Freebird: Rideshare cash back Reviews

Freebird: Rideshare cash back Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-24

Freebird will get you to where you’re going and provide you with rewards for
every ride. Discover the best spots, get the best deals and have the best
experiences — all in one easy-to-use app. Go out & get rewarded. FREEBIRD
101 Using Freebird is easy! Connect Freebird to your Uber or L...

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Freebird: Rideshare cash back Reviews

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    Not reliable and iffy customer service

    FreeBird sends cars to the wrong location. It’s an ongoing problem with their gps and they have either not picked me up at the right location, or dropped me off at the wrong location, at least a third of the times I’ve used it. I have been late for classes and appointments due to this. When I have contacted customer support they have told me again and again that I entered the address wrong. Why would I enter my addresses wrong or not pick my schools name on a map? In the latter situation, the driver dropped me off in the middle of the hood. I mean it was sketchy and dangerous and I had to wait for another Uber to come. It cost me a fortune, as did the other rides where the wrong location was sent to my cab. FreeBird kept giving me a hard time it and saying it was my fault and only after multiple messages from me would they refund me (and for the difference only mind you. Not for the entire ride given the inconvenience.) I liked the idea and have really given it a shot but reading these reviews I see that I’m not the only one who’s had this problem. I wouldn’t recommend.

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    Freebird has been good until this morning. I completed a ride with Betty via Lyft, but Freebird kept asking me to rate “Larry”, and when I sent feedback the app just froze. I have exited out of the app, went back, updated, went back, exited out so many times and it’s still on the “Larry” screen. I went back to my lyft history and I had no Larry in my history!! Idk why this is happening, nor can I go back to use the app to call another ride now. It is forever stuck on the Larry review/star screen. Please help me fix this. I just tried deleting the app and reinstalling, still the same screen. This app is now completely useless if I’m stuck in this forever!!!!

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    A Hot Glitchy Mess

    Huge hassle to set up and I get weird error messages in other languages when trying to switch between uber and lyft. It requires more verification to log into this app than it does to log into uber or lyft itself. I can’t even add my home address because it keeps saying it can’t be read. It’s slow and glitchy. Then, I finally got it set up, and I ordered a lyft. Said it would be here in 8 minutes. I looked back in 8 minutes and NO LYFT was coming. No problem, I’ll order another... I ordered another lyft. It said ten minutes. Ten minutes pass by and I look at the app...NO LYFT. It’s asking me to request a ride. It’s not even listing it under ride history. I gave up and used the lyft app with no problems...but not before being LATE TO MY INTERVIEW. Waste of time ill just keep getting cash back from my bank. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone and uber has their own rewards anyway...I hope lyft does the same and puts this crap out of business.

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    I don’t understand where all these positive reviews come from. My wife and I both have the same problems with the app. It freezes alot. After it supposedly assigns a driver, it will freeze on a black screen with the driver’s face. This happened numerous times. It actually worked for us in Las Vegas maybe 2 out of 10 times. It did the same thing to us when we are at home too. The app assigns a driver but the driver doesn’t get assigned to me, therefore I don’t get picked up. As stated, this happened to both of us multiple times. I have now given up on this app. Also, the app’s interface is NOT just like Uber or Lyft. It definitely doesn’t have the same features when “opening” uber or lyft through Freebird. Maybe you get lucky, but this app is trash. I have a great phone with up to date IOS. The problems happen on wifi or data. My Uber and Lyft apps work just fine. Freebird is no good.

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    Rewards for actions I’m already doing

    I’m not usually one to make the extra effort for a buck or two back but Freebird is such an easy app to use - for things I’m already doing and the rewards are instant/quick. My first month I made $14 and I’m not even a daily rideshare user. The app itself is simply designed and intuitive. No glitches so far and I love the Fun Facts that queue up when I’m waiting for my ride confirmation. Great user experience in that respect and the points add up quickly to your cash rewards. Essentially 10 rides and you get $10. And it’s another way to find great food and drink places to try! (Yelp finally gets a competitor). Thanks Freebird!

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    Lacks “Short Walk” option for UberPool

    This app is great, I love the sponsored ride home feature and the general cash back. I can switch quickly between Uber and Lyft just tapping a button. I haven’t experienced any bugs, it’s so smooth. What is unfortunately a deal-breaker for me is the lack of the Short Walk feature for UberPool (I ride in Los Angeles), which often saves me $5 (+\- a couple dollars). It takes 5,000 points (more than two rides) to earn $10 in cashback, which means using Freebird for Uber costs me money most of the time. I would love to continue using this app if the Short Walk feature could be implemented (even if it’s something Uber has to take care of on their end). Otherwise Freebird does me no good outside of linking a card for cashback on purchases, which is a shame.

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    Genius and truly worth it

    I reserve my reviews for the very good and the very bad. This app is in the former category. I’ve used it, it’s smooth, quick as using Uber itself, and really does pay you back. The sponsored rides home are one of the most socially conscious coupons I’ve ever seen. Just make sure you have the right debit or credit card in your Uber app as you plan to use at whatever restaurant or bar or airport you plan to Freebird to. And make sure to program in your “Home” address so when you choose Home from the app you get your $5 off. Really great app. I hope more people start using it.

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    Unfortunately the app won’t work

    I’ve linked my uber account and I’ve only been able to book one ride through Freebird since I’ve downloaded it a few months ago. I use uber at least a few times a week and would love if this app worked but I get errors telling me I need to re-login to my uber account or it says my payment method won’t work (when it works just fine when I book directly on the uber app) so this is really disappointing for me. Hopefully with updates, the app will work for me eventually. I’m not deleting it yet. As of right now though, it’s just a useless app taking up space on my phone. Please tell me how to fix this! I have an iPhone 6s Plus with up-to-date OS. I’d love to use this app because I’d save so much money. It’s a great idea and hopefully I’ll get to use it sooner than later.

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    Has potential but needs work

    Stop using the Juno style system of pickup and drop off. For example, I’m sending a driver to pickup a friend from their address, it ask where I’m going I put my address but then it’s ready to calculate cost without even letting me put the drop off address because it’s going off of the gps address which is the suppose to be the drop off address. If you work with Uber why not just incorporate their system of travel where I can choose who I’m getting a ride for and place the pickup and drop off address all in one go like Uber. The other way similar to junk is a waste of time inefficient and impractical. Change this and you’ll get 5 stars also clean up bugs glitches and have a better gps system and you’ll do fine.

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    I thought the app was a good one at first, but when I went to set it up, I did have to go through a lot... My debit card was set up to my lyft, but somehow when I used freebird, it took money off of my credit card. Today I just used freebird to go to work this morning, and it took $15 off of my card, when I only work about 8 minutes away from my job and it normally costs like 6 dollars and some change. I’ve spent maybe half a hour trying to figure out how to contact freebird about it, and I still don’t see how, which is why I’m making the review. I also checked on my actual lyft app, and the charges aren’t through them, the ride is showing up as the regular price. So it’s like the money just disappeared, the only place I see that it says $15 was taken from me, is on cash app, so I’m confused

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    This app isn’t just for the birds...cheesy I know

    For the record, this is seriously one of the best apps I have ever used. As a New Yorker, I am constantly using Uber and Lyft (with hopes of Freebird adding Juno soon???) All in all, you really do get rewarded, their customer service is full of nice, stellar individuals who respond promptly, and kindly. (And being a barista for 7 years, I can spot good customer service) My only request? In hopes that Freebird will create an easier toggle change for Lyft and Uber as well as better logging in and out of our accounts. But hey, patience is a virtue and this is app to truly appreciate. Bravo Freebird team!

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    Solid app except...

    Enjoyed the smooth integration with Uber and the cashbacks and points. Two rooms for improvement prevents it from a 5 stars from me: - Can only link debit card. EBates allows linking Paypal for example. People like me are hesitant to give out their debit card info because it doesn’t have fraud protection like credit card and balance is deducted directly from bank balance. Or can do like some apps that allow the option of sending 2 small txns to the bank and verify that way so user doesn’t have to enter their bank credential in app. - Linking card only has the option to log in to the card issuing bank inside the app. Any way to do it like FB login where user is sent to the FB app to log in, not embedded within the requesting app? Again it just lowers the trust barrier. Cool concept of an app and enjoy using it! Hope those two points are addressed though.

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    Love this app!

    I absolutely love this app. It really works. I was in Los Angeles using Uber/Lyft to get everywhere and I accumulated $50 in cashback, transferred it to my paypal, and had it in my bank account that same minute. Now, I always nominated myself to be the one to order the ride, strictly so I can get my cashback. My ONLY issue with this app, and the reason I’m giving it only 4 stars instead of 5, is because you can’t input a pick up location. it automatically uses your current location. Sometimes I’m ordering Ubers for my friends at different locations, so I must use the actual Uber/Lyft app since I can’t input a pick up location.. only a drop off

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    Good to bad

    This app was actually pretty good seeing as though I go through lyft and uber frequently As of the last update my app has been having errors with my rides ending keeping track of points I earned for rides and being extremely buggy I know since June 27 my app has constantly not giving me points for my rides it’s extremely frustrating knowing my points are not being correctly added up I certainly hope there’s an update or email of some kind address the apps errors and glitches that have happened as of right now I can not recommend you use this app as it will not correctly give you points for your rides

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    Most Obvious App Ever To Have On Your Phone!

    This app gives you money for do things you were already going to do, and helps you discover new places, if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s the most no-brainer download of your life. I’ve had the app for about a year and already have $100 deposited back into my bank account. Everything about the system is easy to use and straight forward. If I didn’t build rockets for a living, I would definitely want to be a part of Freebird!

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Is Freebird: Rideshare cash back Safe?

No. Freebird: Rideshare cash back does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 6,381 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Freebird: Rideshare cash back Is 14.9/100.

Is Freebird: Rideshare cash back Legit?

No. Freebird: Rideshare cash back does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 6,381 Freebird: Rideshare cash back User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Freebird: Rideshare cash back Is 14.9/100.

Is Freebird: Rideshare cash back not working?

Freebird: Rideshare cash back works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a Freebird: Rideshare cash back customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Freebird: Rideshare cash back.

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