PragerU Reviews

PragerU Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

Welcome to the PragerU mobile app! With over five billion views, our videos are
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Reviews (24)


? Why?!

Are you guys afraid of critical race theory that much that you would create a white washed app to share fake history and once again make you guys the heroes of the story? What is this teach your children other than to write their own narrative to make themselves sound good? The reason that America is in the state of distress it is in is because continuously yt people push down our history and the truth of what America is and then expect people to be better. you teach your child hate, discrimination, and supremacy and then you wonder why they think they’re above everyone. your child will never learn to be a true human being. They need to learn to empathy, consideration, and love for the world like humans should be. if you only teach them about a white simplified history where they only matter and only them why would they care about anyone outside of your minority. If you wanna encourage your child to ignore the truth and be a bigot like you that’s fine but give your child the option don’t give them a narrow view of what you want the world to look like because you aren’t ready to acknowledge What you have come from, what your families have done to people, and how you still take advantage or belittle people of color; who you considered less than you. If you want to do that, thats all you stand on that ignorance. But don’t encourage your child to be an awful person just because you are


Don’t listen to the negative comments

Most of the negative comments here are voting negatively because they do not agree with the facts provided on this application. Most of them are voting negatively because they do not agree with the conservative ideas provided. My response to that is, why download an app directed at conservatives and then proceed to complain that it is directed at conservatives? Most of the content isn’t necessarily conservative, it is simply stating facts that certain people seem to ignore when arguing about those topics. The videos consider both sides then proceed with their point. This allows the viewers to decide for themselves whether they agree with it or not, rather than to just agree with whatever someone else says without knowing the entire story. My generation (most of which are young adults or teenagers), seem to be much more hive minded and entitled. They want the world in their hands, but refuse to work for it. They follow ideas because they don’t do their research and only read titles of articles, rather than the content they contain. Their attention span is short, and these videos seem to be the perfect way for people my age to learn about certain issues and debates.


Highly recommend to all needing a source of positive free thinking

PragerU and it’s extremely well aligned and suggested short stories for those who don’t have an immense amount of time is quite possibly the greatest app every created. Leaving behind all preexisting bias, this app helps you to think for yourself, not to become a republican. When you see the good light, one can easily see that have been lied to with false narratives. Research is key to understanding where you are and what side you really align with. You are better than mob rule, and should highly consider all points and think for yourself because you are capable, you are magnificent, and you can be you and do you all day long. It’s a much happier life


Search for Wisdom

It would be easy to think someone writing a review on an app like this is simply driven by their political leanings. I do have to admit that it is what introduced me to this app. What I’d like to impress upon anyone reading this review is that there is a tremendous amount of knowledge being shared through PragerU. You don’t have to agree with it all, but give it an honest listen. Also, the functionality of PragerU itself is fantastic. The graphics are simple and clean. I also really love how so many of the videos are short and to the point and cover so many interesting topics. It has become my favorite app and I just love it. Hard to believe it is free.


Truth filled Stories from real people

Thank you this app for bringing the Stories of Us to life, so we can see and hear directly from them about why they disappeared from their jobs that they once held and all for personal Moral, Ethical & Virtuous reasons. I would like to see a little less Clickbait on Instagram and more of the Straight Up Simple Truths & Facts which makes you one of the most Logical Sites/Apps to visit to see stories that make Constitutional Conservatives feel good about ourselves and to want to Defend our Freedoms that have been slipping away under our feet by the deceitful.


Great Information, reliable and wise source

I’ve been watching Dennis for some time now and I can definitely appreciate the truth with a kick of wisdom and common sense. . Something many people have lost sense of. This is a great site for our youth to become more informed in a much higher intellectual level. Unfortunately there are more bias sites on the internet than there are truth telling sites. I find his videos very homely and comfortable. I can relax and unwind with his videos compared to so other videos from other sites that just want to manipulate your emotions to serve a political agenda. Yes I definitely recommend.


Political Side of Prager

Okay PragerU had a great layout, but I would like to make note to not get your facts from here. They have a conservative viewpoint so their data will be biased and while not seemingly conservative or liberal, there are certain words or the way they phrase things that are skewing towards the right. If you’re looking for political facts that are completely unbiased, I recommend trying VERIFY as they take viewers questions and go directly to the highest most reliable source they can to fact check all of their information. :)


Great App, One Tiny Issue!

I love Prager U and have been an avid viewer of their content for a while. PragerU makes accessing content even easier, and I love being able to favorite videos and create a watchlist, but I have one tiny complaint. My favorite Prager U segment is The Candace Owens Show, but the episodes are up to an hour long each, meaning I usually don’t finish them in one sitting. However, when I go back to finish it, I have to find where I left off because it doesn’t save where you stopped watching, which can be really difficult. If only this was a function, I would give PragerU five stars!


Factual information thoughtfully presented

PragerU looks great and works well. The videos presented are interesting and thought-provoking. All content is suitable for kids—if they are too young for the topic, it will just go over their heads. I think that the negative reviews have much to do with the reviewers’ disagreement with the freedom of speech shown by this brave little app. I myself do not necessarily agree with everything presented, AND... there are plenty of other sources to go to for contrasting viewpoints. I appreciate having this platform as a basis for starting conversations with family and friends. Excellent app.


I can breathe!

My gosh this is such a breath of fresh air! Im in college right now and I seriously felt stifled politically. I feel like I can't say my opinions without being attacked but I didn't really know how to put this into words. I felt like I couldnt defend my position on issues. this app gives out THE FACTS and it's what I've been looking for for a long time. Whether u are conservative or liberal/ democrat or republican/ christian or athiest u can't deny that thw media is just full of OPINIONS often times not FACTS. Even though they portray opinions as facts. Think for yourself people. Love PragerU. Thanks for handing us hard facts 👍


Prager is good for U

The world would be a better place if everyone had PragerU I would consider my self in the youth category of America and I love PragerU. Simplifies real and controversial topics in comprehendible ways. Stars and has some of the greatest minds and some of my all time heroes. They are real, true freedom lovers. PragerU is perfect electronically, too. They already have a huge impact with 3.5 billion views and 300 videos. CRAZY. It is perfect. I wish everyone would have PragerU so freedom could make liberals ears ring. A comment section/forum would be cool



I wish there was a million more sites like this! My question is what ever happened to common sense. Why are so many people and companies so very greedy. I’m 67 and have seen so many negative things change in my time. Companies use to care about their customers and employees. I’m truly glad I won’t be around in 30 years to see the unhappiness this has created. There are still many who aren’t that way but it seems less and less every year. Has no one told them how much happier it is to give then receive.


Good concepts

I like the concepts and ideas presented, some of the facts really help in political debates (I live in CA so this is highly important to me) PragerU does have a conservative tilt and I wouldn’t call it 100% unbiased, however considering the modern political situation I would argue you don’t download it if you don’t want to read the content, there are definitely plenty of left wing news sources for you. Lastly the ONLY reason I didn’t give PragerU 5 stars is because the formatting could be better. (In my opinion the homepage layout and video interaction are not well optimized)


Ignore the negative comments

PragerU is amazing on giving facts that mainstream media won't show because it counters the propaganda they give, all the negative comments are people clearly victims of mainstream media propaganda and are biased just like the content they watch!!! this app is only here to spread awareness on corruption and misinformation believed by masses, if you're truly an optimistic person you'll know how important this content can be on misinformed people and if you're a leftist you'll see facts that almost seem unbelievable due to following mainstream media and the masses


Wonderful idea. It’s abandoned now..

PragerU is an amazing idea I feel like they could really help people with this and we could all learn something everyday. It appears though PragerU hasn’t been updated for a year. And the cards are just random nothing really factual other then some thanksgiving facts that are repetitive. There are some actual facts but other then that it’s just “the best way to be yourself is to not let yourself be a victim”. If PragerU was updated to look better on my iPhone XR and had an actual dedicated team to post up to date facts about what’s going on I feel like PragerU would take over PragerU Store. Sadly it’s been abandoned to eventually break. Surprised it hasn’t bugged out and stopped working for the past year it hasn’t been updated.



this app is very educational in their content. They challenge people to think beyond what they’ve always been told to think, challenge people to think for themselves, and decide what’s right or wrong. They present the facts of various issues and let you decide what to do next. So far PragerU itself is working great! No glitches or bugs that I’ve noticed. I also have not downloaded the latest version of iOS which could make a difference.


Easy to use simple clear

Does easy to use can get much easier? Maybe but this is so darn close I wanna say no. I love PragerU, it teaches so much in short videos, great for teens that are so into a fast quick pace. —We need more content like how man do get abused by women and isn’t get the attention it should— but Prager U is good to bring those issues to light that I’m won’t be surprised if is not already in the works. Pre teens and teens should get into PragerU because public schools are brainwashing our future.


5 Star on Content, 1 Star on Technology

I have enjoyed and shared Prager content for years. After seeing claims of their posts being censored by tech media companies I decided to sign up and download PragerU for the iPad. The portrait-mode-only app is useless on an iPad Pro that uses an integrated keyboard (landscape orientation.) Okay, tried to download the AppleTV version of PragerU - it does not exist. Fine, try to mirror the iPad’s display to the ATV-connected big screen - and it breaks the poorly written app. Prager spends a lot of cycles playing the victim of censorship. Why don’t you spend more time developing solutions to display your excellent content on devices larger than your palm?


PragerU will set your mind free

When I began my journey from Liberalism to Conservatism back in beginning of 2019, I never realized how badly the MSM covered up the lies and corruption of the Democratic Party. Dennis Prager has made a gift to the world with PragerU. It will be a Leftist’s worse nightmare, and a Liberal’s and Conservative’s best friend. You will gain overwhelming knowledge and facts to destroy any Leftist arguments and lies. I especially love the Fireside Chat with Mr. Prager as well as the 5 minute videos. The US, as well as most of the world, is NOT a sexist, intolerant, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamaphobic, racist, or bigoted place. (SIXHIRB). You can judge this by how many people come here legally and illegally a year. Nobody was running to Dachau or Auschwitz, but everyone IS running to the United States. Get some new ideas and perspectives from PragerU. We need you in this fight!


Sizing issue on iPhone and iPad

I have to say this up front: I am an enormous fan of Praeger University and have donated several times. Unfortunately this application has sizing issues on my iPad and my iPhone. The video edges are chopped off. The navigation pages have items on the right they can only be partially seen. The picture previews of the videos are also chopped off copper and partially obscured. I would recommend waiting until they eliminate these bugs. I wish there was a way to contact them, but I don’t see a way, at least within PragerU , so I am left with leaving them a poor review. I would suggest waiting until they come out with a new version.


Thankful for your Remember Me Memorial Day video!

Because of the covid shutdown, there was no local community parade. For us this was THE most solemn parade, to honor our fallen who sacrificed for our family’s freedoms and those in other lands. There was no flag carried, no formal placing of the wreath at the cemetery, no fife and drummer, no band playing our songs of patriotism, no community gathering to honor, and no local names read from our nation’s beginning, starting with the American Revolution all the way through many wars to current, no speeches to honor, no veterans to give the 21 gun salutes at each was so missed. So thank you for this reminder, and we pray it reaches many. We must never forget the sacrifice many made for our freedoms, and honor them by remembering their serving in all the branches of our military, and all the wars they bravely fought. Thank you, Prager U!!!


Excellent and factual

These are top-quality videos, all with experts in each field. Although I don’t agree with every conclusion in the end, I like their solid arguments and facts stated. These videos are more about sharing facts blatantly removed from larger media outlets because they aren’t part of their one-sided opinion. As for people calling this “fascists” and calling it to be removed. Look at yourselves, only a real fascist wouldn’t want any other opinions that’s not like theirs to be shared with the public and call for its removal. Everybody deserves the opportunity to research from all spectrums and make their own decisions, not just follow the narrative from leftist sources and journalists that act more like activists.


This is a trustworthy and credible site

I am one of those people that always reads the full story on articles, and makes sure I am getting the full truth before making up my mind. So gar I have fact checked everything that I have seen and it all comes out as true. In a growing world where the truth is sometimes hard to come by in the media and online in general, this is a great source and I would recommend it.


Finding the app 🤔

This is far from a complaint because I love the videos and content. My only issue is: on social media, the logo is orange. I see orange, orange, orange all over my newsfeeds but when I want to go to the this app app, it’s blue. My subconscious when I’m in autopilot mode is picking other apps with orange in them. I think orange is great, you should stick with that across all platforms since brand recognition is a real thing.

Is PragerU Safe?

Yes. PragerU is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,396 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for PragerU Is 63.9/100.

Is PragerU Legit?

Yes. PragerU is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,396 PragerU User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for PragerU Is 63.9/100.

Is PragerU not working?

PragerU works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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