Idle Supermarket Tycoon - Shop Reviews

Idle Supermarket Tycoon - Shop Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-28

Ready to be rich? Become the richest supermarket entrepreneur! Build your own
business, earn money, and become the best supermarket tycoon in the
world! Start with a mini-mart and turn it into a major supermarket business.
Build a bakery, sell fruit and vegetables, offer high-quality...

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Idle Supermarket Tycoon - Shop Reviews

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    Great, ads make game not pay to win

    Got to the Beverly Hills level, the one before Miami, and unlike what most of the recent comments will say, it isn’t impossible to do so. At first, I thought it would take quite a while to reach the money goal to move on, but I kept playing and upgrading. To progress in this game, all you have to do is come back to the game often, wait, and upgrade. They give you more then enough options for extra things when you watch ads, which in turn massively speed up your production. I was able to reach my money goal in a half hour with the ads that give you the express bonus and the double money from the ad. There are no forced ads in the game as well, which makes having to watch ads for the perks even better. The developers get money and I get perks, fair trade, but I see a lot of people complaining about this even when the money the developers are getting isn’t coming out of their pockets. I haven’t bought enough anything in the game. You do not need to spend real money in the game, and it is fun! I imagine that the last few levels might take quite a while to complete compared to the others, but that’s what idle games are. great game, very fun. In my opinion the things I have discussed make it a much better experience in total.

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    Worth playing

    Lots of upgrades, plus when you upgrade it’s not just a stat boost it does up stats but also changes the actual cosmetics of the departments, and products. I love the inclusion of the food trucks as well. They do have a gold membership but you forget it’s even there because they don’t force it on the player. It’s a great Idle game and even with notifications on doesn’t consistently bother you to return like a clingy girlfriend for attention. Ideas I’d like to suggest if the developers ever look at this is maybe in the later supermarket you can gain access to self checkout, or maybe add it Security for the customers who try to steal as a way to increase the dynamic personality of the customers. One more I’d like to suggest is this: So I live in Pennsylvania and we have Giant Eagle, and at Giant Eagle they have a play area/ daycare that parents can leave their kids at so they can shop in peace. So why not add that, a play area / daycare for the parents in the game to drop their kids off at and as you increase the size, and productivity of the employees watching them it can then increase the happiness, and checkout value of the parents Long story short, I love your game a lot and truly enjoy playing it and I hope you guys keep up the awesome work!

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    I LOVE THIS GAME, but it could have some things added

    First of all, let me say that I LOVE this game! I think it’s addicting, and overall, fun. There are a few things that I think could be added though When you move places and you reopen your businesses, it can feel long and kid mad boring just tapping over and over again. I thought that you could add a buy x5 and buy x10 button to make the process a bit more bearable. Even if you didn’t do that, could you please make it so you can tap a bit faster? Same thing with the cashiers. Secondly, I think that the parking is a little broken. The underground parking is cool and all, but the sign that shows how many parking spaces are open is not accurate. I think there could be a feature where you can go underground and see the parking spaces down there would make the game a lot better. That is all I can think of that feels negative about the game, but don’t think that the game is horrible from this review. I LOVE this game, and therefore, I gave it 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Thank you, and I hope that you understand! 👍🏻👌🏻😄

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    Progressing impossible due to this glitch!

    I’ll start with the positive stuff... I absolutely love this game. I love lazy games that don’t show ads every minute or show. I love how lazy it is. And the graphics are really cute. Now for the negative... When you updated it recently everything just stopped working just about. When I open the game and I see what I’ve earned and I go times two multiplier and ad does not show up and I only get the number that was on the screen. Some of those times it just freezes and I have to restart the game completely. If I had to three times multiplier that’s another issue. I lose 20 of those diamond tokens or whatever they are but I don’t get the money just the money amount that’s on the screen. It’s making everything really hard to progress. I’m trying to earn those tokens by doing the challenges and I can’t progress seeing how the game isn’t giving me The money in the beginning. I don’t spend money on games. These types of errors are one of those reasons why I don’t spend money. I don’t need you guys eating up my money and I don’t get the reward. The rewards never come when I do the challenges. You really need to fix those because I am sick of watching ads but getting no rewards. And I’ve had to reinstall the game twice already!

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    This game started out a lot of fun. All the ads are elective, and thus fine by me. As I’ve progressed through the locations though, the game’s gotten progressively buggier. I’m only on the third city now and the bugs are really starting to slow my progress and get in the way of my enjoyment. It’s a rare bonus item I can tap anymore that will actually display an ad and give me the bonus it’s supposed to; most times now when I tap the bus or the shopping cart in the upper right of the screen, or the V.I.P.’s car, and then the button that’s supposed to run an ad, the button does nothing and I have to quit and relaunch the game to get the bonus items to work again...which they will exactly one time apiece before breaking again and requiring me to quit and relaunch the game again in order to collect the bonuses. Tedious. I enjoyed Idle Airport Tycoon for some time until its repetitive nature drove home the pointless, treadmill-like nature of what I was doing, and I don’t recall having encountered a single bug in the months of play I got out of it; maybe Codigames is just getting lazy. Maybe their entire test engineering staff just up and quit. But for whatever reason, this game is much more problematic than that other. A shame, as it is (or was) very enjoyable for a little while there.

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    Hmm... Also Good

    I have had this game for about an hour, and I’ve noticed something weird. Whenever the bus comes, I have the option to click on the watch video button, and when I do nothing happens. This happens with all the things you can watch an ad for. This means I can’t get more customers from the bus or more money from the VIP 😢.Otherwise, this game is very great and I encourage you to buy it. Have a nice day! EDIT: Also, I forget to mention how great this game is! If it’s your first tycoon/idle game, it may be a bit confusing at first. After a while you’re the controls down and before you know it, you have something that you might think is better than your local supermarket! The thing I love the most is that your shop stays open for two hours (I think) after you close the app, so you can be lazy OR want to keep playing all day. You also have the option to buy a manager to keep your shop open for ten hours (I think) after you close the app. BUT sometimes tycoon games such as this one may get little problems that make the process slower (like mine with the ads). Let me just say this game is easy for a kid such as me. Again I will say, have a nice day! -SoapyLee

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    Good but needs help.

    I love this game, it’s fun and keeps you coming back and I love that you can just watch short ads instead of paying real money for things. I like the franchise update also but my only complaint is that when I go to click on the vip car or one of the little power up things half the time lately they won’t work. I’ll click view ad and nothing will happen. With the vip car it’ll just go away like you watched the ad but you didn’t and didn’t get any rewards and without those things working it makes the franchise very difficult. ALSO my only other issue is that this app DRAINS battery so bad. I didn’t notice it as much on my iPad but I really noticed it when I got it on my phone and my phone was dying so fast and as soon as I delete the app it was fine. I get it’s because it runs In the background BUT that’s no excuse, I have other apps that run I’m the background and take up 1% of the battery and don’t drain it. I think I’ll honestly end up deleting the game off my iPad because it drains the battery so so bad and because the ads and franchise glitch and make it difficult. I don’t want to delete it because I actually really like this game but it needs fixing.

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    Love it but have a few suggestions

    I love how adds are optional and how you still get money even if you aren’t on and how you tell us how much we earn and overall this is a great game but there’s one or two thing I would fix/change First with the parking I love how it tells you how many parking spaces are open but I realized even if the parking is full a bunch of cars still come in I would fix this because when I see it’s full I try to upgrade it but when I realized it basically does nothing I stopped now this only started to happen when I got the under ground parking garage another thing is could you pls tell me what gems do and can you make it where you can buy the manager with gems I have yet found a use for gems and would love to know what there for and lastly when you move could you pls make it where you keep your progress it makes me not want to move I would love for it to save progress when you move. now over all this app is great which is why it’s a five star for me but could you pls consider the thing I stated thanks

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    Great buuuuutttt....

    Honestly it is a great game it’s fun and it doesn’t go by too quickly but I’ve reached Miami in about a week which seems like a reasonable amount of time but the thing is there is a ginormous money gap between Miami it and Beverly, I believe that Miami costed me 1-50 trillion I really cant remember(that probably doesn’t help my rating) but then Beverly Costs 100 octillion so you completely skip over sextillion and septillion and skip strait to octillion and that is the problem the cash jump is unbelievably huge and very hard to get to now it’s been a week and I still haven’t reached beverly, at this point it feels as if whenever I upgrade a station it does nothing to help my cash flow. Then the parking lot space count seems completely un-proportional to the advertising I’ve maxed out my spaces and I have 114 in total but then my advertising isn’t even maxed out and I have more cars coming in than I can fit even with all my departments doing what they can at a reasonable rate for where they’re at. in conclusion there really isn’t any balancing out to the upgrades and that could be fixed i am nervous to get to Beverly because I don’t want to know the next huge cash jump.

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    Very Well Put Together, But...

    This app is amazing. The cheesy, fun tunes, the polygon art style, the bright colors... it makes this game probably one of the best Ive seen in a while. And no, this isn’t a typical Voodoo style game. The ads are nonexistent unless you want upgrades or extra money. This makes the game a lot more attractive, and makes me want to watch ads for the rewards. Yes, you read that right, I want to watch ads. All in all, the game is great and it works very well on my phone(Although that is to be expected of an iPhone XS Max). The problem is optimization. This game is meant to be run on the newer iPhones because it is very processor and battery intensive. I’ve shown this game to many friends, with varied phones. On my friend’s iPhone 6, this game drained his fully charged battery in 15 min!(To give the benefit of the doubt, his phone is pretty messed up). I feel that if the developers were to add optimization for older, slower phones, this app would be an instant hit, and would be on the top charts.

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    Great game just one issue

    This is a very entertaining and fun game though I don’t have a problem with how much money you get or anything but the speed of the workers behind counters checking out with people i mean I’ve been waiting days just do get a single speed upgrade and it’s been like 3 days with the telecom department and I still only serve 0.21 customers a minute and the amount of money I need to spend on a single upgrade costs like 5x more cash than I even make at maximum being idle and I have no idea if I’m doing something wrong but they just serve customers so slow I get money so slow but the upgrade you get from watching the ad that makes them instantly serve customers does help but still it’s very annoying because I would love to beat this game and get to the last upgrades and stuff because this game is fun. (Edit: I’m just uninstalling the game. Since I first posted this review i haven’t even gotten close to even getting close to getting more upgrade it’s like every time I go on I only have enough money for 1 upgrade because u can only serve customers slower than molasses it’s crazy. The game was fun for the first week I had it now it’s just... ya know.)

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    Good but...

    I really love the presentation and concept behind this game, but I feel like the balance and progression speed is all out of whack. Like it’s just not balanced right. I’m not that far along, and I’m already at the point where as soon as I open my cell phone store or whatever, it instantly generates like 100 times the profits of all of my other departments put together. It makes upgrading anything but the top store completely pointless. Once you get some of the big earners, nothing else matters. I am enjoying this game, but like many idle clickers, it needs a little tuneup on some of the numbers. UPDATE: yes, the balance and progression speeds are all out of whack. At this point, I’m either in a new location and updating everything so fast it’s like a blur... or I’m grinding away at a wall with nothing to do. And clicking on the little shopping cart bonus is the only way to make money. You make as much money hitting that once than you do in like 24 hours of normal gameplay pretty much making the entire game pointless.

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    New update 2.00. Missions!

    After the 2.00 update, you didn’t put more missions to achieve. I am in Ut (33), and the last mission I’d made was the one of getting up to two stars in the froot shop. So, now I don’t know how to advance because the mission are kind of a guide in the game. Also, it takes the role of an objective to achieve; this, causes motivation. But, without missions (although I understand that you focused in the franquicies, that are the new and original mode), I still enjoy to play but not so much like before. Apart from all, it is an excellent method for earning diamonds. That is why I give the game four stars (apart from maybe some other little errors that can be fixed). I hope you would read this and reply. Thank you for creating this game and see you in the market! PD: I am from Argentina, so maybe I don’t have the best English, but I tried to give the best of me for you to help you to read this text fluently.

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    A bug keeps ruining my progress

    First off, let me say, this game is a lot of fun. I play a lot of my games in between getting dinner for kids, and other tedious tasks. I happened to leave my phone for long enough, that it went to a black screen, and so happened it was during the first part of the tutorial. When I came back, the game came back up but the screen in game was frozen. I couldn’t get back to earlier progress, which was okay since I’d only played about 5 minutes prior. I did try closing and reopening. I finally had to delete and re add it. I played again until I got to the tutorial to move cities and the same thing happened. It froze and I have to delete and re add, to which I’ll lose all my progress again. I hope there is an easy fix to this because the game is really entertaining. **Update: It works without having to delete by restarting phone. People might not be aware that is a fix and delete data. Again, fun game and am happy to not have lost data the second time 😋

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    Nothing works

    I made it all the way to Paris with no problem now I’ve been stuck there for almost a week now. I’m almost positive I’m not getting 3X the profit for the franchise I done, whenever I sign back in after being away for a few hours I click to get 2X the profit and it doesn’t show me a video it just goes away and I get only what I earned, whenever I click on the VIP car I can tap the money and it won’t show me a video (I have a screen recording as proof) and then sometimes it will let me watch the video then after it’s done the stuff will be up there with the money or the no thanks and I can’t click it again so I have to click no thanks and I STILL don’t get the money. I can click the bus and the express checkouts and it will just go away. So aggravating I was really having fun with this game until I started having all these issues. The only thing that works is the money trucks. Fix my issues and I’ll change my rating but if my issues aren’t fixed I’m going to quit playing because I’m not going to restart the game either. All the issues occur with only this app running and even whenever I open it up and restart the issues still occur.

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