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Published by on 2022-09-29

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Reported Issues: 18 Comments

By Dosita
Jan 18 2023

App freezes whenever a story is shared.

By David
Dec 17 2022

NewsBreak crashes my email, windows outlook. Please delete my email from your service, second request.

By Gerri
Nov 16 2022

Use the app for hours a day. Nothing changing says on bottom…problems. Will it be fixed soon???

By Missy Haney
Oct 28 2022

Doesn't show new stories and screen stays white

By Laura Medich
Oct 23 2022

Most times there is no video with the article when there should be.

By Ann Francis
Oct 01 2022

The app on my iPhone is not refreshing. The app on my Apple Watch won’t open the story.

By Marci Holland
Oct 01 2022

My app stopped sending notifications. I checked settings and nothing was wrong. I deleted app and all data. Redownloaded it. Still won’t work. All my other app’s notifications are working fine. What is up?

By Mike Willie
Sep 20 2022

Why are you so slow all of a sudden? It takes forever to get to a story.

By John hallman
Sep 07 2022

When trying to access Newsbreak, the message "an unexpected error has occurred" is displayed.

By Tammy Richardson
Aug 26 2022

When you click on certain stories, receive a… loading Then a screen “an unexpected error has occurred”
Can this be fixed?

By Daniel R Liberman
Aug 25 2022

It is so damn slow to load. I only use it when I have plenty of time. This is not necessary. Please fix it.

By Mark
Aug 19 2022

How come I can't navigate back one screen before the app takes me to other articles?

By Debbie
Aug 14 2022

This problem is only getting worse everyday. So many of articles say slow downloading, but then never download. Ive tried all the tips & It Is Not my internet! It is only newsbreak app.

By Randy Hughes
Aug 09 2022

Been trying to unsubscribe to local news application accendently hit for one week. Don't want and nothing like unsubscribeing to other applications in the past. Changed my home screen without my permission...can't seem to reach anyone in your company. Please help before I contact lawyer.

By Linda
Jul 26 2022

It won’t let me read or post comments

By Mike
Jun 14 2022

When commenting the text box and text are white so you cannot see what you are writing until it's posted. Once, posted, it appears normal in comments

By Connie Behof
May 24 2022

After reading an article I hit the back button and it goes to the beginning. Then I have to scroll all over again. It's annoying and makes me not want to read any articles

By John
Feb 27 2022

It's because the app is broken, they don't take care of bugs in their system and it has a lot of click bait, and misinformation. The point is, the developers of this app is greedy and that's what the problem with this app is..... Some assholes' greed

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