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Published by on 2024-01-31

WHO SHOULD USE? If the issue is learning English irregular verbs, everyone may
use the app. Beginners or experts.

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Common dislikes about English Irregular Verbs Best app

- The app crashes when trying to switch to the next page after updating to iOS 13.

- The page switching issue needs to be fixed for the app to be usable.

- Annoying ads that cannot be unlocked causing the app to malfunction.

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About this app

If the issue is learning English irregular verbs, everyone may use EnglishIrregularVerbsBest . Beginners or experts.  You may study all irregular words or just your weak verbs with flashcards.  We will ask you verbs repeatedly and check if you would learn the v2 and v3 forms of irregular verbs.  There are 3 Levels to take exam or study.  If you are a beginner you should start from LEVEL 1.  You have the chance for deleting your all data and start all from the beginning. 

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