Idle Miner Tycoon: Gold Rush Reviews

Idle Miner Tycoon: Gold Rush Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-06

Become an industrial tycoon by managing your mine and idle profit! Expand your
empire & give it a boost with managers that will automate the workflow of your
mine! Take on the challenge and discover the best mining strategy and earn as
much cash as possible! FEATURES: • Automate your...

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Idle Miner Tycoon: Gold Rush Reviews

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    Great game but it does have a couple of down sides.

    I have been playing idle miner for about 5 months or so now. I love the game it a great way to pass time very simple but addictive. There are a few issues though. Firstly as I said I have been playing for about 5 months daily and have only ever gotten 4 legendary chests and out of those I have only ever gotten 1 legendary worker. You can’t get the legendary worker cards to lvl them up and they basically become useless. My common workers are at least double that of the legendary workers. Secondly the event mine prizes have gone way down hill you used to get so much more in prizes for completing the mine and why is there no legendary chest in the prizes for fully completing the mine? They did add daily log in prizes in which at the end of it is a legendary chest which is great but it isn’t helping players as much as intended. Third mines can only be prestiged 5 times and for most of us our idle cash comes from upgrading mines trying to save 4800 cash for legendary chests but what happens when mines are maxed out how do you get idle cash? Getting idle cash from expeditions is a very long slow process and probably wouldn’t keep players playing. I really do love the game and shall continue playing if it wasn’t for these couple of issues I would easily give the game 5 stars. So devs if your out there and listening any solutions to these issues?

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    Best Idle App

    I never leave a review for games, so the fact that I'm writing this says something. This game is very fun and pretty addicting as well, mainly because you can upgrade your assets so much. I have only had the game for 3 days and I'm almost to the Emerald mine and I haven't spent a penny on the game. That is what I love most about this game is the fact that you don't have to spend any real money on it to enjoy it. The game is very fast paced in the beginning and even as you advance throughout it, it remains pretty fast paced. It is not littered with ads at every corner, though you can watch ads to earn multipliers and reduce wait times on higher leveled shafts in the mines. You earn money while the app is closed and when you come back, you can watch an ad to double the amount of income you receive. Every mine has 3 sources of labor: the shafts to get the ores, the elevator to get the ores and the salesman that gives you the money for the ores. The fun of the game comes from hiring mangers with buffs to the 3 sources to maximize your income. If you play smart, you can earn a ton while investing about 80 percent less than you would normally. I would definitely recommend this game.

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    Heya! Please read to the end! I play idle miner everyday, and I have some suggestions. One, with the collect all button, we should be able to collect all our stuff without unlocking all our mines. We can’t because we have to unlock the mines! That’s ridiculous. We should be able to unlock the button when we buy the gold mine! Two, the event mine money should be converted into our regular mine money. If that would happen, the event mine would have more of a purpose. Three, I unlocked the mainland mine and I need to buy dawn continent gears for research. It says you need to unlock the dawn continent. Ok how am I supposed to get more income if I can’t buy the gears?! Four, why do super managers cost so much? I know they are better managers but really? One hundred green gems? You have to replay every mine and you don’t even keep the shards you made! I was at aw and I have to start all over. Sure we can keep our money for the regular mines but not for the mainland mine?? That seems unfair. Five, the chests are great, the rare chests give me epic cards sometimes but I think the chests are overpriced. The idea to earn super cash by working in your mines, but 400 super cash for a common chest?? Seriously overpriced! Most of the time you don’t even get rare cards from it. I would recommend this game, it just needs A LOT MORE!

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    Recent update purely for monetization

    The most recent update for this game made a big change to the “chest” feature. Players could previously buy legendary chests and were told exactly what they would receive. Each chest came with a legendary card, which justified its high in game currency cost. Now, however, they mad it a 50% chance to get a legendary card, which means I will now waste half of the money I have spent hours collecting in game on useless cards just for the hopes of a legendary card. They did this purely so people would waste real money to buy more chests because they can’t get they cards they need now on the first shot. They tried to justify this by saying the other chests will have better cards but any card other than legendary is useless and the epic chest only gives a 5% chance of a legendary card while costing half the cost of a legendary chest (which is already too expensive). This seriously disappointed me because they have changed over to this “loot crate” system that has plagued the gaming world in the last few years. They now expect their players to waste half the money they grind for on basically nothing. This was a dirty move and changed a 5 star game into a 2 star game overnight. Nothing pisses a player off more than a greedy company and this is the definition of greed. For new players it is not as catastrophic, but for those at higher levels it was a vital game feature to advance in the game.

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    II has come on the sky in a few months I can’t even beat you on a level I love it I can get a clan or challenge to get gold or beat up my phone or just get the free one or free game and it won’t be a lot fun for free or free stuff and you have free free beer or drinks with friends too many of us don’t want it and I will never be a fan or get it but it’s free but you get a good pass for it haha I like it I don’t want the free one because it’s so good and it’s fun but I cannot it will do the free press play it doesn’t make any free game it will get the best game you get for the gold and the clan you can beat free one game for a game and it doesn’t make any more sense than you have a lot to beat you can’t wait until it comes to free plz thx plz love it please give this game free free stuff free plz fix this clan plz plz thx plz plz fix this clan plz plz fix this game and it will be a free game if you want to come back to the free game and then get it back to the free game and it is really cool for me I want it too sorry to bother you but it’s free game free stuff plz fix it and I cannot is the free game plz plz thx thx to this game for jack jack and the clan I cannot I know you are byeeeeeee

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    It’s good now and then but requires effort to seriously progres

    I liked to play idle miner a lot at first until getting far enough. Unlocking the ice continent isn’t exactly as exciting as I thought. The original mine is already a great deal off effort and strategy to advance efficiently. Between swapping managers around, being sure they are running their abilities, and buying into what’s needed. That’s fine to deal with but with all the different minerals on a continent it gets difficult. Then prestige on all of them and tracking progress of them all is tough. Then there’s a freaking ice continent with different currency and stuff. And I just gave up trying because I saw I’d be unlocking all these minerals on ice continent and a whole fire continent like what the heck.. then there’s event mine, like all games have, that needs worked on. So for me way too many things to track to progress at a good pace. Maybe I’m a noob or my managing skills are bad but I think it’s way to much. PS managers are meaningless when I have to be there anyway to activate them.. so instead of tapping the little guys and making them run around I just press buttons for managers anyways. Maybe add something like an automatic tapper, or something please. For now tho I think I’ll do something more constructive like watching paint dry.

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    Moms this is epic game let your child download it

    So this is a game that goes on pretty far until bedrock! You can upgrade your mine that goes down. This is not only one mine it goes deeper deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper!!! Well... not pretty far down at all! Press the World button to unlock a new world if you have enough coins or you can get one for free but there is a time limit. Say there’s a new world that the time limit four 2d 7h 45m if it all goes to zero you might have to wait a little bit for another world to take it place or it might don’t haft to wait! You can share it to Twitter and Facebook! I’m telling you this game is mystical! If you put one game that you think is mythical and put another mythical Game that you think is mythical on top of another. pause for a second do you know how to delete games? Keep Holding on the game and move it around and do everything I just told you and you can also name the Pile! I will end out this review here. Do you everything I just told you bye!❤️

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    40 second ads!?

    Most apps out there are going to the “skip in 5 seconds” option. People know if they want what is being offered or not in less than 5 seconds so to force people to watch (or set the phone down for 30 seconds waiting for sound effects to silent) and then having to wait another 11 seconds for the ad to try to force participation is annoying... Anyway, by the time the ad is over you’re too annoyed at it to want to even try it. To add more time to double income, you have to repeat that process over and over - often having to watch the same ad again and again. Anyway, as fun as the game is to watch growth daily, the ads have killed it - then know one wins since ads aren’t being watch when game isn’t played. Please update ads to have the - skip in 5 seconds - option so the game can be worth waiting for the actual game time. The point is not ads. If it is, a more effective way is mentioned above. Update: I play a lot less now. Tired of waiting 30 seconds to watch a stupid ad and then another 12 second timer starts with a stupid finger pointing to play or install. To get things done or boosts you have to watch the ads so it takes too long. I’d rather play a game then watch ads so I rarely play now. Lose/lose. Fix your ad platform. “Skip” in 5 seconds option so the actual game can be played.

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    I absolutely LOVE this game but...

    This game is so fun and addictive to play. I’ve been playing basically every day since November now, and it’s such a fun game to play. However, out of the 7 months i’ve been playing, i’ve only gotten 1 legendary worker. It’s already really really hard to get the chests in the first place (unless you buy them with actual money or you save up your idle money. Or you wait a whole month to get one) but most the time you don’t even get a legendary. Just a bunch of commons that I already have TONS of. Also it’s super hard and difficult to get a darn super manager. You have to restart a mainland mine every time, and now that I have two after forever, you have to unlock and restart more than two mines just to get enough of the shards to unlock a new manager. It takes so long to restart and max out two mines just to get one new manager. It’s just very frustrating cause I just want my super managers! However, I won’t give up on this game. I highly recommend playing it and it’s lots of fun and again, really addictive. I would just like those things fixed.

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    The funniest game ever

    Idle mine is the funniest game ever because you can level up and up new mines you get a daily reward and you get money even if your not in the game it’s great and I will never delete it because it is the funniest game in the world and i will never change my mind that’s why I gave this app five stars it’s great it’s always fun and will never get boring if you download this app I would get ready to play nonstop I was up till 3:00 am playing this is was so In it I could not stop playing it I told all of my friends who is getting it to get ready to stay awake play all night my friends and I was up till the next day we had to seek out to get snacks and my mom came out as soon as we ran to my room she went to go and check on us we hide our phones and snacks and acted like we where asleep my mom thought we where asleep me and my friends laughed when she went back to sleep I wanted to see if my siblings had it they said they did not want to know but I told them GET IT and anybody who reads this GET THIS GAME it is so much fun and you will never stop how fun it is

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    Horrible don’t waste money on it

    They never balanced the game but rather have my review removed (probably what happens to all there negative reviews btw). On a 25 level mine I make an entire letter grade under which is longer than it was before when I first got the game. U can pay 12-50$ for speed but that obviously just for kids playing on there parents phones to be suckered . At this rate it would either take a year or 2 of grinding or lots of money. And on top of all of that it now consistently crashes switching islands. It’s almost like they have a background process running under the game because the game can’t be that strenuous on an iPhone. But you all don’t care. So to anyone reading this stepping on legos is more fun than this game unless your an Arabian prince with money to throw around. Go ahead and read there response to other comments. They literally advised u to use boosters, but u only get them though daily draw sometimes, expedition sometimes and after 3-24hour wait, and playing the event min or u shell out money which is what they ultimately want to scream at you. And let’s not for get the research ,” want to play the game was meant? Just buy all these skill points and we will make the game playable for you” so go ahead and remove it again and I’ll retest and put u on blast for your terrible ethics

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    Not what I would call 'idle'

    This game is fun; it really is. The time required to play is enormous for an 'idle' game, though. Each mine has thirty levels plus the elevator and warehouse. There are five main islands with five mines each, events that take multiple days for all but very seasoned players, and then Impossible Island, which takes 25 days just to unlock one mine. Mainland is far worse: There are over 120 mines of increasing difficulty, and I got tired of it after nine. In contrast, AdVenture Capitalist has three areas total. All these games are supported by ads, but this game's ad load is next-level. Six ads per mine per day for double profits, two ads per hour per mine for barrier removal, ads all day long for increasing idle cash. Even with all mines on the same island eventually being grouped together, I figure it's around 50 ads per day just to keep the game moving. That's 30 minutes of just sitting there and watching ads -- or doing something minimal while they play. I'd pay $10 for an ad-free package. If you're going to play, get the permanent double boosts or the game will crawl, same with any other idler. Otherwise, just be prepared to have it up and running all day.

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    I love the game I’m addicted (just one personal issue)

    The game is addicting and overall amazing! The concept is awesome and goes together so well. It is my favorite game and I have barley had it a month. It is one of those games that once you start, you can’t stop. And in my personal opinion, the greatest part is if you stop the game for a while and come back, the progress is saved and even keeps going. Not to mention you have the chance to DOUBLE your amount. Also it is one of those games that it is a little hard but not so hard that it’s frustrating or a reason to stop playing (unless your trying to double your amount.) Another perk is there are No Adds unless you choose. Normally with free games they overwhelm you with adds, but this game lets you have the opportunity to say no. I don’t no if it is just my device personally, but for the past few days it has not been letting me on at all and that really bummed me out being that this is my absolute favorite game. I LOVE Idle Minor.

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    Not bad

    I have been playing this game for a while. It is a decent game. It does get repetitive after progressing so far. They have tried hard to minimize this though. The new addition of the dawn continent is the same thing as the previous continents. The super managers do help and they are something I personally under utilize because of the pain it is to go and click on the managers in mine to start there powers. I am on the dawn continent. And my cards are on decent levels. Except for the legendary cards. Those are very rare and a pain to get. I have enjoyed this game for what it is an idle miner game. If I miss a few days of logging in or even a week it isn’t a big deal because you still accumulate money. The main thing I did is try to max out the idle benefits. For example when I watch an add it now multiplies it by 3.65. The advertisements in this game are there but they are not in your face. You actually get a benefit from watching the adds and you can choose to watch them. I have watched more adds in this game than others but it is by choice. To get an added bonus. As far as the game crashing I haven’t had this issue.

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    Better Have Patience.

    This is reasonably amusing and a time killer, but definitely one of those low-brow cash cow apps, nothing more. Literally every element of the game has advertisements trying to poke you into spending real life money on very temporary things like boosts that last 5 or 10 minutes, or for in-game currency that is gone in a flash. There are tons of ads to watch if you want a two hour income boost, and that only counts on the specific mine you’re on, so each mine gets you the pleasure of watching more and more ads. There are special event mines going on. You cannot and will not succeed those challenges unless you put in lots of real life money. The game is addictive and a joke at the same time. I wish there were a way to purchase a completely independent and non advertisement based version, I would’ve bought this outright because again, it is a good time killer, a simple to follow management game. But they designed it to get way more cash from you than it’s worth. If you are extremely patient and prepared to be forced into a losing situation at times, and prepared to be poked with ads and offers extremely frequently, you’ll otherwise find alot to like.

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