SnapBridge Reviews

SnapBridge Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-03

Supported Digital Cameras as of May 2021 D6, Z 7II, Z 6II, Z 7, Z 6, Z 5, Z 50,
D850, D780, D500, D7500, D5600, D3500, D3400, COOLPIX P1000, P950, A1000, A900,
A300, B700, B500, B600, W300, W150, W100, KeyMission 80 The foregoing may
include models not available in some regions. Be sure...

Table of Contents:
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2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
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SnapBridge Reviews

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    Does Not Work

    I purchased a D5600 for myself for Christmas, as a friend of mine owns and loves this camera. I had also read that Nikon had fixed the SnapBridge app. I spent hours trying to get it to work to no avail. First, the camera and phone would not sync. Eventually I got the devices to sync but this appears to be a fluke, since I did not do anything different. Next, the app would not automatically upload any photos; rather, I had to manually select them. Finally, there are problems with the WiFi/Bluetooth camera automatically turns one off the moment I turn the other one on. When I finally got the required WiFi to work, it turned off every time I received a text message or opened any other app on my phone (even though SnapBridge was still running). My friend, who owns a Samsung phone, tried to help me, but she confirmed I had done everything right and that while the app worked on her phone, it did not work on mine. On a whim, I decided to read some reviews of the app, and it appears that some other reviewers have had the same exact problems. A few mentioned that they had iPhones and were using the latest software. I am also using an iPhone with the latest update, so I wonder if it is a software compatibility issue. Please create an update so this app works on iPhones! I’m so disappointed that I can’t use my new camera and I’m sure others feel the same!

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    Back when I got my B700 (first camera) in 2017 I absolutely loved using SnapBridge with the ability to download images off my camera through only Bluetooth (WiFi was only required for videos), I would tell everyone all about it and how much I loved the app and how convenient it was. Soon after when an update was released Bluetooth downloads was removed and now I’m forced to use the cameras WiFi connection, however for years now it’s been nothing but problems. The app will pair to the camera perfectly fine. I’m able to connect to the cameras WiFi with minimal-moderate issues however even when I am properly connected if I try to click download images I’m greeted with a lovely message saying “camera has refused access” I’ve been keeping SnapBridge up to date as well as my camera firmware and even iOS and over the course of approximately 2 years I’m still plagued with this issue and the love for SnapBridge has faded away. I used to live in an rf dead zone so interference plays no role. I have also tried resetting my camera. During all of this time I would estimate the chances of a successful connection to be something like 1/100 or less. It’s absurd. I wish I could go back to the 2017 version of SnapBridge :( (1.something I can’t remember)

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    Designed to get you to use their cloud, not provide useful features

    First it doesn’t support video for coolpix p1000. Why? It’s designed to get the content on your phone to tempt you to upload it to their cloud. You would not have any reason to do that if it used the cameras built in SD card. As a consequence of them not wanting to provide a useful app for remote control they are unable to stream video on the limited available bandwidth. When presented with the option of saving the footage on the device or not supporting it at all, they chose to not support it. The obsession every single company I interact with wanting to be a cloud provider while lacking the competencies to do so is frustrating. You make high quality cameras, do you not Nikon? Why can’t you focus on your core business, doing the best you can to create a high quality product and an app to fully support and show off those capabilities. Your greed to get into the big data business which you will never, ever manage to do successfully is now affecting your core business. A mindless decision of ineptitude or perhaps sheer negligence. I won’t buy another Nikon product, I’ll add you to the list of companies that have lost their way to seeing dollar signs in the perverse data collection obsession plaguing our society. Pathetic.

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    Just like all the other reviews- App Doesn’t work!

    Worked great for about a week but now I can not get the auto transfer to connect. I have disconnected, forgotten the devices all both camera and phone, deleted the app and re-downloaded, resetting all settings on the camera. I even tried waiting a day and doing everything all over again in case it needed time to reboot. I’ve tried disconnecting everything with my iPhone and trying to set up with my iPad but that does not transfer either. Nothing will work. I can hit the manual download option and it pulls up all of the pictures but then takes about 20 minutes to download just one picture. I’ve only had this camera for about a week so maybe I can get lucky and return it and try to find something that will actually work like it is supposed to! Very frustrated because I have wasted hours trying to get this to work. Also not helpful that there is literally nowhere to submit questions to get help with the app. Only an option to submit a comment where they can not respond back to you. I’ve never left a review on anything before but this was just so beyond irritating. Also annoying that there have been plenty of complaints with no solutions.

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    EXTREMELY difficult to use

    Tried to connect to my D5600. Finally, after a few days of trying to figure out this convoluted app, I got it to connect but the photos will not upload unless I do it manually. Even then I’m lucky to get two or three to transfer to my phone. I purchased this camera because of its affordability and the ability to connect to my iPhone. For Pete’s sake, can’t you figure out how to make it a lot more user-friendly?? The idea is perfect. Execution, not so much. *UPDATE* It all of a sudden started working. I don’t even know what I did. It still is very buggy though. Dropping connections all the time. Having to go through connecting the camera and phone repeatedly is VERY annoying since it is not a clear cut method. LOVE the camera. The app functionality will be so much better if you could fine tune it. I’m upgrading my review to three stars. It’ll be five stars when and if this app gets the proper attention it needs. **Another Update** It is now working. Photos now transfer automatically.

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    It could be so much better.

    I acquired a Nikon D850 and have tried to use SnapBridge with my iPad Pro. The camera control option leaves a lot to be desired. It it has too many hiccups and takes way too long to connect. Photo’s taken via the iPad take a long time to download, it doesn’t inform you of the status of the download and the camera doesn’t save a copy to the camera’s memory card. So unless there is some trick I am missing, there is no way to capture NEF files when controlling the camera with the iPad. I had hoped to use this capability to avoid getting on my stomach or some other odd position when photographing flowers close to the ground or controlling the camera remotely when photographing wildlife. The hiccups getting a camera to iPad connection make the whole process too slow to be practical. One can only download jpgs and not nef files, unless there is some trick I am missing. As it is, taking pictures the old fashioned way and downloading from the memory card to the computer are the only feasible way to go. SnapBridge is an interesting toy, but difficult to use seamlessly with the camera.

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    Makes My Life Easier

    I sell online on several websites. App is working pretty well for me so far. I don’t have any complaints. I love being able to transfer images to my iPhone without having to involve my laptop and iTunes. Although the iPhone has a great camera I can’t ever get the white balance on my photos right even with a white balancing app. So I have to use an actual camera. I have a Sony also and although it is a more “professional” camera with much different options (and takes great shots) does not have WiFi connectivity, so it takes more time. I have a WiFi / Bluetooth printer also. I can lay in my bed while sipping coffee and handle all my online business without running back and forth from my office. Cuts the time it takes me to do everything in half! I have kids and work from home, so that is a HUGE deal! Everything I have attempted to do with this camera has worked out. I am very happy!

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    Version 2 is even worse

    One of the reasons I opted to buy a newer camera body was for the wireless transmission capabilities to share photos with family and friends in a quick and easy manner. The first version of SnapBridge was disappointing, unfortunately my experiences with this update are even worse:(. First, even connecting my phone to my camera seldom occurs. I continue to receive a message stating I need to connect to the WiFi connection of my camera, but it still sits in an endless loop. Next, the few times I am able to connect, the images take an extremely long time to transmit.....literally over an hour this evening to transfer 7 images! Finally, after getting frustrated with the amount of time it was taking to transfer the 7 images, I was going to turn my camera off, and received a message “your wireless transmission will continue the process...” my phone is now almost dead, the camera is wasting battery, and all for 7 images. It is faster for me to take the memory card and transfer the images directly to my computer than use the wireless capabilities of SnapBridge. Very disappointed customer !!

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    One of the most frustrating encounters I have ever had in my life

    If you have just purchased a Nikon camera and are planning on downloading this app for any other reason besides you like space taken up on your phone DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT. In fact take your new camera and return it as fast as possible. This app has wasted hours of my time because it simply does not work. You might be able to pair once or twice right in the beginning with out any problems, but that is it! I have not been able to get the app to work since then. It has been over a year. I have researched and there is no solution! The help section in the manual has not fixed the problem either. This was supposed to make your life easier so you wouldn’t have to use a computer, but instead it will bring pure rage upon your life. I would not put the task on my worst enemy. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME RETURN THE CAMERA, I promise your life will be better off without this app. As you can see many other reviews would share this opinion so save your self the time and money and either get rid of your camera or just use the a computer.

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    Unintuitive and once you have an error you have to forget camera and reinstall

    I have a Nikon Z6 and we plan to take this on a trip. I was looking for a way to save photos and video off the camera card. I will be without reliable internet connection, so the cloud won’t work. I no longer have a laptop so I can’t back it up there, and evidently there is no way to connect a Z 6 to a portable smart drive. Using this software is slow when transferring pictures, even slower with 4K movie, and if you do have a problem you evidently HAVE to delete the camera connection and start over. You do get a pop up window saying that the software can’t connect to the camera and asking ‘do you want to access the help file’? To download pictures from the camera to your iPad the iPad has to be connected to the cameras WiFi and not to an internet capable network. YOU CAN’T ACCESS THE WEBSITE BASED HELP FILE BECAUSE YOU AREN’T CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET. At this point the only reliable ways if you are not sure you can connect to a cloud to offload cards is either as many memory cards as you can afford or a laptop.

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    Hard time connecting camera to device

    Having a hard time connecting the camera to my device to transfer over the photos I’ve taken. I’ve had this camera a year but have only used a hand full of time & everytime it’s the same issue. I’ve disconnected from everything, “forgotten this device”, uninstalled app & reinstalled & it just says not connected “camera is off” (when it’s clearly on) or says its connected to another device & wont download the photos. I check & it’s my device connected to it but no matter how many trouble shooting videos I watch or info i read I can’t get it to connect successfully . My hubby was finally able to connect to his device but in 45 mins time only 10 of the 98 photos had downloaded. We shut it off & went to bed. Tried again today & still says the same. This is extremely frustrating & takes up several Hours of my time to download just a single photo. I’m finding it quicker & easier to take photos with my phone than with my camera :(

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    D850 + SnapBridge = Fail

    I’m the first to admit that there are a wide number of hurdles to overcome when you are trying to get high end electronics to ‘talk’ talk to each other. But as a professional photographer and NPS member that regularly also uses Sony, Fuji, and PhaseOne systems it’s embarrassing that Nikon still has so many issues on the software side; especially when I see first hand how well it can work on other systems. I have used this current version of SnapBridge on my D500 and it works well 90% of the time. However even after uninstalling, ‘forgetting’ the network, and restarting a brand new iOS device countless times... I still can’t get either of my 2 D850s to connect to a mobile device. If you download this app and are frustrated and in disbelief that even a $200 ‘action camera’ can connect to your phone easily but not a $3500 ‘professional’ product... you are not alone. For now I’ll resort to taking pictures of my display with my iPhone to send clients for feedback while on location. Maybe in another 3 years Nikon will get it together?

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    Disappointing and still waiting for an update

    I received the Nikon CoolPix B500 as a birthday gift from my mom this past December and I was so excited on getting it, but within the first few days, I started to become a little deterred because apparently the app has yet to have an update that includes my camera that works alongside the iOS 13 software. So I figured I would wait it out since apparently the app told me that an update is being worked on. Given that it was the holiday season, I would give it some time for to receive an update. I’ve been waiting for an update to fix my problem from December to now, four going on five months I’ve been waiting. Every time I check Nikon’s website, it tells me that the issue is being worked on, but for how much longer would I have to wait for an update?? It saddens me that I have to take extra steps in order to have my photos on my smart device and laptop, but I honestly feel that the app is meant to make that process so much easier. Extremely disappointed on Nikon’s behalf.

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    Bluetooth, WiFi, and connection handshake with D850 not reliable

    This app need major rework: 1) I cannot remember how many times I have to redo the Bluetooth pairing on my iPhone X because it keeps complaining my D850 is connected to another Bluetooth device. It is seems the pairing from previous sessions sometimes get corrupted and become invalid. 2) The picture download function is also flawed. When I click Download, it needs to switch from Bluetooth mode to WiFi mode before displaying the list of pictures available for download. And half of the time, the Bluetooth-WiFi switching fails and the SnapBridge would have trouble re-establishing the Bluetooth connection with the camera, especially when the camera decides to power itself off when WiFi connection fails. In some cases, it would even mess up the Bluetooth pairing and I have to redo the pairing all over. 3) Bluetooth connection is lost when camera is in power safe mode. This is a major design flaw on the app and camera firmware. A popular use case is: I want to take a few shots, bring up the SnapBridge app, choose a few good pics, and immediately share with my friends on social networks using my smart phone. Not having a reliable Bluetooth connection plus major WiFi connectivity problem is simply making this use case impossible. This whole SnapBridge/Bluetooth/WiFi functionality is badly implemented and very frustrating from user perspective. I thought Nikon could do better than that.

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    Can't even connect.

    Not unlike my experience with Canon's software or cameras, the app drops a connection instantly when trying to use my phone for remote shooting. Even with the optimal settings according to Nikon's online guide, current updates and a close proximity (within inches of the camera) the phone refuses to stay connected, immediately dropping the connection to the camera. This is, of course, the WiFi connection, since the Bluetooth connection does not work with iOS 13. I got the remote shooting setting to work a total of two times over WiFi and then the remainder of times it refuses to connect or drops the connection right away. This makes long exposures completely unfeasible as a shooting option, since pushing the button on the camera itself will cause it to move, blurring the image. A remote of sone sort is pretty much required for a longer exposure time or night shooting. For reference, this is the Nikon D5600 and I'm running iOS 13 on an iPhone 8 with all of the latest updates.

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Is SnapBridge Safe?

Yes. SnapBridge is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 37,100 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for SnapBridge Is 59.5/100.

Is SnapBridge Legit?

Yes. SnapBridge is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 37,100 SnapBridge User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for SnapBridge Is 59.5/100.

Is SnapBridge not working?

SnapBridge works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 3 Comments

By Silvia
May 11 2021

I downloaded NIkon Snapbridge ver.2.7.1 for my Nikon P950 and at first it was working fine. After I took a lot of pictures on, it wouldn’t show all of the pictures on the app. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. Afterwards, it still wouldn’t show all my pictures. So I deleted my paired phone from the camera thinking I could restart it again. But now the connect to smart device doesn’t even show up. And I can’t pair my phone to the camera. The Bluetooth is on Enabled. I don’t understand why it’s not linking it?? Under the network menu it list the Bluetooth as enabled. I can click on send while off, but the paired devices isn’t even an option. I can’t access to link my phone. Please help.

By hansbeat
Mar 27 2021

The connection from Snapbridge (version 2.7.1) to the D7500 camera (firmware vers. 1.1) via WiFi (function: Download images) works in 1 out of 10 attempts at most. When it does work, it is unstable and breaks again after a few minutes.
The handling is catastrophically bad and very complicated for the user. Completely incomprehensible that Nikon does not get a grip on these problems and poor functionality over all these years!

By Nichole
Feb 28 2021

I hate giving bad reviews, but I definitely would NOT recommend this useless app. At first it was good, but I can't connect to my camera no matter what I do. The camera is perfect, but the company hasn't listened to any of of issues.

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