TaoMix 2: Sleep Sounds & Focus Reviews

TaoMix 2: Sleep Sounds & Focus Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-16

Relax and get better sleep with TaoMix 2. Let yourself be lulled by relaxing and
immersive soundscapes inspired by nature. Customize your creations and share
them with friends and family! Download TaoMix 2 now and enter an infinite world
of sounds. How it works: TaoMix 2 offers a un...

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TaoMix 2: Sleep Sounds & Focus Reviews

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    Use This App Daily!

    The developer of this app is genius! I thought it would be just like the other "make your own" sound apps- where you pick your sounds and then get bored quickly because there is no change in the sounds. Not with this app! You can pick your own sounds, or the app helps you out with pre picked sound mixes.. the variations are endless! After you've picked your mix, a little ball travels around the screen making the sound it is on a little louder, bouncing in different directions- at a speed you can adjust.. making for a constantly changing sound track!! Amazing and a pleasure to listen to! I'm going to go listen to my sitting by the fire, reading a book in a rocking chair, cat purring, with light rain on the windows mix. If you are looking for music to relax with, do paperwork with, meditate with, exercise with, study with, cook with, drive with, shower with, go to sleep with, do housework with, eat with.. this app is for you!

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    My favorite app... I am obsessed

    There are endless soundscape options and customization. You can make complex audio with changing speed, volume of each sound, interactions (such as putting the river near the forest for example) even though it is very easy and intuitive. It takes about 5 minutes to learn how to use all of the features. There is a timer for when you want it to stop after you fall asleep. But this app can be used for much more than sleep; I use it throughout the day for relaxation, motivation, background music when guests are over... This is my favorite app. I use it every single day and cannot fall asleep without it anymore! I normally don't pay for apps but I did with this one and bought every available additional sound they offer. But without paying you get lots of sounds so buying more isn't necessary. I have tried other apps but nothing holds a candle to TaoMix2.

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    I have thoroughly enjoyed this app so far.

    I'm impressed at how customizable this app is. I haven't tried competing apps, so I can't honestly compare them to this one. That being said, I'm so pleased with the variety of features here that I don't feel a compelling need to experiment with any others. There are a good variety of sound packs. Some might regard it as a drawback that most of these will need to be paid for to use, but for me at least, this is a case where an in-app purchase is worthwhile, especially if you just buy them all at once (as of when I'm writing this, that's about $6, as opposed to $2 for individual ones). You can build and customize your own soundscapes, and it's fun to do. Sometimes I've used ones that essentially just follow the suggested combinations that are grouped together as sound packs (I've created a Japanese Garden soundscape that incorporates most of the sounds in the corresponding pack, and I've really liked it). On the other hand, you can easily mix and match sounds from different sound packs with good results. You can adjust the relative prominence of different sounds, and even the colors of the icons representing the sounds, among other customization options. All in all, a worthwhile download. I recommend buying all the sound options, but I think you can try out a free version first if you're not sure.

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    Great app!

    Updating my previous review... As the developer has pointed out, one can actually import their own sounds. You can find that info on the developers site under FAQ's. Original review: I believe this to be one of the best in the category. Thanks for making this app! There is some functionality that I would love to see added. Suggestions: Ability to load ones own sounds via AudioShare or Audio Copy. It’s great to be able to record one’s own sounds in the app, but the iPhone mic is fairly low quality. Ability to set individual sounds so they do not react to the “floating ball”. Add an additional “floating ball” that controls panning with the ability for each sound to be affected, or not. This would add some great mixing capabilities. Thanks!

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    Pros & Cons-Detailed review:

    I am updating my review since the app has been fixed: This is by far my favorite meditation music app, •It plays the sounds in background and mixes with other sounds. (so you can listen to music while for example listening to an audiobook.) •It lets you import your own custom mp3 sounds and is the ONLY app that does this with audio mix. •It has adjustable volume for each sound and the overall sound. •You can save custom mixes you mad to access quickly and name them. My only negative comments, •The actual sound packs it comes with are good but I wish there were more ambient sounds, I honestly only use my own sounds in this because i prefer the ambient/music for background. •Considering that, the price is far to much. Before the update it was $5.99 and a one rime purchase, but to charge more and with a weekly rate is insane. I honestly thought this was a glitch at first it seemed so ridiculous. •I also was never able to restore my purchase wich was made before the price change, luckily I dont miss the built in sounds that much but still says alot as far as reliability. Sum up, If your looking for free and to use your own sounds this app is perfect, if your looking for a selection of nature sounds and willing to pay, this one is OK but alot of other apps have much more, better quality, and lower prices.

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    $8/week or $40/year??!!??

    I love this app. It’s one of the best atmospheric apps on the App Store. This subscription pricing is insane and the subscription model for an app like this really doesn’t make sense. Maybe if it were a few bucks a month I might be interested as the developers should be able to make money; but I thought buying packs was fair already. The pricing of $8 a week, $20 a month or $40 a year? Well since you only get the content while you are subscribed, I guess $40 a year is what they really want you to do; which tells me they don’t have confidence the subscription plan will work. You offer a nice discount for paying a year in advance but $200???? Something is up and with pricing like that I refuse to trust them further. I may continue to use the app but I’ll keep my eye open for another. I wouldn’t suggest subscribing at this pricing level period. It’s a well made app, but not all apps need to be subscription. There will never be enough new nature sounds to justify.

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    Pretty neat

    Pretty neat app with a decent amount of sounds. One can even record their own sounds to use in the app which I thought was pretty awesome considering I haven't seen it in any decent apps yet. My only issue is that there doesn't seem to be any way to make a sound have a minimum volume or some way to alter the interaction between sound so that two can be placed close together without having one of them suppress the other from playing. This causes a sudden and unnatural cut off from one sound to another to its full volume. I would like to have separate sliders for volume as well as for their influence on other sounds so that one others totally suppress the other around it because it's a slightly larger circle. It should at least allow me to have two sounds working in tandem instead of trying to fight each other to play.

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    Amazing soundscape app!

    I'm not a big fan of soundscape type apps, I generally just play music in the background. But I stumbled across this one and thought I'd give it a try, since the demo is free. I was blown away buy the simple but effective UI and the ability to build my own soundscapes. No boring repetitious loops, elements you find distracting rather than soothing, or a sound you like being drown out by other sounds. It really is an amazing application. I bought all the sound packs, still playing mix and match with them, and looking forward to future additions. If you're looking for this type of application I definitely recommend giving this one a try. Update: still very happy with it. Still my go to sound app.

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    Honestly I wanted be owl holy noise :)

    ...but I suppose this is some evidence that I enjoy the app. On the occasion that I have a little trouble falling asleep, a custom mix of these sounds creates a little piece of home away from home (purring cat, fire gently crackling and a light rain.) Now you can get these sounds on a lot of apps, where this one is quite genius is that the way in which the sound is played is varied - it's much more the way you take in the world. You don't listen to one bluster of noise - firecrackle-rain-catpurr as some kind of consistent sound sandwich, your attention wanders between the drops of rain, the fire for a bit, then you notice the cat and then drift off again. Kudos to the designers and developers for tapping into that experience.

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    2 new sounds for review

    I fall asleep faster while listening to the crisp sounds of water. I have other apps for sleep sounds but this tops them all. First the layout of the app is perfect to work around and vibrant colors for added appeal. Easy to adjust sounds &i the amount with just a touch & slide up or down on iPad Pro. Great sound with quality no white noise in the background. Just good quality recorded sounds. Works great with Apple Watch⌚️. I read a review that it doesn't play sound directly from Apple Watch, 🤔. It plays sound from my watch (series 1) which is why I love it so much. From wrist to night stand. Can't beat iPad Pro sound quality tho. 🙃

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    Couldn’t have loved this app more, until the update

    I’m a long time off and on user. When I needed background sounds, this was my go to. I was super impressed by the set up and options and after having the free version on my phone for several years, purchases the full version several months ago. I couldn’t be more disappointed with the update. Not only have I lost all my long curated soundscapes (one of the best things about this app was being able to customize everything just so), I have lost all the unlocked sounds. To add insult to injury, this is now apparently a subscription service, at 8 dollars a week??? Not only is the price extortionate, the lack of loyalty to their users is appalling. I couldn’t be more disappointed. I’m so sad to say I’ve lost faith today in good apps in general. Who knows when the program owners will turn? What a shame. An absolute shame.

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    I don’t like.

    This app was great before they changed to a subscription model. If you were lucky to have bought the $6 IAP before the change, the restore function doesn’t work, and the premium sounds aren’t available offline. I decided to delete this app, as it isn’t worth $7-$8 a WEEK. I will take my business elsewhere. There was/is a $6 non subscription IAP to get all sounds. However, there’s also an $8/week subscription with the newest update. Deleted some custom scenes, and had forced me to restore purchases. Had to check my Apple ID to see if I hadn’t inadvertently subbed to these people. Thankfully, I wasn’t. Recreated one scene, and now I’m wary of these developers. You should be to, cuz that’s $8 a WEEK. If you’re that desperate for money, make it $15/month or $80/year and grandfather in the people who bought the $6 IAP to unlock everything. Not that pay per week nonsense.

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    Ambient audio that changes over time

    What this app allows you to do is put a number of sound emitters (birds, frogs, etc.) at locations of your choice on the screen, and there is a little moving ball. Sounds that are close to the ball are louder. You can also change the overall impact of a sound on the scene by making it larger. I've seen some other implementations of this concept that are no longer available. This one is solid and contains a variety of sounds (some are free, others you must pay for). Also allows you to record your own sounds. The algorithm that decides how much impact each sound has on the scene is not my favorite - it allows one sound to take over the soundscape too easily for my taste - but I expect that is a matter of personal preference. It would benefit from an import capability so you could record sounds on better hardware than the iPhone mic, or use loops from Freesound. I will receive a couple of extra sounds for writing this review, but this did not affect my rating. Obviously, I like the app well enough to spend a few minutes writing a review to get more content.

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    So versatile — a must-have app

    I’ve been a TaoMix devotee for ages and I spread the word to anyone needing an app for relaxation, focus, etc. I recommend it to the college students I teach as a better way to focus and achieve deep work. I personally use it to fall asleep, to drown out my coworkers during the workday, to provide background atmosphere for yoga and meditation, and even while listening to audiobooks for a bit of added ambience. As a migraine sufferer, I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am for this app in helping me manage my brain! PS — love the new icon!!

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    I used to love (and I mean LOVE-ed) this app but someone got greedy. I think I paid like maybe under $10 (can’t remember exactly) one time fee to unlock the premium sounds. Which was reasonable considering the quality. I took a hiatus from using it due to life issues etc. I was having trouble sleeping and thought it might help only to discover that now they want 8.99 a WEEK!!! That’s insane. I cannot imagine they will make money on it with their outrageous new pricing. Apparently you can contact them to get some access restored based on previous posts, but what a hassle. Last night I just wanted to use that app I paid for not search through a bunch of reviews to try to find out who I need to e-mail and then wait for their responses to discover what other inconvenient steps I will need to go through to get it working again. DELETE...

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Is TaoMix 2: Sleep Sounds & Focus Safe?

Yes. TaoMix 2: Sleep Sounds & Focus is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 4,192 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for TaoMix 2: Sleep Sounds & Focus Is 76.7/100.

Is TaoMix 2: Sleep Sounds & Focus Legit?

Yes. TaoMix 2: Sleep Sounds & Focus is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 4,192 TaoMix 2: Sleep Sounds & Focus User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for TaoMix 2: Sleep Sounds & Focus Is 76.7/100.

Is TaoMix 2: Sleep Sounds & Focus not working?

TaoMix 2: Sleep Sounds & Focus works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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