Room Planner - Home Design 3D Reviews

Room Planner - Home Design 3D Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-21

If you just bought a house or an apartment or want to decorate your existing
property, we can help you do it easier, with less hustle and achieve better
results in less time for the little fraction of total expense. With the Room
Planner you can: - Visualize your dream and get a better...

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New Home Design Dream

As a new homeowner, this is a godsend. RoomPlanner allows you to map out your space before you get in so you can strategize a move in with ease. It doesn’t have all the options I would hope for but the customization is pretty unmatched in this area. You can size any object to fit what you have or are looking to buy and import patterns to boot! We were able to pick out a patio set that worked within the space with before even moving in to our new home with the utmost confidence it will fit and look visually appealing. This was important to us as it was the patio was the single major selling point for our home. The one thing I can’t completely figure out is the photos. You can take “realistic photos” that you can export to a friend. This is amazing! But the photos turn out distinguishably different from the schematic you’ve been working with. I don’t know if this means that the schematic is colored incorrectly or if the photo has some weird exposure. But the lighting does appear evenly. Other than that though, amazing! It’s WELL worth the money!


I honestly love it

1st review (2nd improved one is below) : This game is so so so so fun and relaxing I enjoy it so much! I seriously have no complaints. That’s it. I love it. It’s great you should definitely get this game if you love designing rooms for fun like I do. Also the thing I find most annoying about most designing apps is that you have to play stupid little mini games to get coins or stars or whatever to actually be able to get furniture and the choices of furniture aren’t great. But RoomPlanner has none of that you can move furniture wherever you want, the options are realistic and there are many styles of furniture. Also the best part is that there are no ads!!! Overall this game is great and I think y’all should get it :) have a nice day to the people who make this game: by the way just one suggestion. I like that you can make separate rooms however you want, but in the end I think you should be able to put them together and make a house with a yard and stuff. So that’s all! Bye! Thank you great job! 2nd review: ty so much for having a floor plan option! I’m glad my review worked and it’s super nice



You have to pay for RoomPlanner in order to actually use it. Including, setting the exact room measurements. Otherwise, it basically defeats the entire purpose of creating any room design in general. Measurements are a standard part of any room design program/app. It's also really misleading to state "over 3,000 items to choose from" and call RoomPlanner "Room design for Ikea" because there are a ton of useless items that aren't Ikea related. I wouldn't have purchased it but RoomPlanner states that you can design with Ikea furniture. I thought I'd have access to mostly Ikea items. We have all Ikea furniture in our bedrooms right now, and we wanted to add wardrobes to create more storage. There's an option to customize the sides on some of the furniture (one of the items was a wardrobe, so that's good.) However, there are only some Ikea furniture items that you can select from, but there are a ton of "designer" items... Why? They should expand on the selection of Ikea furniture and textiles dramatically, and get rid of the designer items. They're completely useless IMO. As most people wouldn't pay $695 for a small chair or pay 8k for a standard size wardrobe. The options for customizing the size of windows and doors should also be revised. Many older homes don't have standard sizes and it makes the measurements.


I thought I would leave a review

This is a good quality app but I find it kind of frustrating. It’s incredibly hard to control and It gets very annoying the I can’t move around the room and see what I’m doing Bc it just won’t move. It also keeps glitching when I’m adding furniture and all the furniture items will just go blank and I have to exit and come back to see it. This glitch is happening more often and it’s annoying. I feel like ur not as free to design as u should be. I think you should be able to make ur own furniture like ur making ur own house. Other than these few glitches I do enjoy RoomPlanner . I would recommend RoomPlanner, and I don’t think you could get a better one. There is a lot you have to buy if you want more options (which I personally won’t buy) but I don’t think it’s that much money for the pro feature. Unlike some other apps you can do perfectly fine without the pro feature which I find pretty nice. All in all it’s a great app!


pretty good

so far this game is okay to me i haven’t been playing it for long so i’m not completely sure but so far RoomPlanner has been pretty enjoyable. it is a really nice and organizing app that thousands of people can play. i never really write reviews but this one really needs one. i have been playing for quite a while now and i just downloaded this game like a week ago and i’m already a little attached to it. but yeah this is a really nice and realaxing enjoyable game to have. i enjoy it bcuz you can pick different styles for your building concept. there’s a bunch of different types to choose from. in that case for me i have personally chosen the modern theme. it’s a really good theme to have a house with. this has a really good building concept you can do it in 3D or 2D there’s two separate ways to do this. and it involves no construction. and it doesn’t have any ads 24/7 there’s no ads at all. and the structure of the building concept is a really helpful tip to use when your making a house. you can change this size of the walls as many times as you want. and there’s definitely appliances and interior and exterior design to use in ur building.


Pathetic deliberate sabotage

RoomPlanner is infuriating. They constantly tell you to upgrade, sometimes repeatedly every few seconds over and over and over again to the point it prevents you from using RoomPlanner . Sometimes tasks that were available to do in the free version will all of the sudden not work properly anymore. They deliberately cause RoomPlanner to stop working periodically so you will get so frustrated that you will pay for the pro version. But it is a lot of money and unless you are going to be designing a large house or are a professional, it is not worth it. It works great when it works. I have been trying to furnish a new apartment and considering going with IKEA furniture, and they advertise RoomPlanner as a way to try out their furniture in your space. But it just periodically stops working or they repeatedly give you pop ups telling you to upgrade and you can’t use RoomPlanner anymore. It’s a pretty big time investment to get your floor plan put in, and to have it stop working just when you are almost at the point of trying out their furniture pieces is just maddening. Very disrespectful of my time and pathetic tactic to get people to buy it. Bad PR for IKEA.


Outdoor area

This game is really good & fun. There is only one thing I think could be changed & that’s outdoor space. I know your given the option to make a outdoor space but every time I do it just doesn’t come out right. The outdoor space is a room itself & there’s out door pictures on the walls and if you need a big room the pictures com out looking really stretched. I think next to the 2D/3D button there should be a button that says “go outside” & when you press it it takes you outside so you can design the out side of your house & your lawn. I think outside should just be an unlimited space of grass & sky. If you are confused try downloading the “Home Design 3D” app and looking at there outdoor space feature. Other then that’s it’s a really good app & highly recommend. ✌️ ☮️!



I had rated RoomPlanner one star before but it has improved. To three stars. I had deleted it at first because of all its glitches. Downloaded it again, worked fine. Then it kept crashing. Photos not working. It was frustrating, considering I was worried that my floor plans would be deleted (happened before). Started deleting my rooms. It doesn’t offer patios or porches (that I know of). The showers don’t offer any other shower designs other than those tight shower cabins. Wall sconces are too small. Adding ceiling lights are hard; they tend to move around. They don’t always go in the spot I wanted them. KEEPS CRASHING. whenever I add an object, it would turn into a white block and exit. Then it doesn’t save the edits I’ve done from the last 3 minutes. DRAINS BATTERY QUICK. Please add more objects and fix the bugs and glitches and such. And more swimming pool options. I don’t even know how to add a balcony or loft or opening in ceiling. Or sloped ceiling. Please also add tutorials and such. Please fix glitches that include battery drainage and crashing. Thank you.


Automatically charged for 1 year subscription

I barely played this game and was using it to get ideas for my Reno. I was using the free version. But once they updated it and “fixed the bugs” they charged me for a 1 year subscription!! Use another game, because this one is just here to take your money with features that aren’t so great!!! I Don’t understand how they can just choose to charge someone for a 1 year subscription like there aren’t 1 week, 1 month etc. subscriptions!! Also, there was never a note while playing the game that I was on a free trial!!! So how can I be charged for a 1 year subscription?!!!?!? Terrible. Also, the graphics are pretty basic and the options are slim to decorate with! Updates After speaking with customer service they were able to direct me to the person to fix my problem. Although they were slightly rude and insisted that I had to have made the purchase. I haven’t really played the game since then. It’s an okay game for interior designers. It gives non interior designers a way to pass the time.


To much pro

RoomPlanner is really good and fun! I totally recommend. RoomPlanner is good but all apps come with down sides. I have had RoomPlanner before then deleted it but I have download it again because I remembered how fun it was. When I had it before I loved it and there wasn’t a lot of things that were pro. Know all those things that I did use and loved are all pro. You can barely even make a good room know because everything is pro! The next thing I don’t like is that you can’t use things in one room that you can use in another room, for example in my kitchen I made I used this one picture and I also wanted to use it in my bedroom but when I got to the bedroom and found the picture it was pro! It wasn’t pro when I used it in the kitchen but know it is when I want to use it in the bedroom?! Other then all the pro stuff RoomPlanner is pretty good. I just wish there wasn’t so much pro stuff! If your going to become pro I definitely recommend it!


love it. A few bugs, though

I really like RoomPlanner! I didn’t pay for the pro version and I’m not trying to buy anything from ikea or anything but RoomPlanner is helping me design my dream home! It makes me feel SO organized! If you’re an interior designer or you’re just testing out different pieces of furniture in your virtual home, you will LOVE RoomPlanner too! Even though I’m just 11, i always go onto like google meets and zoom and share my screen (were in quarantine we can’t be w/ each other) w/ my friends to help them design their dream homes too! RoomPlanner is making me so happy! It does lag sometimes and i need to restart my phone and today when i tried putting a door in, it didn’t even show up unless I moved it to a different wall 🤷🏼‍♀️ but this is an overall great app and I really hope after this review you’ll buy it and love it too! Have a wonderful day you beautiful human!


A nice app… needs some work

I am very into designing. I love it. So I tried this fun game/app and loved it, but there are still some things that make it not the best. First of all, it sometimes goes blank (idk if this is because I used it through the mountains, but sometimes it worked well) Second, there is a lot of pro and it feels like only the good things cost money. Though there is a lot of things for free. Third, PRO IS SOOOO EXPENSIVE! Like 5 dollars a week? Costco (random example) is not an app and 5 dollars a MONTH! This is way too expensive and a lot of people are just using RoomPlanner to have an amazing home, not paying 80 dollars a year. Plus, they only need it for designing, which doesn’t happen often. Overall, I would recommend RoomPlanner and thank you so much for reading this review, it is greatly appreciated. I hope you can fix these things!


Love this app, but

So, I’ve had RoomPlanner for like a year now, and I do love it, but they tell you to upgrade to premium SO MUCH. Any time you want to check something so you close RoomPlanner for like less than a second, it tells you to upgrade CONSTANTLY! Once you use this for 30-45 minutes, it will stop telling you to upgrade as much, but it still will. I also think that it is really weird the way that the view is set up. If you have more than three rooms and you need to check on one of them in the 3- D view, you can’t really. It’s hard to explain, but it doesn’t let you see anything from the inside. You can only see things from the outside. Last thing, when you close out of the tab even for a fraction of a second, it won’t save your progress unless you say save progress. Otherwise a great app!



Woah. That’s what I said when I opened RoomPlanner for the first time. There was so many different options, some you needed PRO to use. But even with these limitations you can still create stunning rooms or building interiors! I don’t pay for PRO, but I still love the fact that for some furniture sets every once in a while the furniture randomizes and some furniture that you needed PRO to use, YOU CAN USE! There is one small request I have to make though, that when you “level up” you have access to one random PRO item. Otherwise RoomPlanner is great for architects and personal use. If you don’t want to get RoomPlanner right now, well then that’s too bad. Because you’ll be missing out on TONS and TONS of fun. Will certainly recommend to my friends and family! Love RoomPlanner! -Vulpixi


Take time to learn it and you will be amazed

At first I was frustrated as it seemed glitchy, but the more I played with it, the more I came to learn it is more particular than anything else. There are some issues but I want to say that the customer support has been quick to respond and even sent me a custom tutorial! When I completed a room and saw the “realistic photo”, I almost cried. It felt like a live interior design reveal! Very very happy with RoomPlanner since I am planning a major renovation: attic conversion and kitchen. I can’t wait to show my contractor - he will be shocked with the detail and I know this will make it so much easier to communicate my vision. Love the user feed where everyone is able to publish their design and leave comments and likes. Thanks!


I want to love it

Overall, RoomPlanner is easy to use and easy to navigate. What’s killing me is the lack of sensible furniture you can use and how they butcher your photos when you upload them. RoomPlanner’s furniture style is runway model NYC apartment meets IKEA. I want to use RoomPlanner to see how different pieces of furniture look in my home, but the catalog is not for the average person. I upgraded thinking that I’d have address to every day things but no, not even close. I attempted to use the feature where you can upload pictures of your own if they’re not in their catalogs. It’s a nice thought only it doesn’t work at all. Any picture you use are warped to the point where it’s like they got smashed to the ground. Try it in 3D, brilliant idea. Only it’s still completely 2D and you can’t alter the dimensions either. Leaning you with a butchered picture rather than a recognizable piece of furniture.



Room Planner used to be my favorite room design app. It was fun, especially since i aspired to be a room designer. Due to limited storage space, i sadly had to delete RoomPlanner . Now, i have more storage and decided to download it again. EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED! And not for the better!! RoomPlanner is still pretty good, but you have to pay a “PRO” membership to get almost anything! I used to have unlimited access to plant types, storage units, and my favorite part; i could make the room as big as i wanted! and i loved showing off to family members what their dream rooms ended up looking like, based of the basic size they wanted, colors, floors, and specific furniture. now, i try doing that and have to turn them down on some of the stuff (i do it for fun, not money) and it makes RoomPlanner less fun. i don’t have the money to pay for the pro membership, and i’m deciding whether or not to delete RoomPlanner ! really, it’s stupid at this point,


Sydney T.

Hi 👋🏻 I love room planner it is the best app for remodeling your house and just for fun to play around with but I do have a changes you editors could make to RoomPlanner and it would mean a lot if a few changes that I listed are made 1. When you walk you walk kind of slow so Mabe make us walk faster 2. Make less things pro I mean not much people are going to pay for pro and it makes me frustrated because they have really cute furniture and decorations so I would really like if you could do that and also the people that you use look like someone panted them and can you please make it that you can go outside and ride in the elevator that would be great thanks so much for reading this I hope you put this into thought thank you 😊 RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


AMAZING just one problem!

I love room planer it’s a great app it calms me down when I’m mad or sad also when I’m bored I finally have something to do well when my I pads not dead haha but to be a pro it really costs a lot of money do you think you can make it a little bit lower like maybe five dollars? Is that to much to ask? Because my parents are rich but they don’t want to spend that much money on just to get more stuff on this AMAZING APP....... but about RoomPlanner umm well you could make a kitchen a bed room a bath room a hall way a office and your own plan which is what ever you want like a MAJIC UNICORN Room lol you can even put people and pets in the room to make a nice touch this game is not just for girls or boys it for everyone please buy room planer it’s five star! Well have a good day and have fun playing BYE! -Makayla



When I first saw this game on ads, I ignored it until I found my talent for home designing. When I showed again I viewed it on RoomPlanner Store. The game had good ratings. I was disappointed when I found it’s real purpose, to help design your own house. But I continued and built my dream house. I enjoyed the experience and have played it many times. The only disappointment was that I could only make two of each rooms and I haven’t see everything. I do not want to delete what I have though. But what I didn’t understand is that why do we choose classic, modern, and in between? It confused me because it has the same furniture and room style. Other than one complaint and a question, room planner is an inspirational app that I do recommend.


Game Changer

Never reviewed an app in my life until now: RoomPlanner is AMAZING. If you’re someone who moves as often as I do, this is a life changer. You are able to create a room to the exact measurements (and even shape) of your home/apartment. It also has just about every piece of IKEA furniture you need. If you can’t find the exact thing you’re looking for, just pick something with the same measurements for placement. I will keep RoomPlanner forever.


There is very little Ikea.

Dear Devs, For the price you guys charge for RoomPlanner. It should have ALL of the current U.S. products offered and be updated regularly with newly released products. Also the capability to have all the different combinations of said furniture needs to happen as well ,especially Besta!! Please also give us the ability to turn off camera movement when the iPad/phone is moved it’s just frustrating. Lastly you should make it possible to have different ceiling heights in the same room, example in an open concept house the living room may have 12 ft ceilings while the dining room has 8 ft. There is no way to represent this in your program and I know I’m not the only person with multiple ceiling heights in the same space. All that being said you guys really need to fix your program or just make it 100% free because this is a joke and even ikeas website offers a better design program and... you guessed it, it’s FREE!!!


Frustrating to use, not all IKEA

I paid for RoomPlanner thinking it was an app full of IKEA furniture and I could use it to figure out what IKEA furniture would work in my space. It has all sorts of other furniture and limited IKEA furniture. If it's a room design app with "for IKEA" in its name shouldn't it have everything? If I want to put a sofa bed in the room but I'm not sure which ones fit I need to be able to try all their sofa beds. Also, i can't search for sofa beds, and it's hard to tell which sofas are sofa beds. I found one. I'm still not sure if there's more. At some point I stopped being able to walk through and look at the room in 3D. RoomPlanner kept getting me stuck behind the shelves/wall. Missing lots of functionality. Why won't it tell me the distance between furniture? Or let me put an opening instead of a doorway? Maybe that's all in the super pro upgrade. No thanks.


Rubbish, don’t use

Many people may turn out like me stuck with RoomPlanner because of the usable free version. At one point I have to purchase it for a week for more exact drawing. I am usually good with computer and app stuff but this gives me a lot of pain. I used it for a few months and end up cannot tolerate the stupidity of the design. I searched for other apps and ended up using another app called home design. I purchased the lowest version which would last for a life time. Coming back from using it for two weeks I am here telling everyone not to waste your time on this one. It is truly a waste of life using RoomPlanner. It’s life changing and all your imaginations light up with the other app. I am writing this because I really learned a bloody lesson. I can’t believe this stupid app even has monthly and annual subscriptions so expensive. It’s a totally waste of money - people don’t buy it!


Too many bugs

To basically use RoomPlanner you need to pay. You can only decorate one room. It was very fun at first to decorate and still is, but the amount of bugs overweight any fun. Anytime I want to make a new room, a wall glitches inside. Me and my brother have the same game and have the same furniture but our screen both look different somehow, (he doesn’t have the edit mode. And mine only lets me make one room, while his lets him make many rooms, even though he did not pay for pro mode). Overall I like this game but it need basic updatds, so I will probably stop playing it. Please make a better FREE version!!!



The newest update has made it much harder to look around your layout when 3D and the angles aren't realistic at points :( last one before was perfect. It seems every update from the first when I started using RoomPlanner in 2016 has been worse. The fact that if I want to look at a layout map to where I can see the measurements I can’t move walls or add unless I say edit then I’m not able to see the furniture which really make me feel disconnected. I’ve adjusted to all the other updates but this last one really encourages me not to use RoomPlanner which I paid the $25 for furniture Hopefully this will make sense and reach out to someone as I love the idea of RoomPlanner


It’s a subscription based app.

Now don’t get me wrong. There are certain places where subscription base makes sense. However there are others where it just doesn’t. For example, I’m just trying to see where furniture will fit in my house and I have to pay in order to adjust the walls to the right size. It’s a bit ridiculous if you ask me. The interior workings are fine. Though the 3D is a little weird some times. Everything works relatively well. But the “pay to play” set up needs some help.


Buggy and poor interface

Paid for a month subscription and giving up after a day. I renamed one of my room layouts and it keeps reverting. Same with color changes to furniture—they keep changing back. But worse than that is the functionality. Scrolling through furniture lists it’s way too easy to accidentally pick a piece, and then you have to tap like three times to get back to the list. There’s no way to drag a piece of furniture off to the side, temporarily. You have to delete it and then laboriously re-add it. You can’t drag a piece from one layout to the other. No help. No idea how to get RoomPlanner to start asking layout questions again. How to add outside window views. And app like this should first and foremost give you the ability to easily choose generic pieces by size so you can get your room layout set before you start trying different looks. For example, you should easily be able in a second or two to add a generic full sized bed.


Room planner

It was so easy to find the furniture that I was planning on putting in my new room, my family is building a house. RoomPlanner has helped me so much to plan the furnishing of our new home. There are various options to choose from for any furnishings that you need to compare to the size of your room. It is also so fun and thrilling to see your planning come to life. I definitely recommend using Room Planner to furnish a room.


This app is awesome!!

Ok, so even though most of the items in the game are not from ikea, the game is still great. This game is awesome!! You get to decorate kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. you also get to chose the size of your room. Overall, it is a very good game. There is no glitches and it saves your work, and you should totally download Room Planner, 👌🏼👍🏼Ty, for reading and I hope you download the game.


Misleading and Buggy

To echo an earlier reviewer, not being able to set wall measurements on the free version makes using RoomPlanner irritating; it doesn’t inspire me to purchase the full app at $6/week. Also, the screen randomly blacks out when I’m in the middle of fussing with details and it has closed out completely twice in an hour. Finally, many of the IKEA items, at least for the kitchen, are not selectable. I can see them on the drop down menu, but they cannot be added to the room design... which is kind of the point for RoomPlanner . Quit after that frustration, so maybe people will have better luck with different product lists.


Less than 1 star

Without paying $5 a week all you can do is choose 1 of 6 room types (living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc) from the example photos, because we own smartphones but have never seen a living room, bedroom, etc??? The next step ask if you are starting from scratch, using some already owned items, or NO new items.... then you are immediately sent to the upgrade screen and cannot go any further! $5 a week, really? They clearly have a high opinion of RoomPlanner. It could be the best app ever! I’ll never know because I’ll never pay $5 a week. Especially without seeing what I am actually getting!


Fun yet quite limited

i was so excited to finally find a home design game that i could actually just design with and not have to have coins to “buy” furniture with or “lives” that you have to lose because you couldn’t meet a goal in a match 3 game. especially because i just enjoy interior designing and don’t really need it to design anything particular. however, i found out you could only design 15 rooms and then delete some to design more or pay money to upgrade. it’s unfortunate.

Is Room Planner Safe?

Yes. Room Planner - Home Design 3D is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 25,436 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Room Planner - Home Design 3D Is 74.5/100.

Is Room Planner Legit?

Yes. Room Planner - Home Design 3D is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 25,436 Room Planner - Home Design 3D User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Room Planner - Home Design 3D Is 74.5/100.

Is Room Planner - Home Design 3D not working?

Room Planner - Home Design 3D works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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