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Contact MDacne - Custom Acne Treatment

Published by on 2021-04-21

Ready for clear skin? MDacne is the future of acne treatment. In less than 5
minutes you'll get a complete acne treatment kit personalized based on your
unique skin! Let’s face it, unique people need unique products. Get all the

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Common MDacne - Custom Acne Treatment Issues

  • By Aidyl S

    Products didn’t work for me, unable to get refund

    After more than 3 months of hoping the MDacne products would work, I eventually gave up trying because acne products should NOT have to take this long for results to appear, especially when I have followed the routine and this company’s claims that you will see results in 3-12 weeks. After failed attempts by MDacne trying to “resolve” my problem (they said they would send me a more “potent” cream... which turned out to be the exact one I already had), I attempted to try to get a refund (because why should I have to pay for products that failed their job?) but unfortunately, they have a “no money back policy”. While MDacne products may work for you, I have had an overall bad experience with this subscription, and highly recommend Curology (another acne subscription service online) instead, which cleared my acne up after just A WEEK of using their products. I hope that in the future, MDacne will start honoring a refund policy for customers, until then, I strongly suggest trying Curology first. Wishing everyone a lovely day and clear skin!

  • By Ptxbabe

    Money Hungry

    Tried out the product, and thought I cancelled it so I wouldn’t get charged again unless I liked how things went, and then I’d re-enroll. I see a few days ago a pending transaction for a new month. I’m upset because I thought I’d have cancelled it, so I contacted support and they gave me the all clear that it was cancelled, I’d no longer be charged, and nothing would be sent out. Today, at 9 AM, the transaction goes through. I’m very upset. I contact support again— they tell me that while I had cancelled it, they couldn’t refund me or anything. They tell me something about how I should look out for a tracking number. The order doesn’t even ship out FOR SIX MORE HOURS. THEY COULD HAVE STOPPED IT. I GAVE THEM THREE DAYS AND THEY S T I L L SHIP IT OUT AND DO NOT REFUND ME. They told me I would not be charged! Absolute BS. I’m relatively cordial for a good part of the time, I work in customer service, so I understand. But they were given plenty of time and lied and didn’t hold up. Don’t try this if you’re just looking to test a new product. They genuinely don’t care for you as a person.

  • By Ann.7362

    Great App for People Who Don’t Wash

    I was excited about this app, since seeing a dermatologist in person is more expensive than $9 for the free trial. And the interface is really easy to use and pretty. But almost no matter what you select, they will recommend 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide treatment, 2% Salic Acid treatment, and a moisturizer. I already use these products, so to see them as my recommended treatment, I was extremely disappointed. It is also disappointing that most of my acne is on the sides of my face, but the analysis picture is supposed to be taken from the front. I feel two side pictures would be better than one front for people like me. The app didn’t seem to recognize that I had acne on my cheeks when I took the picture from the front, and I tried many angles and lightings to see if it would change. I feel that this app is deceiving users into thinking its acne treatment recommendations are more complex than they are, but at the same time, using BP and Salic Acid is great for many people who haven’t already tried it. If you don’t want to pay the fees once the “regular” price starts after the free trial, I would recommend Neutrogena Pore Cleanser/Mask for benzoyl peroxide and Neutrogena Oil-Free AcneWash with salicylic acid. Those plus a moisturizer would be an exact dupe for the products recommended by this app. However, the free trial for $9 isn’t a bad deal if you remember to cancel the prescription! Just keep your eyes open to how it really works.

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Reported Issues: 42 Comments

By Moneke Dennis
Jul 21 2021

Good evening.. I notice today that I was over charge my order only came up to $73.85 I was charged $20.00 more.. can someone help or I will be canceling my subscription.

By Parinaz najafi
May 25 2021

Hi,from this company took my money please refund and cancel anything ,I’m not happy with this,already I don’t have money I get Benfit,please refund soon as passable tnx

By Parinaz najafi
May 25 2021

They take my money from my account can you cancel and refund my money,because I’m not happy with this...I don’t want any thing ,,please refund soon as possible

By Morris Toleafoa
Mar 03 2021

I want to cancel my subscription, it up to 6 months.. I'm still getting money pull from my account..

By Giorga
Feb 24 2021

I want to cancel my order asap as I dont want to be scammed

By Alyssia Rose Workman
Feb 22 2021

I purchased 1 set of masks and I was changed for two. Now every time I contact them I hear no responses. What thieves.

By Erika Nikitina
Feb 18 2021

I want to cancel my subscription!

By Christina Hoff
Feb 11 2021

My name is Christina Hoff can someone please call me back is about my order I will like to cancel my order asap please thank you

By Zgizelle Cozart
Jan 25 2021

I cancel an order from you from proactive dark removal I want to cancel it I ordered it today January 25, 2021 I want to cancel the order do not send the order canceled the order do not sin the order canceled it

By Hannah Mormone
Jan 23 2021

I cancelled my subscription last month, yet i have been charged and apparently another package has been sent out. I do not want this and would like someone to confirm with me that my subscription has been cancelled and I will not be charged again. I have cancelled on the app again, but this is unreliable as I already did this last month.

By Rosa
Jan 07 2021

Hola mi nombre es rosa y tengo problemas ustedes tomaron 90 dolares de mi cuenta sin Mi autorización favor de llamarme para cancelar eso mi número es 6308499937

By Pawan
Jan 05 2021

Didn’t receive my products yet and charged twice for no reason

By Scarlet Nolan
Dec 09 2020

I’ve paid for the trial and only want that I don’t want you to carry on with the subscription

By Ashley Adamson-Edwards
Dec 08 2020

This website is an absolute scam, there's no way clear to cancel your subscription and it's looking like I will just be one of many people that will get scammed by this company.

By Anisa Bashir
Nov 30 2020

I want to cancel my free trial please

By Bawi
Nov 18 2020

Can anyone help me how to cancel?

By Bawi hnem
Nov 18 2020

Can anyone help me how to cancel my order!!?

By Abegail Malmis
Oct 28 2020

Can anyone help me how to stop them charging me I didn't receive their package and they charged me!

By Elizabeth Williams
Oct 24 2020

Can't cancel subscription. Sent back like 4 or 5 boxes that they kept and didnt refund the money for

By Lauren
Oct 16 2020

I haven’t received my masks that I ordered almost a month ago. I would like a refund for items not received

By Neve
Oct 15 2020


By Esha
Oct 13 2020

Stop the charges!

Oct 08 2020

this is terrible, my sister signed up for this, i recommend curology i got my stuff and cancels really easily after the free trial. my sister signed up for it, the product went to a different address and they won’t stop billing and we can’t cancel the subscription, please help this company is a scam and i don’t recommend AT ALL!!!!!!!!

By Sarah McNally
Oct 06 2020

I need to cancel my subscription, please. I would like this effective immediately. My daughter does not use this product any more and we need the payments to stop. Thank you

By Sofia bibi
Oct 02 2020

I need to cancle my subcription that product keep coming everymonth plz can u help me out for this i dont need this anymore

By Aracely Guerra I
Sep 18 2020

Need to cancel subscription under the name of marlynn valladares

By Rochayne Frost
Sep 15 2020

I have paid for a free trial on 24th August that I have not yet received - can you please advise if this is still coming or if I will get a refund please? Thanks Rochayne Frost

By Lataya hartwell
Sep 09 2020

Cancel my order cause its not working for me

By Art Y
Sep 08 2020

Canceled my subscription as I left the country - heard it was delivered today. I am in the UK and cancelled and deleted the APP. Please check in and refund for this month .

By Kareema
Sep 06 2020

cancel subscription

By Jazmine ramirez
Sep 01 2020

Cancel my subscription stop charging me for products I don’t like CANCEL THEM NOW

By Samiya
Sep 01 2020

Cancel my subscription!!!

By Miriam Gonzalez
Aug 31 2020

Hola , me gustaria cancelar mi suscripcion, no me interesan comprar mas y tambien necesito cancelar el pedido que me llego sin pedirlo de 60 dolares , es un abuso .. y ni siquiera ponen un numero de telefono para comunicarse con ustedes , si uno quisiera ordenar nuevamente lo pedimos solo no asi automatico , es un abuso .

By Wanta Occean
Aug 29 2020

Hi I would like to cancel my
Membership at the moment please

By Netheline
Aug 27 2020


By Milagros Colon-Sepulveda
Aug 24 2020

I want to cancel my orders. My grandson is breaking out more. Thank you, Mrs. Sepulveda

By Mukhammadsodik
Aug 21 2020

I have bought some treatments accidentally from MDacne and don’t know how to cancel the products. Can you pls return my money?

By Deb Scott
Aug 18 2020

I need to talk to a person I'm being chaged every month an I have canceled twice I need to talk to a person today or I'm going ahead with legal proceedings today folks today I'm done with this

By Angel
Aug 12 2020

I don’t see where to cancel.

By Samantha
Aug 09 2020

I canceled my subscription over a month ago, however when i checked my bank account i have a charge from MDacne. I am beyond pissed off cause there isn’t even a way i could actually talk to someone over the phone, i started my subscription back in June and cancelled it within the same month, i was not charged for the month of July and now they have charged me for August. Unbelievable their product sucks anyway it’s a waste of time and money hence why i cancelled it after trying it

By Eva
Aug 08 2020

I havent yet recieved my item

By nancy
Aug 07 2020

we never ordered anything anymore in like two months and logged out of the account and it says we are ordering things and this is the second time and we never ordered from there anymore so it has taken a total of almost 65 dollars and we don’t even order.

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