Fretello - Guitar Lessons Reviews

Fretello - Guitar Lessons Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-21

You don’t need natural talent to play guitar. You need passion—and the right
teacher. With Fretello’s bite-sized, step-by-step lessons, you’ll master
the basics then play, compose, and improvise with ease. Ready to become a great
guitar player? The featured App of the day in over 160...

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Fretello - Guitar Lessons Reviews

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    Don't pay attention to negative reviews!

    First of all, thanks to the developers for putting this app together, not to mention for FREE!! I'd like to say that guitar playing, like any other artistic skill, is a result of the effort and passion that you put into learning it. I've read some of the negative reviews and comments and I'm certain that a majority of the people who have left them are looking for miracle app that will magically allow them to suddenly be able to play the latest boy band hit or Taylor Swift song and this app isn't going to do that for it's users. That being said, I've been wanting to find an app to help me structure my valuable practice time to help me carry my guitar playing skills to the next level and I believe I have found it in this app. To the developers: Thanks again and ignore all of the haters/posers!!

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    It’s a great idea. It’s what I have been looking for, but....... I started on the Pentatonic scale the first of the sessions. I already knew it but wanted to do the whole app all the way through. Kind of boring, so I wanted to go to the next scale lesson- NOPE. They decide when’s your done and ready. It’s very annoying. So, now I’m stuck on this scale for who knows how long. The songs you can learn on the app are ridiculous. I think there is a total of 10, 3 of which are different wedding March songs. Most of the songs are from soundtracks (movie) the songs you have never heard of! Then there is like r metal songs form the same artist. The rest are Christmas songs. It’s funny because it has genres you can choose form. But there is only 10 Songs that are either Christmas or metal or wedding marches. It’s very strange. Again if your excited to learn scales a new way you will be disappointed and like me- waiting for them to let you know when you can move on. Waste of money.

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    Great learning tool

    I started using Fretello a few months ago. Pros- I really like that it allows you to customize your lessons based on the style of music you are interested in mastering. I also really like that it uses standard tab for the lessons (unlike some other apps I’ve tried that rely on gimmicky interfaces). I think the repetition in the lessons is also very helpful in building muscle memory and I can notice improvements in my playing each session. Cons- My only real complaint is that it doesn’t provide any feedback on how well you are hitting notes and keeping time. It would be awesome if this was added and you received some sort of grade after each lesson. Then you could see which lessons you didn’t do well on and could repeat if you wanted to improve.

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    Very Good Coach

    Note: Please don't think too highly of yourself when you plan to input your expertise level. Otherwise, you'll just end up hating the app because it's suggesting stuff that's too hard for you to pull off because of the input you made. A little modesty goes a long way. I've tried a good few of these guitar coach apps but this one seems to work out the best for me. I'm an intermediate and the second I put in my level it immediately showed stuff that I have been willing to learn for quite some time now. My only problem was that I needed a structured schedule and this app provided one for me. No fuss, metronome included, good exercises, great open-ended jam tracks, and all-round greatness.

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    Immediately throws you in the deep end

    The very first exercise has you reading tabs, playing multiple strings on multiple frets, and strumming both up and down. It isn’t fun. I have been playing for a few months, I can play simple songs, and this was frustrating. It also starts with learning scales, whereas most teachers start with chords. That may be part of my problem, but it should start with lessons enjoyable to someone holding the instrument for the first time. I’m making it 2 stars on the assumption the app listening to your playing is useful. It sounds like a cool feature. (Edit: I am raising it to 3 stars because I like their response and want to give the app another chance when it’s updated or I advance enough to use it well)

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    Great for beginners and as a refresher!

    I've only been through a few sessions so far. I think this app is perfect for beginners and people who need a refresher, experienced players might find it mundane. It also helps when people take the time to understand the concept of this app. I think it is a great tool to assist along with regular lessons from someone. I've have been playing guitar for over 13 years and downloaded it just to see how it works, I will complete all of the sessions. I definitely recommend it!

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    Good for strategic practice

    So far, i enjoy practicing with this app. I like the progressive scale practice with different scale patterns that get more complicated as you go. As a music teacher, I see the direction this is going and I love it! Maybe an introductory video would help explain the rationale and pedagogy behind the app? Also, maybe include some work with chords to give some variety to the exercises? If the jam at the end of the session is to apply the patterns in soloing, it might be helpful to have the patterns on the jam screen for reference.

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    So frustrating

    I purchased this app and used it everyday for hours. I got through the 7th week and it asked me how much I want to practice for next week then it says I need a subscription which I have. When I try to practice keeps coming up to the subscription page. I’ve unsubscribed, then resubscribed then tried a different email but I have to start at week one again. Please contact me or let me know. I would pay to have access to all lessons but don’t want to spend another 2000 minutes of playtime to get there.

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    Still at the beginning, not an amazing app but it's okay. Tempo detection is way off, the first tempo detection I was able to do the riff provided at 148 bpm which seemed accurate enough, when I got to the next tempo detection riff, i did that given riff more or less the same speed, but put me at 55 bpm... like what?? Edit: 5 mins after writing this review, on one of the practices it says "Get ready!" at the top and the countdown is stuck at "5" forever. Just a bug I found.

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    Good for beginners/warm-up

    While it can feel a little slow and repetitive, that makes you focus on perfecting your basic skills rather than pushing yourself forward once you know a chord. Teaches you right away things that irl teachers tell you months into lessons too. Very useful and looking forward to what the developers put in next!

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    New User - Fair to Good

    I like how the lessons are structured. I think this app will be helpful towards my playing progress. Are there any plans to make the app cross platform? I've signed up with my email, so should have an account, but when I log into my iPad it does not have my progress on that device. I'd like to be able to use this on my iPhone or iPad. Please let me know if this is forthcoming.

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    Great App!

    I really enjoy using Fretello to learn basic scales and songs. The feedback is really useful, and has gotten me more confident with solos and improvising! The app could use some better organization, it can be a bit confusing at times, but overall it’s a great app!

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    Generally ok but latest update....

    New update installed on 02OCT2017 has an issue with the training not rendering properly on an iPad Pro. Can’t see half of the Tabs in the screen. Otherwise a good app the forces you to train on the basics and getting fingering done properly.

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    Facebook or email register first? No thank you.

    Sorry developer, not going to use Facebook or email just to see the App. Instantly deleted. Developers should NOT require registration ("friction") to just get into an App. I don't want to share my email or personal information BEFORE looking at your App. There's absolutely nothing before registration to figure out what you're all about. Obviously you know users are going to drop and you want some way to keep bugging them.

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    Good app

    Been playing for 4 years now and are learning how to piece together the scales needed to write my own music. So far this has been the most helpful thing as where to start. Thanks !

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Fretello - Guitar Lessons works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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