NewsBreak: Local News & Alerts Reviews

NewsBreak: Local News & Alerts Reviews

Published by on 2022-04-27

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NewsBreak: Local News & Alerts Reviews: 20 Reviews


It’s decent.. but there are some fatal flaws.

I downloaded this app to keep up to date with some things in Orlando while I’m here. Upon looking through various articles on the app, not only did I find that a lot of them were irrelevant to the news I actually needed, (news about crimes, laws, COVID-19 rules and so on), I noticed that the comments of most articles are just filled to the brim with spam, toxicity and hate speech toward one race. With especially a lot of hate toward black people. Every article I saw that included a black person or had nothing to do with black people always had a bunch of users in the comments going “stupid black people are the devil race” or “black people cannot be as smart as white people”. There have been other statements and even more horrible and derogatory ones the further you look into them. There are literal accounts on this platform dedicated just to hating on another race/ethnicity and it’s as if no one is watching over the community and moderating these comments/accounts. It really does not create a positive experience for anyone on the app and it sure doesn’t create one for anyone actually leaving useful comments under the articles. Like I said, this is a decent app for keeping up with local news in your area and has the potential to be on the level of an app like Citizen, but I would really like for there to be an option to report entire accounts rather than just block them. As of this review being posted, I have deleted the app.


App for local and breaking news’ lovers

In the past few months, my mom and I’ve switched to get my news through Newsbreak. Its entire news feed revolves around our personal interests. I like the way they present the “Following” tab as well as “For You” tab, both delivering personalized news feed. I am also impressed by the numerous good-quality sources they have, which seems to be the key metrics for a good news app right now. The full coverage of local news is the reason my mom love this app and choose it, as my family can get the latest news from our county and the news around the world. I do not get swamped with push notifications that much. .. the notifications I do receive are nice and gentle reminders of good stories that are available to read, which also reminds me that I have the application (which is nice! ). The only glitch is that sometimes they get me the old news stories in the notification, which confused me a little bit. I am looking forward to a way to report this error to the team so that they can do something about it. General speaking, Newsbreak is my favorite news app among several for now!


One spot for news - with a caveat

Update: I’m my review below, what I was seeing was a web site I was directed to with more ads than news. I had erroneously thought that NewsBreak was responsible for the plethora of ads. However, this particular web site appeared more than once in my feed, and I was getting frustrated. With that being said, and understanding what’s going on, I do wish there was a way I could target that web site not to appear in my feed. I understand ads are a major way that revenue is created to keep these feeds going, but some go to far and I try to keep from giving them that income. I have been getting the email notifications and would go to the source to read the story. I decided to install and use the app - and that’s when I realized that the space given to advertising was almost 3 to 1 over actual news stories in the app. And I was forced to scroll through the ads to read part of a sentence, then scroll through another ad, to read another small sentence - all the way through the story. And trying to scroll on a phone without the app launching an ad is frustrating at best. I’ll stick to the email and read the stories from the source. The app is just to frustrating to use when you spend more time dancing around advertising than what the app purports to be.


Once Upon a time

This was a go to app to find out about local information and what was going on around the world. I mean really that’s what we’re all looking for is the truth something we can trust. At one time you could believe in what you read on here but because money became more important then the truth! Did you know in all of history no one has ever told a lie, that’s right everyone has always told the truth. And that’s what they base their reporting on now because everything they say is true until someone comes forward and proves that it was a lie. And by then their lie is out the damage is done and nobody cares anymore! If you want the media to report something for you and have enough money. You can contact one of their corporate offices and tell them you to pay them to run something as Brecking News on the evening news that Japan just attacked Pearl Harbor! It doesn’t matter that it happened years ago. The people will believe the president will be on the phone calling Pearl Harbor, it doesn’t matter it’s a lie you’ll believe until someone proves it’s a lie! Believe what you will do your on research if you read something like the president supports start looking back at his past and you will find where he didn’t! Maybe someday they will believe again that truth is better than Fiction!


The Best App Right Now

Everything about this app has been what I should have expected expect only one tiny thing. I’ve been using this application lately because of Coronavirus news, and to be honest, I don’t complain, but as I just noted earlier, if you guys can just add this one feature, it will be helpful for not only me, but maybe for many others out there. I think you should add a search field especially for countries and/or cities, so people can search for specific locations/country to get the news they want to know first. Many among us are separated from our families. Therefore, for those who are concerned, their first intentions when they open your application, they intend to look for news about the countries where they came from for their loved ones if covid-19 has worsened or not. This is before anything else. But again, I love you your application and I use on daily basis.


Overwhelmingly Negative

I downloaded this app almost a year ago. I’ve loved it because it does provide notifications on what’s happening in my local area. However lately with the current COVID-19 crisis, it’s all the app has become about. It’s great for staying up to date on what’s happening with the corona virus, however as someone who struggles with anxiety, I’m disappointed and frustrated that every 3 hours I’m getting a notification for something virus-related. I could understand if it was letting me know about business closures in my area or info on the ever-changing stay-at-home order, but it’s not. For example, the most recent one had to do with the surgeon general predicting a high death toll in the next week and “9/11-like moments.” Last night it was something to do with Trump’s statements about the rising death toll as well. I get that it’s a news app, but it used to give me more info than just the current world crisis. I don’t need to hear about all the bad stuff, I’d love some more wholesome content. However I’ve decided to delete the app as I can’t see that happening anytime soon. Again, great app for staying up to date, but not if you’re already overwhelmed by it all. I’d recommend not downloading until the pandemic starts to clear up. 2 stars would be my current rating, but before all of this I would’ve given it 4.


Used to get vital info but now....

I really used to appreciate the NewsBreak notifs because they were new and informative. In past two months though I have gotten, literally, 3 notifs a day about the Second Stimulus that there has been no new info about especially while Congress is on break. Why do you keep torturing those of us who really need REAL info about the Stimulus because we cannot go back to work? It’s more than annoying, it almost feels like the app is rubbing it in our faces. If you read the comments under each of these articles I am not alone. Last article had 3,000 comments saying exactly what I’m saying. I am turning off notifs and will rely on local news app from now on. UPDATE: I have deleted the app. Not only am I still getting 5 articles a day about this stimulus package still and there’s no new news..... on top of that the app is linked through Facebook so any political article has some of worst commenters who spew hate speech and threaten violence. I spent a few days reporting the comments but it doesn’t matter. The most sane thing to do just delete. I get my news from large political outlets who don’t have uneducated people threatening people who don’t support the president’s narrative. Take out the Facebook link for comments (IE make us make an account) and quit sending the same articles 5 times a day and I will return.


Daily CORONAVIRUS information (State links to DPH) outdated

I can only speak for Georgia; the state's Department of Public Health (DPH) link has been outdated for over a month... the link takes you to a "Page Not Found" error. A little editorial work, or delegation thereof by the NewsBreak editors (or even allowing email feedback on the NewsBreak app - I tried that and they haven't even set up an email link for Support!!) and they would have known about the issue themselves without someone having to leave a shoddy review. Additionally, if you live Local to a tired old newspaper - the kind that literally will not allow a single story to be seen/read online (beyond the first couple of sentences) without your purchasing a subscription - you won't ever get any actual Local news. NewsBreak shouldn't even post these stories! It's basically an offshoot of clickbait...." Here's a breaking news story in your area!! [Reader clicks] Oopsy. You'll have to pay if you want to know how the investigation into the unsolved murder of a beloved 83 year old woman in your community is or isn't progressing, though the flailing TimesGeorgian wrote a headline that makes it sound like the sheriff has leads... it's just clickbait to make you buy a subscription and find out the sheriff is still baffled."


Grammar Matters!

Where are the journalists—and more importantly, the editors—who went to English class? The NewsBreak articles are very reliable in terms of real-time happenings; however, some of the articles lack the grammatically-correct impact they should provide. A more broad use of descriptions (adjectives) would be welcomed, too! (Find an online thesaurus?) For example, how many times did we have to read ‘restaurant in Southern California’ in the story about the San Pedro Fish Market (I believe that’s the name of it…!) that seats over 3,000 people?! Yes, I was born, raised, & reside in Southern California, & I am encouraged to visit San Pedro to experience the food & views (from beautiful photos, not details in the article), but why don’t we learn a little about the city & (on the marina) location (in San Pedro, California, if that wasn’t too obvious—but there are ‘many other locations’ mentioned, as well), until the address is listed at the very end?! It also would have been nice to learn where ‘the other locations’ can be found. Overall, this Catholic School Girl truly appreciates the NewsBreaks. I just wanted to provide some constructive criticism. Thank you!


App needs a search and filter feature

App is pretty good, but needs the ability to search the headlines for keywords. Also needs a filter so that certain sources may always be omitted from results, e.g. always exclude CNN, etc. Also, the ability to mark story categories that you don’t want to see anymore would be useful. Say a story pops up about sex or gender issues, and you just prefer not to see those type of stories anymore. Also, big ads which appear as if they are stories are repeating or often shown. It would be nice to mark or tag the ad and say “I’ve seen this, I’m not interested, please don’t show it to me anymore thank you”. The app is surprisingly fast and responsive. There are so many news apps out there, this one seems to distinguish itself by it’s responsiveness — its very fast. The big ads appearing as if they were stories is an interesting take on generating ad revenue, but they are not obtrusive (at least in 2 column landscape mode on an iPad since real stories appear on the left, while the ads feed appears on the right column with other real stories.) The app needs more features as I have mentioned to make it more appealing.


What you’re really getting

A feed of article headlines and pictures ranging from what Kim kardashian wore to bed (and you’re not gonna believe the reaction) to more serious presidential news. All taken from a diverse spectrum of prestigious news organizations to rinky-dink news outlets I am unfamiliar with that with the click of a story, you are instantly redirected to their news page. The reason for my rating, is that I wanted a more selective group of stories by which I mean I have no interest in knowing “Pregnant Katy Perry looks stunning in no-makeup selfie amid quarantine” or any “no cover” topics in my mind and have no way of weeding out of my feed. Nor do I enjoy when I (admittedly) don’t check first and am redirected from the app to the website of a news source most would find unsuitable for a work setting . Furthermore on the rare occasion I find a story I wish to look into, I click the link, the page nearly loads, crashes, automatically begins reloading, crashes a second time, when I am then left with a dimly lit, gray, blank page, and yet again no interesting story. With my options reduced to worthless page fillers and an eternity of refreshing only to never be able to read the article that made it worth the bandwidth used downloading this app in the first place, I fully intend on uninstalling the second I post this warning.


Good for a fast read.

I started out loving this app. It was great for my local news. It gave stories sometimes first, sometimes those I couldn’t get elsewhere. I started using this app in February. By April it started having so many bugs it was barely useable. If you actually get linked to a story shown, and then want to follow on to another shown below, it won’t follow the link. So then you think ok, I’ll open it in Safari, but then you get the first story and can’t find the one you wanted to read on the homepage of that news outlet to which have been directed. It is terribly frustrating. This app has the potential to be one of the best news apps for local news and has done a great job of keeping readers up to date on the corona virus and its ramifications in my area. But it is not quite at being fully integrated. I end up loving and hating it at the same time. I admit to being a news junkie so I always want to read MORE. Developer, please, bring this to the next level. For those who want a fast read of generally what’s happinging in your area, give this a try.


Has potential, but hostile comment sections are causing me to delete the app.

This app has potential. I like being able to quickly get news without going to Twitter or somewhere else. It’s a quick click. For the most part articles sent to notifications have been relevant (although the frequent click bait stimulus articles have been annoying). However, the comment sections are horrible. For some reason racist, anti-mask Trump supporters have flooded this app. They leave awful, aggressive comments and harass anyone who has a differing opinion. I have attempted to have civil conversations in the comment sections (and have seen others attempt to do the same) and we have only been met with aggressive hostility. These comment sections either need to be deleted or need to be heavily moderated. I haven’t seen an option to report comments either. So unfortunately, I will be deleting this app to protect my own mental health and caution others about downloading it. It’s draining. Keeping up with the news can be draining enough, but the hostility in the comments is disgusting. I will be checking out other news apps and am hoping to find one that hasn’t been overrun by hateful bigots.



I do like getting notifications throughout the day and that I can control how many notifications I get and when. I wish the comment sections weren’t so toxic, but free speech *is* good to have. It’d just be nice to see more respectful discord and less trolling happening, but alas. I thought there was a search function, but I can’t find it for the life of me. It’d also be nice to search for stories you are looking for especially when you open the app & it displays a story just to disappear a second later. That’s frustrating. It would be nice to see less depressing stories. I like keeping up with world, national, local and events, but don’t necessarily want to be inundated with depressing information all day long. I also like that it attempts to stay non-partisan. I prefer my news to be non-partisan so I can make my own decision, but also like seeing opinions from the left and right to better understand people’s positions. It is nice that there is a scale in your settings so the algorithms can try to give you want you want. All in all a good app.


So, I have a friend I’d like you to meet...

In this day in age.. where all news is biased. A friend of mine shared one of your articles. So I do the natural thing. Download your app just so I can read it. Even allow the “push notifications.” Because, As rare as it is, I actually, genuinely, still want to hear what people have to say!!! I really enjoyed this channel for a few days. Fast. Direct. To the point. And then. As we are known to say in the south. “Welp?”. (Sarcasm inserted). I know I’m a nobody and I am just a little tiny review. And maybe I’m just fed up like everybody across the nation is for so many reasons. Ya know. I guess for what it’s worth. I’d just like to see a small news company be the change. The one that speaks all sides. Actually fact checks. All sides. Real is what people want in this digital driven age. People are afraid of the truth. They don’t always like it. But whether they know it or not.. people respect it. Thank you. Disclaimer. I do not troll the internet, nor am I some new self proclaimed activist or wannabe. I think I’ve written 3 reviews for anything in my life. Just felt the need to vent or whatever. Or at the very least. Maybe give someone a good laugh. Maybe I should like many people. Just get a diary. Welp!


I like this app but...

I like the news, I like being able to track the virus cases in my city and I like being able to track the protests. Of course there are some repetitive articles, but this app doesn’t report the news it compiles it in an easy place for us all to see. What I really hate about this app is the community, doesn’t matter what article you go to you’ll find terrible terrible bigots in the comment section. These comments really need to be moderated, and a lot of those people really should be put on a watch list. They think because they’re just sitting behind a phone screen they can say what they want, but that’s not how it is. Everyone needs to learn that the comments they leave effect people, it’s not what you meant to say it’s how other people perceive what you say that matters. Some of these comments are just so heinous and terrible skewed towards incredibly racist undertones and even sometimes it’s so blatant you’re just surprised. If we’re talking about the actual app though, it’s pretty great, but I think you should disable the comments seriously.


good for news, bad for comments

i love the news break app and was introduced to it by a friend in march when covid was getting serious in the US, for more information. i love how you can have local news and national news alerts and covid stats in one place. however, there’s a few issues that need to be fixed. the comment sections on topics, specifically regarding trump and covid, there is insane radicalization and fake news being spread around in the comments and their replies. these comments spew hate and false information that is very dangerous. it is irresponsible for news break to not being filtering or disabling comments right now, especially since it is a literal news app. i have seen literal death threats to government officials, false information, and even more misinformation about the covid vaccine. it is so important that news break does something about this comment section because radicalization and misinformation about a vaccine that could save thousands of lives is very dangerous. i don’t want to go to check my news in the morning and see trump supporters spewing hate and threats and false information.


App needs to be shut down and under investigation

You get 1 star for sharing the news and that's it! This app only does one thing right and that's report the news. But please explain to me why there's no consequence to the racist comments you allow in the comment section? There shouldn't even be a comment section!! This isn't FB or IG nor Twitter!!! The comments are so vile I'm convinced this app is ran by extreme racist. The comments are so bad against blacks and other minorities mainly blacks it's disgusting!!! Theyre so racist they assume it was a black person who did the crime and make vile comments only to find out it was a white person. Fake names crazy profile pictures. They openly use nasty racist words, threats, harrassimg people in the comment section. We report them and nothing is being done about it. If you won't fix it (disable or filter the comment section) and have rules then I guess it's time to get people to cancel this app and get it shut down!!! Share the news and THAT'S IT!! Nothing else is important!!!! You can save the same Copy and paste response you dish to the other reviews about the racist comment section. Your agenda is clearly seen!!!


Local News

I love reading local news when I am not at work. Bigger papers do not cover important news in my community and I need to be informed to feel comfortable living in Islip. I grew up in Islip at the time when the only local news was the Islip Bulletin which we had a subscription for at home. With the internet and great reporting, your “newspaper” has improved my quality of life because I feel less isolated from my community. This is very important during the COVID outbreak and for the aging population of Long Island who may not get out of the house as often as they did when younger. I hope that you continue to inform people of news, jobs, and events. I also want to congratulate you on a job well done and give you my best wishes for the future! Thank you all for your excellent work which is greatly appreciated!


Repetitive posts

I like this app for the fact that I can can pretty current local news. The biggest down side is that there is a repetitive almost and onslaught to just make a news break about the stimulus check. The post are over and over saying when you will get your stimulus or how much you will receive them but when you pay attention there really is no update at all. It seems like it is just making people who have the app anxious or aggravated that we don’t have the stimulus check yet. If there is not a real actual and factual update then don’t post a news break stating the same speculation reworded. Your only making your users more and more impatient for the stimulus. I never see a repetitive post about anything else. I hope this is not politically motivated because this is not news if there is no actual updated news to report on the same subject. I don't want to delete this app because it is good for local news like is previously stated but I will if I keep getting flooded with the same non-news post about the stimulus.

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Is NewsBreak: Local News & Alerts Safe?

Yes. NewsBreak: Local News & Alerts is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 770,997 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for NewsBreak: Local News & Alerts Is 64.4/100.

Is NewsBreak: Local News & Alerts Legit?

Yes. NewsBreak: Local News & Alerts is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 770,997 NewsBreak: Local News & Alerts User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for NewsBreak: Local News & Alerts Is 64.4/100.

Is NewsBreak: Local News & Alerts not working?

NewsBreak: Local News & Alerts works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 11 Comments

By R
Jun 26 2022

News Bresk censored all my comments and replies to other comments because it is very biased.

By jeannie
Jul 25 2021

Approximately a week ago I saw an ad on here for a lady in Bloomer Wisconsin trying to sell a necklace and got beat over the head my knowledge it was not a true story no one in the area around bloomer knows anything about it

By Deweybingham
Jun 27 2021

Newsbreak app is not working

By Linda
May 04 2021

This is a great app .But not when it comes to trolls and peoples accounts being cloned . BEWARE !! Unable to get any response from its admin . And the appropriate governing body will be informed .

By A’Vonyce
Mar 30 2021

So I feel as if y’all app is racist..I had a white woman leave me a msg.talking so much trash about black ppl..A lot of racist mess,so she talked about black women wearing horse hair..I replied back and told her white women hair is thin and fragile and that they wear extensions..My comment was not collapsed,but y’all took it down.Only I could see it on my end,but everyone else that had y’all’s app couldn’t see it.Y’all left the White lady comment up there though!!Stop being one sided plz..I have since deleted y’all’s app,and almost everyone else that I know that I told them what happened deleted it too,they were black ppl and they said they were experiencing similar issues..I am glad I deleted y’all’s app,I will continue to let everyone else know how y’all operate as well..

By Thomas P Tristani
Feb 26 2021

This news app makes me very angry and it trigger's me to say things that are not very nice. This is because a majority of the stories here are anti-white anti-police articles that produce many racist comments by both black and white readers. It is biased and unbalanced and should have been flagged for reporting opinions as facts. I'm very unhappy with this app. Please stop featuring stories that will make certain people angry and get triggered to say unwelcome d comments.

By Brian Hogan
Nov 22 2020

When I click to see someone's profile it shows me their location but my picture.And now when I try to reply to a comment it just shows my profile and their location,with no option to reply.Now i can't even reply to any comments.And I know I haven't said anything offensive.So I have no idea what's going on with the app.I have no real use for the app if i can't access the social option of the article I've read.

By Jackie
Oct 31 2020

Total lib psycho fest. Also The reviews are so obviously fake they’re either perfectly written by the marketing team or it’s somebody that obviously doesn’t speak English as a first language that Finley trying to not appear to be Chinese which is where this app is from
I wouldn’t put this on my phone let alone even bother to get infected by the bullshit tabloid stories they try to push for their liberal agenda it’s so disgusting I love how they’ve now added some idiots on here tried to say it’s slanted to the right give me a fucking break nobody is racist you dumb Fox you’re just wishful thinking to continue being a lazy piece of shit nobody fucking cares about you nobody owes you shit stop trying to call people racist because it doesn’t work anymore you overplayed your hand dumb fucks

By Calvin Hannam
Sep 11 2020

Come on News Break, you were developed by the people that created TikTok, moderate your news feed. Please stop the Russian Troll's on your platform spilling hateful speech.

Sep 06 2020

Deleted this app. It’s very Conservative, Racist and ‘Trumpy’. No thank you!

By Ruby Finney
Aug 29 2020

News break allows people racist words , like calling black people monkey, talking about black kids are ugly , saying blacks hang from trees , and all thee other disrespectful things, and you complain they don't do anything, and when your talking positive they will send you a message, like its okay that the Republicans say mean thing ti keep people divided, the worst News ever , always showing black people this and that .its not right for this to continue.

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