Baby + | Growth tracker Reviews

Baby + | Growth tracker Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-21

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Baby + | Growth tracker Reviews

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    HATE the new updates!

    I really liked this app before the updates. The ONLY thing I would have changed was the last sleep time should have been from the wake up time, not the start of the nap. After the update, I hate everything about this app. It was so easy to track sleep patterns and quickly see when the last nap, feed, and diaper change was. Now you have to go into two or three different screens just to see, or input, this information that was the first thing you saw on the previous version. Now, instead of showing the time of the last whatever, it shows the amount of a feed, duration of a nap, or whether it was a wet or soiled diaper. Who cares! The last time of each is way more useful. Most babies drink the same amount at each feed and I’m pretty sure most moms remember if the last diaper was soiled. You can view this info in the details. The last time for each is what should be shown. And trying to track nap patterns is out the window. Also, you have to change the type of bottle EVERY SINGLE TIME! For people like me who wanted but are unable to breastfeed, it’s like salt in a wound every time I enter a feed. Before the updates I would have given this app 4.5 stars (5 if the last nap time was corrected.) Now, I give it a very low 2. This app is completely ruined for me now so I’m looking for a new one.

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    I already miss the old version!

    My husband and I use the app for our three month old twins (because no matter how hard I try, they refuse to be on the same schedule) and this update is nowhere near as user friendly! The design is definitely an upgrade, but switching between children isn’t as simplified and I don’t feel it’s as user friendly. There are a few more steps for simple things (like finding out what time the last feed time was). And you can’t edit the sleep start time during the sleep session anymore, you have to wait until they wake up and it’s so hard for me to accurately remember when each of them fell asleep, ESPECIALLY if they fall asleep at different times but their sleep sessions overlap. I have five kids and I need EASY. I absolutely loved the old version but am really struggling with the update and looking to switch. With all of that being said, this app is incredibly breastfeeding friendly, which I LOVE. It also has so many other features that your basic tracking. The sound machine built in, the growth charts, the fact that you can literally build your baby book within the app... I love everything! It’s just hard when you’ve learned one way to do things and then you basically have to relearn the program.

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    Extremely frustrated

    I was in love with this app before I was forced to update it. It was easy to use and understand. That was extremely helpful when during the night I’m hardly awake and fumbling trying to figure out the last feeding and diaper change. It was also easy to quickly add his diaper changes and feedings with a simple click of the +. Now the process to add feedings and diaper changes especially during the time I’m already exhausted is unnecessarily difficult. It’s also annoying that my feeding method is no longer saved. I continually need to switch from breastfeeding to formula. I like to see the development stages which is also difficult to locate now. This update is not user friendly and was not made with parents of infants in mind. Those of us that are trying to quickly and easily add or find info at ungodly hours. My son has gerd and takes an antacid which was easy to track using the medication feature. That’s now completely screwed and confusing to use. You had a wonderful app that I frequently recommended and now it seems as though it’d be easier to find another app that’s user friendly when my brain is to exhausted to decode your ridiculous update.

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    Great features disappeared in update.

    I was prompted to update this app for the fifth time in the middle of the night while feeding my son, so I finally did. Bad idea. When I went to lay him back down and turn on the app's white noise feature I was met with a "Coming Soon" message. Who releases an update that is incomplete?!?! No I've got a restless baby and was struggling to find a white noise track. Then this morning I wanted to know what time I last fed the baby. In the last version of the app, that would be right on the home screen: last feed 2 hours 20 minutes ago Right breast. It was super helpful. Now the home screen tells me how long he fed for not when he fed. I had to look and look and look through the app to find the time line for recent feedings. It's under tracking>feeding and then you have to sxrool down three times. And that only shows one type of feeding: breast OR bottle OR solids. The old version would show all types of feedings in one timeline, so there's lots of steps in order to figure out the most recent feeding and therefore what time the baby will need to eat next. In summary, the new updates make this app no longer useful to me. That's unfortunate because I used it every day at every feeding and sleeping.

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    Update Ruined Tracking

    I was loving the tracking features until the update. I’m heavily debating switching tracking apps because of the update and how unfriendly the app has become. The front screen used to say right on top which side I breastfed on last but now I have to scroll to find it in the activity section. Logging in a breastfeeding is also very annoying even though you can now enter any time instead of 5 minute intervals. BUT you cannot log in feeds in the future. This is annoying because if you click manual log in it will only allow the time to be set for when you clicked to log in. Example: I start breastfeeding at 12:00 and click manual at 12:02, the app will only allow the length of the breastfeeding to be 12:00-12:02. If you want to alter that you have to save and go into the entry. The tracking of which side should not automatically be in the middle of Right and Left, if I click that I started out on the Left then leave the entire time to the left side and allow me to change instead of having the meter in the middle! I don’t know what it is but on my iPhone it is pretty difficult to move that meter bar.

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    First-Time Dad

    I'm still waiting n the process of downloading and trying out every baby tracking app, but so far this is definitely the best designed and intuitive. Many other apps suffer from bad UI/UX, though have all the features. Here, we've so far had few-to-zero usability problems. My wife and I have two main desires from the app. We have twins and switching between children's pages feels like too much toggle- tapping. It would also be great to have a view of information of both simultaneously, if desired. And since ours are twins, the profile image in the corner doesn't "work" since both babies look the exact same Haha. The last request and question is if there are any plans for multiple user logins for logging/reporting/sharing information. We could login using a shared account, but it would be juice to be able to see who logs what new information. This is especially important for when we have grandparents or other caregivers who we would like to grant reporting access to but not necessarily unlimited free reign.

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    Update ruined it

    This was my favorite app. I did extensive research before my 10 month old was born to find the best tracking app my husband and I could use. We used this religiously for almost 11 months and this new update is a huge disappointment. Not being able to edit the start of a sleep time (who starts the timer the MINUTE their child falls asleep? I can’t believe I can no longer start it 15 minutes ago but have to edit later by memory-which defeats the purpose of the app) is a huge problem. As well as losing the 24 hour sleep chart that was so useful. (Still waiting on the promised update with that coming back). Clearly marketers got their design hands on a well developed app and may have made this look more modern and “fresh” but its functionality and user friendliness are gone. I do NOT need a “feed” like function in this app. It is for data, it is not social/interactive nor do I want it to be. I also don’t need your stock photos and visual updates. I am so sad and want my old, super useful app back. I am less concerned about looks and just want it to work. Now I will go hunting for a new app to use before baby #2 arrives.

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    Absolutely love this app!

    First time mom here, tried multiple apps and this is the one I stuck with and like the best! It's very easy to use and includes every feature you could ever need. I love that it lets me go back and add info in retrospect when other apps would not. Another favorite feature is the dashboard, everything I need to know about my last feeding, last diaper change, etc. and how long it's been is displayed right when I open the app. The day by day, week by week charts are awesome to see my progress and how we've been doing. It also allows me to log doctors visits, vaccines, meds, milestones and photos, and my own weight. Not only that but it has white noise, lullabies, growth guides, and educational videos. It may seem like a lot to some people but I love that I can use as much or as little of it as I want. Oh, and you can track more than just one child! This is truly a brilliant app! :)

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    Awesome for this forgetful mom

    Being sleep deprived, I couldn't keep track of what time I had fed my daughter or how much. This app is awesome for keeping track of all of that and it's nice to be able to share it with my husband and not need to answer the questions because it's all in the app. I had downloaded a similar app but liked this one better. The only thing I wish this one had that the other one did was actually pumping tracker to record when I had pumped and how much I got. Overall, this app is awesome, especially for being free. Totally recommend it for answering all those questions from doctors and helpers. As well as keeping memories!

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    Loved this app before the update

    I LOVED this app and am so grateful I was able to keep track of so many schedules for my baby for over seven months. I was so frustrated, however, when I went to go track a nursing session a few nights ago and everything was so different. I am completely fine with change for the better, but I found that even in trying to give this update time and learn to like it, the update actually motivated me to give up tracking all together. Now I rarely open the app, whereas I used to be on it ALL the time, for tracking and all the great info. Even something as simple as changing the diapering portion- the variation in colors was a quick easy look to see how much pee/solids were happening daily- now with everything teal blue, it’s certainly pretty and looks modern, but is less functional. I really wanted to like the update, but just haven’t found it to be as user friendly as what I had been using for the previous seven and a half months.

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    Review on new update

    I loved this app and have been using it for the past almost 3 years to keep track of feedings, diapers and sleeping. The thing I loved about it the most was the sleep chart, it really helped me visualize a pattern in my kids sleeping and helped me keep track of when it was time for the next nap, and to be able to see over a span of several days when bedtime happened and how long my kids were sleeping. The new update does not have this anymore and I am highly disappointed, I relied on that sleep chart a lot, and wish it would at least bring the sleep charts 😓. Would also be nice too if the feeding history and last feed area would say which breast was last nursed on. The slider for the expressed milk is hard to get to be exact, every time I lift my finger off it it changes the numbers, would be easier to manually put the numbers in, also for it to have a timer as well.

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    Pictures keep disappearing

    I thoroughly enjoyed the application when I first started using it; however, there has been a major issue taking place where all of my pictures have disappeared. I had been close to my hundredth diary entry when suddenly, every image had gone missing. Luckily, the text for each day is still there, but the idea of going back to input each daily photo was daunting. Still, I started the process, but then discovered if I save a photo to a diary entry and then close the programme, the next time I open it, it has vanished again. Then, on the Memories portion, my entries are still saved, but the photo space is just white/blank. It indicates that I must have saved a photo there at some point since the remaining memories yet to be completed appear differently, but nothing is shown. Thankfully, my Face-a-Day is still working, but I wish the other glitches could be resolved.

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    My husband and I use this app every single day to track our newborn’s diapers and feed. Prior to discovering this app we used to text each other the details which was a nightmare. Ince this app came along, we both share the login so that when one person logs the info, other person can see it, no matter where they are. This gives us the clarity needed to handle feeds and diaper changes by a clear schedule even if the other person is asleep or away. My main feedback for the app would be to fix a minor bug wherein if we forget to log a feed or diaper (say 5pm)and enter the data later than another entry (say 8pm), the app summarizes the last diaper change as 5pm in the summary/today page. Another key feature missing in the app is the ability to track breast milk pumping. Overall, I highly recommend this app.

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    Ruined my Favorite App. I am so Disappointed.

    I absolutely LOVED this app before the update; I used it every single day. But ever since this “long awaited” update, there are tons of bugs. The app freezes almost every time I try to do anything, and I have to shut it down and re-open it. The face a day capability took a down grade and also for some reason creates duplicates in my actual phone’s gallery. The lullabies and white noise options are gone completely, which we used nightly! And the sleep tracker now lumps sleep spans into a total block for the “day” and even starts a new sleep at midnight, so for poor sleepers like my babies, I can no longer use this app to accurately track how long they’re sleeping at a time. The weight tracker keeps losing my new entries...Pretty much all of my favorite features of this app no longer work! I’ve been using this app for about a year, and this update took it from 5 star to 2

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    Update is terrible

    I loved this app and would show it to everyone. The new app is more confusing and you have to click a million more things to log. My complaints 1. I miss the sleep graph. I used to be able to see exactly during the week when my baby would fall asleep. I can’t do this visually now. I’d have to scroll and make my own graph I guess. 2. I used to be able to start a sleep session and then keep it open. Then the app would prompt me to ask if I wanted to continue or stop it. Now I have to use this stupid timer and I always forget to start it so I have to remember what time baby fell asleep and woke up. 3. The app would automatically remember o formula feed. Now it just automatically puts it on breast each time and I have to manually click bottle and then change it from breast to formula. EVERY TIME. then if I forget the graph turns a different color because breast was selected. It seems the only thing that is fine is the diaper. I get the app wanted to match pregnancy+ but these are major changes that are not user friendly to moms who need quick efficiency in an app. I’m kind of stuck since all my data is here and I don’t want to start over but I won’t be recommending this app to anyone else unless these changes are made. They are so simple in my opinion so hopefully the app designers will fix.

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Is Baby + | Growth tracker Safe?

Yes. Baby + | Growth tracker is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 6,891 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Baby + | Growth tracker Is 58.8/100.

Is Baby + | Growth tracker Legit?

Yes. Baby + | Growth tracker is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 6,891 Baby + | Growth tracker User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Baby + | Growth tracker Is 58.8/100.

Is Baby + | Growth tracker not working?

Baby + | Growth tracker works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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