UWorld NCLEX Reviews

UWorld NCLEX Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-15

UWorld is more than a practice question bank, it is an “explanation bank”
that is a 1-stop learning resource where you have all the information you need
to master NCLEX concepts. UWorld is the leader in online medical practice
question banks with over 90% of medical students using UWorl...

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UWorld NCLEX Reviews

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    Power of Questions

    I used uworld in my last semester in advanced med surg/ critical care and through studying for NCLEX. I bought the $200 subscription that comes with the test bank & two practice test. I think this app is good at being a tool to make sure you get the “meat and potatoes” of what you need to know necessary to all the topics they have. It has good explanations and although it didn’t have that many questions for critical care I think it helped me understand better and is good to go over in a study group. As for the NCLEX I passed with 75 questions and I did the test bank and for both practice tests it said I had a high chance of passing. And don’t worry even if it doesn’t it gives a good overview on what you need to go back over!! I think this is a good tool for all nursing students but especially the ones that learn from doing a lot of questions like me. This also was a big help for my exit exam for my nursing school. So I recommend uworld even if you get it for the cheapest one just to read those explanations and have a decent amount of questions that you can take notes and write flash cards from. It’s much easier to retain since it is summed up precisely. Thank you Uworld!!! -Bria RN

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    Yes, UWorld can help you pass the NCLEX

    By no means is UWorld going to do the work for you, but it is true that the questions are almost exactly like NCLEX questions and UWorld tests even look almost exactly like the NCLEX itself. I took my first assessment one week before my NCLEX and got a “high” chance of passing, after doing about 100 practice questions a week for 6 weeks. I then did 75 questions a day that week and took my second assessment the day before my NCLEX and got a “very high” chance of passing. On test day, the exam shut off at 75 questions and I knew I passed. UWorld was 100% worth the money. But DONT only prepare yourself to answer 75 questions, because then you won’t have the mental stamina to continue if you don’t pass in 75 (which means nothing). I recommend doing at least 100 questions in one sitting 3-4 times before you take the NCLEX. Also, tutor mode is helpful in the beginning but I would turn it off after 1-2 weeks of studying because it will better simulate the NCLEX experience without it on, but still read the rationales for every question (whether or not you answered it correctly).

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    Love!! Passed the first time, 78 questions!

    Uworld is fantastic!! The questions are challenging and the rationals are concise and informative. I would absolutely recommend Uworld to anyone taking their NCLEX. This was the ONLY tool I used to study and I felt prepared going into my exam. I completed the entire 2000 question Qbank. I started out scoring in the mid 40s in the Qbank and ended scoring 60s-70. Best advice I have is to read the rationals, and take time to understand them!(especially on reoccurring topics) Uworld has great features that alway you to create flash cards, mark questions for review, and create tests based on topics you choose! I enjoyed being able to create tests from the Qbank to set daily goals for how many questions I wanted to get done. I found the app super useful. I started studying about a month before my exam, while working a full time job as a nanny. I was constantly on the app trying to sneak in a few questions here and there. I don’t think it would have been possible for me to get all the Qbank questions done without it!

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    I did Uworld and only Uworld consistently for a whole month. I would occasionally watch Sara RN and look at my notes (which were very dry because I already knew my notes) but Uworld made me the most prepared for this important test. Uworld is set up just like the NCLEX so it’s basically like just taking another Uworld test. I passed the first time with 78 questions. I couldn’t believe it. Don’t waste your time with other NCLEX prep. It’s expensive but definitely worth every penny. Just make sure you dedicate at least 75 questions a day. Eventually I started doing two 75 question tests a day but this made me even more prepared for the 200 question test I anticipated on getting. Also be sure to buy a note book and take lots of notes. I felt as though I learned a lot from Uworld and I cannot imagine any other program allowing you to be as prepared as Uworld does. Don’t give up, you can pass this monstrous test just BUY UWORLD!

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    A need before taking the Nclex-Rn

    I heard about uworld from classmates and professors throughout nursing school. I never thought to purchase it until after graduating. A week after graduating, I bought uworld for 90 days so that I could get the two assessments. Throughout doing the questions, my results ranged from 40%-80% depending on the subject. I would read the amazing rationales and learn from the questions I got wrong. Fast forward to the day of the nclex. I felt like I was as prepared as one can be for a life changing exam. As soon as I saw the nclex I relaxed a little because the format is exactly like uworld. I went about the nclex as I would a uworld exam, using the techniques I learn from it. 75 questions and 48hrs later, I passed my nclex! As much as nursing school prepares you, they can only teach you so much. Uworld really breaks down for you what you need to know for the nclex. I am forever great-full and recommend all nursing students purchase it after graduation.

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    The best!!

    Truthfully, I just want to say thank you to all the people who contributed to UWorld’s questions and rationales. I took my NCLEX 2 days ago and passed it at 75 questions (woo!), and though I felt confident in my knowledge to pass the NCLEX, UWorld really helped me psychologically prepare for that particular style of test. UWorld’s rationales are so in-depth, but also to the point, that they make it really easy to fine tune the information we already learned in nursing school. This app was designed with the intention to make you pass the NCLEX and even though it is expensive to subscribe to, it is worth the money. I tried other NCLEX apps and review websites and they were fine, but UWorld really is the best. The questions in this app are so close to those in the NCLEX that it was a seamless transition for me to go from studying to taking the test. This app is the real deal and you’ll be happy you subscribed to it when you see your name with RN behind it.

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    I Passed!

    I just found out that I passed my nclex today! I finished the nclex with 75 questions. Uworld, was the only resource I used for the month. I did all the questions except for 50 which were all pharmacology. I bought the one with one simulation test. I scored in the very high passing rate which relieved some of my anxiety. I have to be honest, I loved everything about uworld. The rationales were very descriptive and if you read all the rationales you would be able to learn other things too. I truly believe that this is the only resource you need if you study the rationales. Although, the price is higher than most nclex study materials, this really narrowed down what was going to be on the nclex. It is very user friendly and literally can be used anywhere anytime. Well worth the money! Try it if you are able!

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    Third taker and Passed!

    I just wanted to share my experience, on my first review I didn't focus enough on UWorld. Because we have review class already and have set of review questions everyday. I Failed. Second time is, I reviewed Saunders book plus UWorld. The problem is, I think I didn't had enough time to do my UWorld which I didn't even make it half of my QBank. I Failed. Third time is a charm, I purchased Hurst online review and at the same time UWorld. They made a big combo for me. After studying each video topics on Hurst, I do set of questions on UWorld. It really helps build up your core knowledge. Don't strees out if you got low scores at first. Just read and understand the rationales wether you got it right or wrong. I did it so you can too. Thanks UWorld. Trust God and yourself, trust UWorld.

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    Uworld, I can’t put into words how grateful I am that i decided to purchase a package to study for my NCLEX- RN. I purchased the 90 day package with the 2 self assessments and it was worth every penny. On both self assessments I scored a “very high” chance of passing NCLEX. It was a big confidence booster. Reading each rationale and understanding it was key for me to pass NCLEX. The questions are challenging on uworld but it definitely help me to critically think. If anyone is questioning whether they should buy uworld, it’s worth it, when you see RN behind your name! I passed in 75 questions, I couldn’t believe it!! I woke up this morning to an email that I have passed my NCLEX and am now an registered nurse. Thanks uworld! Montia Downs, RN

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    I passed my NCLEX, thanks to UWorld!

    Can’t say enough good things about this! I used UWorld doing 75 questions every single day for four weeks leading up to my NCLEX test day. I felt like it explained some concepts way better than my nursing school did sometimes. Their pictures are easy to view and understand. I only studied using UWorld for my NCLEX and I passed in 75 questions on the first attempt. After using UWorld for awhile, sitting down and taking the NCLEX felt just like taking another practice test. I recommend this to every nursing student looking to prepare for the NCLEX. I also looked into ATI, Kaplan, and Hurst - they just don’t compare. UWorld’s questions are harder, and help you prepare better.

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    Passed in 75Qs on the First try!!

    I took my test July 30, found out the next day I passed from my state’s board of nursing. I highly recommend this question bank app. Some of my classmates who had this app and passed swore by it and now I see why. It’s a little pricey ( only bought the basic package with no assessment) but I’m glad I bit the bullet and purchased it. The format looks exactly like the actual NCLEX but what I like most about this app is how thorough the rationales are. Please pay attention to those!! Make sure you read them. I was a regular B student in school. If I can do it so can you. Good luck!

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    I passed!

    Our school provided Kaplan and Hurst. But I had to pay for Uworld. Worth every cent. I did use “the Kaplan tree” and it is great for priority questions. And hurst was a great review that I listened to in my car every chance I got. But all you truly need is Uworld. Start with 25 questions and work your way up to two 75 question tests a day. Read EVERY rational (weather you get it right or wrong) and you too will pass in 75 questions 😉 //// I would recommend just getting the 30 day version. It’s all you need, you finished school and know this stuff. This just helps you apply it in NCLEX style.✌🏻

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    Passed 1st Time With 75 Questions

    I did the entire Qbank averaging 61%, I read all the rationales if I got it wrong or right. The rationales are amazing and really in depth. I redid the questions I got wrong and averaged 65%. I took both predictor exams after finishing the Qbank and they both said I had a high chance of passing my first time. While taking NCLEX the questions didn’t seem hard. UWorld seemed harder than NCLEX. It shut off at 75 questions and I walked out smiling. Next day the BON posted my license number before Pearson even revealed my quick results. I highly recommend UWorld. I’m officially a Registered Nurse!!

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    Uworld really prepared me for the type of questions that the NCLEx threw my way. Don’t feel discouraged if you’re not answering all the questions correct on this app. The rationales are the most important part of the app. The app is easy to use while on the go. It works as great as the desktop version. Highly recommend if you have a subscription and you want to study while at work, standing in line or when you only have a few minutes to practice during the commercials at home watching your favorite show.

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    10/10 recommend

    I never review anything but this app really prepared for for NCLEX. I did between 100 and 150 questions everyday for a month. I took one practice test two weeks before nclex and the second one two days before. I passed in 75 questions on the first try. You can’t just passively go through the questions. You need to read the rationale and flag the topics you are struggling on. Even if you don’t know the disease or topic the NCLEX is asking you for, UWORLD really preps you on how to answer the question. 10/10 recommend to anyone taking NCLEX

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Is UWorld NCLEX Safe?

Yes. UWorld NCLEX is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,935 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for UWorld NCLEX Is 63.9/100.

Is UWorld NCLEX Legit?

Yes. UWorld NCLEX is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,935 UWorld NCLEX User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for UWorld NCLEX Is 63.9/100.

Is UWorld NCLEX not working?

UWorld NCLEX works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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