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GameTrack Reviews

Published by on 2024-04-09

About: GameTrack is an iOS and iPadOS app that makes managing your video game
collection easy and enjoyable. Use your GameTrack account to share your gaming
activity with your friends.

About GameTrack

What is GameTrack?

GameTrack is an iOS and iPadOS app that helps users manage their video game collection. It allows users to organise their games library, keep track of their progress, view charts and statistics, link their PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam accounts, and share their gaming activity with friends. The app also offers a GameTrack+ subscription that provides additional features.



- Organise games library with backlog, archive, and wish lists

- Create custom lists, including ranked lists

- Search for games using IGDB and view related information such as platforms, reviews, rating, screenshots, and videos

- Keep track of games owned and progress through them

- View charts and statistics of ratings, game completions, genres, and platforms

- Link PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam accounts to see games and trophies/achievements

- Sync library across devices using iCloud

- Share posts with friends using GameTrack account when adding, finishing, abandoning, or wanting a game

- Switch between dark and light themes with multiple colour tints and custom icons

- Hold down on games to show a context menu with quick actions such as rate or share

- Customise lists using poster and banner images from own photo library

- Get notifications when most anticipated games are released

- GameTrack+ subscription with additional features

- Manage subscription and turn off auto-renewal in Settings > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > Subscriptions

- Payment charged to iTunes account when purchase is confirmed

- Terms of Use:

- Privacy Policy:

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Key Benefits of GameTrack

- Overall design and emphasis on the games

- Ability to track completion of ongoing games

- Ability to import games from accounts

- Customization

- Database issues

- Visualization problems

- Syncing

- New design is flawless, easy and intuitive

- Discover section is great

- Developer is open to new ideas and proposals

- Cross-platform wishlist

- Ability to organize game collection into lists

20 GameTrack Reviews

4.5 out of 5


Fantastic start to something that could be incredible

There is literally no good option to keep all your gaming purchases and backlogs. I've had to create something on my own through various applications. That said, GameTrack I'm hopeful will grow into what I think could be a must have gaming application.

Great UI and pulling in art, release dates, etc is amazing. Love the wish list especially...That said a few things that I need before I can move all my backlogging activities over:

1) syncing on the psn - not sure what's going on here but it's showing 91 games pulled over. I have nearly 1000 games on the psn between Vita, PS4 and PS3 titles. This obviously can't be right. I know PlayStation makes it a pain to integrate, so maybe it's impossible but no way can I manually enter everything.

2) syncing game progress on the psn. I know this is possible bc there's a wonderful app called YaPSNApp that pulls all your progress for all games on your account that includes all trophy details. If you could merge GameTrack with that, I'll literally pay you a lot for that app.

3) prioritizing - need a good labeling and sorting system for prioritization of large backlogs like I have.

Again, wonderful app. I'll support you however I can bc this is a genuine need in a gaming era where is really hard to keep up with everything. The platform providers will never do one that supports all systems... So I hope this development continues.


Great ground work, but missing a few features that would make it amazing.

GameTrack is a great start to a singular place to track your wish list and current progress. However, GameTrack only allows you to track one of your profiles (cannot add multiple accounts from PlayStation, xbox, steam, etc.). This is a significant issue considering the mass majority of individuals that use this type of app tend to game on a variety of systems. It is also an issue that when you connect an account GameTrack doesn’t automatically pull your progress from the games you have added to your lists. The company does have a roadmap of upcoming features and there vision of what GameTrack will become, but it seems the creators will need 3rd party support from Sony, Microsoft, valve, for GameTrack to live up to its potential.


Missing some things, but still amazing!

I switched to using this over my own project rolled into Things 3 because I like the overall design and the emphasis on the games more so than just a checkbox. You can track completion of ongoing games and import games from a few of your accounts too!

The only thing that I would recommend is having some way to know that you've already added a game to your wishlist before adding it again. Occasionally I'll think about a game I want to play or I'll be browsing the "Popular" section of the import tab and I'll come across a game I want to track if I'm not already. There is no indication about this though and has led to duplicate entries in my wishlist.


The BEST game tracker ever

When I say I tried every single app on the store to track games, I mean I tried ALL of them.
Those apps were always missing something: customisation, database issues (like not finding old games), visualization problems (like games with no covers and no possibility to add them manually), no syncing, etc.
GameTrack has everything and MORE.
The new design is flawless, it's super easy and intuitive and beautiful to use.
The Discover section is great, I personally use it as my main "news" feed for games (and thanks to it my wishlist is always full hahaha)
And also but not less, the developer is always open to receive new ideas and proposals (I even sent 1 email before the design change and the dev answered me that big changes were coming to GameTrack !) So I strongly suggest to download GameTrack :)

If you would like to have your gaming history and your games list saved in 1 place shown in a gorgeous and customised way, this is your app.


Great App, almost perfect

Can’t recommend GameTrack enough, I love tracking my movies with Letterboxd, anime with MyAniList, and now this for video games. The UI is really nice to look at and the archive feature is fantastic. I’ve bought the upgrade pack and used the in-app tip jar, and I still feel like GameTrack is a steal for the value it provides. If you’re looking for an app to track your gaming backlog/archive/wishlist, this is the BEST option hands down.

My only suggestions would be to have some sort of ability to add custom games, or suggest games that aren’t currently in the database, my most recent example being N+ (there are a few more older computer games I have been unable to find as well). If this was added GameTrack would be perfect, in my mind.


Great cross-platform game organizer

I can have a cross-platform wishlist, top 10 list, and any other way I might want to organize my game collection into lists. Very useful for an avid gamer on multiple platforms!

Biggest con is that it can’t perfectly sync game libraries yet, so importing any Nintendo platform libraries is tedious, and for platforms that do sync you still will likely want to double check that the sync got the correct game - e.g. if you own God of War (2018), GameTrack might sync it as God of War (2005).

But otherwise it’s the best way short of an IRL bookshelf to keep a cross platform game library in one place.


Love the new update!

For the longest time, I felt like the one thing holding GameTrack back was that it looked like an 8 year old app that was never updated properly. It was clunky, took way too many taps and typing to add games to lists, etc. Those days are over. The latest update is like a completely new app and though I had a little trouble signing in at first, now that I‘m in, GameTrack works like a dream. Glad I paid to support GameTrack. Keep up the great work devs!


Gaming Library All In One Place

I love being able to keep track of all my games in a single location. Searching for games also brought up a lot of nostalgia that helped rekindle interest in some unfinished games. I was surprised by some of the games listed in GameTrack, especially some mobile games I played for a few months 5 years ago.

I only give 4 out of 5 stars because so many features are hidden behind a massive paywall. I wouldn’t mind paying $3 or $5 to have more grouping, sorting, and customization options, but GameTrack uses a monthly $1 subscription or a $40 one time fee.



So far, I am rating this one star because I have several issues. The first is that I keep getting an error when importing Steam games into the backlog - JSON data decides incorrectly. Second, while trying to get help with this error, GameTrack Store’s link to the developer page just send me back to GameTrack ! I thought Apple had a requirement to direct to an actual website. Third, I then tried clicking on the privacy policy, which again redirected me to GameTrack , not a web page. That’s pretty fishy, because there is nowhere to see their privacy policy, which means they could be making money off your personal info, as well as charging you a subscriptions. Lastly, I tried a help link on GameTrack Store page, and it just directed me to a useless Twitter feed.


Feels like I have to manage it

So far, I actually like GameTrack . I love that I can already automatically import using my gamertag, and that in itself is so cool! I just wish it was one step further. I wish I could also just import everything automatically instead of manually typing in my name every time I need to add a game. Also, I want the same thing on my PS4 account. I think it would be so cool just to automatically see everything as I play a game just to compare all my games without the manual labor.

All this said, I say all this to be critical, not to be mean. I understand trolls are out there so I just want to be clear that this is what I think will help GameTrack for the long run


Great app, with a few exceptions

If your goal is to use GameTrack for yourself to track games you’ve played and want to play, then GameTrack is perfect. The systems for finding adding games to your lists and rating them works great. The only gripe I have is in the “social” side of GameTrack . I can follow other people and when they update their lists, it shows up on my feed, but when I try to look at their profiles, their lists look empty. I can’t see what’s in the lists and I can’t see their ratings.

Also a side note: the “Support” button in the settings does nothing.


Great update with a SMALL nitpick..

GameTrack is a lot better than it use to be and in my opinion a lot better than GG now. That being said, the one thing that keeps me from giving it a perfect score is that they took the “Game of the year” off of the statistics section. That was my favorite part of GameTrack , as it motivated me to want to try out plenty of games I haven’t gotten to before, and it was the main reason I kept coming back. It’s still a nice app, but it would be cool if that could be re-added. Wouldn’t hurt me to make that request right now.. :) Good Job on the update!


Great UI but not there yet

From a presentation standpoint, GameTrack knocks over all of the alternatives out of the park. From the usage- not so much.

First the scrappers: it works but there is no way to mark a game belonging to multiple consoles. For example, I have multiple copies of a game in different platforms but I can only choose one platform. Second - there is no way to override a platform. For example, The Walking Dead Michonne- it only list the console and PC version.I would like to override and choose the IPad version but that’s not listed.

From importing standpoint, Xbox and steam went off without a hitch but I hope they support other launchers like origin and GOG and unity

Finally there is no “overview” of all your games. You have 3 defined list to choose from: backlog,wishlist and archived. They need custom,

I’m looking to invest but lack of features is stopping me. I’ll keep it installed for now till the features hopefully get implemented or I find something else. Otherwise, if you have a small collection, this might be for you



GameTrack is a really cool idea... reminds me of Good Reads but for games. I like the data displays and it’s easy to pull in game info. 1 Question and 1 item of feedback for the developer:

Q1 - According to original concept, how should I track games that have no end... e.g. MOBAs? Just set them to 100% and keep them as “now playing” in the backlog?

FB1 - Soooo crashy. Crashy on iPhone X and crashy on iPad Pro. I try to input platform for Wishlist item - crash; I try to change % completed - crash; I try to add star rating - crash. Maybe it’s something about my devices but really surprised more people aren’t reporting crashes. I’ve added 7 games so far and it’s crashed 10 times.


Best Game Collection Tracker Yet

I’ve had to use a handful of apps like this one in the past, because some had features I wanted that others were missing and vice versa. This one finally does everything I want in one package. It’s perfect!

My only complaint is that editing a game in any fashion tends to cause GameTrack to crash. Trying to add a poster or banner image for example. App crashes every time it tries to access my photo library. Fix that and it’s flawless.


App UI is modern and beautiful but would like some extra improvements

First off, why is the Now Playing tile size always the same large size? Selecting the size button changes the size of the tiles of the other categories like Play Later and Collection but the Now Playing section is always the larger size. I have 5 games that I’m currently playing and would simply like to see all of them at once without having to scroll.


The Only Game Collector App You Need.

I've tried a hand full of game collector apps and this is by far the best as it allows a ton of customization and has a great presentation. You do have to pay a couple dollars to unlock the full features but it's totally worth it.

It not only helps you keep track of the games you own and want to get but also gives a good amount of information on all games. A short description, the release date, developer, genre, console, and counts the days till release. It even provides a review link from GiantBomb.

My only complaint is that I wish it organized my collection by console instead of bunching them all together. Being able to choose a specific system and see which games I have for it would make GameTrack near perfect.

- Noah W.


Always improving!

Gotta say, this is just about the perfect app for tracking my game library (and it is large). Helped me defeat my backlog and keep track of upcoming buys. Only improvement I might make is reverting the search function to work on the view with the games instead of a separate screen, as it made it easier to see results at a glance. Other than that, GameTrack is top notch!



Honestly all I really needed from a game tracking app was a way to look back on what I’ve played, my backlog, and games I want to add to my backlog. And this has it all! I also like being able to add my little notes and ratings and seeing the genre spread of the games I’ve played. Takes a bit of time to get used to where everything is in the UI, but no big deal.


Best around

I love GameTrack. I’ve tried them all, and for the price this takes the cake. Minimal and clean design, easy to navigate, no boat. It’s perfect.

I wish the Dev would submit an update every once in awhile so we know it’s still active, but 3 months isn’t that bad. No changes needed, I think it works great as is, I just (probably needlessly) worry about devs abandoning apps


I can finally manage my huge gaming backlog!

I've been waiting for an app like this app forever. It's great for managing my huge gaming backlog and wishlist. One feature I would like to see is the ability to tap and drag to re-organize my backlog and wishlist as I like. Sorting by date added isn't very helpful since I had added all my games all in one day.


Great app, but I have some suggestions.

Please add the ability to rearrange games in your archives.

Please add the ability to remove specific games from your yearly folders. Ex: I have a few games in my 2017 folder that came out in 2016, I wish I could remove them from the folder.

Is GameTrack Safe?

Yes. GameTrack is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,097 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for GameTrack Is 50.0/100.

Is GameTrack Legit?

Yes. GameTrack is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,097 GameTrack User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for GameTrack Is 68.1/100..

Is GameTrack not working?

GameTrack works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by users..


- Monthly subscription: $2.99/month

- Yearly subscription: $29.99/year

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