News Break: Local Stories App Reviews

News Break: Local Stories App Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-23

Small news makes a big difference! News Break is your #1 local news app for
current events, free live news, business news, and more. Download today to stay
up to date on all things local! News Break believes that local news is
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News Break: Local Stories App Reviews

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    Relative Useful News - Beautifully Done News Break!

    Finally a company creates and excellent News app with a great and comfortable experience!!! News Break app I just want to give a shout out to your company and team. Normally I don’t care about news reporting agencies. However, the news break app is so far the best service I’ve ever used to date. It perfectly blends local news with national news. Also, yes like everyone else I can’t stand advertisements or advertising, but I know its necessary for revenue. News Break app beautiful balances this too! They do it in a way we’re advertisements are not, “IN YOUR FACE” excessive and overwhelming! Kudos News Break App for truly displaying news I can truly use of interest. I love how you take me directly to the news articles without any caked on advertising fluff! Simply beautiful!!!!! I’ll put this review on Twitter for you too!!!

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    Most Outstanding Up to date News!!!

    The Updates and continuous live feed to the public is the most helpful and convenient way to stay in the know of all surrounding news and crime occurring around us! Most importantly, it helps us avoid and prevent our children from going in the path a crime or hostile environment may be taking place. The only way we can protect ourselves and others, is by staying informed of the much unnecessary crime that has overcome our cities! Everyone should have this installed on their phones, laptops and etc. We can all try our best to stay safe and avoid what and where this much horrific violence of crime is taking place. May God keep us all in his arms and protect our families from this burst of CRIME! Thanks for the work you all do to keep us informed! A mom trying to protect her family!!!

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    I Loved It At First, But.......

    This was a terrific app at first. I particularly loved the ability to see local news stories. But the app gives the headlines, and a sentence or two, and then has a READ MORE, and you click that to read the entire article. The articles themselves open from a separate news source, a newspaper etc. The problem is that after 2 weeks of using this app, most of the time when I click the READ MORE link to read an article, most of the news sources it takes me to tell me I’ve maxed out on my number of free articles, and want me to subscribe to read anymore. And we’re not talking about free subscriptions, you have to pay to subscribe. So, though it’s not the fault of the app itself, the app is no longer useful to me since the news source they’re linking to for a given article will no longer let me read their articles. So sadly, I’ll have to delete this app, since all it’s capable of in my case now is teasing me with headlines from articles I can’t read.

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    This app rocks for local news

    News break is the best app I’ve tried for getting local news. I’ve tried many, but for most of the others, that means news from the nearest large cities. I live in a rural town and finding truly small town local news news online is difficult. Yes, you can go to your newspaper’s site, but that’s just what they cover. News break grabs all three of the very small towns in my community and spoon feeds it to me. That includes special events! There’s one large issue. If you share a story, people have to download the app to read it. Sight unseen, none of my friends has, so I no longer share because they resent being sent an article they have to download an app for. I wouldn’t download it either. Most news sites allow one to go to a link on the web rather than demanding a download. Seems like a much better way to get new subscribers.

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    I kept seeing this pop up on IG & while I thoroughly enjoy keeping up with my local news & some major stories world wide, I’m a bit disappointed in this app only because when I finally decided to download it after much deliberation & reading reviews, I can no longer continue using it. I selected my location & favorite topics to follow yet I get wayyyyy too many notifications & some are from states that I care nothing about & topics I didn’t choose. I mean I’ve never seen so many notifications. So I decided to get on & decipher through my notifications in case I messed it up or even just to change them but for the life of me I can’t find that option. I find this unfortunate because I rather enjoyed the receiving what I asked to but this is too much. I don’t even have notifications set on social media so to be bombarded with topics I didn’t ask for on this on this outlet is disappointing. Trust me. It’s A LOT! Wow

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    Amazing for local news

    I thought the last thing I needed was another news app with content from a lot of different sources. For some reason, at some point, I went ahead and installed News Break. I’m very glad I did. There’s good coverage of national, international, entertainment news, etc., all in a minimal, very easy to use interface. But what I’m most surprised by is how much local and regional news this app uncovers and pulls. There’s far more than I got from any other app, including from some of the original apps that News Break uses as sources. Not too many notifications either, which means I can actually pay attention to the ones I get. Overall I’m beyond pleased and have deleted the other news apps instead.

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    News break app: the strait dope and more

    Great for keeping up to date with all the latest crime news and more. I haven’t found anything that even comes close to Newsbreak and a single news station app or even several local station apps leaves much to be desired especially covering multiple breaking national news stories in a single feed. Ability to add multiple locations makes Newsbreak even more enlightening and keeps me apprised of what’s happenings round me. The most annoying thing about it is is that in a single newsfeed there are multiple listings of the same story which is quite irritating. For example if I list my home city is San Antonio enter local it will bring me all the late breaking news stories and I might see the same story eight times. Just need to see the story once in a feed there is new info needed to be added to provide an occurrence unfolding and developing.

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    Enjoy this app! I like that it provides local and global news,tracks what I read to curate a feed specific to my interests and updates to provide local content whenever I'm traveling! I have one tiny issue though, which is certain headlines will only allow you to read a few sentences before requiring a subscription to finish the article. Some do offer a limited number of free articles/free reads before requiring said subscription, while others ask right away. I don't see the point in having an app for ALL my "news needs" that also requires subscribing to several newspapers to finish reading articles. 🤔 but it's also just as easy to close the tab and find the story elsewhere (if I'm truly that intrigued) 🙄 as it is to complain about this issue. Hopefully that changes in the next update or two!

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    Mine is obsessed with horoscopes

    Seriously, you supposedly can tell it you don’t like something and it will stop showing you that. Ha! Instead, it now, instead of small articles interspersed, not only headlines it at the top of my page twice as large as any other articles, I get pop up notifications on my phone! I sent feedback about it and never heard back and the problem continues. I wouldn’t leave this kind of feedback without contacting the devs first. I guess I’ll try reverse psychology on this insane app. Maybe that will work. I really want to like this app and keep it. It’s a good design and very useful. I love the local news and national news. I really like the more objective perspective. If they can fix this issue and the repeating articles it would be a favorite. I’m even going to hang in there a while hoping for a fix; but I will turn off notifications for now.

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    My wish list regarding the app abilities

    Great job try to offer your views in categories such as: gun violence/Drug arrest/missing persons/political/ ect./ then program the app to give us the ability to search the topic of our choice. Such as the ability to parsay narrow an dial in the subject matter of our choice along with the city and state:Example if I chose to on a Monday to dial in the number of shootings in Chicago over the weekend. Then I could go to the political response regarding the shootings in Chicago and thus have a better knowledge of the overall situation and political situation regarding the matter!Perhaps a WASHINGTON REPORT: the latest DEMOCRATIC PARTY BREAK DOWN AND THE REPUBLICAN BREAKDOWN AS WELL. Arrest in your area ect you see what I mean!Thanks!

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    Not sure yet

    I was pleased to see an app that would keep me informed about local news. And I liked getting notifications of what I thought would be breaking news. I've only had this for a short time, and just a few minutes ago, I got a message about an accident near here that harmed six people. I was about to pass the info on to people I thought might be effected by it when I noticed that it was dated 4 days ago! Definitely NOT breaking news. And I’m glad I didn't make my friends unnecessarily nervous about possible injuries to family or friends! It's fine to have older news articles about things that happened locally, but, please, don't send a notification unless it’s breaking news! I got a notification from another app that the Secretary of Labor just resigned! That IS breaking news!

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    News Break

    News Break is my favorite news app!!..i’m so impressed w/news stories from around Upper Penninsula & northern part of Lower Penninsula..stories i wouldnt know about otherwise since i live in mid- Mich..for instance i learned that the West side of the state has a school to teach people to fly a plane..i never knew that!..just recently i read a lengthy article about a secret child pornogrophy ring illionairresmmwhich is native to Mich..membership is made up of multi-millionaires in the state..seemingly having law enforcement protection..??lots of money changing hands..a few discarded dead children’s bodies abandoned in a snow bank..once i started reading about this story i couldnt stop reading..i’m so disappointed that Mich has this for its underbelly..w/any perpetrators ever be arrested/prosecuted??..thank you!...

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    I enjoy this app (when I’m able to read the story that I receive the alert for). When I tap on the alert an advertisement usually for a game comes up which I have to watch prior to viewing the story however 80% of the time at the end of the advertisement I am unable to tap the “X” to opp out of the advertisement it’s like it freezes so I tap on the icon to get the game which takes me to the App Store I then tap the arrow to take me back to the News App which takes me back to the game advertisement. After going back and forth several times between the advertisement and the App Store I realize that I’m stuck unable to view the story I then delete the app and add it again. I’ve done this 3 times already today is the 4th time so I’m just going to delete the app as It is very frustrating to have to delete and add constantly. Please fix the problem!

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    Could have been great (read on)

    So I, like so many in the world today, are looking for a reliable source for news without bias and nonsense, something that is not falling into this latest trend of “fake” news (and at least tries to be balanced). Since the Apple news app has such limited options if you don’t want ridiculous alt-left sources I tried this app. In 3 of the last 3 days I have been blasted with major story’s that seemed very serious & valid involving the government, and caused me to open the story, which ended up being 100% fake. It was almost like reading a supermarket tabloid that appeared legit and made you think something very serious happened, then once you read you find the headline absolutely was a bait and switch. This app allows the crap information to come through and appears to allow politically biased and fake foolishness to be displayed. I will give it a couple more days to ensure it’s not isolated, but the plan is to delete the app if it continues. I’m not interested in games and bs when I want news! (NOTE: I made it a few more hours and 2 more bull crap stories came through,..I deleted it then) Another thing, I like to be notified when breaking news happens, sadly this app doesn’t allow for custom sounds on the notification, so whatever your txt alert sound is will belong to this app too. Bummer!

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    Best News App!!

    Hands down best news app! I get notifications about local news before my local news apps most of the time. It also updates your location automatically - I went on vacation and was on the way back from snorkeling and saw police boats go flying past soon as I got to shore I got an alert that a girl was killed by a coconut tree that fell (crazy right?). This app pulls stories from a bunch of news apps so you not only get news fast, but you can also get news from more than one point of view. They had an issue with ads getting stuck when opening the app for a few weeks, but fixed the issue.

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Is News Break: Local Stories App Safe?

Yes. News Break: Local Stories App is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 635,230 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for News Break: Local Stories App Is 49.8/100.

Is News Break: Local Stories App Legit?

Yes. News Break: Local Stories App is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 635,230 News Break: Local Stories App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for News Break: Local Stories App Is 49.8/100.

Is News Break: Local Stories App not working?

News Break: Local Stories App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 10 Comments

By jeannie
Jul 25 2021

Approximately a week ago I saw an ad on here for a lady in Bloomer Wisconsin trying to sell a necklace and got beat over the head my knowledge it was not a true story no one in the area around bloomer knows anything about it

By Deweybingham
Jun 27 2021

Newsbreak app is not working

By Linda
May 04 2021

This is a great app .But not when it comes to trolls and peoples accounts being cloned . BEWARE !! Unable to get any response from its admin . And the appropriate governing body will be informed .

By A’Vonyce
Mar 30 2021

So I feel as if y’all app is racist..I had a white woman leave me a msg.talking so much trash about black ppl..A lot of racist mess,so she talked about black women wearing horse hair..I replied back and told her white women hair is thin and fragile and that they wear extensions..My comment was not collapsed,but y’all took it down.Only I could see it on my end,but everyone else that had y’all’s app couldn’t see it.Y’all left the White lady comment up there though!!Stop being one sided plz..I have since deleted y’all’s app,and almost everyone else that I know that I told them what happened deleted it too,they were black ppl and they said they were experiencing similar issues..I am glad I deleted y’all’s app,I will continue to let everyone else know how y’all operate as well..

By Thomas P Tristani
Feb 26 2021

This news app makes me very angry and it trigger's me to say things that are not very nice. This is because a majority of the stories here are anti-white anti-police articles that produce many racist comments by both black and white readers. It is biased and unbalanced and should have been flagged for reporting opinions as facts. I'm very unhappy with this app. Please stop featuring stories that will make certain people angry and get triggered to say unwelcome d comments.

By Brian Hogan
Nov 22 2020

When I click to see someone's profile it shows me their location but my picture.And now when I try to reply to a comment it just shows my profile and their location,with no option to reply.Now i can't even reply to any comments.And I know I haven't said anything offensive.So I have no idea what's going on with the app.I have no real use for the app if i can't access the social option of the article I've read.

By Jackie
Oct 31 2020

Total lib psycho fest. Also The reviews are so obviously fake they’re either perfectly written by the marketing team or it’s somebody that obviously doesn’t speak English as a first language that Finley trying to not appear to be Chinese which is where this app is from
I wouldn’t put this on my phone let alone even bother to get infected by the bullshit tabloid stories they try to push for their liberal agenda it’s so disgusting I love how they’ve now added some idiots on here tried to say it’s slanted to the right give me a fucking break nobody is racist you dumb Fox you’re just wishful thinking to continue being a lazy piece of shit nobody fucking cares about you nobody owes you shit stop trying to call people racist because it doesn’t work anymore you overplayed your hand dumb fucks

By Calvin Hannam
Sep 11 2020

Come on News Break, you were developed by the people that created TikTok, moderate your news feed. Please stop the Russian Troll's on your platform spilling hateful speech.

Sep 06 2020

Deleted this app. It’s very Conservative, Racist and ‘Trumpy’. No thank you!

By Ruby Finney
Aug 29 2020

News break allows people racist words , like calling black people monkey, talking about black kids are ugly , saying blacks hang from trees , and all thee other disrespectful things, and you complain they don't do anything, and when your talking positive they will send you a message, like its okay that the Republicans say mean thing ti keep people divided, the worst News ever , always showing black people this and that .its not right for this to continue.

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