La Crosse View Reviews

La Crosse View Reviews

Published by on 2021-08-29

The La Crosse View app from La Crosse Technology, provides a world class,
weather app experience. The app works by connecting to one of our new La Crosse
View Ready Personal Weather Stations, connecting you to your home anytime,
anywhere. Unlike most weather apps that show weather from a...

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La Crosse View Reviews

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    Lacrosse weather station doesn’t work

    I had the device for about three months. Almost every single time I opened my phone app, it displayed only dashes as it did not show any of the information? Several days would go by and none of the digits displayed on the device would change? Clearly as cold as it has been, The temperature would go way down at night and back up again later in the day but the device did not display this? I contacted the company a few times and one of the times they replied back saying that the device will only update once every six hours. So basically four times within a 24 hour. The device changes which means at that exact moment it is displaying possibly the correct digits, but for the next six hours it’s only displaying what it was six hours ago?? In our case the numbers were not even changing and on the phone app it almost always displayed nothing at all. The company never contacted us back the other times and the information they gave us initially did not help so we finally returned the weather station. We purchased one for a Christmas gift for somebody and they are having the same problem. The information displayed even if correct is on our phone app on a regular basis so it’s kind of useless because we were to the understanding it would show the information from right outside of our home. Walmart sells a device for under $10 that shows your inside and outside temperature on real time not only once every six hours.

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    Alarm/weather station with no program??

    I really wanted to like the projector alarm clock weather station that I got at Costco, but am so disappointed by the app, that I might return it. I was excited by the prospect of allowing my kids to see the forecast as they woke up, to help them prepare for the day ahead, but the utter lack of design in the alarm’s program features render it almost useless. There needs to be a better way to program the alarm in the app, for which days it should be on and off. Seems like it would be really easy to add this feature, so that you can program a M-F alarm and not worry about turning it off every weekend and back on again for weekdays. Can this be incorporated into an update?? I hope so or I’ll be returning them soon. The app also doesn’t allow you to delete any erroneous stations that are inadvertently created. Which would be another easy fix. I like the display, and the projection features, but wish there was a radio option built in for the alarm. And even though you can turn on and off the alarm with the app, the change is not initiated right away, and so it’s hard to tell if the alarm is actually being set or not. And when I get frustrated and turn it on annually, if I forget to change the app’s “on” setting, the alarm will turn itself back off through the app. This could be a really great product if they make a few small changes, but as it is, I’m more frustrated than happy with it.

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    Unexpected and Exceptional

    Got this as a unexpected gift and had no idea the amount of detail it actually offers. The set up was good with one issue: No Wireless MAC Address label to be found. So I disabled my MAC filtering on the WiFi router, connected it, went into my router’s settings on the internet and saw the address that way, added it to my address list and re-enabled the filter. The app works seamlessly on an iPhone 7 Plus. I have experienced zero issues. You can also add other sensors that you buy for a cottage, barn, or dog house etc and use your personal pictures as a background for each location of the sensor you wish to see readings on. This set up with the app and device is working so far. I’ll update my review in 2 months but as of now it works perfectly. -Update- 4 months later and everything is going good sensor wise but display wise there’s issues. I just managed my data stream, deleted cloud cover which only reads a percentage and says auto/auto next to it in the ticker, deleted snow accumulation which read normal, added wind speed, and possibility of damaging thunderstorms, and for some reason it won’t update correctly and I get an error in the app. I took two stars away

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    Discouraged Update

    Got a replacement temp and humidity sensor from the nice folks at Lacrosse and finally have everything communicating nicely. Got station uploading to Weather Underground which allows me to use their advanced WunderStation app. This is a very nice option on the iPad for viewing my stations data. My wife likes the Lacrosse View app on her phone but we can’t figure out why, even though the station displays the outside temp as well as the “feels like” temp, when viewing the outdoor temp/humidity device screen, the lacrosse view app always shows outdoor temperature and exactly the same temp in a smaller font below it with the words “Heat Index”. This shows even when the temp is 20 degrees and the wind is gusting to 40 mph. Right now the station says “Outdoor 35 F” with a wind speed of 15 mph and “Feels Like 26”. The Lacrosse View App outdoor temp/humidity device page says 35 with Heat index 35. Any ideas about that one? The WunderStation App has it all right, up to the second. I’d like to get this Lacrosse View App working right for the sake of the phone. Thx for any help.

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    Indoor temperature and humidity only. Really?

    There are a number of personal weather stations on the market. Weather Underground has thousands they tap for neighborhood weather worldwide. At Costco it looked like this was an abridged feature set version of a full featured weather station. I could expect to get world wide access to the outdoor weather at my house. Cool. Only it's not so intuitively obvious. It will do both outdoor and indoor readings on the app, but only after you enter both the indoor console and any outdoor sensors separately. Setup is also dicey. You apparently need to not be just on the same Wi-Fi network, you also need to be on the same frequency band. That means going far away in your house where the 5 GHz signal is not predominant on your phone. The LaCrosse device is on the 2.4 GHz band only. Not spelled out in the instructions. Overall I guess it might be worth what I paid for it, but it's very poor marketing. Could it be fixed by better firmware and software? Of course. It's just we'll never see that on our devices.

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    When Working.........

    When this unit (CR8300) has connectivity, it is fun and easy use. We travel a lot and live on the coast, so remote monitoring and our set up alerts are important. However, we are now on our third unit. The first one would not connect to our Linksys router so LaCrosse sent us a new one. This one did not connect either so we bought a different router. This worked great for six (6) months and then it too lost connectivity. LaCross is sending us another base station as it appears the WiFi within the unit is now broken. We can only hope this unit works and works longer than six (6) months. If it doesn’t, we’ll be out of warranty and LaCrosse support states “we’ll see then if there’s anything we can do”. If it were not for these connectivity issues, we would have given this unit five (5) stars. It should be noted that each time we’ve called support, the unit has had to be factory reset, consequently losing all: 1 hour, 24 hour, monthly and yearly totals. This, the connectivity issues and the warranty concern is why this unit only get a three (3) star rating.

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    Very impressed - Amateur Meteorologist

    I’ve owned an AcuRite weather station for years so I was reluctant to change. But after having so many problems with readings and signal strength from my AcuRite weather station I thought now was the time. My first review of La Crosse technology weather station is impressive. The signal strength wherever I’ve placed it in my yard (and I have 1.5 acres) did not change. Strong signal everywhere. Secondly, the temperature/humidity readings are spot on accurate with the NWS readings. I was very impressed with this. Make sure that you follow La Crosse tips on where to place your sensors. This will give you the most accurate readings. Lastly, I like very much how you can place the sensors separately around the yard to get the most accurate readings and strength of signal. This was something I could never do with the AcuRite weather station. All the AcuRite sensors are built into one weather station. So far I am very pleased with my purchase of La Crosse Technologies Weather station.

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    Great Support For Me

    After reading some of the reviews, I was wondering if my issue would get fixed, but have to say, LaCrosse were spot on. I received my weather station in December and all was great till a few weeks ago. My app started showing all dashes with no data although my device id numbers were still showing up. Weather station was still showing most data, but not all the Accuweather forecast. I emailed support and the same day I received a response from Gary that gave me a couple of things to do to try and fix the issue and if they didn’t send them my device id number and mailing address, which I emailed back the info. Immediately I received an email that my issue had been turned over to warranty and I should receive a replacement weather station in 10-15 days. Well, my replacement arrived in 3 days and all is back up and running. Thank you Gary and LaCrosse for the awesome and quick response.

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    Not a good fit for a weather nerd.

    I really enjoy the concept of having a home weather station with access to raw data and being able to use an app that integrates everything. My frustration comes with the fact that without additional purchasing, you only have access to 7 days worth of data, or in some cases just 24 hours. It also doesn’t log the wind direction in the data, only on the view screen. The other frustrating part is that about a month ago my app is not getting access to the data at all. So when I open the screen to look at what the temperature was last night while I was sleeping, it shows nothing, no current data, no past data, nothing. Admittedly I could spend another couple hours on trial and error to see if I can’t figure that problem out (batteries and WiFi have been eliminated as the problem culprits). In any case, it’s great for looking at during a storm and keeping track of the data yourself, but not so much for archiving information or really gathering data at all. I’m giving it a 4/10.

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    Unbeatable, top product in the game!

    This app has it all! I have struggled finding a weather station that works for me and is accurate. The weather station I got not only tells you the outdoor conditions, but it also lets me know how warm my shop and my house is. I am currently sitting 5 states away from my house & was able to simply log on to this app to check & make sure everything is working okay. La Crosse Technology never fails to amaze me with their amazing products, friendly staff, and very competitive pricing! This product is very newly released so there has been a few minor glitches, but with a quick call to the company they have always gone above and beyond to fix the issue and make it right. After testing out many different stations, I have finally found a system that I love and trust. I would recommend this product, app and brand to all!

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    La Crosse Weather Station

    I bought this unit a couple months ago. It was fairly easy to set up and connect to my WiFi. Everything works great on the base unit. However when I set up The La Crosse View app the outside temperature has never displayed. I’m getting the inside temp and the wind & rain readings on the app. The outside temperature has never displayed. I have tried removing and reinstalling the app several times but I still get the same results. I have deleted and reinstalled the outside temp sensor as well but it still does not display. Every time I send La Crosse a note describing this problem I get the same response telling me how to load devices. I can get the temp sensor loaded on the app. The temperature just doesn’t display on the app. Other than the issue with the outside temp and the app.. I like the system.

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    WiFi setup too “clever” to work

    They have a problem to solve: how do you get the ssid and password to the device with no real user interface (a clock from Costco in my case). Most IOT devices do this by advertising as an AP for setup which you connect to and then app can talk to the device and transfer the real ssid and password. I’ve seen some that use Bluetooth or a microphone or even a light sensor (watching the app blink out data on the screen) to get the data from the app to the device. All of these are kind of clunky but serviceable. After an hour with wire shark I think I see what lacross is trying to do: they have the app send packets with specific timing and try to put the ssid and password into the timing variations rather than the packet data. They probably also try to filter out weaker signals. The unit can’t tell who’s traffic it’s seeing but can see a regular pattern of packets in the air and extract what it needs from that. The problem of course is if there is traffic on your network (or any of your neighbors) it disrupts the timing so this won’t work well. Their FAQ helpfully suggests “your WiFi may be too busy, try again in half an hour”. I’m guessing this may be like the horribly slow and flakey method they use to pair sensors. So given this background my review is one star because it doesn’t work well at all in real life scenarios. I’m returning the clock and will avoid anything that may have their WiFi solution in it in the future.

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    Disappointed at first. Happy now.

    I was excited to buy the weather station. When I got it home, had it mounted and got it connected to the app I was disappointed because the app only showed dashes. I called Lacrosse and was left on hold for 2 hours. When they answered they took my information and said the issue would be looked into and I would receive a call inn24 hours. Well I never received a call. So I called back. This time a very helpful young lady answered. She said a trouble ticket had not been entered. At this point I was livid. 😡. She too the information once again and said there is a known issue with the app but it will be fixed quickly. She told me to keep Checking the app. So 15 minutes later I checked the app and it’s working great now! If I would not have this issue I would have rated this 5 stars. But customer service is golden!

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    Oh well

    This thing actually connected to my phone with minimal difficulty (I was inputting the wrong network password; frustrating, but totally my fault). Many reviewers say it only shows the indoor temp and humidity. It will show the rain and wind speed on your mobile device if you follow directions and scan their barcode to add them to the network. The You Tube video made by Lacrosse was very helpful. Also, if you want all the info on one screen, tap the device name at the top center of the screen. It will display "quick view". Now the bad: as another reviewer stated, it stayed connected for about a day. It was nice while it lasted, graphs of temperature, wind, and (probably) rain; outdoor temperature recorded and displayed every 3 minutes or so. Pretty cool, until it didn't do it anymore. The base unit displays "no connect to app server", so I guess there's something I'm supposed to do to reconnect. This gets old, and most likely won't work when I'm away. Other than that, as a weather station "on site", it's pretty good. The remote units have a good range and haven't lost connection with the base as my previous station did several times each day. So, not bad, but not great. I probably won't be taking it back to Costco, but I also won't be running out to get another.

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    Outside temperature not show!

    I bought this unit a few months ago from Costco. It's pretty easy to setup and connect to my wifi, the La Crosse View app was easy to setup and connect to the unit without any issue, which is it was showing the outside temp for 24 hours, the wifi indicator on the unit shown too. But then since last few days, the outside temperature disappeared. The unit appears like it is a standalone unit: no wifi! I tried reset to the manufacture setup and reinstalled the app then set it up from scratch, no help. Reported to La Crosse, only got an email telling me to reload the device. Even I disconnect the power source, removed the battery and put them back and tried to setup from very beginning. Same issue: no wifi indicator, no outside temperature, even from the app where it connects successfully to the server but the app not show the outside temp either. Must be a weather station problem??!

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Is La Crosse View Safe?

Yes. La Crosse View is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 40,997 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.0/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for La Crosse View Is 41.6/100.

Is La Crosse View Legit?

Yes. La Crosse View is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 40,997 La Crosse View User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for La Crosse View Is 41.6/100.

Is La Crosse View not working?

La Crosse View works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 5 Comments

Jun 02 2021

Like all the other reviews inside works but outside never worked..I want a refund!!

By Gregg Weber
May 16 2021

Your app sucks. Worked fine when I set up. Won't work on outside device now. Stick your shit up your ass

By Marlene Yogerst
Apr 21 2021

App on Android phone only displays indoor temperature and humidity, never outdoor temp and humidity. This is useless.

By Devin Ti
Mar 02 2021

Same problem as other app users - Only inside temperature is displayed in app which make unit worthless. I've reset and reconnected the unit to wifi but app will only display inside temperature? Who wants to check a weather app for the temperature inside their home? C"mon. LaCrosse - get a developer to check and correct the app code then send us all an updated app. Thank you.

By Terry Jack Hurst
Jan 14 2021

My unit quit showing the outdoor temperature. Called and they sent a new sensor. Sent me a new sensor, and two weeks later I got it and it would not work. Called them back, and they said they could not send out a new unit. A supervisor was suppose to call back, but never did. Will never buy again.

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