MantisX - Pistol/Rifle Reviews

MantisX - Pistol/Rifle Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

MantisX is a revolutionary training system that helps you improve your shooting
precision. Use of the app requires a MantisX Sensor which can be bought here: It attaches to any picatinny rail (or rail adapter if
your firearm doesn't have a built-in rail). The in...

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From bad to pro

Okay I have the older this app and still is a great tool honestly don’t feel the need to upgrade but I’d say about a year and a half ago I was a very bad shot even at 5 yards I was all over the place I had bad recoil management I would anticipate the recoil causing me to not just be so so bad I’ve always loved shooting but was one of those guys where I was like yup I hit the target good enough... I decided I needed to get better if I was gonna carry I got the this app and literally have probably 10k or more dry fire trigger pulls I’m now shooting 95 or above score using this app every time and when I went back to the range to do actual live fire I was like OMG my groupings were insane at 15 yards 2.5 - 3 inch groupings with my Springfield xds 9 even tighter with my 357 mag. All I gotta say is this is worth every penny Ive got rid of my anticipated recoil and just shoot so much better overall. I’ve never had issues with MantisX to me it runs very smooth. I’ve you wanna up your game in pistol shooting this is the way to do the this app is a lot cheaper in training then buying ammo. Although don’t replace this 100% with live fire but even better you can use this while doing live fire. Such a good product thank you for the awesome training tools

Dry fire with a purpose!

I can’t say enough good things about this thing. I’ve put over 4000 trigger pulls on this thing. I’ve done both dry and live fire with it. The multiple graphs help eliminate variables, it gives advice on how to fix discrepancies. I use the play back to look for trends that don’t show up in the score screen. The more I do with it the more I like it. I’ve even taken all my upgrades off my guns to see if they were in fact upgrades. I tested each piece compared the scores and graphs to get each gun dialed in for me. I tried the 250 shots in 500 seconds challenge ( with a minimum score of 80) I was having problems with it not recording all my shots, I emailed them and had a response back the same day. Great service. If you are any type of shooter and want to be better if you don’t have a this app, your wrong. I had more improvements on 1000 trigger pulls with the X than I did with 1000 live rounds. Only reason I gave it 5 stars is cause there wasn’t a 6th one!


GREAT Training Aid, Fabulous Support from Developer

I got an original this app after reading a review. The feedback the system (hardware and software) gave me was invaluable: it allowed me to analyze my shot release and correct mistakes, isolating those from shots there were just aimed in the wrong place. The X10 continues that, and adds additional capabilities. As I have had questions about MantisX and the hardware, Chase and Austin have been very helpful. We worked through some early (and elusive!) shot detection algorithm and calibration difficulties, and they never once thought that it was my shooting. Instead, they coached me through getting them data so they could get things resolved. And, writing this in the midst of several weeks of staying at home because of COVID-19 controls, I can still practice in a meaningful way.


Life changing

MantisX along with the associated device have changed shooting for me. I always heard people say “oh practice dry fire drills” for new shooters but if you’re doing something wrong in a dry fire drill you’re just solidifying it for your shooting. MantisX gives you real time feedback, tells you the possible cause for your shooting misfortune is and tells you how to correct it. It is so beneficial to actually see what you’re doing wrong without having to go to the range and see the results on the target. That being said, even at the range you can use this or take what you’ve learned from dry fire feedback and apply it to your shooting at the range. Completely satisfied. Money well spent. If you want to see better results get it and try it.


Not What It Used to Be

For a little over a year, I used the original this app and there were never any issues. I upgraded to the latest and greatest model and have found it to be plagued with problems. While this newer device and software have useful recoil analysis and holster draw functions, I’ve found that I’ve been unable to use them as much as I’d like because there is always a crash of some kind. this app is very responsive and seems to stand behind their product, but there appear to be some major bugs and reliability issues. There are also data deletion issues. If you are able to get it to work, go to the webpage and download your data before it gets deleted. Overall it is a great concept, but it just isn’t worth contacting customer service every time I want to use it. While their customer service is superb, their latest product has left me very disappointed.


Great for practice

I have only tried it for dry fire drills so far. But I understand you can also use it for live fire at the range. They include example videos for any training you don’t understand how to do. At the range, I was pretty confident for being right on the mark but this has helped me identify small inconsistencies I may be in the habit of. Ex: slapping the trigger, squeezing my hand too tight, anticipation of the fire, etc. and it’s effect without having to spend 1000 rounds of ammo to perfect it. Completed the Basic Marksmanship Training (earned a literal physical badge) and would love to see more challenges or drills like that to give me training objectives each day.


Great device, absolutely awesome support

I’ll admit I’m usually the guy that just writes negative reviews when an app just doesn’t come close to expectations, but this app and their support team have been amazing! After a lifetime of shooting, it’s difficult to find your bad habits without a LOT of time and effort, but this app (I bought the X10 specifically) is the answer, in my humble opinion. Dry fire training never seemed to be worth the time and getting to the range more than a few times a month is difficult. After using the this app for a couple months, I can now say dry fire training is well worth a few minutes each day or so. The proof is in the live fire results, and I’m now a believer. :) Additionally, even when there’s a problem, the experience is second to none. The support staff is patient, professional, fast to respond, and generally just great to work with. Thanks again Stephen!! I highly recommend giving them a try!


Great tool and app go improve your shooting game.

This is a great little tool that will give you insight and knowledge as well as help you improve your skills without blowing money at the range. Dry firing is great but what good is it if you are just training blind. The mantis allows you to work on weak points and work out those bad habits we all have. Not only does it make training fun but there are various drills on MantisX that can be practiced dry fire or live fire to break up the same old routine. Out of all the gun accessories I have purchased this has to be the best bang for your buck. 😏


Excellent training aid

This is one of the best training aids in my toolbox. I love how it measures the movement of the muzzle before, during and after trigger pull. This measuring allows me to review what actually happened and learn what to practice. There are many different drills in MantisX to work on various aspects of marksmanship. MantisX is constantly being updated and support responds very quickly and has solved all of my issues. There are now daily challenges in addition to the badges that can be earned.


Good shooter? This will make you better.

This is a great piece of kit, the software just gets better all the time. It seriously finds your weaknesses and let's you diagnose in a way you just can't duplicate without an extremely good coach. Use it dry fire and then use it live fire. There are only a few training aids worth the money. This one is worth every penny. For less than a case of ammo this tool can teach you to be super accurate and improve your speed. If it died tomorrow I'd order another right away. This really is a big deal.


Awesome app and tool

I bought the X3 a couple of months ago and love it. My accuracy has greatly improved. I like the ability to use the product with both dry and live fire. With the cost of ammo, this thing pays for itself right away. Range safety staff gets a kick out of it too as they’ve not seen anything like it. Company is great and cust service is great too. I’ve started to use their Laser Academy product as well and am excited to see more developments as that product matures.


Great App — Actually Makes a Real World Difference

Put aside all those over-hyped self-improvement apps that say they’ll make you harder, better, faster, stronger. This is a system that truly works. Along with the MantisX3 (or other model) device, and consistent practice, this *will* make you a better shooter through real-time feedback and long term tracking. A number of different programmed drills in MantisX help you develop more speed and greater accuracy. They also aid in correcting bad habits like anticipating recoil, bad grip, etc. Support is responsive and helpful. The developers continue to improve MantisX . As with any endeavor, the more you put in, the more you get out. I started using MantisX back in June ‘20, and 25,000 shots later, my live fire is significantly improved.


Fantastic product, even better customer service

This is one of my daily training tools now, and the new X10 works even better for dry fire drills. When I had shot capture issues with an earlier version of this tool their support team jumped in right away and helped fix and diagnose the issue. While this is not the only tool I use for training it is my primary daily drill Sargent


Excellent and useful system

First off, this product works extremely well to help you improve your trigger press. The feedback really prevents self deception and really elevates dry fire training. The only thing I would add is an ability to add photos or tag photos to the shot records, so that when I’m actually shooting live fire I can easily compare photos of my target to my Mantis performance.


recent updates broke the app - updated

update: latest version addressed all of the issues and app is back to be excellent. last few updates made this used-to-be-decent training system to complete and unusable junk. loosing shots, detecting false shots, lost all history of my training and so on. Even icon to select firing mode gone.


An excellent addition to your training regimen

A well thought out app that is very responsive and doesn't disappoint. I am excited to see how it continues to be developed. I would love to see more drills and utility added to MantisX (like use as a data collecting shot timer for steel plate challenge practice). **Physical product review follows** This training aid is amazing. Get one for yourself and an extra as a gift for a special gun owner in your life. I was however a little disappointed that it didn't come with the pelican case. Instead it has a rubberized soft rigid-shell case. But hey, if that lowers production costs and they use that capital to create better products and R&D on MantisX I'm all for it.


Worth every dollar

We use this in our classroom training prior to taking anyone to the range and it makes a huge difference being able to show them what adjustments they need to make prior to range time. This saves time on the range and saves ammo.


New version of app not working

I have a older this app that worked just fine until I updated MantisX . Now MantisX will not connect to it. If you have an older this app do not update MantisX . If this is not fixed I have a $150 piece of garbage. Update: They contacted me and after asking a few questions they were able to fix the problem with an app update. The problem now is that they keep updating MantisX and the problem comes back and then they put out a new app to fix it etc. The this app is an excellent product. I think they just need to slow down and do better testing of app updates before releasing them. Thus the reason for only 4 stars.


Terrific training aid

I utilize a DryFireMag with this app and find the this app to be a tremendous training aid that I would recommend to any level of shooter to improve their skills. The mobile app and the ability to export training history via desktop to Excel allows one to review and hone in on areas to focus on in training.


A few more tweaks.

App is super informative. I would like to see one thing still added. Integration with laser academy so I don’t need two devices. The ability to use both data points simultaneously would be great.


Excellent app and the developers are very responsive

I’ve been using MantisX for a little over one year, and during this time MantisX has steadily improved to make it easier to use and add features. I reported a few bugs and suggested changes to make it easier to use (for example, prepending a short bit of silence to all audio feedback to prevent my Peltor Bluetooth hearing protection from clipping the beginning of the feedback), and all issues and suggestions have been implemented. This is not some minimal effort app just so this app can sell their system. They care about their users and keep adding value.


Excellent quality

Dude, I do not have words to describe how cool it is. I’ve been improved my shooting precision, only training on dry fire, I didn’t tell anyone on my shooting range club about this app, you know, little secret by competitors, now my friends are giving me congrats for my improvements on IPSC - similarly of USPSA - thanks this app...



Where has this app been for most of my shooting life? I installed this little gem on my Pardini SP seen and felt improvement right away. It tracks your movement before and after the shot. It takes dry firing to new heights. Shoot more X’s and 10’s for you Conventional Pistol shooters.


Excellent with flaws

The apps functionality is amazing. The only problem I have with it is that after any exercise is complete, if I select any other exercise it crashes to the home screen. I have to reopen and reconnect every time.


Excellent Training Tool

I have had this tool for six weeks and have gone from 73 to an average of 92 / 93 and has improved my technique. If you want to improve your grip and trigger pull this will help.

Is MantisX Safe?

Yes. MantisX - Pistol/Rifle is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 226 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for MantisX - Pistol/Rifle Is 67.7/100.

Is MantisX Legit?

Yes. MantisX - Pistol/Rifle is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 226 MantisX - Pistol/Rifle User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for MantisX - Pistol/Rifle Is 67.7/100.

Is MantisX - Pistol/Rifle not working?

MantisX - Pistol/Rifle works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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