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Published by on 2023-12-27

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Reported Issues: 22 Comments

4.8 out of 5

By Cleary Maria

1 year ago

I need to cancel this subscription immediately . I never wanted this app and it somehow appeared on my phone . Can someone please help me remove this app from my phone I never wanted it and I would like it removed as soon as possible. Thank you for your help

By Sonya kanady

2 years ago

I sometimes make comments and sometimes news break takes it off why?

By Mark cox

2 years ago

I have news about Covid 19 your always hearing about people getting fired for not being vaccinated and case is getting fired because my place of is not accepting medical research study covid 19 card. And says clearly it should be accepted anywhere on my piece of paper and they are get another shot or get fired. My work place is Deaconess hospital in evansville i diana and my name Mark Cox phone 8124849479 email syberrat34@redacted

By Paula J Ball

2 years ago

What is the story about the 2 little boys the man found in trash then realized something

By Harvey

2 years ago

Deleted newsbreak because of its socialist leaning. The U.S.A is a great capitalist country, your communist not wslcomed

By Tessie Young

2 years ago

The first few weeks of me having this app I thought this was a great app that reported accurate news. Most of the stories being published are fake news. The comment section is horrible and is filled with racist remarks being spewed all across that platform. No one is monitoring the negative comments about innocent children dying. I saw a comment on that app, where a certain race, made fun of and celebrated the fact that, children outside of their race were being killed. This app is disgusting and should be reported.

By Douglas free Klein

2 years ago

I told you please stop with fake news about Aaron Rodgers

By Douglas Klein

2 years ago

I don't want to see dr fauci and Tony Evers on news break anymore because I'm getting tired of both of them

By Douglas Klein

2 years ago

I not like to see black lives matter crap on news break app

By Douglas Klein

2 years ago

You need to stop reporting back news about Aaron Rodgers because Aaron Rodgers is staying in green bay. And you need to stop reporting about Dollar general store because plum city Wisconsin dollar general store is going strong because we are 2 new Dollar general store managers.

By Peggy

2 years ago

Love the news, but I start reading a story and in the middle is an advertisement so you can’t see the story. I am done wasting my time.

By Joe East

3 years ago

I am deleting the app after less than 10 days. Your left /DEMOCRAT "slant, and bias" came thru loud and clear in the MLB leaving Georgia article. Just more FAKE NEWS.....disappointed. Sorry

By John Ehman

3 years ago

Just start reading a post and it goes to a list of posts stories. Happens quite often

By Kathleen Janus

3 years ago

I Stopped getting newsbreak on line & I miss it may I have it back please Thank you

By Katrina

3 years ago

Your app has frozen my phone 4 different times. Half the time it restarts in the middle of reading an article, and other times it just straight freezes my phone for 40 minutes at a time

By Sue johnson

3 years ago

I have not been receiving my morning and afternoon news break newsletter sense last week what is going on

By D

3 years ago

The app is not working for me as with others I see posted online... why???? Thanks!!!

By Rick

3 years ago

Can't get the app back on, says network error. What do I need to do

By John bishop

3 years ago

I post under JohnB*(me) There is a poster that keeps harassing me and I can’t block him. His posting name is PETO - COMMIE BIDEN. Help ! Stop him ! He has been doing it for weeks.

By JRN0824

Used to get vital info but now....

I really used to appreciate the NewsBreak notifs because they were new and informative. In past two months though I have gotten, literally, 3 notifs a day about the Second Stimulus that there has been no new info about especially while Congress is on break. Why do you keep torturing those of us who really need REAL info about the Stimulus because we cannot go back to work? It’s more than annoying, it almost feels like the app is rubbing it in our faces. If you read the comments under each of these articles I am not alone. Last article had 3,000 comments saying exactly what I’m saying. I am turning off notifs and will rely on local news app from now on. UPDATE: I have deleted the app. Not only am I still getting 5 articles a day about this stimulus package still and there’s no new news..... on top of that the app is linked through Facebook so any political article has some of worst commenters who spew hate speech and threaten violence. I spent a few days reporting the comments but it doesn’t matter. The most sane thing to do just delete. I get my news from large political outlets who don’t have uneducated people threatening people who don’t support the president’s narrative. Take out the Facebook link for comments (IE make us make an account) and quit sending the same articles 5 times a day and I will return.

By Hev Dawg

What you’re really getting

A feed of article headlines and pictures ranging from what Kim kardashian wore to bed (and you’re not gonna believe the reaction) to more serious presidential news. All taken from a diverse spectrum of prestigious news organizations to rinky-dink news outlets I am unfamiliar with that with the click of a story, you are instantly redirected to their news page. The reason for my rating, is that I wanted a more selective group of stories by which I mean I have no interest in knowing “Pregnant Katy Perry looks stunning in no-makeup selfie amid quarantine” or any “no cover” topics in my mind and have no way of weeding out of my feed. Nor do I enjoy when I (admittedly) don’t check first and am redirected from the app to the website of a news source most would find unsuitable for a work setting . Furthermore on the rare occasion I find a story I wish to look into, I click the link, the page nearly loads, crashes, automatically begins reloading, crashes a second time, when I am then left with a dimly lit, gray, blank page, and yet again no interesting story. With my options reduced to worthless page fillers and an eternity of refreshing only to never be able to read the article that made it worth the bandwidth used downloading this app in the first place, I fully intend on uninstalling the second I post this warning.

By NikiD88

So, I have a friend I’d like you to meet...

In this day in age.. where all news is biased. A friend of mine shared one of your articles. So I do the natural thing. Download your app just so I can read it. Even allow the “push notifications.” Because, As rare as it is, I actually, genuinely, still want to hear what people have to say!!! I really enjoyed this channel for a few days. Fast. Direct. To the point. And then. As we are known to say in the south. “Welp?”. (Sarcasm inserted). I know I’m a nobody and I am just a little tiny review. And maybe I’m just fed up like everybody across the nation is for so many reasons. Ya know. I guess for what it’s worth. I’d just like to see a small news company be the change. The one that speaks all sides. Actually fact checks. All sides. Real is what people want in this digital driven age. People are afraid of the truth. They don’t always like it. But whether they know it or not.. people respect it. Thank you. Disclaimer. I do not troll the internet, nor am I some new self proclaimed activist or wannabe. I think I’ve written 3 reviews for anything in my life. Just felt the need to vent or whatever. Or at the very least. Maybe give someone a good laugh. Maybe I should like many people. Just get a diary. Welp!

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