Tide: Sleep, focus, meditation Reviews

Tide: Sleep, focus, meditation Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-27

Tide aims at physical and mental care through integrating sleep, meditation,
relax, and focus into an app. Inspired by traveling, nature, and meditation, we
have been providing massive audios including natural soundscapes and mindfulness
practices. To help you relieve stress, stay focuse...

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Tide: Sleep, focus, meditation Reviews

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    Absolutely Mind Blowing!

    Tide is one of a kind and the king of all of ‘em. A truly unparalleled experience when it comes to winding down, meditating, day dreaming and much more! The versatility of the utilities and the vast array of available sounds makes this a full-packaged app. A solid app for those who don’t intend in paying for pro versions, but the options are always there for those who do want to upgrade and access additional content. Either way, Tide forces nothing on it’s users when it comes to making additional payments, which makes the whole experience truly mesmerizing (unlike other commercial meditation apps) — the common and primary features are available for free! The app’s UI is developed extremely well by it’s developers, and navigating across the app is as smooth as it gets. Special thanks to the developement and marketing team. A brilliant app!

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    Simple and functional

    Honestly speaking, I didn't understand minimalism until after using this app. At first, I thought it was actually too simple, but after using it a couple times, I got the hang of things and came to appreciate the minimalist design. It has been one of the most useful apps I’ve come across and I use it every day! UPDATE: I have a couple minor issues with the newest update for a few reasons: First, the nature sounds aren’t continuous loop throughout; you can hear when it stops if you’re doing a long focus session. Secondly, I like that the sounds original app slowly fades toward the end of a session while the new one just cuts it off abruptly. I guess these are not the biggest things you’re concerned about but they go along way in overall satisfaction of the app, at least for me.

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    bring the old update back

    Hello app creators, one thing I really liked about the old version was the ease with which we could switch from the beautiful quote screen to the focus mode with one swipe downward. I know it’s sooo minuscule that I shouldn’t even be complaining but I truly feel like the app was better this way. Please consider bringing it back. You should also consider adding a function that lets you turn the audio on and off (when you’re not in focus) because I know right now, my audio start playing right away and I preferred the old version where the sounds would come on only when you started the focus. Other than that, I really love the app, I appreciate the multitude of free options (unlike other apps which give you a very limited amount of free functions). I’m really considering purchasing the premium once I’m more financially stable and can support you guys. For now, great stuff! ♥️

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    I just can't seem to keep myself on a good sleep schedule. After using for a night I'm fairly confident this will be my key to regulate things a bit. Also I'm going to be starting school soon and it's my first time really taking school seriously, I've been studying some subjects to brush up and I've been using Tide and it really feels like the effect that Tide is going to have on my study and sleep habits and the efficiency I'm gaining in both areas is simply revolutionary. I haven't tried out the breathe and relax section of the app yet but I'm assuming it works just as well as the rest. The app is very user friendly and has lots of customizable options to fit things to your liking. 10/10 strongly recommend!!!

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    An amazing productivity app!

    Update (April 2020): I’ve remained an avid user of the app, but since the layout changed, it has gotten kinda confusing to use for me. Tide has been my ultimate study partner, it’s the perfect combo of the pomodoro timer and sounds that help me stay focused. I love the collection of sounds, they’re exactly what I want, and the work mode features are amazing. Also the beautiful wallpapers and inspirational quotes each day are exceptional. My only complaint is that sometimes I will pause the timer and leave the app for a while and come to see that the timer has reset &my progress has been lost, I hope you can fix that. Also it doesn’t give me the option to quit my break and directly jump to a new focus after the previous one ends, and if I exit during the break, it discards the entire focus. Please let me know a solution for that too!

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    In love

    Very grateful for this app. The customizable intervals for Focus and Nap time, the nature sounds (I love the rain ones) and justa beautifully designed app. Two things I would love to see: 1. Ability to delete from Tide diary. I had an accidental “nap” going, and now it’s logged on there, I’d love to be able to remove it. 2. Ability to see details of your sleep, like a a chart indicating your lighter vs deeper stages of sleep during your total time in bed. Also, the app is great and knowing when you woke up, but assumes you “went to sleep” as soon as you set the alarm. Would be better if it used the iPhone sensors to know when you actually went to sleep. Keep up the amazing work guys!! And thank you for the awesome work so far!

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    Simple, elegant, no distractions

    UPDATE: Really love the app, but not the new update. The white noise stops and stutters, and sometimes will cut out entirely. Some of the issues seem to occur around the same time as a notification from another app, but not all of them. ORIGINAL: Absolutely beautiful design. Each day you get a new image and inspiring quote. Each "break time" offers a suggestion like "walk around," "drink a glass of water," or "close your eyes." Zero nonessential functions on the screen. All the aesthetic choices are gorgeous. I have no idea how or if the creator is making money, but there are also lots of updates, each with real new features. Two suggestions to the maker: 1. Include an "overall study session timer" that runs in the background and displays throughout each study and break time. This way, if I want to sit down and study for, say, six hours in total, I can know how much total time I have left. 2. Get a native English writer (who is good at English, which not all native English speakers are) to look over your description. There are many typos and grammatical errors, which might make this app seem less well-made. That would be a pity, since it's fantastic.

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    Amazing little focus tool

    I recently became aware of the pomodoro method of time management and focus, and excitedly searched the App Store for timer tools to help me remain productive during the day. This one stood out to me. First because it's free! But also among the most beautifully designed and elegantly simple. I love the refreshing pictures, white noise option and clean interface. It's simple - I don't need more bells and whistles, managing multiple projects or fancy alarms. The only thing I'd like is more white noise options. Thanks - great work!! Edit: One more thing I'd really like to see is compatibility with landscape view. The interface is so clean and good looking, I'd like to be able to display my clock horizontally as well.

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    The Perfect App

    Literally, if you are looking for an app with everything that you need for work or studying, this is the perfect app for you. Honestly I can’t believe an app like this one is free! It has these amazing themes and musics where it helps you to focus on your tasks. There’s also an immersive mode to prevent you from getting distracted by your phone, which is extremely helpful! In addition, I truly love the beautiful and motivational quotes that’s given to the users each day, I’ve made a collection of these to keep track of the times I’ve used Tide to keep a distraction-free environment. Thank you all the developers for making this amazing app!!

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    Works better then any other sleep/relaxation app

    The tide app is amazing, it helps me fall asleep peacefully and easily with different settings to choose from, also if I’m studying for a test the focus option is really helpful, last night I had a complete breakdown and I used the relax option with daily mediation and suddenly I was on a cloud and it was absolutely amazing. I love how it’s free, actually works, and not only for sleep but other things too. I told my friend about this app and now she is also getting a lot better sleep then she used to, thank you for reading and thank you developers for this great app!

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    It saved my relationship!

    I was struggling with staying focused on my tasks, so I needed a whole day to concentrate on something. That seriously affected my relationship, because in order to concentrate I totally stop to communicate with people, especially with my girlfriend, for whole 24 hours. She was desperate, and really mad at me. In order to solve this problem, I needed to reorganize my time. Tide helped me with that very well and also with my focus. I made a deal with my girlfriend to use Tide together and to sync our focuses, so we can easily communicate while we both are on a break. Wich tottaly connected me with her again!

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    This application has altered my destiny forever

    My life has been distracted by several things that made me fall behind all the time. I did not study well because social networking has taken all my time. Since I first downloaded TIDE, it assists me every single day to stay motivated and focused on one specific task that must be done in one day. Thank you much for inventing this sort of application for the students who are suffering from the Procrastination. This application makes me feel confident and punctual. I am so pleased to own Tide. Thank you reading my feedback. I am from Turkmenistan which is located in the Central of Asia.

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    Focus is out of focus

    I’ve been using this app for little over 2 years. The new, sleek look even got me excited for its new features such as the sleep/nap one. However, I believe with the latest update, the focus has stopped working. I’m unable to download new sounds and when my focus is near the end, it stops at 1 second. I’ve tried closing the app out, but no luck. Sometimes I’ll hit the focus option and it fades into the home screen, so I see both the home screen and focus screen. If you could fix this bug, that would be wonderful. This app has really helped me with my anxiety and insomnia, so it pains me to see it acting out of line.

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    Tide is an awesome app, and I use it for studying (and most recently) and sleeping. I have just tried using it to sleep because normally I would have a fan blowing in the background to help me sleep. Since I do not have that pleasure anymore, I have turned to Tide to help me sleep. Throughout the night, it seems as though the soundtrack would stop playing, thus waking me up. I would turn the tube back on only for it to turn off every so hours (it happened twice). If that is the way it works than I think it should be modified a little so that it would play continuously. If not, please fix this issue. Otherwise, this is a pleasant application. :)

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    The best app for students

    This app has become an invaluable tool for my productivity. Instead of my phone being something to avoid when working, it's now a tool to help me stay on track. The app is beautifully designed, I love the lack of ads. So much thought and care has really gone into all of the settings and options. My only suggestion is the option to block the notification center from focus mode because I tend to keep pulling it down to check and it doesn't end my session. Thank you for this app.

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Is Tide: Sleep, focus, meditation Safe?

Yes. Tide: Sleep, focus, meditation is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 4,991 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Tide: Sleep, focus, meditation Is 55.5/100.

Is Tide: Sleep, focus, meditation Legit?

Yes. Tide: Sleep, focus, meditation is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 4,991 Tide: Sleep, focus, meditation User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Tide: Sleep, focus, meditation Is 55.5/100.

Is Tide: Sleep, focus, meditation not working?

Tide: Sleep, focus, meditation works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a Tide: Sleep, focus, meditation customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Tide: Sleep, focus, meditation.

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