HITRECORD: Create Together Reviews

HITRECORD: Create Together Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-25

Started by acclaimed actor (and closet drummer) Joseph Gordon-Levitt more than
10 years ago, HITRECORD is a positive community, a radically inclusive
production company, and a platform for collaborative creativity. Find a project
that inspires you, and jump in. ■ Writing, Photography,...

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HITRECORD: Create Together Reviews

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    I posted this review to my social media. I love this app!

    So this whole stuck at home thing has had me going stir crazy. I joined twitter and it’s been able to occupy me a little, I’m following Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who I adore) and he started this amaaaazing app called HitRecord. It’s an interactive platform for creatives with themes for you to contribute to (so no worry about creative block) and multiple means with steps included to contribute!! For instance, one project will have a poem, it will ask that you read the poem and do a voice recording, create an animation, add to the poem or make a movie about it. I mean for someone bored and creative this app is quarantine GOLD!!! My daughter and I are both using it, it is so cool to see how we can look at the same thing and her creative mind goes a completely different direction than mine. If you’re a creative, give this app a go! It’s amazeballs!!

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    Great app BUT

    Edit/update: Thank you for adding the message boards! :D Please develop a way for the message boards to be accessible through the mobile app. Or at least having the notifications for message board comments to appear in the notifications tab. That way, when I see a notification from my message board, at least I'll know I need to open up the website on my desktop in order to view it and reply. I have literally just now learned that I have missed dozens of comments on my message board because I mainly use this app to upload posts from my phone. I very rarely open up the website from computer now, ever since the app came out. So an update pertaining to that would be wonderful!

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    Inspiring and Challenging

    Great place to find open minds—as an artist I feel safe to share my take on things, to collaborate, and most importantly to have some fun. This isn’t the place to go to if you just want to make money or dominate on a social media platform, which I think is the perfect atmosphere for giving everyone an opportunity to have an input. There is an opportunity to make some money occasionally, but in my opinion it’s typically divided between so many contributors that it is more about recognizing participation than providing some kind of wage(which I think I prefer this to motivating people to make art just so it sells to clients). I would recommend this for anyone who prefers to self start, and just wants somewhere to see something creative and unique happen when a ton of people come together with a common goal. A side note: both the app and the community have developed for the better over the year or so I’ve been watching, and I think it reflects the leaders intentional focus on more original content, diverse engagement from the community, and less of a ‘from the top down,’ creative process management. A+ idea and execution

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    User friendly, efficient, elegant, & fun

    I’ve been using the hitRECord app for about 9 months and find it to be excellent. It is quick, efficient, and definitely a whole lot of fun. They also keep improving it, which I interpret as a sign of a company who cares about constantly making progress and who cares about making their platform accessible to anyone. I’ve only had good experiences with this app so far. Oh, and the users/members are all really respectful and friendly. No weirdness, creepiness, or inappropriateness. Awesome all around.

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    Cool App but Upload Issue has Bugged Me

    I love love HitRECord. Initially when I gave it a whirl I found it to be too hard to figure out, but on a whim I reinstalled it. Even though I felt I wasn’t up to par with the other creators on HitRECord, I missed the elaborate photoshop work and photos, etc. More than anything, I missed seeing just art and nothing else. Something that wasn’t really anywhere else online. Anyway, overall I love the app still but I’ve tried to post the same photo like 5x and the app just won’t upload it. It’s on a very cool photography challenge... I’ve been forced to give up because I wasted a lot of time attempting to upload a photo of my uke and writing the same short caption without my app ever uploading it. Everyone else seems to be posting just fine though, so maybe my iPhone is bugging out. Not sure.

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    strut yo stuff!

    Hitrecord is a fun, safe place to express your creativity while also exploring and developing it and also discovering so many talented people in a space that is 100% stress free! just be yourself!! not what you would find in hollywood! it’s the only guilt free app cuz it actually challenges you to dig deep and find creativity where you didn’t maybe know you had any while also appreciating the community talent that contributes! It’s real people doing their thing! 👏👏👏👏

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    I really want to give this 5 stars. The concept is amazing and it is fun to see all the different types of artists, writers, musicians, etc. Now, the problem I have with HitRECord is the App itself. It force closes constantly. I check my notifications it crashes, check the home page, you guessed it, it crashes. Click on anything on this app and it frikkin crashes and force closes. Every single time, come one guys, mobile is the only platform for some of us. Fix the app it’s been happening for a while. Oh and when I click app support it does nothing but opens the app which then FORCE CLOSES 🤦‍♀️

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    Can’t log in.. tried all the things 😫

    I’m sure it will be great once all the glitches get fixes 🙃 Meanwhile, I have an account already and double checked my password on desktop to be sure but it says “unable to log in” with both email address/pswd & facebook. It wouldn’t be because I’m technically logged in already on another device, would it? Dunno.. but looking forward to being more active since mobile video is a million times easier to do simple edits and upload than my hd camcorder files via desktop! Cheers

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    It's a creative outlet that I didn't know I needed

    Sometimes you stumble across an app that you like sure I'll give it a try. Thinking you'll probably delete it when you need storage on your phone. But to be honest, this is a cool app and the stories, vocals and art are amazing. I gave it four stars because it is a little confusing at first but it's like looking for a diamond. You got to really look for it and sometimes you are the diamond and others are looking for you. Hope this helped and I get to see more amazing things on here.

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    Great for creative minds

    I do love the concept of this app. It's a great way to get those creative juices flowing while having the opportunity to take part in projects that are being worked on by a collective team of highly skilled individuals. I only gave it 4 stars due to minor issues with navigation and glitches when setting up my profile. It might have more to do with my phone than anything else and probably should just use my laptop but it's whatever. I highly recommend the app.

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    Wonderful app and concept. BUT

    I have not been able to find a way to: Keep running in the background. (when listening to records in the app the record immediately stops once the app is no longer active in the foreground. Makes it difficult when collaborating musically. Sometimes it's desirable to hear what had been submitted and write to it in a different app.) Cannot find a way to download working files or record files directly from the app. It redirects to the web. And the record file just for listening doesn't actually download. It just plays on a separate browser window. Navigation is a bit difficult.

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    My Entertainment Pack

    So far one of the best apps of its kind, Hitrecord has kept me engaged ever since the day I downloaded it. The quick options of up/downloading texts, recordings, music and videos saves plenty of energy and time. The best thing about this app is that the challenges are kept really short and to the point. No huge project, no hassle. Just write/record it and release it. It's that simple. So far I'm not having any troubles with this version. However I'd like to see more updates.

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    Love this app

    I love this app. Finally, someone who understands how important creativity and storytelling and art is. This app allows me to have a place and space for inspiration. I love seeing what other people create. I get really excited when they comment on my art, too. I’d recommend to anyone who has ever had that impulse to try something new and flex creative muscles.

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    Positive Creative Outlet

    I have been a member of HitRECord since 2016 and it is by far my favorite online space. While the app itself is still a work in progress it is evolving into a platform that’s accessible to anyone who is looking for a positive creative outlet, with a wide range of artistic projects readily available to contribute to and a supportive community to collaborate with.

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    This is something that is so wonderful and brilliant. The world clearly needs this and so does every individual. I’ve been enjoying the process and it actually gets more interesting and confidence boosting over time. Have a blast and be creative using a safe secure network of like minded people. 5 stars in my book 🤩

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Is HITRECORD: Create Together Safe?

Yes. HITRECORD: Create Together is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 354 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for HITRECORD: Create Together Is 61.5/100.

Is HITRECORD: Create Together Legit?

Yes. HITRECORD: Create Together is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 354 HITRECORD: Create Together User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for HITRECORD: Create Together Is 61.5/100.

Is HITRECORD: Create Together not working?

HITRECORD: Create Together works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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