but what’s up with snow?

    I use your app religiously throughout the day to chart crypto. As of the last update you’ve added a let it snow feature. As I use a black background it is very pronounced and distracting over long periods of watching candles dry. While I find it cute and a nice touch for a short time, I find the need to turn it off nearly as soon as it begins. The issue being that it continually turns itself back on! I have turned off let it snow 15 times in the last 4 days and it will not stay off. Please address its unwillingness to leave my charts alone. Thank you,

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Is TradingView: Track All Markets Safe?

Yes. TradingView: Track All Markets is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 60,027 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for TradingView: Track All Markets Is 51.8/100.

Is TradingView: Track All Markets Legit?

Yes. TradingView: Track All Markets is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 60,027 TradingView: Track All Markets User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for TradingView: Track All Markets Is 51.8/100.

Is TradingView: Track All Markets not working?

TradingView: Track All Markets works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a TradingView: Track All Markets customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using TradingView: Track All Markets.

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