Focus Keeper - Time Management Reviews

Focus Keeper - Time Management Reviews

Published by on 2021-08-28

Focus Keeper helps you keep your productivity high avoiding burnout using the
timer. Work with time. Not against it! * Check out the review article by
Brighthand for more detail: Here is what this app
offers: • Simple, beautiful and intuitive interface. • Task Mana...

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Focus Keeper - Time Management Reviews

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    ADHD??? This is your GOD SEND!!!

    ADHD?? This is your GOD Send!! I have only been using this APP since this morning and I have already managed to complete several tasks with minimal interference! I’m beyond amazed! Nothing has ever worked for me. Squirrel Moments as my husband fondly calls them would overtake my days to the point that at the end of the day I hadn’t actually accomplished anything but had managed to begin at least 4 or 5 more projects!!! All of my “Projects” would remain unfinished until I HAD to complete one! Even then a 1 hour task, could and usually did, take upwards of 4 or 5 hours and even then maybe still not be completed but always another 3 or 4 would be in the works!! I’m not kidding you! Since this morning I have started and completed one project and finished 3 that were in the works!!! Hallelujah!!! And it’s only 2:15pm!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this App, I’m deleting all the rest except for AnyList!! I use that one daily and now I can actually get everything at the grocery that’s “On the List “. Before AnyList, I always lost the list! 😂 Anyway get this! You will Love it!! ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙌👍😀

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    Pretty Decent

    A simple but effective app to prevent burnout while working or studying (I use it for studying Japanese). The Pomodoro method helps not only with keeping you at your peak of attention span, but also helps with the much more subtle fear that feeds wandering attention and procrastination: the fear that the workload will never end. It's perfect and very comforting for overwhelming tasks that you dread sitting down to tackle. The app itself is so visually simple, it doesn't distract, but reassures you in an easy to read timer. Personally, I customized it, turning off the tick tick sounds on the work sessions and the long break- on work sessions I found it to be stressful, and who wants a timer ticking loudly on their long break away from work? The ticking works well though for the short breaks, to keep you mindful that they're brief. There's also a reminder that rings every Monday at 2pm, suggesting that you plug in for a session, which I rather found adorable. It's kept me from dropping the app and forgetting it, and as a result, put in more regular study time.

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    Very helpful

    I downloaded this app because I couldn’t get myself to study, I kept either overworking myself studying for hours without a break and could hardly remember anything or just took hour long breaks and couldn’t get myself to focus on studying. With the help of this app I was able to quickly and easily go through my studying without wasting time looking at the paper with no motivation. I find it best to have a 5 minute break every 25-30 mins (which is how long the average person can focus) and with the help of this app I am usually done within 3 hours (usually it took me a whole day, now I have more time) Another thing that I absolutely appreciate about this app is that the free version doesn’t have any ads and that you can use the most important function without paying. I also love the little ring that rings whenever I have a break (you can turn it off!)

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    Very Simple & Intuitive

    It's been forever since I've rated an app, but this simple tool helped me perform my best on my recent exam, as well focusing and studying smarter as well. Normally i just try to use my own pomodoro techniques and take mini breaks, but even i get sidetracked and want to linger on my social media a little longer. So having this app is handy, not only for reminders, but also keep track of my study sessions and mini breaks/progress as well. Because of this and because it's aided me to study 'smarter' and to study more efficiently, I've upgraded to the pro and I found it to be worth it (: You just have to believe and push yourself to the best of your ability whether it's in school or for work purposes, just do it. And before using this app, i was overwhelmed with information and which resources to utilize, but having something handy like this, really helped me A LOT. 5/5 😌

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    Almost perfect, the best I've used so far

    I really enjoy this app - it has a clean interface (with NO ads in the free version - much appreciated) and the option to tweak the length of each type of work or break session. It also includes long sessions & breaks, which many of the apps I've tried that rival this one to me, do not include - very big plus, and truer to the pomodoro technique. The only thing so far I can complain about is that the sound alert for new sessions does not take priority over things like music or videos playing in the background - pretty much every other app that has a sound alert will slightly lower the volume of whatever you have playing to allow the chime to be heard, but this one gets drowned out. I either have to not have music playing, or have the app idle and visible so I can notice the sessions changing. I'm not really satisfied with being able to up the volume of the alert - I'd really appreciate if this were updated.

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    Not too rigid, but you still need self control!

    I love this app because you can also customize The timer based on your own needs. It’s not rigid. So if you’re in a good work flow and don’t really want to stop when it tells you to stop, you just skip the break time to go into the next round. Only thing is that it only starts and stops if you tell it too, so it’s not as disciplinary. Also, it does not lock you from going on snapchat or wherever, so it really is just mind power and self control to not do anything other than work during those 25/whatever minutes. What would be cool is if they had a note/to do setting where if you think of something that you want to be worried about later, you can write it down there and then the break time shows and reminds you the things you quick typed down before. Amazing regardless.

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    Great app

    It is very very useful for studying. This technique is great but what’s even better is that this app is so simple and provides such a wonderful experience even without paying. There are absolutely no ads and everything functions the way it should. I did end up buying it because it was very cheap to do so and because I used it so much, it was worth the payment of $0.99. With the paid version you just get to tweak things and change things to suit you better but even without the paid version, it’s still so amazing. I decided to change the time intervals to suit me and after a while I just reverted back to the suggested time because it just worked the best for me. I highly recommend this app for its usefulness and because I am thankful to the creators for not bombarding me with ads and making the nonpaid experience perfect!

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    Next Right Thing

    This is a simple app with a powerful outcome. Following the Pomodoro principles, it gets the job done. I use it regularly as a tool for reminding me when to start and stop work. It does require that I actually plan my work before using it. It’s not magic. But it is really effective if used within the Pomodoro principles. I started incorporating the idea of “Throw away your todo list” by Brooke Castillo first. That helps me get all my work organized. Then I use this app as my method for turning off distractions and going to work. I can focus for just 25 mins, come on! All my Fomo quiets down knowing a 5 min break is coming soon. This approach I will attribute to my most productive work year in my 20+ year career, no joke. Again, not magic, but great approach to do the “next right thing.” And that’s generally all you ever really need to do.

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    Been Using it for Years

    I’ve been using this app for about 2 or 3 years now, and I don’t know what I’d do without it. Simple, easy to use, and EFFECTIVE. I used to think that “being productive” meant working for hours non-stop, but I naturally don’t work that way and find myself getting distracted after a while or spending more time than necessary on an assignment. With this app, I’m able to stay completely focused, take short breaks, and set goals for myself. I like it better than a regular timer because I don’t have to reach out to turn it off when the time’s up. I also bought the premium for just $2 and have total control over session length, background colors, and sounds. Best app for any student or professional who wants to get work done as effectively and painlessly as possible.

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    Very helpful!

    While this app is simple, it works well for me because it takes the idea of time off of my mind. I don’t need to constantly check my watch or fret over not getting enough done in the time I have allotted myself. Part of the reason for this this might be the feature that allows you to set background noises. My favorite is the steady rain which I find soothing, but for people who like being in a public space, there’s a coffeehouse background sound, with cups clinking and the muted chatter of people having conversations. My only request of the app designer is to add in a few more noise options, just to mix things up — maybe something like crickets, tree frogs, etc., and for people who like city sounds, something like traffic. But overall, I’m grateful for this very helpful app!

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    Amazingly Helpful

    It's extremely helpful in keeping you focused on any task. There's something about it where you feel satisfied and also like you owe it to the app and yourself to continue. 25 minutes doesn't seem long, and if you do face a passage of your work that isn't capturing your interest, you know that you only need to try until the break, and you'll be able to step away for a few minutes and relax. I'll never study or write papers without this app again. Nothing captures my attention and keeps it more than this app. I could have all the time in the world, but be unable to stick to a schedule, but with this, I can keep myself absolutely focus and undistracted for hours. I only feel accomplishment and pride in what I've done. I cannot recommend this app enough!

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    Must have for university students.

    I love this app. I use it every day for school work. I’ll keep it open on my phone so anytime I start to get distracted and pick up my phone, the bright red screen and timer pops up to remind me I’m on the clock. It makes dreadful tasks less dreadful because there is always an end in sight. It makes me feel productive because I can visibly see how much I’ve gotten done. I really like to spend the work period working, and the break period cleaning or doing chores. It’s a good way to be active in between long periods of sitting, keeps me awake, and is a nice way to get chores done in short periods that would have otherwise been spent scrolling on my phone. The pomodoro timer is an excellent way to put some much needed routine into my study sessions.

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    Making Pomodoro flexible and personal

    First of all, I started using Pomodoro as an older person to help with my arthritis by forcing myself to take short breaks from working on the computer. After success with this I began personalizing by varying work session and break sessions according to what I am doing : meditating, cooking, cleaning. It basically reminds me to keep an alternating standing and moving around vs. sitting time schedule. When I have a particularly difficult task, I use it as a reward system — I extend the long break and take a walk or read a book. I keep a 12 session schedule, and then give myself the evening off — or, alternately take the morning off and begin at noon. I am much more productive, in less pain, and suffer a lot less guilt since I began using Pomodoro.

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    Great for Procrastinators

    This app is a great resource to use to successfully space out your time. One thing I learned about me and other procrastinators is that we often over calculate how much time we need for breaks from productivity. Constant excuses keep people from staying on task, and that’s how time loss happens. This app has really helped me to stay focused because you always know there will be a break after a certain period of work, while also not overdoing it. I like to go with the 25:5 ratio, but you can adjust your times according to your needs. This has helped me keep it a habit to be productive with my time, and it’s really easy to use. Definitely suggest you try it out for a few days and see how it goes! (Because it’s really helpful!)

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    If you have ADHD, get this

    This app is an essential tool for those with ADHD or with any kind of trouble focusing. You turn on the timer, turn off your screen, and then just work until you hear the ding. Then you can rest easy knowing you have a pre-timed break. When you hear another ding, you get back to work. Repeat a few times and you get a longer break. The app does all the timing for you. No need to set ten thousand reminders, you automatically get notified when work time and break time are over. Also, if the default settings for the app (25 min of work, 5 min break) aren't effective for you, you can easily set the times to be different. Maybe you do better with 30 min of work and five minute breaks. An hour of work and 10 minute breaks? You can play around until it fits you. You can also turn off the ticking if it distracts you. This app will not solve everything. You still have to have the willpower to commit to your work. You still have to summon up the strength to start. It won't give you magic concentration powers. It will give you a nice structure with which it is much easier to do your work. Seriously, make use of this great tool.

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Is Focus Keeper - Time Management Safe?

Yes. Focus Keeper - Time Management is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 17,482 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Focus Keeper - Time Management Is 38.9/100.

Is Focus Keeper - Time Management Legit?

Yes. Focus Keeper - Time Management is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 17,482 Focus Keeper - Time Management User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Focus Keeper - Time Management Is 38.9/100.

Is Focus Keeper - Time Management not working?

Focus Keeper - Time Management works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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