Picarto: Live Stream & Chat Reviews

Picarto: Live Stream & Chat Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-21

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Picarto: Live Stream & Chat Reviews

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    Suggestion and feedback

    The app is great but it would be better if there was a way to report bugs or issues through the app. Also recently even though I have great WiFi signal and cellular data the streams have been glitching up an their are sometimes where I can’t see the stream on mobile but is fine on my laptop. So it would be great if they could fix this and continue to improve the app because it has the potential to be great.

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    This is not a bad app but it’s not good either

    Ok let’s start it off like this, this app isn’t bad, it’s not good either, I see lots of potential in this app the developers just have to work on the format. It’s definitely better than most of the reviews say. This is a great app the devs just need to work on the layout and format.

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    I was very interested in this app as I wanted a new platform for my viewers only to not be able to activate my account. I’ve tried activating my account for 3 hours only to go right back from where I started . In those 3 hours I made 3 accounts with different emails all “activated” when none of them worked . Extremely disappointed and dissatisfied in this streaming platform .

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    It's okay

    I do love that picarto has an app on iPad and other tablets devices but there are few things I think holds it back. One things I do not like about the app is the keyboard/typing area as often it's small and I cannot see what I'm typing all time and when I post in chat I see last grammar errors I did not to see. I think they keyboard/typing section should be bigger when one is typing in it as make it easier. Also recently after updating picarto it seem to take awhile to load up and when final loads and I log into it I can find any streams and hoping that it only temp. One final thing that I think needs to be done is multi-stream as when an artist multi-streams with another artist I can't see anything when they do, in often have wait for one artist to do regular streams in order to watch them. All in all it is a good app that just needs some fine tuning

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    Needs A LOT of work

    Basically make this app work like twitch . I should be able to leave the app and still hear who I am watching. I also the stream itself while I’m on the app freezes way to much as well as the chat . This app could have potential but it needs major work.

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    Crashes like no tomorrow

    Going to be brutally honest the app crashes too much when watching the stream of my artist fix it plz

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    So I tried to sign in so I could activate my account and it wouldn’t let me sign in because my account wasn’t activated.

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    I don’t know?

    I can’t really give a review because it won’t even let me login

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    I'm not overly impressed :/

    Given how long it took for the app to come out, maybe I had unrealistic expectations of how it would work. Yes, I can watch streams, but there are too many little issues to make me want USE the app. Right off the bat, I was annoyed that there wasn't an easy, intuitive ways to be able to see streams listed as nsfw. I realize it shouldn't be active when you use the app for the first time, but there should be something in the app settings to let you see those streams or to tell you to go to the desktop websites setting. Having to Google how to view EVERYTHING was not a good start. The other really BIG issue I have is the fact that there's no way to rotate my phone to change between full screen and chat. So many other video and streaming apps have this as a basic feature that it's quite jarring that it's missing here. Also, when I do go full screen I become locked in with the steam set in one position, which makes it awkward if I need to turn my phone for some reason and suddenly I'm watching things upside down. Also, I don't really use chat on streams that often, but the couple times I did, the whole thing messed up, making it impossible to see what I was typing. Over all, it's not a bad app, but it's not worth it to me right now to use it over watching streams on the Puffin browser app. :(

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    Ridiculous lag

    I only have one issue with this app. Everything else works perfectly fine, but every single stream I watch is severely lagged. It puts me off wanting to use the app, and seeing as I can't always get on a computer, it makes me very upset. I want to be able to watch my friends' streams without delay. Please fix this! This is the ONLY reason I'm rating 2 stars. If the delay/lag is fixed I will rate 5. And I know for a fact that it's not my wifi that's the problem. It's this app. Hope you see this and are able to fix it!

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    Needs fixing.

    An otherwise convenient app with good UI is plagued by certain issues and bugs, such as not being able to copy or paste anything into chat. Recently, I haven't even been able to type into chat, both on the app and the desktop version (this only applies to certain streams). I can work around this by using popout chat, but I shouldn't be required to do such a thing - especially if it isn't even possible on the app. Additionally, the smilies aren't up to date, plus the stream has a few moments of lag when compared to the desktop version. I was hoping there was going to be an update fixing all that, but it seems not. Edit: most of the above issues have fixed themselves over time, but somehow the app had gotten worse. It no longer shows a preview of what’s being streamed, nor does the app actually bother to play said streams. Just an infinite loading bar.

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    Found solution to problem!f

    So when I started using it I realized there were some Artis that I fallow but didn't show up on the list or the search. I realized it was due to NSFW. Since I like their art style and yes most of them draw nude -I like using the Reference. the way to fix this is simple. 1. Create/have an account with picarto. (On their website, not the app) 2. Go to configuration, then the account tab. 3. Scroll down till you see "Show NFSW on app". (It should be red and off) 4. Switch to on. 5. Make sure you save, otherwise it won't take effect. (Save botton is right on the bottom on the screen every time you try to make a change.) 6. Log in with your new or existing account. or If you already have one and login, log out and log back in. That's it now! I can see all the streams! but parents, be careful their is a lot of "non kid friendly" art. so make sure your child is fallowing or streaming "safe" work, that you want them to. If not sure, then create and regulate an account for them.

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    This is the update we needed.

    Thank you, Picarto for releasing this update. It was much needed for a better viewing experience. A new UI, Notification and ReplayKit support, and many other improvements? Wow. All I can say is… thank you. This is the update we needed. Two things that I’d want in the future: 1. Have the chat be integrated into the panel below the stream rather than loading a separate Safari window in that panel. 2. Incorporate the multistream filter and make it an option to remove all multistreams from the Explore section. I don’t like the concept of multistreams at all.

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    Less convenient than the website

    An app is made for the sole purpose of making it more convenient than using the website online, however, this is not the case here. There are several features on the website that are missing completely on he app. These features include: being able to view and change your profile, looking at your follows regardless of wether they are online or not, and being able to watch recordings of streams. I'm sorry, but there is little to no reason to download the app in its current state. It's a significant downgrade of the website itself. There's nothing wrong with the site or the program, the app is just awful.

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    Good, but still needs polishing

    I love being able to not have to rely on the Puffin browser to watch Picarto streams anymore, but some things still need addressing, like On-screen Notifications that tell you right when one of the streamers you follow goes live, and the keyboard obscuring the text bar when you try to type something in a chat. Getting tired of having to close the keyboard every time I want to check my spelling. Another issue is that some streams occasionally buffer endlessly.

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact Picarto: Live Stream & Chat customer service directly
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Is Picarto: Live Stream & Chat Safe?

No. Picarto: Live Stream & Chat does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 171 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 1.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Picarto: Live Stream & Chat Is 15.4/100.

Is Picarto: Live Stream & Chat Legit?

No. Picarto: Live Stream & Chat does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 171 Picarto: Live Stream & Chat User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Picarto: Live Stream & Chat Is 15.4/100.

Is Picarto: Live Stream & Chat not working?

Picarto: Live Stream & Chat works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Rubberkitten
Feb 07 2021

Picarto has the worst customer service by far. You email them, you get no reply.

I was lucky to get a few replies in the past but when i replied back, whoever it was was gone forever.

No word, no nothing. I emailed again and again and nothing. People are like this when they finally
get up there and all popular or the business is running they way they want it, and the effort is gone, they dont
need you anymore, they could care less about what you have concerned whether its safe security or minors
looking at your stream or being able to watch a NSFW stream while logged off. You can literately spy on someone or watch from staying logged off which enables minors to watch without getting banned.

Picarto ignored the emails, they could give a shit about you.

That is why i dont pay money for their membership.

I wouldnt recommend using Picarto, their servers drop your connect, reconnect and when you try to type and chat after, it says please choose a name to chat. I am the Moderator running the damn thing and its asking me to create a name? I reported this before and there was no reply and no solution.

As long as they are getting their money, they could give a crap about you. If you have your account hacked, good luck because they might not reply or give a shit.

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