Habit Hub: Routine & Schedule Reviews

Habit Hub: Routine & Schedule Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-08

Organize your daily life to form good habits. Download and get the Simplest and
Easiest experience to get organized and perform your daily routine with routing
habits and daily to-dos and tasks Key Features • Plan your schedule daily
– Plan each habit perfectly with a time range to...

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Habit Hub: Routine & Schedule Reviews

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    Complete life changer

    I hardly ever write reviews but this app deserves it - my life has completely changed in the past two weeks. I was having a really hard time and was in a dark funk for over a month. I knew I had to get back into my healthy routines but I’m one of those people who will meditate and exercise five days in a row and, decide I am cured, get bored/distracted, and avoid my routines for weeks (or months, if we’re being honest). I am stubborn in my discomfort. It finally got bad enough where I decided to get back to ALL of my healthy habits and STICK to them, so I started researching habit tracking apps. I found this one and immediately liked it so much that I happily paid for the full version. I have done all 13 daily habits almost every day since I got it (there is one habit that I really have to force myself to do that I’ve skipped twice). I feel so much better. I love the customizable reminders and the custom Siri command options. I love that I can easily track my progress by week or month, and see how I’m doing with each individual habit. I can not recommend this app enough. Pay for it - the free one is great, but I promise you, the full version is well worth it!

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    The Greatest App!

    I have been using this app consistently every day for the past several months and it’s the only thing that’s worked for me. I have a strong tendency for forgetfulness and it frustrates me (and everyone around me) to no end. I used to-do lists daily, alarms and reminders on my phone, post-it notes, you name it and nothing worked until now. This app keeps track of all my daily tasks and goals and when their deadline is. It gently reminds me throughout the day to complete the task until I get them all done and I found out that THIS APP REALLY WORKS!!! I’m completing ALL my tasks and goals daily when they would have been forgotten about otherwise! I totally recommend this app for anyone who has trouble keeping track of things or just simply wants to become more organized or more goal focused. I use this app for all of these reasons and I can honestly say I’m very grateful to have it!!!

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    Fantastic Habit Tracker!!

    I am really enjoying HabitHub. Very intuitive to set up and use, clear interface and lots of options for customization. The breakdown of stats is helpful too. It lets me know how I am doing at a glance but doesn’t make me feel like I’m failing. Ex: I did 100% on many habits but not 100% on others. I feel I have a fresh start each week because I can swipe/look ahead and strive to do better. I like how it’s broken down in to best streak and also percentages. I have changed a lot of my behaviors for the better because of this app! Only feedback would be to not have a habit be “overdue” according to its START time. Make it overdue based on END time, please. I give myself a range of time to complete each habit (ex: 9am to 10pm) and it shows that I’m late if I haven’t done it by 9am. THANKS!! Love this app!! I recommend it to my life coaching clients too.

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    I love this app!

    I’ve been looking for something like this - simple to use but with enough features to set things up the way I like them. I love everything about this app- and very reasonable. Well worth the lifetime cost of $2.99. Other similar apps were very pricey and they were too complicated for what I wanted. I would like to be able to choose a start date for recurring reminders -particularly for the every two weeks reoccurrence option. I could choose the day of the week but not which date it started. I just wanted to remind myself to take out the recycling every other Monday (I know I could use my calendar app) but wasn’t able to choose which Monday to start. I will wait until next weekend to add that entry and it should work out just fine. Other than that, it’s perfect! Thank you!

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    Awesome App

    This app is just what I need. It has ALL the key features to help me to be more productive. I haven't had it for long, but I'm already seeing an improvement in my productivity. Seeing my progress for the tasks helps to motivate me and let me know which areas need improvement. I can see at a glance which tasks are behind or what's coming soon, so I can either do them or reschedule. I do not have to spend a lot of time updating my schedule because tasks can occur one time or automatically repeat for the next day when completed. The ability to add tasks to categories keeps me organized. I can display a specific category if I want to focus on that category. Another amazing feature is I can add a timer to a task to help me to stay on track and manage my time better.

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    Pretty straight forward and simple to use

    I think HabitHub is going to be the one to help me! Going to give it a little bit more trial and experiment as I compare it with others. But HabitHub has taken an early lead because it is pretty simple and straightforward. I also appreciate the one time purchase fee. (I really dislike annual subscription fees for software.) Others can be simple too, but they also get buttered up with a bunch of extras that I don’t care for. Just makes the app too “fat” or something. The only reason I don’t give five stars right now, is because there’s something confusing about the time that HabitHub says I’m due. Every time I go to edit something about the habit, it always resets to orange saying I’m overdue, even if I just checked in five minutes ago. I think I have figured out the workaround for now. Iron out that crinkle and you get five stars from me!

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    Awesome App!

    I'm the most scattered and disorganized person on the face of the earth, and coupled with ADD it's extremely difficult to plan my day, and even harder to get everything I want to done since I get distracted by every single stray thought and shiny object. Then along came HabitHub (cue inspirational music) and for the first time in, well, ever, I've been able to plan my day and actually do everything I want to do every day. I can adjust the reminders to however many I want (which is a lot) and customizing my day is limited only by my imagination. I can't praise this app enough, it has been an absolute lifesaver, and has helped me immensely to organize my life and get on track. I highly recommend this app, it helps me with my ADD and... Hey look, a squirrel!

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    Takes some getting used to, but very powerful

    I highly recommend using the free version a few days before buying this app. It doesn’t have the functionality I was hoping for, but it does have a lot of complex options not available on many habit trackers. The app allows you to track completion of activities, but it doesn’t really work for “avoid” habits, such as no more than 3 desserts a week, maximum 1 soda a day, etc. Setup is not as intuitive as other apps I have used, either, but once you figure out what each setting actually does, they become very helpful. Though I really like the circles display for tracking completions, it takes some experimenting with the settings and options to make it function how I want. The developer is also very responsive and willing to try implementing desired changes. This is a good app with a strong potential to be the best.

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    Great, Simple, Useful

    I’ve been using this app for a while and it’s been going pretty well. It does a very nice job of tracking the daily things that I normally might forget to do, and I really like how it analyzes and displays my progress weekly, monthly, etc. One of the best things is that the premium version is only a one time payment of $2.99, which I think is absolutely worth it. Almost every single other app I’ve looked at wants monthly or annual subscriptions that are way more expensive, and none of them are as good. The only thing I would want to improve on is to be able to sort all of our daily tasks into their own groups instead of having them all listed together. Maybe have tasks sorted into Health&Fitness, Education&Studying, Personal Growth folders that we can make ourselves with the corresponding tasks in each one. Then we would be able to track each group as a whole as well as each task individually, and we can see which aspects of our life were improving more on and which ones we need to give more attention to. Overall, great app!! Very simple, easy to use and a great tool for people who might me forgetful and negligent towards themselves. Would definitely recommend, but could still be improved.

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    Tried them all. This one works for me.

    I'm suchhhh a procrastinator. I would frequently look for apps that help me stay on track with my life. I found a lot of interesting ones. More complex than this one. But this one sticks. I'm motivated to click DONE on this one and continue my streak of completing my habit. The fact that they just added sounds to nag me as a reminder is a saving grace. Right now I'm doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shreds and I love logging my workouts. I also need to drink more water so I have one for that. And one for going to bed by a certain time bc I'm an insomniac. I've never wrote an app review but this app has helped me so much I thought why not. G2G I'm failing at going to bed early yet again. At least I'm doing my workouts!

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    Love it

    I like that there is a separate calendar for each "habit" that I can review over the month and track my history of completion for everyday. I like how simple it is to go in and click that I've done my chore and leave a note. I track my running progress. I click done everyday after I run and I can view how many days of the month I went for a run. The green circle around the date when I review tells me I ran that day and the red circle tells me I didn't. There is yellow shading on the date I left a note which is easy to go back to look at and remember something that was important about my day in connection to the "habit" topic. It is easy and convenient to use this apps

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    Buy the Upgraded Version!

    I love this app! Upgrading my review from 2 to 5 stars after a really awesome customer service experience that resulted in the team releasing a whole new version with a fix to include my favorite feature: a timer can be started with music playing in the background, and when the steps change the music will fade, the voice prompt will play, and the music will play again without any interaction needed from the user. If that wasn't enough, they even made sure to give the music a gentle fade in and out. Thanks, team! I love it!!

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    Great but Limited

    I LOVE everything this app has, but it’s missing some key features. I really wish weekly goals could be a little more generic, like “3 a week” as well as multiple selections for one occurrence like Monday OR Tuesday. Another limited feature is the monthly options. There only the option for the 1st, 2nd...etc, and I can only choose one. An option to choose more than one is important, as well as the option to choose “the 1st Wednesday” or “the 2nd and 4th Tuesday” or “every 2 weeks on Thursday”. In addition, multiple monthly selections will need the same flexibility as the weekly options mentioned above. A less critical feature that could be neat to add, but had no effect on my rating, would be annual goals.

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    I don’t write reviews. This is a life changer.

    I was not diagnosed with ADHD until last year at age 25. Medication has helped tremendously, but I was missing something. Paper or whiteboard lists worked ok. Timers helped. But I could never remember to use them consistently. Habit Hub is a surprisingly simple but infinitely helpful app. It has significantly improved my relationship with my fiancée because I am actually getting stuff done and holding up my end as a partner. My confidence and happiness have skyrocketed! Thank you HabitHub for being that last piece of the puzzle for me.

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    Great Find

    I looked at over 20 Apps trying to find a simple way to track tasks in multiple ways. This one is the winner by far. It’s very intuitive and easy to use. If you looking for a way to track repeating tasks and build new habits try this out. You won’t be disappointed. The free version will let you teach three habits which is more than enough to test out the App. To track an unlimited number of habits it’s only $2.99- that’s less than the coffee I’m drinking that will be gone in 20 minutes.

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Is Habit Hub: Routine & Schedule Safe?

Yes. Habit Hub: Routine & Schedule is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 5,882 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Habit Hub: Routine & Schedule Is 63.8/100.

Is Habit Hub: Routine & Schedule Legit?

Yes. Habit Hub: Routine & Schedule is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 5,882 Habit Hub: Routine & Schedule User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Habit Hub: Routine & Schedule Is 63.8/100.

Is Habit Hub: Routine & Schedule not working?

Habit Hub: Routine & Schedule works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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