Be Focused - Focus Timer Reviews

Be Focused - Focus Timer Reviews

Published by on 2023-06-01

About: Staying on task seems is a real challenge for our screen-bound generation. The
Be Focused lets you get things done by breaking up individual tasks among
discrete intervals, separated by short breaks.

About Be Focused

What is Be Focused?

The Be Focused app is designed to help users stay focused and productive by breaking up tasks into intervals separated by short breaks. It allows users to customize the timer settings, manage tasks, estimate the number of intervals required to complete a task, and view and manage completed intervals. The app also offers customizable reports, a wide range of alarm sounds, and interactive notifications. The Pro version of the app offers additional features such as data syncing, tags and filters, data export, auto backup, and integration with Focus Matrix.



- Start, pause, or skip intervals

- Auto-start the next timer (option)

- Customize the timer settings to maximize productivity:

• Work interval duration

• Short break duration

• Long break duration

• Number of intervals between long breaks

• Target number of intervals per day

- Manage your tasks

- Specify different timer settings for different tasks

- Add notes and due dates to tasks

- Estimate the number of intervals required to complete a task and track the estimation error

- View and manage completed intervals

- Customize reports for fast and easy goal tracking

- Ability to paste a task list from other apps

- Optional chronometer ticking sound

- Customizable frequency of the chronometer sound

- Wide range of alarm sounds

- Ability to adjust alarm and chronometer volumes

- Alarms sound even if the app is in the background

- Interactive notifications

- New Widgets on Home Screen and Today View

- 3D Touch menu when touch and hold the app icon

- Supports Apple Watch

- One universal app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

- Mac version is also available

Pro version benefits:

- Sync data between iPhone, iPad and Mac *

- Use tags and filters to keep focussed

- Export data to a CSV file

- Auto backup your account data daily

- Integrate with Focus Matrix to manage tasks using urgent/important principle **

- Remove banners and ads

* Sync with Mac requires Be Focused Pro for macOS, sold separately.

** Integration with Focus Matrix requires the Pro version of Focus Matrix, sold separately.

Overall User Satisfaction Rating

Positive experience

Negative experience


~ from NLP analysis of 3,829 combined software reviews.

Key Benefits of Be Focused

- Simple and minimalistic design

- Contains all of the features needed

- User friendly

- Synchronizes data across devices

- Allows user to set up their own timer schedule

- Tracks time and tasks well

- Categorization of tasks feature

3,829 Be Focused Reviews

4.7 out of 5


Addictive and extremely satisfying creation

I have been using BeFocused for over a year and I can’t put into words the amount of satisfaction it brings me. Everything is just the way I would want and imagine to make if I were to design BeFocused ; simple and rather minimalistic (compared to most other apps) but contains all of the features I would need to be completely happy (the last of which was added very recently — deadline button). No clutter and very user friendly.

It was very addictive to me; so be careful.

I bought the paid version too to be able to synchronize my data and have it in all of my devices. However, the only sad part about this is that (at the moment) I don’t think I will be able to transfer the data I have been collecting for over a year from my unpaid version to my paid version to be able to keep and display it as well. So for now I keep using the unpaid version until I either find a different way of transferring it, or the developer adds a feature like that, or I get enough courage to say “goodbye” to my lovely and diligently collected large data set.

Despite remaining an unpaid version used while having the paid version, I have no regrets at all for my purchase and I hope the developer gets many more people discovering his apps and becoming as happy as I am with it/them.



Easy to use

I used another timer before switching to this app which worked for a while and then started having idiosyncrasies. It would stop if I was playing a podcast or answered the phone and then not it wouldn’t start up automatically. It didn’t let me know that it stopped timing.

Not only does this app keep time unless I stop it, it asks that I start each timer. I like this because if I’m in the middle of something, the “break” timer doesn’t start until I tell activate it.

The free version allows the user to set up their own timer schedule. Also I can run the timer for various different tasks. I did this at first. Now I just run the timer regardless if I’m working on administrative stuff or specific projects. I don’t need to keep that close an eye on my time but can if I want.


Great reminder to take a break

I love using BeFocused. They say you learn better and can focus more if you break your work into short blocks of time. It’s also not good to sit for too long. BeFocused helps remind me to take a break. I set it to do 20 minute blocks with five minute breaks after each block and a long 15 minute break after four blocks. I get up and move around during each break. It’s easy to loose track of time but BeFocused fixes that issue. I also love that it tracks everything so I’m able to see how productive I’ve been at the end of the day.


Useful and simple

After downloading a few pomodoro apps, I liked this one the best due to it's simplicity, and that it has the features I wanted. It includes an alarm, easy to categorize your "focus" times, and make any adjustments if needed. A lot of other apps were very complex. I wanted something I could learn in the matter of seconds. If your main focus is to spend more deliberate times, why spend too much time learning an app? I am able to categorize my work, study, and free time.

I'd recommend to the developers to create a feature where you can enter your own manual time, more of a time management tool. That would make a good addition, making BeFocused a more robust. Even for $1.99, I'd buy it. Especially since I would want to enter my time I'm wasting. I could compare how much I'm spending on productive time vs wasteful times.


A Few Things

Seeing as how BeFocused hasn’t been updated in over a year, I doubt anything will be done about this.

It tracks time and tasks well, I like the categorization of tasks feature. My issues lie with the Watch app being hit or miss as to whether you can begin tracking from BeFocused . Sometimes it works, I can literally see the clock ticking away. Then I check it a few minutes later and it has reset as if it was never started in the first place, and no progress is logged for the task even if the allotted time has passed. Which brings me to my second issue... notifications. BeFocused is again unreliable in chiming when time is up. It does this on both the phone and the watch. It makes it difficult to take breaks when time is up, or to know when a break is over and it’s time to begin working again.


Buggy - options don't work properly

If you just want to use this as a basic 25/15 timer with no extra features, BeFocused will work fine. But the feature that lets you give the items on your task list custom times doesn't work. You can set it to whatever time, but as soon as you hit start, it's going to go for 25 regardless of what you set it to. Also, there's a blank task item you can't get rid of that's just kinda there for no reason. You can't even edit it to use it for one of your tasks. You can edit the time but not the name.

The basic timer works, but there are plenty of other pomodoro apps that are just a timer. The point of choosing this one was that it supposedly had some extra features, but they don't work.


Simple and effective

Not all apps need a million buttons and whistles and BeFocused proves that true. It’s simple, clean, and easy to use. If you’re like me and tend to get up every 5 minutes because whatever, this is a great app to help keep you on track! You can change the work and break times to fit your schedule which I really enjoy. I like to work for 35 minutes and break for 10 instead of the default 25 min work/5 min break. I like that you can also add a label to your “work” so you can keep track of your time spent on multiple projects.


Super helpful for schoolwork

I love BeFocused, I’ve been using it a couple of months and it really helps me get instant gratification for working towards long-term goals. It’s really nice to look back at the end of the day and see how much time I actually managed to take advantage of. I appreciate that it has a streamlined interface and but that I can still sort my focus periods into groups. Also, I know some people mentioned they didn’t like that it couldn’t freeze your phone during focus sessions but for me that’s a benefit - sometimes I need it for hw.


Good introduction to the Pomodoro technique

I like BeFocused for the way it has introduced me to this technique and for helping me realize how important it is to take breaks. I also like that both the on-task time and the break time can be varied. I’ve tried a few different intervals to see which blanks work best for me. I guess the only thing I don’t like is that it seems as though the longer I use the free version the more frequently the “buy premium version” ad pops up and interrupts my use of BeFocused . That’s the main reason for four stars instead of five. I can handle of the banner ads but I don’t like it when I am interrupted while trying to use this tool.


Love It

BeFocused combines the effective "pomodoro technique" with helpful customization on an easy-to-use platform. Users can choose the standard 25-minutes-of-work and 5-minutes-of-rest approach, or personalize the sessions and break times to fit their personal needs and goals. A wonderful bonus is the range of alerts available. I have come to rely on the sounds of the "victory" chime telling me I have finished a session and the "train whistle" signaling the end of a break. Frankly, I don't know if I would have finished my current writing project without Be Focused. All in all, this is a great app!


One of my fav apps & most used

Love the simplicity of it. The ability to set multiple tasks that are saved and then go into the 25 min timer is awesome. I wish like my phone alarm I could choose to still have the completion of time make a noise/vibrate when done even when my phone is clicked to vibrate mode on the side. Also wish I could change the ticking sound to other sound options that are not as loud without changing my entire phone volume at times but hey BeFocused is awesome and one of my favs to use, thank you for making it!!


For self-interrupters

I find it hard to focus and am constantly jumping from one task to another. This simple timer helps me stick to one thing for a pre-determined time. I make a list of all those other things that pop into my head and tend to them later. When I use it for work, I know how many 25 min intervals make a good workday and then I can use that as a goal to have high focus days. It also reinforces brief and longer breaks.

I have used it for years and gladly gave my $0.99 for this useful app.


Love it after one day of use

So far BeFocused is doing everything I want it to and more. I wanted a timer to help with focus and got that plus a clean representation of where I'm spending my time. Apple watch integration is great too.

After a couple of days of use, BeFocused started"losing" timers... I ran it for an entire morning (three or four cycles of work) and then it was just... gone. Timers that I started on my watch didn't show on BeFocused on my phone... and so on. I've gone back to using a regular multi-timer app for my pomodoro needs.


Love as is, w/ suggestions to bump to 5 star

Love BeFocused, it’s super useful just a few tweaks would turn it to a five star app.
1. Ability to have multiple tasks with different interval times. Currently I have to go to settings to switch the time for different types of tasks.
2. Ability to create a recurring task or to duplicate a previous task would work as well.

None of the current pro features are enticing enough to go pro BUT the above features would totally be worth the money. Having said that, I think BeFocused is so incredibly helpful as is and worth using without having to pay for pro.


Strongly recommend, of all Pomodoro apps

I tried about 6 different Pomodoro apps, even paying for a few, and this is by far the best for me! SO user friendly, allows you to do a lot of the stuff you have to pay for with other apps (e.g. create different projects and then the ap keeps track of how many 25 min segments you have spent on each project, charts showing you how you’re using your time). This is a really great app and I may upgrade to pro just to support you all even though the free version is so good. Thanks!


Incredibly Helpful

BeFocused has helped me fight mental fatigue through 12 hour study days and I could not be more thankful! My productivity has skyrocketed!

One suggestion: While the tracker for number of work intervals completed resets daily, the short break vs. long break setting does not. (Ex: After my second work session this morning, I was told to take a long break.) If you could make the “long break after” setting reset with each day as well, it would be greatly appreciated!


Simple, but has a bug...

I like that BeFocused is easy to use and tracks how many blocks of work you've done. I also love the sounds it features.
However, I'm not receiving sound notifications when the time is up. I am getting a banner, but it would be very helpful if I could also receive a sound notification.
I did check that my phone would allow sound notifications from BeFocused , and made sure that my phone wasn't on silent.
BeFocused did send me a notification the first time, but not after that
Otherwise, great app!


Does its job

It’s amazing that the use of a simple timer can keep me focused. On the days when I use BeFocused, I get more done than I thought possible. When I tell myself that I don’t need BeFocused - well, my productivity falls apart.

I gave it four stars because I can’t figure out how to delete tasks from the task list when they are done. I also wish there was a feature where the user could estimate the number of “pomadoros” that a task would take and then compare that to the actual number. It would be helpful in calibrating and estimating time for future tasks.


Great concept, but needs some minor changes

I’m an engineer, so I like to collect data about myself, whether its my health data or even what I did that day with Life Cycle. Data is knowledge, and knowledge is power, so I’d like for BeFocused to communicate with my Life Cycle app somehow so that I may look back on how long I worked on a project or studied. I think one way to do this would be either through the Health App or the Workouts App’s communication to Life Cycle. Studying is technically a mental workout, so I’d like to see that data shared with Workouts with the workout name being the subject of that task in this app.


Simply effective

When my boyfriend suggested I install BeFocused to get my many tasks completed for building my business, I went along with it. Now I'm addicted because my brain loves to be told to focus for short periods of time. It keeps me on task in such a simple yet effective way. If I didn't have the timer set to one specific task, I would spend hours or all day on one item. That so easily leads to me being overwhelmed and burning out. So, thanks for the simple app and thanks, CB, for the suggestion <3


Two problems

I’ve been trying to find an effective pomodoro app that connects to my watch to keep me on task. After giving this one a shot for a day I already had two major issues. The first issue I have is the inconsistency with which my watch tells me my time is up. Sometimes it buzzes to let me know and sometimes it doesn’t. My second major issue is the discrepancy between my phone and my watch. It’s like they’re on two separate timers. I’ll pause it on my watch but it keeps going on my phone which leads to my phone telling me I’m due for a break when really I’m not. I guess I’ll keep looking for an app that meets my needs.

Is Be Focused Safe?

Yes. Be Focused - Focus Timer is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,829 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Be Focused Is 51.2/100.

Is Be Focused Legit?

Yes. Be Focused - Focus Timer is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,829 Be Focused - Focus Timer User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Be Focused Is 68.4/100..

Is Be Focused - Focus Timer not working?

Be Focused - Focus Timer works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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