Video Game Tycoon: Idle Empire Reviews

Video Game Tycoon: Idle Empire Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-25

Video Game Tycoon is an idle clicker business strategy game where you are the
creator and in charge of running a game studio company that develops PC /
Computer, console, mobile games and more. Your end goal is to expand your
business as much as you can to come out to the top as the lead...

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Video Game Tycoon: Idle Empire Reviews

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    Like the game

    This ain’t a bad little game at all it’s definitely something I been coming back to play. There is only two things I’m having an issue with. 1 is the massive amounts of Lag in the game that makes it almost unplayable and has made me end up in the purchase menus due to it. 2 the pop up ads that come out of nowhere, now I don’t have a problem with the ads where they help me with something in return I can live with those just not the ones that pop up randomly when I’m in the middle of doing something. Also I don’t quite understand the reviews with the thumbs up and down replies and how they effect me in game. Apologies I’m running it on my iPhone6s. But yes the lag and the random pop up ad is the only issues/inconvenience I’m having the rest of the ads are fine

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    Pretty fun...

    This game is pretty fun and it seems like a good game, I haven't played much of the game but it seems pretty fun. I like these tycoon type games and I think that they're fun. I bet that when you get further into the game it will be a lot more fun, or maybe not. But I like how you can basically make the game and it's not the game's idea of a game. Like some stuff that you can do with the games are choose the title, what the graphics look like, what type of game it is, and what the cover looks like. You might get more choices when you get more into the game, but as I told you I almost just started. I hope in the future you can do more stuff in updates. The graphics aren't great, but the game sure is. I definitely recommend this to everyone. (If you're into tycoon games)

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    Good but has more potential

    This game is fun but it has more potential like can you make it where you can have sliders and there is graphics,map,story and talking or whatever you call it. And have a thing where you need a copy machine that makes copies of the game and you can put ads on tv and stuff and you can work with Sony and stuff so you can get more people to RECOGNIZE your game if you add this to this game your game can be the number 1 game out there especially if you make it free

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    Waste of time - and money

    All kinds of issues. You're not actually "doing" anything in this game - just watching a number increase so that you can get stuff to make the number increase faster. Type of games you make, name, platform, upgrades, etc. all completely irrelevant. They're just numbers that multiply exponentially to get you to keep watching the number counter up top get higher. Mandatory pay to get the auto-clicker - or get no money and carpal tunnel. Every single "feature" in this game's description is less than 1-dimensional. You're not managing anyone, building anything, or have any input in the decorations (all awarded automatically after each painfully slow level grind) Complete P2W cash grab --- one that once you've realized it, you're already sank and there's absolutely nothing left to this game whatsoever.

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    Like it

    I like the game and I have a suggestion: respond to reviews. When you get a review you can respond back to the person who wrote it just like in the App Store which I’m right now in writing this review oh and I’m not talking about the thumbs up and down thing you know “writing a response to the review” is what I’m talking about. I still like it though ❤️💞💝💓💗💖❣️💕💘💟💯✅👍🏅🏆🥇🎖🆗♥️

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    Looks like a fun tapper but....

    I thought this would be a fun, mindless tapper game and I would have been correct except for one horrible feature. Ads, ads and more ads. There’s no escaping the ads. Most games I play offer watching ads in order to earn something in the game, maybe double money for an hour or something. Not this game. It seems like half the time when I click to upgrade something I’m taken instead to an ad. Instead of a fun game, I’m now deleting this game after less then 2 minutes of gameplay and 3 mandatory ad watches. Update 1/1/19: still too many forced ads. I will willingly watch an ad in order to gain something, but when randomly taken to an ad when clicking on a menu, nope. Bye-bye game.

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    Really Good

    It’s really smooth and I like the premise. There are no forced ads, you can choose to watch them for rewards. I think the best part are the animations while creating the game, they’re funny because they’re accurate! And you don’t HAVE to tap all the time, you can get upgrades that make money themselves and make games. However, it would be nice if I could customize the people, especially my character, more. Maybe you can, but I haven’t gotten to that part yet?

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    It’s okay...

    This game is kind of boring. I haven’t played much but I have a few ideas to improve the game. One idea is to have customers actually come in the sore and buy the video games. Also this game should be like a store so the games should be out on display. I think that you should have your workers walking around and doing stuff other than just being on a button that you click. So that’s my feedback. So sorry if some of the things I said were in the game. I haven’t played much.

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    To many Ads

    This game is a lot of fun to play when you have nothing to do, but... THERE ARE SO MANY ADS I recently got this game a few hours ago and I feel like I had to watch 100 videos. They are very annoying I understand the ads if they give you rewards after watching them for example more coins, double the coins, less waiting time, but instead the ads pop up whenever I finish an action. I do enjoy playing the game I would enjoy it more if there was an reward for the ads or less ads to deal with. Thank you for reading!

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    Good game 1 error

    I like this game it is really fun, the only thing that frustrates me is on my iPad menu will automatically open and when I’m not paying attention it will buy stuff with all of my money. Today I was at 50 million and so close to getting the next character and it bought all of this stuff and made my money go down to one million. Later this morning I got up to 30 million and it happened again. Please fix this issue for me. Otherwise great game.

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    Very fun but has some bugs...

    It’s a great game overall, however it is a bit buggy. For example, I unlocked the Bonsai Tree a little while ago, but the tree itself is nowhere to be found for me to use as a decoration after I claimed it! Please work on the bugs and the game will be perfect! I like to decorate so I hope the tree returns somehow.

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    AMAZING <3

    This game is a very great game. All I’ve ever wanted to do is make my own games, but it’s to hard. In this game I can see what it’s like to be a game creator, and there are so many things I get to choose. Choosing a name for my company was fun, also creating game titles and choosing all the options. Seeing the ratings. I just love it. This is an AMAZING <3 game.

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    I feel this game could be better. A lot better.

    First off, the game is really slow. You aren’t having fun, once you have completed the first 10 minuets. Then the number of adds. Don’t show me adds, if they don’t help me. You should make it to where you can buy multiple programmers, and artists, and story designers, and testers. These would require space and money, so you would need both of these. This game has potential, but keep working.

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    LOVE IT!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    For one this game is just cool! You get to make multiple games and choose the style of them! The idle prospect of the thing is ok and you get to design the layout of your studio as soon as you get to level 3! Overall good game! P.S haven’t encountered any bugs or glitches yet so sorry if I left them out.

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    Annoying as hell

    Anytime I try to do something in the game, an upgrade, hiring someone etc. it takes me to a stupid ad and it’s as long as 30 seconds or as short as 5 seconds and it happens randomly. I have to wait 5 sec-30 sec before I can do whatever it is I was trying to do in the game. It’s such a waste of my time and I’ve had enough. Constant ads while in game and on the app, all they care about is making money and not about the quality of the game while your on it. Uninstalled

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Is Video Game Tycoon: Idle Empire Safe?

Yes. Video Game Tycoon: Idle Empire is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 15,518 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Video Game Tycoon: Idle Empire Is 34.0/100.

Is Video Game Tycoon: Idle Empire Legit?

Yes. Video Game Tycoon: Idle Empire is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 15,518 Video Game Tycoon: Idle Empire User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Video Game Tycoon: Idle Empire Is 34.0/100.

Is Video Game Tycoon: Idle Empire not working?

Video Game Tycoon: Idle Empire works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Marcos buttsworth
May 19 2021

I'm having issues with the time one the profile won't let me use my Gmail account to get the money that of $1,000 spit on bear that used to do this people and then especially with a play the game if you like I'll put it I'll go into financial and have this games all closed off and band buy government officials in Australia running out so I can freed the kids

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